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Basques-bib - 9/14/01

A bibliography on the Basques by Senhora Ester Mendes.

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From: Ester Mendes <celyn at drizzle.com>
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Re: Iberian Basque 1500's? (long)
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 14:08:33 -0700

I ran a search on the international library database, OCLC.  While I
didn't find a huge number of items that dealt with the 16th century
specifically, I did find some books dealing with wider time frames
that may help you get started.  Many of the books are out of print,
but you may be able to get them via Interlibrary Loan at your local
library.  If you give your librarian the accession number, rather than
the ISBN, the search will go much faster.

If you look for any library books on the topic use the following
Pais Vasco
Pays Basque

On a side note, it seems that a sizeable Basque community settled in
Nevada and Idaho and the university presses from those states seem to
have printed a hefty amount of Basque history.

Senhora Ester Mendes
(Kirsti Thomas)
celyn at drizzle.com

Title: From homeland to the Rio de la Plata :
sixteenth century cultural and political change in Basque ethnic
regionalism /
Author(s): Campbell, Craig Steven, 1959-
Publication: Lexington, Ky. : [s.n.],
Year: 1987
Accession No: OCLC: 16943375

Title: Lieutenant nun :
memoir of a Basque transvestite in the New World /
Author(s): Erauso, Catalina de, b. ca. 1592. ; Stepto, Michele. ;
Stepto, Gabriel.
Publication: Boston : Beacon Press,
Year: 1996
Accession No: OCLC: 32240086

Title: Introduction to the history of the Basque country /
Author(s): Larrea Sagarminaga, Mar’a Angeles. ; Mieza Mieg, Rafael.
Publication: [Bilbao?] : Basque American Foundation,
Year: 1985
Standard No: ISBN: 8459906566
Accession No: OCLC: 14719059

Title: The Basque history, past & present.
Author(s): Eiguren, Joseph.
Publication: Nampa, Idaho, The Offset Printer,
Year: 1972
Accession No: OCLC: 889041

Title: Endangered peoples of Europe : struggles to survive and thrive /
Author(s): Forward, Jean S.,; 1948-
Publication: Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press,
Year: 2000
Standard No: ISBN: 0313310068
Accession No: OCLC: 44026328

Title: Guide to Basque music.
Author(s): Khteian-Keeton, T.
Publication: Filer, Idaho : Idaho Arts Archives &
Research Center, Filer Public Library,
Year: 2000
Standard No: ISBN: 0967504201;
Accession No: OCLC: 44937752

Title: Basque cultural studies /
Author(s): Douglass, William A.
Publication: Reno : Basque Studies Program, University
of Nevada,
Year: 1999
Standard No: ISBN: 1877802034
Accession No: OCLC: 42619655

Title: The Basque history of the world /
Author(s): Kurlansky, Mark.
Publication: New York : Walker,
Year: 1999
Description: xii, 387 p. : p., ill., maps ;, 21 cm.
Language: English
Standard No: ISBN: 0802713491;
Accession No: OCLC: 41076438

Title: Red Bay : hidden Basque treasures /
Author(s): Barkham, Selma Huxley. ; Tyson, Sylvia,;
Publication: [Toronto] :; Good Earth Productions ;;
[Vancouver, B.C. :; B.C. Learning Connection [distributor]],
Year: 1998
Accession No: OCLC: 47684482

Title: The new world inside a Basque village : the Oiartzun Valley and
its Atlantic exchanges, 1550-1800 /
Author(s): Pescador, Juan Javier.
Year: 1998
Accession No: OCLC: 44992561

Title: Guide to Basque music.
Author(s): Khteian-Keeton, T.
Publication: Filer, Idaho : Idaho Arts Archives &
Research Center, Filer Public Library,
Year: 1998
Accession No: OCLC: 41674620

Title: A book of the Basques /
Author(s): Gallop, Rodney, 1901-1948. ; Gallop,
Publication: Reno : University of Nevada Press,
Edition: Nevada paperback ed.
Year: 1998
Accession No: OCLC: 38485912

