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Non-Ferrous-bib - 3/19/01


An annotated bibliography on non-ferrous metals and metal objects by Magnus.


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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 20:37:04 -0500

From: rmhowe <MMagnusM at bellsouth.net>

To: list-regia-us at netword.com

Subject: Re: [Regia-NA] Non Ferrous Metalworking bibliography?


Jim Graham wrote:

> Magnus -


> I don't suppose I could trouble you for another one of your

> ever-so-useful annotated bibliographies?  Perhaps on belt

> fittings/brooches/non-ferrous jewlery?


> Greatly appreciated!

> Jim (who has, of late, become the incarnation of pure Evil

> in the eyes of his university's inter-library loan program) :)


Wait'll I collect my pounds of flesh for this meaty little question.


I have hundreds of books and articles on metalwork.

Not too many of them are easily pulled out of computer files

though. As some of the stuff is in Swedish / Danish / German

it's not too easily found. You're mostly getting what is listed

at the moment sans some very early casting material and by and

large does not include really later material like Pilgrims Tokens.


Hey, Ingvild, I got Merovingian Garnet Jewellery by Birgit

Arrhenius last week, 1985. This is more a typological / analytical

thing than straight pictures. Covered provenance of garnets / putty

types / shop locations - St. Eligius for example. Very technical.


Magnus Malleus, OL, Atlantia, GDH / R.M. Howe 2001


*** I Do NOT want this reposted to a newsgroup, especially the Rialto

and SCA-Universtitas list. Inclusion in the Florilegium permitted.

May be forewarded to the Regia list. ***


Ambrosiani,  Bjorn and Bo G. Erikson: Birka I-V VikingaStaden;  

        90's. Produced in cooperation with their Danish national tv.

        There are lots of pictures of artifacts and excavations and

        a large piece of every book is dedicated to the earlier

        excavations starting over a century ago. Hardbound, all

        color, each is about 95 pages.



        (Applied Arts in the Middle Ages) Fra Trondheims Skattkammer

        (From TrondheimÕs Treasury). Norwegian, 1997.

        From info at nordicartbooks.com, Nordic Art Books,

        3650 Cross Creek Road, Malibu, California, 90265-4946 U.S.A,

        tel:(310) 456-8762 or (818) 222-1122

        A small volume in a series of Ôpocket guidesÕ on Norwegian

        applied arts and crafts. This volume illuminates wood carving,

        metalwork and walrus tusk carving in the 500 years preceding

        the Renaissance, and traces the dispersion of Norwegian art

        and artifacts in medieval Europe. The objects detailed in

        the book are from TrondheimÕs treasury. Norway. 88 pp.

        85 b&w ill. 4 col. ill., 7 3/4"x5 1/4", softbound.

        ISBN 82-7003-168-2. Code: 3133 NordicArt Books. $27.50

      This one is still available.


Anderesson, Kent: Romartida Guldsmide i Norden I, Katalog

        (Roman Period Gold Jewellery in the Nordic Countries I,

        Catalogue) 1993, 309pp., 146 figures, 6pp.. English Summary,

        19pp. bibliography. B&W photos. Department of Archaeology,

        Uppsala University, Gustavianum, S-753 10 Uppsala, Sweden.

        AUN 17 $35.

Andersson, Kent: Romartida Guldsmide i Norden III, švriga smycken

        teknisk analys och verstadsgrupper; AUN 21. (Roman Period

        Gold Jewellery in the Nordic Countries III, 1995, 244pp.,

        211 figs. ISBN 915061116X, ISSN 02841347.

        Department of Archaeology, Uppsala University, Gustavianum,

        S-753 10 Uppsala, Sweden. $35.


Arrhenius, Birgit: East Scandinavian Style I-A, A Review; Medieval

        Archaeology 17, 1973, pp. 26-42 & plates VII-XIV.

        (see reply in Lamm, K.)


