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A bibliography of period agricultural practices. Lists both primary and

secondary sources.


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Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 16:58:43 -0500

From: "Laurie E. W. Brandt"

To: antir at gaia.ucs.orst.edu

Subject: Re: Herbal History Book


Donna Hrynkiw writes:

> Greetings from Elizabeth Braidwood,


> Rauthulfr posted a quick review of some herbal history books and asked:

> > Does any one else have titles of this sort hidden away that they would like

> > to share?

> > HLS Rauthulfr Runameistari (MC, P-eX, Et Cetera)


OK E.B. here is what I have.


A Bibliography of material available on agricultural practices in the Middle





Anglius, Barthlomaeus  .De Proprietatibus Rerum. ??.


Anonymous  .Le Menagier de Paris.  1393  (French).


Anonymous  .The Beastiary:  A Book of Beasts. 12 cent., Trans. T. H. White,

New York, NY: Putnam and Sons 1960.


Anonymous  An Herbal 1525 ed & transcribed into modern English with an

introduction by Sanford V. LarkeyI& Thomas Pyles:

New York, NY:  Scholars’ Facsimilies & Reprints 1941.


Apuleius  .Herbarium. M. S. 5294 British Meseum.


Banckes, Richard .BanckesUs Herbal. 1525.


Barbarus, Apuleius  RHerbarium ApuleiiS in  Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and

Starcraft of early England, being a collection of documentsIillustrating the

history of science in this country before the Norman conquest.  collected

and ed. by Oswald Cockayne, London, Rolls series 35, 1864.


Bassus, Cassianus .Geoponia. Translated by . T. Owen,

London Printed by the author 1805-0806.

Geoponia, a collection of agricultural literature, was compiled by Cassianus

Bassus, at the end of the 6th or beginning of the 7th century.   This

compilation was revised about 950 by as unknown writer.


Hildegard of Bingen, Causae et Curae. , ed Paul Kaiser Leipzig: Teubner,

1903. (Also called Liber Composiae Medicinae)


--- Liber Simplicus Medicinae. (Also called Physica). Book of Simples. 1650.


Cole, William .Adam in Eden, or Nature’s Paradise. London: 1657.


--- The Art of`Simples. 1656.


Crescenzi, Pietro de .De Agrievltvra. Venice:  Matteo Capcass (di Codeca),

31, May 1495.


Culpeper, Nicholas .Complete Herbal. Foulsham 1652.


--- .The English Physican Or an Astrologo-physical discourse of the Vulgar

Herbs of this nation. 1652, 1820.


Digby, Kenelm .The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Kt. Opened. 1650.


Dioscorides  .The Greek Herbal of Dioscorides. Trans. John Goodyear 1655.

Robert T. Gunther 1933, New York, NY:  Hafner 1968.


Dodoens, Rembert .Herbal. London:  G. Dewes 1578.


Firenzuola, Girolamo  .??. 16th cent.


Fitz-Herbert, John .FitzHerberts booke of Husbandrie. London Edward White



Gardner, Ion "The Feate of Gardeninge" 1440-1450. in "A Fifteenth Century

Treatise on Gardening" Archaeologia, 54(1844)160-167.


Gerarde, John .The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantse. 1597.


Googe, Barnaby .Foure bookes of husbandry, collected by M. Conradus

Geresbachius, I conteyning the whole arte and trade of husbandry, with the

antiquitie, and commendation thereof. Newly Englished and increased by Barnabe

Googe esquire, London:  Richard Watkins 1577. (Translation of Rei Rusticae

Libri Quatuor by Conrad Heresbach, 1570).


Grosseteste, Robert .The Rules of Saint Robert, Walter of Henley’s Husbandry

together with an anonymous Husbandry, Seneschaucie, and Robert GrossetesteUs

Rules.  the Transcripts and translations and glossary by Elizabeth Lamond,

with an introduction by W. Cunningham.

London and New York, NY: Longmans, Green & Co. 1890.


Guilbert, Philbert  .The Charitable Physitian. Paris 1639.


Hieronymus, Brunschwig  .The vertuose boke of distyllacyon of the waters of all

maner of herbes, with fygures of the styllatoryes, fyrst made and compyled by

the thyrte yeres study and labor of IMaster Jerom Bruynswyke and now newly

translated out of Duyche into Englyssche.  Imprinted at London by me Laurens

Andrew 1527.


Henley, Walter de .Walter of HenleyUs Husbandry together with an anonymous

Husbandry, Seneschaucie, and Robert GrossetesteUs Rules. the Transcripts and

translations and glossary by Elizabeth LamondIwith an introduction by W.


