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France-msg - 4/24/08


French culture. Medieval points of interest.


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From: cjcannon at ucdavis.EDU

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: RE: 'New book'

Date: 3 Dec 1993 18:41:13 -0500


Greetings to all ye Fisherfolk!


  One of my correspondents indicated that he had been passing along

bibliographic info. on 'on-topic' books he'd seen at the library where he

worked.  He was quitting to go off to Grad School, and suggested I take

his place.  I don't know if I'll be able to do that, but here's one I just



Paterson, Linda M.


  The world of the troubadours : medieval Occitan society, c. 1100-c. 1300

/ Linda M. Paterson.


Cambridge ; New York, NY : Cambridge Univ. Pr., 1993.


xii, 367 p. :  ill., map ; 24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references (p. [345]-355) and index.

Library of Congress Card no.:92-37723  ISBN:0521352401 ca. $60 hdbd.


The dust-jacket 'blurp' suggests that this is the first comprehensive

study of Occitania, 'the south of France' and its society. It says that

the author's approach is multi-disciplinary and offers insights into

issues otherwise unavailable to those without specialist

linguistic/literary expertise.


I hope it meets someone's interests/needs.--Carol (currently awaiting my

info./application packet in order to join the SCA, which means I'm one of

those 'infernal' lurkers, I suppose.)



Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 17:13:27 -0500 (EST)

From: Lisa Steele <lsteele at mhc.mtholyoke.edu>

Subject: White Rose Publishing

To: Mark Harris <markh at sphinx>


  OK, you asked:

  White Rose is a small publishing company specializing in medieval

source books, atlases, etc. (we also publish a medieval RPG). Our most

recent work _Medieval France_ is a 285 page atlas covering 9-15C French

geography, history, society, 14 counties and duchies, useful vocab.,

common names, etc.  It includes 2 full size maps, 14 regional maps, 8

city maps (including a 2 page spread of 15C Paris) and  a fair amount of

misc. art. It is being used as a supp. text by the history department of

a well known college (we don't yet have their permission to say who) and

was just reviewed in the Herald's Letters of Acceptances and Returns.

   Price is $21.95 plus $3.00 shipping from White Rose, P.O. Box 933,

Amherst, MA 01004-0933. (Mass. residents add 5% sales tax).

   We are hoping to release a University source book by Pennsic and have

contracted for a Cathedral and a Jewish Communities source book. We are

in the market for writers, artists, and public domain art.





From: guettier at moretcri.ensmp.fr (Christophe GUETTIER)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Help with French persona, please!

Date: 4 Aug 1995 06:52:13 GMT

Organization: E'cole Nationale Supe'rieure des Mines de Paris, Centre de Recherche en Informatique (CRI-ENSMP)


Ferro, Non Orro


Here are some Langue D'Oc Great Names


Southern France Medieval Historical Names :


Hugue de Lusignan

Adhemar de Monteil

Raymond de St Gilles, Conte de Toulouse, Marquis de Provence

Guillaume de Sabran

Conte des Beaux



Some Langue D'Oc feudal places :



Noves (Commanderie Templier)






Aigues Mortes


ChateauNeuf (also a good wine)




Puylaurens (Cathare place)

Montsegur (Cathare place)












Subject: Re: ANST - Bill de Provence

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 97 23:10:48 -0500

From: Scott Fridenberg <scottf at galstar.com>

To: "Ansteorra" <ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG>


>I just happened to notice this signature line today:

>>--Bill (who will soon hopefully have a better name once he can nail down

>>some research on 13th c. Provence)


For 11c - 13c Provence research an execellent place to start is a book called

    Pilgrims, Heretics, and Lovers by Claude Marks. Macmillan Publishing CO.,

    Inc. New York. ISBN  0-02-579770-0


The book is an introduction to the Troubadours disguised as a

history book.  It's very readable and makes an execellent introduction to

Provencal culture.  


This book is prouably out of print so you will need to use Inter-Library

Loan if your library doesn't have a copy.  In fact if you want to do much

study on Provence you will prouably get to know your ILL librarian pretty



Another good book is

    The World of the Troubadurs: Medieval Occitan Society, c. 1100-c. 1300

Linda M. Paterson.  Cambridge University Press 1993.  ISBN 0-521-35240-1


I belive that this book is still in print.  


I hope this helps.  If anyone is interested in research on the

Troubadours, I've tracked down some pretty good sources, and would be

glad to help.


Robert Fitzmorgan

Barony of Northkeep



Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 10:47:36 EDT

From: WOLFMOMSCA at aol.com

Subject: Re: SC - De Bello Gallico was: Celtic Dung Fires


h940114 at stud.kol.su.se writes:

<< Speaking of DBC...Has anyone been able to find an english translation of it ?

I've searched for it but only come up with smaller parts/extracts on-line which

were still in Latin which is not, I'm sorry to say, on my list of languages

I'm fluent in.


Angus MacIomhair. >>


The Battle for Gaul,  Translation of De bello Gallico, tr. Anne & Peter

Wiseman, ISBN 0-87923-306-0, publ David R. Godine, Boston, 1980.



From: "willowdewisp at juno.com" <willowdewisp at juno.com>

Date: June 29, 2007 12:12:58 AM CDT

To: ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org

Subject: [Ansteorra] Persona French


Here is one of those Victorian books everyone warns you about. I found it fairly correct and it tells you where it got a lot of its stuff (no real footnote) It really gives some good insights into the French medieval world. Also the data is in one place. I wouldn't use it as documentation for A&S because artisans look down on anything Victorian but it will give you a feel for Medieval France.


This site has the illustration which seem to be taken form period sources.





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