Title: The Basques : their struggle for independence /
Author(s): Nœ—ez, Luis C.
Publication: [Cardiff] Wales : Welsh Academic Press,
Year: 1997
Standard No: ISBN: 1860570186;
Accession No: OCLC: 36725634

Title: The Basques, the Catalans, and Spain : alternative routes to
nationalist mobilisation /
Author(s): Conversi, Daniele.
Publication: Reno : University of Nevada Press,
Year: 1997
Standard No: ISBN: 0874172780;
Accession No: OCLC: 33335335

Title: The French and Spanish Basques : exploring the development of
Basque nationalism in the Pays Basque and Pa’s Vasco /
Author(s): Teele, Nan J.
Year: 1996
Accession No: OCLC: 35253524

Title: The New Cambridge medieval history. Volume II, c. 700-c. 900/
Author(s): McKitterick, Rosamond.
Publication: Cambridge [England] ; New York, NY, USA :
Cambridge University Press,
Year: 1995
Standard No: ISBN: 052136292X
Accession No: OCLC: 35867401

Title: Cultural models of women in Basque legend /
Author(s): Erramuzpe, Pamela.
Publication: [Tempe, Ariz.],
Year: 1995
Accession No: OCLC: 34153423

Title: Competition and ethnic conflict : the dynamics of
native/migrant relations in the Basque country of Spain /
Author(s): Ybarolla, Steven James
Year: 1995
Accession No: OCLC: 32987260

Title: Korrika : Basque ritual for ethnic identity /
Author(s): Valle, Teresa del.
Publication: Reno : University of Nevada Press,
Year: 1994
Standard No: ISBN: 0874172152
Accession No: OCLC: 27897977

Title: Basque whaling in Labrador in the 16th
century /
Author(s): Proulx, Jean-Pierre.
Publication: [Ottawa] : National Historic Sites, Parks
Service, Environment Canada,
Year: 1993
Standard No: ISBN: 0660940493;
Accession No: OCLC: 28672905

Title: The Basque experience from the Pyrenees to
the Owyhees /
Author(s): Alzola, Arsen V.
Publication: Murphy, Idaho : OCHS Press, Owyhee County
Historic Society,
Year: 1992
Accession No: OCLC: 41865696

Title: Euskal Herria :
the country of the Basque language /
Author(s): Intxausti, Joseba.
Publication: Vitoria-Gasteiz : Basque Government's
Publication Service,
Edition: 1a. ed.
Year: 1992
Accession No: OCLC: 31277127

Title: Law, culture, and regionalism in early
medieval Spain /
Author(s): Collins, Roger, 1949-
Publication: [Aldershot], Hampshire, Great Britain ;
Brookfield, Vt., USA : Variorum,
Year: 1992 1977
Standard No: ISBN: 0860783081 :;
Accession No: OCLC: 24630106

Title: The Basques in Arizona from Spanish
colonial times to the present :
a component of the Arizona Historic Preservation Plan /
Author(s): Stein, Pat H.
Publication: Phoenix, Ariz. (800 W. Washington, Ste.
415, Phoenix 85007) : The Office,
Year: 1991
Accession No: OCLC: 28367242

Title: A view from the witch's cave :
folktales of the Pyrenees /
Author(s): Barandiar‡n Irizar, Luis de. ; Barandiar‡n,
José Miguel de.
Publication: Reno : University of Nevada Press,
Year: 1991
Standard No: ISBN: 0874171768
Accession No: OCLC: 23939930

Title: Buber's Basque Page
Author(s): Uberuaga, Blas Pedro.
Publication: [Seattle, Wash.] :; Blas Pedro Uberuaga,
Year: 199u 9999
Language: English
Abstract: Contains a collection of documents and
links to resources relating to the Basque people and provinces of
Spain. Notes that most of the information is taken from postings of
participants in the Basque-L discussion list. Includes publications,
photographs, listings of Basque books from the Books in Print index,
and flag and coat-of-arms images. Discusses Basque folklore and
traditions, games and sports, gastronomy and wineries, music and
poetry, and dances and festivals. Offers a search engine and a Spanish
version of site information. Links to a page on the Euskara language
of the Basques.

