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Blacksmithing-bib - 2/24/03

"Medieval Blacksmithing Bibliography" by Master Tamlene ap Guidgen, O.L.


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Medieval Blacksmithing Bibliography

by Master Tamlene ap Guidgen, O.L.


Roughly in the order in which I find them useful in an SCA context.


Decorative Antique Ironwork by Henry DÕAllemagne, Dover, 1968.

4500 objects pictured with captions. Most of the objects pictured are medieval, with some 17th and 18th century stuff. No text. In print last time I noticed. If you are interested in medieval and later ironwork, you must buy this book. IÕve been told that the museum which published the book has published other titles since; I havenÕt followed up on this information yet.


Medieval Decorative Ironwork in England by Jane Geddes, Society of Antiquaries, London 1999.

This is an excellent book, readable with lots of very nice pictures. Lots of doors and railings.


Medieval Ironwork in Sweden, V. I and II by Lennart Karlsson. Almqvist & Wiksell International, Stockholm, Sweden, 1988.

Provides a lot of pictures of medieval door hardware (and some chest hardware). Tremendous detail. Over 1000 pages, and worth getting if you can find it. I bought it from Norm Larson a couple of years ago for $120; he isnÕt carrying it anymore.


Eisenwerke by I.H. Von Hefner-Alteneck. Originally published in 1840, this is a reprint. Published by Verlag Ernst Wasmuth Tubingen.

85 plates of ink drawings of medieval and later ironwork. Excellent rendition of detail in plates. Available from Norm Larson.


Das Eisenwerk by Otto Hover. Published by Verlag Ernst Wasmuth Tubingen.

German text, 300 pages of excellent photographs with German, English and French titles. Most of the objects pictured are medieval, with some 17th and 18th century stuff. Available from Norm Larson Books.


Old French Ironwork by Edgar Frank. Harvard University Press, 1950, out of print.

Last summer Norm Larson had several used copies at $60 or so.


Metalwork by Hanns-Ulrich Haedeke. Universe Books, 381 Park Avenue South, New York City 10016, published 1970.

Covers non-ferrous and ferrous metals from Carolingian through Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance.


Norm Larson Books

5426 East Hwy. 246

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(805)735-2095 (evenings)


There are also a bunch of interesting web pages out there:

The ArtMetal Project



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