Artsikhovskii, A.V. & Kolchin, B.A. (eds.): Trudy Novgorodskoi

        Arkheologicheskoi Ekspeditsii. Tom I. (Materialy i

        Issledovaniia po Arkheologii SSSR. 55.) 248, (2)pp. Prof.

        illus. Lrg. 4to. Cloth. Moskva (IzdatelÕstvo Akademii Nauk

        SSSR), 1956.  

        Novogorod I 1956 Archaeological Study by Artsikhovsky,

        Topography, stratigraphy and chronology by B. A. Kolchin,

        Pendant seals 51-4 by V.L. Yannin, Glass beads by Y.L.

        Shchapov. Kufic Coins by S.A. Yanina, Drains by Medvedev,

        Pottery by Smirnova.


Artsikhovskii, A.V. & Kolchin, B.A. (eds.): Trudy Novgorodskoi

        Arkheologicheskoi Ekspeditsii. Tom II. (Materialy i

        Issledovaniia po Arkheologii SSSR. 65.)

        Moskva (Izdatel'stvo Akademii Nauk SSSR), 1959. 362, (2)pp.

        Prof. illus. Lrg. 4to.

        Novgorod 1958 Volume II Iron and Steel by B.A. Kolchin,

        Weapons A. F. Medvedev, Leatherwork and Shoemaking by S.A.

        Izyumova, Metal articles of dress and adornment by M.V.

        Sedova, Seals, Agriculture.


Artsikhovskii, A.V. & Kolchin, B.A. (eds.) Novy metody v arkheologii.

        Trudy Novgorodskoi Arkheologicheskoi Ekspeditsii. Tom III.

        (Materialy i Issledovaniia po Arkheologii SSSR. 117.)

        Moskva (Izdatel'stvo Akademii Nauk SSSR), 1963. 331, (1)pp.

        Prof. illus. Lrg. 4to. Cloth.

        Novgorod III 1963  Kolchin, Schapova, Poluboyarinova, Bangles,

        Near Eastern and Golden Horde pottery, second hoard of Kufic

        coins,  glass and dendrochronology, fine metalwork, pottery.


Artsikhovskii, A.V. & Kolchin, B.A. (eds.): Zhilishcha drevnego

        Novgoroda. Trudy Novgorodskoi Arkheologicheskoi Ekspeditsii.

        Tom IV. (Materialy i Issledovaniia po Arkheologii SSSR. 123.)

        296, (20)pp. Prof. illus. Lrg. 4to., Cloth. Moskva

        (IzdatelÕstvo Akademii Nauk SSSR), 1963.  

        Novgorod IV 1963 Dendrochrnonology of buildings, woodworking,

        games, musical instruments, furniture parts, Utensils.



        *Above on Novgorod are published in the Materials and

        Researches on the Archaeology of the U.S.S.R  

        Volumes 55 (1956), 65 (1958-9 varying dates given),

        117 (1963), and 123 (1963) according to Thompson: Great Novgorod.


Birka V--Filigree and Granulation Work of the Viking Period :

        An Analysis of Materials from Bjorko by Wladyslaw Duczko

        (Illustrator) Library Binding, 118pp. ISBN: 9174021621

        Publisher: Coronet Books Pub. Date: June  1985

        Ordered from Amazon 9/10/00


Bruce-Mitford, Rupert: Aspects of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology -

        Sutton Hoo and Other Discoveries; HarperÕs Magazine Press,

        Published in Assn. with Harper and Row, N.Y., 1974,

        First U.S. Edition, ISBN 061204803, LoC#7613220.

        Sutton-Hoo ship burial, Saxon Rendlesham, Snape Boat Grave,

        Basil BrownÕs Diary of the excavations at Sutton Hoo in

        1938-9, Excavations at Sutton Hoo 1965-9, ShipÕs figure

        heads of the Migration Period, The Sutton Hoo Lyre, Beowulf

        and the origins of the frame harp, The Sutton Hoo Helmet,

        the Torslunda Plates, The Benty Grange Helmet and some

        other supposed Anglo-Saxon Style Helmets, Sutton Hoo and

        the Background of Beowulf, Six interesting pieces of

        cloissonÕe jewellery, The Pectoral Cross of St. Cuthbert,

        Late Saxon Disc Brooches, Note on a squat jar in blue

        glass from Deal, Kent, index, 356 pages, well worth it.