Title: Of the Euskaldunes, aborigines of the south-western parts of
Europe /
Author(s): Prichard, James Cowles, 1786-1848.
Publication: [S.l. : s.n.,
Year: 199u
Accession No: OCLC: 32152443

Title: The Basques /
Author(s): Collins, Roger, 1949-
Publication: Oxford, UK ; Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A. :
Basil Blackwell,
Edition: 2nd ed.
Year: 1990
Accession No: OCLC: 21117464

Title: Juan Zumarraga, bishop of Mexico, and the Basques :
the ethnic connection /
Author(s): Mallea-Olaetxe, Jose.
Year: 1990 1988
Accession No: OCLC: 22066627

Title: Red Bay, Labrador : world whaling capital A.D. 1550-1600 /
Author(s): Tuck, James A. ; Grenier, Robert,; 1937-
Publication: St. John's, Nfld. : Atlantic Archaeology,
Year: 1989
Standard No: ISBN: 0929048008;
Accession No: OCLC: 19508734

Title: The making of the Basque nation /
Author(s): Heiberg, Marianne.
Publication: Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University
Year: 1989
Standard No: ISBN: 0521361036;
Accession No: OCLC: 18351019

Title: Historia de Euskal Herria
Author(s): Ibarz‡bal, Eugenio.
Publication: [Spain] :; Irusoin,
Edition: English version.
Year: 1987
Description: videocassettes (VHS) :; sd., col. ;; 1/2 in.
Accession No: OCLC: 42500133

Title: Selected bibliography of English-language materials relating to
the Basques in the collection of the Basque Studies Program /
Author(s): Otero-Boisvert, Mar’a.
Publication: [Reno] : Basque Studies Program, University
of Nevada,
Year: 1987
Accession No: OCLC: 22011397

Title: The Basques and Catalans /
Author(s): Medhurst, Kenneth, 1938-
Publication: London : Minority Rights Group,
Edition: Rev. 3rd ed.
Year: 1987
Accession No: OCLC: 17217747

Title: First International Basque Conference in North America
(proceedings) =
Primera conferencia internacional vasca en Norteamerica (actas) /
Conference Author: International Basque Conference in North
America 1982 : California State University--Fresno) (1st :
Publication: Fresno : California State University ;
Bilbao : La Gran Enciclopedia Vasca,
Year: 1985
Standard No: ISBN: 8424808312
Accession No: OCLC: 22955918

Title: The Basque whalers of Labrador
Publication: Quebec, Montreal :; Les Productions Adlanut,
Year: 1984
Description: 1 videocassette (57 min.) :; sd., col. ;;
1/2 in.
Abstract: A documentary showing the 1978 discovery
and resulting excavation of a 400 year old Basque whaling ship,
the San Juan, along Saddle Island at Red Bay, Labrador.
Accession No: OCLC: 15596965

Title: Amerikanuak eta asmoak : New World Basques and immigration
theories /
Author(s): Echeverr’a, Jer–nima.
Year: 1984
Description: v, 98 leaves : p., maps ;, 28 cm.
Accession No: OCLC: 11698306

Title: War and government in the Middle Ages : essays in honour of
J.O. Prestwich /
Author(s): Prestwich, J. O. ; Gillingham, John. ;
Holt, James Clarke.
Publication: Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] : Boydell Press
; Totowa, N.J. : Barnes & Noble,
Year: 1984
Standard No: ISBN: 0851154042;
Accession No: OCLC: 10458601

Title: Journal of Basque studies /
Publication: [Indiana, Pa.] : IUP,
Year: 1982 9999
Standard No: ISSN: 0747-6256;
Accession No: OCLC: 9145122