London and New York, NY: Longmans, Green & Co. 1890.


---   .The Mannor Farm by Francis Henry Cripps-Day, to which are added reprint

facsimilies of the Boke of husbandry and English translation of the XIIIth

century tract on husbandry by Walter of Henley, ascribed to Robert Grosseteste

and printed by Wynkyn de Word, c. 1510, and the Booke of thrift, containing

English translation of the same tract and of the anonymous XIIIth century

tract Hosebonderie, by James Bellot, printed 1589.

London, B. Quartich Ltd 1931.


Hill, Thomas .The Gardeners Labyrinth. London:  H Ballard, 1577.


---  .The Proffitable Arte of Gardeninge. 1568.


---  A Tryeatyse Teaching Howe to Dress, Sowe, and Set a Garden. London 1563


Lacnunga "Recipies" in Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of early England,

being a collection of documentsIillustrating the history of science in this

country before the Norman conquest.  collected and ed. by Oswald Cockayne,

London, Rolls series 35, 1864.


.Leechbook of Bald and Cild. M.S. Royal 12 D.,  British Meseum.


.Lytes Herbal. 1578.


Macer, Aemilius. Of the Virtues of Herbs. London:  1629.


Magnus, Albert .The boke of Secretes of Albartus Magnus, of the vertues of

herbes, stones, and certaine beastes. also a boke of the same author of the

maruaylous things of the world and of  certaine effectes caused of certayne

beastes.  London, Wyllyam Copland, 1525.


---   .The Secrets of Albertus Magnus, of the vertues of hearbes, stones, and

certaine beastes whereuuto [sic] is newly added a short discourse of the seuen

planets gouerning the natiuities of children; also a book of the same author of

the maruellous things of the world and of certaine effects caused by

certaine beasts.  London W. Jaggard 1617.


Neckham, Alexander. De Utensilibus   12th cent.


---   .De Naturis Rerum   12th cent.


Palladius, Rutilius Taurus .milianus .On husbondrie.  from the unique ms. of

about 1420 A. D. in Colchester Castle, ed by Barton LodgeI with a ryme indexed.

by Sidney J. H. Herrtage London, N Tr­bner & Co. 1873,1879. Early English

Text Society Original Series 52, 72.


---  The Middle English translation of Palladius .De re rustica. edited with

critical and explanatory notes by Mark Liddell Berlin, E. Ebering 1896.


---  .The fourteen books of Palladius, Rutilius Taurus .milianus, On

agriculture. Translated by . T. Owen, London, Printed for J. White 1807.


Parkinson, John .Paridise in sole Paradisus Terristis. London:  1629.


---   .ParkinsonUs Herbal, during the Reign of Charles I. 1692.


Plat, Sir Hugh .Delights for Ladies. 1594 & 1602.


Pliny the Elder .Natural History. Loeb Classical Library.


Pontano, Giovanni  .??. 16th cent.


Ram, William.  .RamUs Little Dodoen. London:  1606. [Could this be connected

to Rembert Dodoens .Herbal. London:  G. Dewes 1578.?]


Turner, William   Herbal. London, 1551, 1568.


---  .Names of Herbs. London 1548.


---   .Libellus.  London 1538


---  .Theatrum Botanicum. London:  1640.


Tusser, Thomas .A Hundred Points of Good Husbandrie. London 1557. expanded

as .Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandrie. London 1571, 1573.


Walahfied-Strabo  .De Cultura Hortorum, of the little garden; a ninth century

poem by Walahfied-Strabo. trans Richard Stanton Lambert, Wembley Hill, Stanton

Press 1924. Raef Pay Pittsburgh The Hunt Botanical Linrary, 1966.


Secondary material on agricultural practices


ROld Practice of GardeningS Retrospective Review, 18 (1853-54) 40.


RElizabeathen GardeningS FrazerUs Magazine of Town and Country, 70(1864) 179.


Amherst, Alice .A History of Gardening in England. London 1896.


---   RA Fifteenth Century Treatise on GardeningS Archaeologia,



Barr, A. E. ROld and New FlowersS Leisure Hour, 35(1886) 680-684.


Barrington, Dianes RProgress of GardningS Archaeologia, 7(1785) 113-130.


Bond, J.  Observations on Popular Antiquites Chiefly Illustrateding the

Origin of aur Vulgar Customs etc. London 1849.


Bayard, Tania .Sweet herbs and sundry flowers:  medieval gardens and the

gardens of the Cloisters. New York, NY:  1985


Clarkson, Rosetta  Garden Enchantment. New York, NY: Dover Press, 1972.