Bruce-Mitford, Rupert: "The Treasure of St. Ninians"

        Scientific American, November 1960; pp. 154-66.

        Depicts the Isle, two of seven bowls, floor plan of the

        little church,      the three conical objects, a long handled

        spoon with what I call a taster beast head, a forklike

        implement of silver - possibly used to divide the communion

        host, the two silver sword chapes - one with dragonesque

        heads, and four of the twelve brooches - those depicted

        are penanular, an animalistic sword pommel, and a celtic

        hanging bowl with central boss looking to be zoomorphic.

        Eighth century or earlier. No paten.

        Said all was in a larch wood box. A stain and a few

        splinters remained.


Buckton, David.: Late 10th and 11th Century Cloisonn'e Enamel Brooches;

        Medieval Archaeology 30, 1986, pp.8-18 and plates III and IV. .


Carlsson, Anders: Djurhuvdformiga SpŠnnen och GotlŠndsk Vikingatid.

        Stockholm  Studies in Archaeology 5. Stockholm 1983 . 210pp.

        Illus. 160,00 [Kr]  The book on Gotlandic animal-headed

        brooches. (Animal-Head Brooches of Gotland's Viking Period)

        ISBN 9171463275, 7pp bibliography. Stockholm Universitet

        Institution fšr Arkeologi 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden.

        English Summary pp.127-35. Period covered by

        these brooches is early eighth to mid twelfth century.


Childe, Prof. V. Gordon: A Bronze-Worker's Anvil and Other Tools

        Recently Acquired by the Inveness Museum, with a Note on

        Another Scottish Anvil; Reprinted from the Proceedings of

        the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Vol. LXXX (Vol.,

        VIII., Seventh Series), Session 1945-46 (pages 8-11).


Cool, H.: A Romano-British Gold Workshop of the Second Century,

        Britannia 17, 1986, pp.231-7. Theoretical discussion.


Craddock, P. T. & M. J. Hughes: Furnaces and Smelting Technology

        in Antiquity; British Museum Occasional Paper No. 48,

        Department of Scientifiic Research, 1985, pp.244. A

        Series of 18 articles covering a wide geographic area.


Dickenson, T.: Fowler's Type G Pennanular Brooches Reconsidered;

        Medieval Archaeology 16, 1982, pp. 41-68 & plate 1.


Drescher, H.: 1973. Der Guss von KleingerŠt, dargestellt an Funden aus

      provinzialršmischen Werkstetten. In: Early Medieval Studies 6.

        Antikvariskt Arkiv 53. Lund. Roman period metalcasting written

        in German.

: Early Medieval Studies 6. Antikvariskt Arkiv 53. Lund 1973. Mostly

        metal working articles on casting, matrices, forgewelding

        steel to iron, etc.


Egan, Geoff and Frances Pritchard: Dress Accessories, Medieval Finds

        from Excavations in London c.1150-c.1450; ISBN 0112904440.  

        Anglia Publishing 50 GBP


Ehrenberg, M.: Anvils of Bronze Age Europe; Antiq. Journ. 61, 1981.



Evison, Vera: Early Anglo-Saxon Applied Disc Brooches, Part I,

        On the Continent, Antiquaries Journal 58, 1978, pp. 88-102,

        plate XXXXI-II.


Evison, Vera: Early Anglo-Saxon Inlaid Metalwork, Reprinted from

        the Antiquaries Journal, Vol XXXV, Jan-Apr. 1955,

        Numbers 1-2.  pp. 21-45 and plates III - IX.


Evison, Vera: Further Anglo-Saxon Inlay; Antiq. Journal 38, 1958,



Evison, Vera I.: Quoit Brooch Style Buckles, reprinted fromt the

        Antiquaries Journal Vol. XLVIII, Part II, 1968. pp.231-49

        and plates LIII-LV.