Title: The Basques and Occitans of France : a comparative study in
ethnic militancy /
Author(s): Jacob, James Edwin, 1949-
Year: 1980 1979
Accession No: OCLC: 43505336

Title: History of the Mountain Home Basques /
Author(s): Urquidi, Richard.
Publication: Boise,
Year: 1980
Accession No: OCLC: 31120213

Title: Anglo-American contributions to Basque studies :
essays in honor of Jon Bilbao /
Author(s): Bilbao, Jon. ; Douglass, William A. ;
Eutlain, Richard W.; 1938- ; (Richard Wayne),; Jacobsen, William H.
Publication: [Reno, Nev.] : Desert Research Institute,
Year: 1977
Accession No: OCLC: 4491411

Title: The Basques of Mexico : an historical and contemporary portrait /
Author(s): Gaarder, Lorin R., 1935-
Publication: [Salt Lake City] : Gaarder,
Year: 1976
Accession No: OCLC: 2626810

Title: Selected bibliography of English-language materials relating to
the Basques /
Author(s): Etulain, Richard W. ; Jacobsen, Virginia C.
Publication: [S.l.] : Basque Studies Program, University
of Nevada,
Year: 1975
Accession No: OCLC: 8158526

Title: Amerikanuak : Basques in the New World /
Author(s): Douglass, William A. ; Bilbao, Jon. ; joint
Publication: Reno : University of Nevada Press,
Year: 1975
Accession No: OCLC: 1694040

Title: Ceremonial dances of the spanish basques /
Author(s): Alford, Violet.
Publication: [S.l. : s.n.,
Year: 1974
Accession No: OCLC: 32799983

Title: The Basques : preservation of a culture ; a study of Basque
language and culture preservation during the romanization of the Iberian  
peninsula, (218 B.C. to 476 A.D.) /
Author(s): Fereday, Lynne, 1948-1971.
Publication: [Boise : Lynne Fereday Scholarship
Year: 1971
Accession No: OCLC: 32070210

Title: Legends and popular tales of the Basque people.
Author(s): Monteiro, Mariana.
Publication: [New York] B. Blom
Year: 1971 1887
Accession No: OCLC: 213136

Title: The Basque collection: a preliminary checklist.
Author(s): Webbert, Charles A.
Corp Author: University of Idaho. Library.
Publication: [Moscow]
Year: 1971
Accession No: OCLC: 201220

Title: A book of the Basques.
Author(s): Gallop, Rodney, 1901-1948.
Publication: New York, B. Blom,
Year: 1971 1930
Accession No: OCLC: 222474

Title: Land of the ancient Basques /
Author(s): Laxalt, Robert 1923-
Publication: [Washington, D.C.,
Year: 1968
Accession No: OCLC: 33384335

Title: Essays dealing with Ancient Egypt, the Celts and the Basques /
Author(s): Harris, James Rendel. ; Sherlock, Helen
Publication: E.F. Wills,
Year: 1953
Accession No: OCLC: 30202339

Title: An Index to the essays dealing with ancient Egypt, the Celts,
and the Basques,
Author(s): Collignon, P. L., comp.; Wills, E. F., ;
jt. comp.
Publication: [St. Stephens, Bristol Press,
Year: 1953
Accession No: OCLC: 856054

Title: A historical study of the Basque race with special reference to
the United States.
Author(s): Wilcox, Mary Stevenson.
Publication: [Salt Lake City]
Year: 1939
Accession No: OCLC: 3696399

Title: Euzkadi-Land of the Basques /
Author(s): Werner, Paul.
Publication: [S.l.,
Year: 1937 1974
Accession No: OCLC: 33332567

Title: A book of the Basques,
Author(s): Gallop, Rodney, 1901-1948.
Publication: London, Macmillan and co., limited,
Year: 1930
Accession No: OCLC: 1534361

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