Comito, Terry, 1935-  The idea of the garden in the Renaissance. New York,

NY: 1977


Cohn, F. RSixteenth Century GardenS Chautaquan, 11(1840)576-580.


Crisp, Frank .Medieval Gardens. 1924.  Reprint New York, NY:  Hacker Art

Books 1966.


Crommelin, May  REarly English GardensS London Society, 55(1889) 591-607.


Domanosch, Barbara .Theam Gardens.  New York, NY: Workman Publicartions.



Fairbrother, Nan .Men and Gardens. New York, NY: Alfred A. Knoph, 1956.


Farrar, Clarissa P. and Austin P. Evans .Bibliography of English Translations

from Medieval Sources,  New York, NY:  Columbia University Press 1946.


Gardens, Medieval New York, NY:  N.Y. 1983


Garland, Sarah   The Herb Garden. New York, NY: Viking Press, 1984.


Hadfield, Miles   A History  of British Gardening, [Gardening in Britian



Harvey, John  .Medieval Gardens. Portland Or, Timber Press, 1981


H. E. "Famous English Gardens" Leisure Hour, 35(1886) 405-409.


Huson, Paul .Mastering Herbalism. New York, NY:  Stein and Day 1975.


Holme, Bryan  The Enchanted Garden:  Images of Delight. Oxford University

Press, 1982.


Henrey, Blanch  British Botanical and Horticur literature before 1800.

London 1975


Hyams, Edward  The English Garden. New York, NY: Harry N. Abrams, 1964.


Kelso, Ruth  The Doctrine of the English Gentleman in the Sixteenth

Century.Urbana; University of Illinois Press. 1929.


Kemp-Welch, Alice RMedieaeval GardensS Monthly Review 19;3 (1905)46-57.


King, Ronald .The Quest for Paradise:  A history of the Worlds Gardens. New

York, NY: Mayflower Books, 1979.


Lenox, Astor and Tilden Foundations RPlanning and Planting Your GardenS

Bulletin of The New York, Public Libray 54, 5 (May 1950) 211-222.


MacLean, Teresa Medieval English Gardens. New York, NY: Viking Press 1980.


Medieval Gardens:  Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on the History of Landscape

Architecture (9th), Washington D. C. 1986.


Nichols, Rose Standish Spanish and Portugese Gardens. New York, NY: Houghton

Mifflin, 1924.


Pearsall, D. A.  .Landscapes and Seasons of the Medieval World.  1973.


Paul (Mrs. )  ROld Fashioned GardiningS 19th Century, 7(1880) 128.


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England, Scotland and Ireland, and of English Books Printed Abroad,

1475-1640. London, Bibliographical Society 1926, Enlarged 2nd. ed. 1976.


Robinson, E. Kay  RKitchenUs Old & New GardensS GentlemanUs Magazine, NS 31

(Dec. 1883) 521-521.


Royal Horticultural Society .Dictionary of Gardening. [Lists plants

introduction, dates when known].


Rose, Jeanne. Herbs and Things Jeanne RoseUs Herbal. New York, NY:  Grosset

and Dunlap/Workman Publishing Co.. 1972.


Sass, Lorna J. To the KingUs Taste:  Richard IIUs book of feasts and recipies

adapted for modern cooking New York, NY:  Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1975.


---   To the QueenUs Taste:  Elizabethan feasts and recipies adapted for

modern cooking New York, NY:  Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1976.


Scott, James and Anne Osbert Lancaster  .The Pleasure Garden. London John

Murry, 1977.


Scott, Tim and Kevin Crossley-Holand  .Medieval Gardens. New York, NY:

Rizzoli International Pub Inc. 1990. [A book of Days]


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Forest a Journal of Horticulture and Landscape and Forestry, 7(1894) 282-283.


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Past, NS 22(1890)106-109.


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Lawrence KS:  University of Kansas Printing Service, 1983


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& Co. Sante Fe, NM1987.


Thackery, Christopher  .The History of Gardens. University of Califorinia

Press, Berkeley, CA:  1979.


Verey, Rosemary  The Sented Garden. New York, NY:  Van Nostrand Reinhold,



---     Classic Garden Design:  How to adapt and recreate garden fetures of

the Past. cogdon and weed1984. New York, NY:  Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1981.


Wilkins, Eithne  The Rose Garden Game.  1969


Wing, D. C. .A Short Title Catalog of Books printed England, General Scotland

and Ireland, English Books Abroad 1641-1700. 1945-51. revised 2nd. ed. 2 Vol.,

1972-82. This is a continuation of the work by Pollard and Redgrave.




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