Feacham, R. W. de F.: Dragonesque Fibulae; Antiq. Journal 1951,



Fitzhugh,William W. Fitzhugh (Ed.) and Elizabeth I. Ward:  

        Vikings: the North Atlantic Saga, Smithsonian Institution

        Press. Washington D.C. 2000. ISBN:  1-56098-970-x (cloth);

        1-56098-995-5 (paper)


Fox, Sir Cyril: The Study of Early Celtic Metalwork in Britain,  

        British Association: Edinburgh Meeting, Address delivered on

        August 10, 1951. Preprint from "The Advancement of Science,

        No. 30, Sept. 1951. An analysis of imports from various areas of

        Europe into Llyn Cerrig, Anglesey. With a one page bibliography.


Gelling, P.S.: A Metalworking Site at Kiondroghad, Kirk Andreas,

        Isle of Man; in Medieval Archaelology 13, 1969, pp. 67-83.


Graham-Campbell, James: The 9th-Century Anglo-Saxon Horn-mount from

        Burghead, Morayshire, Scotland. Medieval Archaeology 17, 1973.

        pp. 43-50 and plate XV.

Graham-Campbell, James: Bossed Pennanular Brooches: A Review of Recent

        Research; Med. Arch. 19, 1975, pp. 33-46 & plates V-VIII.

Graham-Campbell, James: Recent Finds of Penannular Brooches from Wales,

        Medieval Archaeology, 26, 1982,  under (Lewis, J: Some New

        and Neglected Finds of 9th Century Anglo-Saxon Ornamental

        Metalwork, pp.144-50. Lewis depicts silver hooked tags and

        strap ends.) pp. 151-4 and plate V.)

Graham-Campbell, James, and Colleen E. Batey: Viking Scotland,

        An Archaeological Survey; 1998, Edinburgh U. Press,

        ISBN 0748606416 pb.

Graham-Campbell, James: Viking-Age Gold and Silver of Scotland

        (AD 850-1100),

        The Institute of Archaeology, University College London;

        Hardcover, 1995, National Museums of Scotland;

        ISBN: 0948636629

        This fully illustrated catalogue contains Viking-age gold

        and silver non-numismatic hoards and ornaments of

        Scandinavian type found in Scotland. The findings are housed

        in the Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh as well as four

        other Scottish museums and in the British Museum. These

        hoards include many rings, brooches, and bracelets, some

        of which are elaborately decorated in a characteristic

        style of Viking art. These important hoards have never

        been illustrated or described in full and, where possible,

        are shown, full-size, with drawings of decoration, stamped

        ornament, and other significant details. The book also

        includes an important summary of the numismatic evidence

        and an appendix on the silver. 1 Color Illustration,

        143 B&W Illustrations. 110 x 90 mm, ISBN:09486366292378


         - From the Publisher - Illustrated academic catalogue of

        gold and silver hoards and ornaments of Scandinavian type

        found in Scotland, with specialist contributions and

        summary of numismatic evidence. First documentation of

        two of the largest known Viking age boards, the largest

        over 100 pieces of silver, rings and decorated massive

        brooches in Scottish museums in Glasgow, Thurs and

        Shetland and the British Museum. Four hundred items

        examined to standard format, full size.



Greenlight Publishing Books:

Greenlight Publishing, The Publishing House,

119 Newland Street, Witham Essex CM8 1WF

Tel: 01376 521900  Fax: 01376 521901 (1999)

email. magazines at easynet.co.uk  1997


Bailey, Gordon;  Guide to Detector Finds : Guide to Dating and

        Identifying  Buckles, Payne, Greg (Ed.), (Retail Price £6.00Each)


Bailey, Gordon;  Detector Finds, Payne, Greg (Ed.)

        (Retail Price £8.00Each) ISBN 1897738021, 2nd revised

        edition 1995 (1992)

        Buckles; clog and shoe clasps; hook fasteners; gun money;

        crotal and rumbler bells; love tokens; ring brooches;

        lead artifacts; hawking bells and whistles; pipe tampers;

        candle snuffers; hasps and clasps; copper nails;

        horse decorations; pomanders; spurs and pastry jiggers.


Bailey, Gordon; Detector Finds 2, Payne, Greg (Ed.)

        (Retail Price £8.00Each) 1995, pb, ISBN 1897738013.

        Purse frames, pocket sundials, medieval handles, thimbles,

        furniture fittings, sentimental brooches, baldric buckles,

        watch keys, lead weights, cased mirrors, toy cannons,

        cuff links, nut crackers, petronels, sword belt fitments,

        scissors, horse pendants, foot pattens, wine labels,

        barrel locks and keys, palm guards for leather stitching,

        button hooks, dividers, sword and dagger chapes, brass

        horse bells, jaws harps, hatpins, lead 'bells', spoons,

        scabbard fitments, miniature domestic utensils, jettons.


Bailey, Gordon;  Detector Finds 3; Payne, Greg (Ed.)

        (Retail Price £10.00Each) 1997, ISBN 2897738226

        Lace tags, belt decorations, horseshoes, medieval candle

        holders, bayonet scabbard hooks, pewter syringes, bronze

        pot legs, walking stick tops and ferrules, medieval purse

        holders, brass lettering from tombs, decorative pouring

        spouts, casket, chest and door keys; snake form belt hooks;

        Roman and Saxon Pins; silver pins and bodkins; pilgrims

        ampulla, medieval barrel locks and keys, cosmetic

        implements; finger rings; clothing accessories.


Fletcher, Ted:  Buried British Treasure Hoards,

        (Retail Price £10.00 Each)


Mills, Nigel: Medieval Artefacts; 1999, ISBN 1897738277.

        Buckles; strapends and belt mounts; seal matrices; thimbles;

        pilgrim badges; finger rings; brooch buckles; harness

        pendants; locks, keys and weights; spoons, kninves and

        pottery; arrowheads, spurs and edged weapons; purses,

        pins, buttons, pendants, mirrors, and whistles;

        ecclestiastical objects; select bibliography.      


Whitehead, Ross: Buckles 1250-1800; 1996, ISBN 189773817 X, pb.

        Buckle manufacture; single looped buckles: 1250-1650;

        buckles with integral plates: 1250-1500; clasp fasteners:

        1300-1500; annular buckles: 1350-1720;        assymetrical buckles:

        1350-1700; two-piece buckles: 1660-1800; buckles as

        jewellery, select bibliography.




Hattat, Richard: New Light on Adlocutio Repousse Disc Brooches,

        Antiquaries Journal 65, 1985, pp. 434-7 & plate XLV.


Hayward, John: The Arnold Lulls Book of Jewels and the Court

        Jewellers of Queen Anne of Denmark, Archaeologia 108,

        1986, pp. 227-37 and plates LXXXII-VIII.


Hemp, W. J.: The Goodman and Other Grasshopper Rings;

        Antiq. Journ. 5, 1925, 403-8.   


Hines, John, Clasps, Hektespenner, Agraffen; Kungl.,

        Anglo-Scandinavian Clasps of Classes A-C of the 3rd to

        6th Centuries A.D., Typology, Diffusion, and Function;

        Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien, 1993,

        126pp., with 152 figs & 22 plates. (Almquist and Wiksell 1993)

        ISBN 9174022253. Hardback available. Price US $29.00

        Distributed by Almquist and Wiksell International, Stockholm,

        Sweden. Printed in Sweden by Bohuslaningens Boktryckeri AB,

        Uddevalla. In English. This volume reports, in English,

        on the typology, diffusion and function of Anglo-Scandanavian

        clasps of classes A-C of the 3rd to 6th centuries AD.

        By the end of the 5th century the range of this type of

        dress-fastener runs from southern Jutland to the south of

        Arctic Norway in the north, and from Anglian England across

        to Finland, Estonia and Karelia in the east. The clasps

        allow important new observations to be made on how such

        items could be manufactured, distributed, and reproduced

        over such long distances, and the changing forms and

        find-contexts of these artefacts can be interpreted in

        terms of how art and costume reflect the adoption and

        symbolisation of group identity. This study leads to a

        more refined model of the cultural history of a critical

        period in the emergence of the early Medieval / late Iron

        Age states and kingdoms of Scandinavia and England.  


Hinton, David: Medieval Jewellery; Aylesbury, Bucks:

        Shire Archaeology, 1982; PB, 48pp.PB, Shire Archaeology

        series, many good photos of Medieval jewellery, close-ups,

        index, history.


Historiska Statens Museum: Golden Age and Viking Art in Sweden;

        Kungl. Bokryckeriet P.A. Norstedt and Soner, Stockholm

        1965. Small book with separate sections on Casting,

        Punching and Stamping, Cloisonne, Enamel, Patination and

        Coloration by Birgit Arrhenius; Engraving and Chasing,

        Incrustation; Filigree and Granulaton by W. Holmquist;

        Illustrated with 58 pages and XXIV plates.


Hodges, H.W.M.: Studies in the Late Bronze Age in Ireland,

        Part 1. Stone and Clay Moulds, and Wooden Models for

        Bronze Implements: U.J.A. XVII, (Ulster Journal of

        Archaeology?) pp. 62-80, with illustrations and tables.


Holmqvist, Wilhelm: …vergŒngstidens Metallkonst;

        Kungl. Vitterhets, Historie och antivitets akadmiens

        handlingar, antikvariska serien 11. (The Metal Art of

        the Transitional Period and it's Chronology)

        Period of transition is between the pagan and the

        Christian era - 11th and 12th Cs. Almqvist and Wiksell,

        Stockholm - Goteborg - Uppsala.  

        Illustr. Sth 1963. 180 pp. (150:K) English Summary in back.

        Depicts christianized memorial stones, crucifixes, encopia

        (folding cruxifixes), pendants in gold and silver with

        filigree and animal decoration, decorated bowls, book

        covers, altar top, wooden bench ends, processional crosses,

        pendants with chains with animal heads, relic capsules,

        sword hanger, decorated belt buckles, bronze animal headed

        key, animal head terminaled woven silver arm band,

        animal head terminals, a bell reliquary, gold pendants

        with filigree and granulation, close ups of some box

        brooches, gold and silver brooches with filigree and

        granulation, A reliquary, a ship's weathervane, Abbot

        Theophanu's relic cross from Essen, metal bookbinding

        from Ireland, The Clonmacnoise, Ireland crosier. All in



Holmqvist, Wilhelm: GULDHALSKRAGARNA, Foto Soren Hallgren m fl;:

        Stockholm, LTs Forlag, i samarbete med Statens Historiska

        Museum; Illustr. Sth 1980. 128 pp. Inb.    (150:-K)


Holmquist, Wilhelm: Swedish Vikings on Helgo and Birka;

        Studio Granath, Stockholm for the Swedish Booksellers' Assn,

        Printed in Sweden by Falts Trykeri, Varnamo, 1979,

        ISBN 9197038911

        Contains a great deal of mostly color pictures of Viking

        and pre-Viking jewelery and metalwork and beads. Also

        includes a view of a reconstructed chest with the original

        hardware in place. One lock depicted. 140 pages.



        Aus Romerzeit und Volkerwanderung; Stocholm, Wahlstrom &

        Widstrand, Illustr. Sth 1951. 160  pp. (200:-K)


Jansson, Ingmar: Ovala SpŠnnbucklor; En studie av vikinatida

        standardsmycken med utagŒngspunkt frŒn Bjšrkš-fynden;

        (Oval Brooches, A Study Based on Viking Period Standard

        Jewellery based on the finds from Bjšrkš (Birka), Sweden.

        238pp., 10 page English Summary, 7 page bibliography,

        142 figures (many of these are multiple illustrations).

        Also contains some illustrations of Oseberg ship carvings

        and some of the Birka combs. AUN 7, 1985, ISBN 9150604813.


Jargstorf, Sibylle: Glass Beads from Europe  $27.91


Jensen, Stig: The Vikings of Ribe; Denmark, 1991.English.

        Index, 72pp., 18 b&w ill. 181 col. ill. 10"x9". Hardbound.

        ISBN 87-982336-6-1. Code: 1168, Price: $34.50

        from Nordic Art Books, info at nordicartbooks.com,

        3650 Cross Creek Road, Malibu, California, 90265-4946 U.S.A              tel:(310) 456-8762 or (818) 222-1122 fax:(310) 456-5714  

        Historically the oldest Danish city, Ribe was also discovered

      to be the the site of a Viking settlement that dates back

        to the beginning of the 8th century. The author of this book

        is the head of these excavations that include; the Viking

        market place, burial grounds, fortress, and moat system,

        which have yielded up religious artifacts, weapons, coins,

        and handicrafts to provide a fascinating picture of how

        the Vikings lived. Illustrated in color.


Johns, C.: Jewellery of Roman Britain $29.98


Kilbride-Jones, Howard: Zoomorphic Pennanular Brooches;

        Published by the Society of Antiquaries of London,

        Distributed by Thames and Hudson, 30 Blooomsbury St.,

        London WC1B 3QP. ISBN 0500990301, viii + 153pp. 1980.

        Many pages of drawn illustrations of brooches, notes

        on casting and finishing, bibliography, geographical



Lamm, K. and Agneta Lundstrom: East Scandinavian Style I:

        An Answer to Birgit Arrhenius; Medieval Archaelology 20,

        1976, pp. 16-25.


La Niece, Susan: Niello and Enamel on Irish Metalwork;

        Antiq. Journal 73, 1993, pp148-51.


La Niece, Susan: Silver Plating on Copper, Bronze, and Brass;

        Antiquaries Journal 70, 1990, pp. 102-14 & plates XXII-VI.


Laing, Lloyd: A Catalogue of Celtic Ornamental Metalwork in the

        British Isles c AD 400-1200; Nottingham Monographs in

        Archaeology No. 5, B.A.R. British Series 229, 1993, 120

        pages plus 25 plates of mostly pennanular brooches, and

        an extensive bibliography. Full of archaeological drawings

        of pennanular brooches, molds, dress pins, dress

        accessories, etc. Outstanding.


Larsson, Thomas B.: The Bronze Age Metalwork in Southern Sweden,

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        Museer, Publksum & Kommunikation, Postboks 1255,

        5100 Odense C, Tlf. 66 14 88 14 - 4601

        Fax 65 90 86 00  email museum at post.odkomm.dk

        ordered it through Oxbow, about $57 U.S. It runs about

        140 pages, very well illustrated. In Danish with English

        translations (very complete) below each illustration and

        a 31 page English summary with notes to illustrations

        in the back. There are 85 illustrations with subsequent

        maps, appendices, and a multi-language bibliography which

        is quite large. The raw materials, tools, furnace,

        numerous molds, techniques, and artifacts are pretty well

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: Magritte I, Regent of the North, The Kalmar Union, 600 Years,

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        Museumsbutikken (Museum Shop), Nationalmuseet (National

      Museum) Frederiksholms Kanal 12, 1220 K¿benhavn K

        Fax: 3347 3330      E-mail: shop at natmus.dk

Mitchell, G. Frank (et al): Treasures of Irish Art 1500 BC to

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        of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, and Trinity College,

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        $35.00, or 1991 Hardback, ISBN: 0-8478-1407-6, 712 pp.,

      dustjacket. Huge book, lots of color pictures,

        for a major exhibition. A great many tools, including

        the remains of a saddler's leather bag with the (many)

        tools in it. Pottery reproductions of various shoes.

        This thing is indexed by locality only. Lots of

        chariots and wagons, weapons, armor, shields (with

        diagrams good enough to reproduce). Kinda the Ultimate

        Celt Book, at least 2" thick by many authors in many

        countries. Lots of metalwork and pottery, and everyday

        items, sculpture, drawings of recreated graves, oppida,

        etc. Tremendous amount of jewelry and fittings.


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Ryan, Michael:  Metal Craftsmanship in Early Ireland;

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        Celtic brooches of the 8th-10th century.

        Color and b&w photos. $7.95


Salisbury Museum Medieval Catalogues

        1. Harness pendants, seals, rings, spurs, tiles, coins,

        mortars, etc. described by Peter and Eleanor Saunders.

        Objects illustrated with drawings. 191p with ill

            (1991) Pb £19.95

        2. Pilgrim Souvenirs and Secular Badges by Brian Spencer.

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        plate, pottery, tiles, pilgrim souvenirs, buckles,

        chapes, figures, wood, bone, ivory, glass, pipeclay,

        whetstones, seals. 322pp, illustrated boards, profusely

        illustrated with photos and drawings.

        New. Book # 16 £24.50 (approx. 38.89 American Dollars)

        Anglia Publishing , Unit T, Dodnash Priory Farm Hazel Shrub,

        Bentley, Ipswich, United Kingdom, IP9 2DF  

        Phone 01473 311138 / Fax 01473 312288,  

        anglia at anglianet.co.uk ('99)


Waterman, Dudley M.: Late Saxon, Viking, and Early Medieval Finds

        from York; in Archaeologia 97, 1959, pp. 59-105.

        Includes bronze bowl, knives, axes, spears, swords,

        sword chape, arrowhead, horse furniture (bits, spurs,

        stirrups), strapends, hooks, brooches,        pendants, pins,

        bone pins and bodkins, wooden and bone spoons,      bone combs

        and cases, oak casket with bone mounts, ornamental

        bonework including flutes, worked antler, spindle whorls,

        jet objects (gamepiece, pendant, whorl), glass beads, linen

        smoothers, amber, stone whetstones and line sinker, pottery

        vessels and lamps, shears.   


Wilson, David M.: Anglo-Saxon Ornamental Metalwork 700-1100 in

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        Catalogue of Antiquities of the Later Saxon Period.

        248pp., 155 objects reproduced in b/w plates at end of

        text with 54 b/w figures within the text. Cloth, London, 1964.



York Series:


17/7  Bayley: Non-ferrous Metalworking from 16-22 Coppergate;  

        (1992) 120pp, 55 illustrations (4 colour), ISBN 1872414303,

        £18.75        A summary of metalworking processes and descriptions

        of the finds is followed by a discussion of the spatial and

        temporal distribution of the industries. Silverworking was

        the major non-ferrous industry in the mid 10th century,

        with gold and copper alloy working becoming more important



AY 17/14 Mainman, A.J. and N.S.H. Rogers: Craft, Industry and Everyday

        Life: Finds from Anglo-Scandinavian York; 2000. 220pp; 5

        half-tones; 17 colour plates; 93 line-illustrations;

        ISBN 1902771117; £28.00. This report presents evidence for

        metalworking, glass working, jet and amber working and textile

      production in Anglo-Scandinavian York.


        Please send cheques (sterling only) with your order, made

        payable to York Archaeological Trust, to C. Kyriacou at

        Cromwell House, 13 Ogleforth, York, YO1 7FG. We accept

        Mastercard and Visa. We now have an on-line order form

        (which can also be printed/faxed).

            For further information contact YAT by telephone

        (01904 663000), fax (01904 663024) or  e-mail

        (postmaster at yorkarch.demon.co.uk).

        webmaster at yorkarch.demon.co.uk gets orders when submitted.

           Please add 10% for UK and 20% for elsewhere, to your

        total bill to cover postage and packing.


Youngs, Susan: The Work of Angels: Masterpieces of Celtic Metalwork,

        6th-9th Centuries AD; Edited by Susan Youngs,

        ISBN 0292790589 British Museum  Publications 1989.

        University of Texas Press (first Edition published 1990)

        P.O. Box 7819, Austin, TX 78713-7819


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