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hidng-watches-msg - 7/29/15


How to hide modern watches in the SCA.


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In the FB "SCA Garb" group:

Emily Aqualime

6/30/15 · Richmond, VA

I normally wear a wristwatch 24/7. I recently went to my first multi-day event and ended up putting it in a drawstring pouch attached to my belt, along with my cell phone, the strings of which got very twisted as I walked which made it fairly difficult to remove either item. It drove me crazy not to be able to just glance at the time. Has anyone come up with an easily accessible "disguise" for a watch? (or even a cell phone)


Chaney Arthur Wiese

I purchased a pendant watch from Amazon. It looks like a locket, open it and it's a watch. Not exactly period, but not a glaring reminder of the mundane either.


Isabel Winterbourne

I know of an online vendor that sells clocks disguised in the back of brooches. That's how I keep my watch on me...the front flips down to reveal a watch behind. Many of her brooches look very period. Edit: If you want the name of the vendor please PM me, I will not state the name here as per the rules of the group.


D'vorah Bint Da'ud

Shackles. Bracelet. Locket/pendant/medallion. Attach it to the underside of the tip-end of your belt.


William Wayman

the Viking had leather cuffes


Ivarr Haukr

Haven't worn a watch in over 30 years.. Cell phone goes in my messanger bag and is off. Check it maybe 2-3 times a day at camping events.


Laura Iseman

You can disguise a smartphone as a girdle book. Or you could just develop a more relaxed attitude to the time glasses emoticon


Elizabeth Layton

A lady I knew pinned a watch to the inside of her Noble hat to check the time, she would take her hat off and glance down.


April D. Porter

It's not really period, but I make beaded watch pins that match the rest of my jewelry. I pin it to my pouch so I can unobtrusively glance at it whenever I need to do so. Most people don't even notice it.


Meria Willis

Make a girdle book for your tablet or phone.


Ad Chandler

Get a cheap watch, remove strap and sew it inside your hat. Easy to check the time.


Ad Chandler

And I've seen them stitched onto the inside flap of a purse. If its in the corner, you can just turn up the edge to check the time


Lila Richards

If I'm wearing long sleeves, which I almost always am, I just wear my watch on my wrist and look at it surreptitiously. smile emoticon


Kathleen Fox Sharp

I have a pendant watch and a Victorian style pin watch (small watch face that dangles from a pin). Neither are period but make a time piece less glaring


Susan Turner

Since I often have an apron/hand cloth through my belt, I fasten my watch around the belt, under the apron or cloth, then just surreptitiously glance at it now and then. Or ask a MoP what their sundial says. One day I will get a copy of the Anglo-Saxon girdle sundial which we have in our museum.


Hillery Brewer

I found while in Spain a really beautiful damascene sphere that has a watch inside. It easily can pass as a pomander. I'm wishing now that I'm back that I had bought all they had.


Paula Smead

I wear a pocket watch that has a chsin. I wear the chain attached to my belt. Accessible for time checks but not as noticeable as a wrist watch.


Nicola Haliday

I just wear a small pendant watch on a chain and tuck it down my front when I'm checking the time - it goes with my garb and is not very noticeable - when I'm wearing my 14th cent gear I can't wear it and have a girdle book iPhone cover - when I have neither on I don't fret about the time - it's the SCA.. everyone will be late anyway


Gunnarr Inn Hviti

Hobby Lobby sells a small pocket watch inside of an owl medallion, that you could wear on your belt as a token. It flips open to show the watch inside. Its very inexpensive, made of brass, and can be tied to a ribbon/cord/leather thong easily.



Kevin Pickens

working at the Virginia Ren Faire, what some folks would do was attach it inside the hat, then 'use the hat to shield their eyes as they checked the position of the sun'. Rather than look down, they used it to simulate a historical method of telling time.


Juliana Macnayre

Check out this website. Clipclocks.com


Debra Anding Fiore

I've seen a few reenactors that stitch them inside of a hat. Then when asked the time, they look to the sun using their hat to shade their eyes and take a peak at their watch. It always impresses those that think they know the specific time via the sun.


Rowena Dhonnchaidh

I love my Clipclock that Juliana Macnayre posted. A friend bought me the Pelican at a local Mayfaire on the Green. I have it clipped to the outside of my pouch. It is wonderful! As a teacher, and both teaching at Pennsic, wanting to take classes, and volunteering for things, I do want to keep track of the time.


Denise Setchko

Period-wise, I believe there was a pocket watch found in the Cheapside Horde made of emerald with clock face embedded. I can't find like from my phone, but if you look for emerald clock or something, it will come up. Late period, of course. As for phone, Amazon has cases that look like little books that also have a place for a few cards and cash. I use that so it looks like a girdle book - and it has the time on it too


Carole 'Stasi' McCallister

I have use both a decorative bracelet watch and a pendant one. They just look like jewelry.


Dustin Schulten

I look at the sun.


Rosalie Kubik Ferris

A decorative brooch with the watch inside is always helpful...but it depends on your period.


Edie Gale Hays

I have a large digital wristwatch with the band removed that is secured to a loop that fits around my belt. I intend to hang something in front of it (fabric or leather) as a decoration, that I only need to flip up as I lift the watch to glance at the time.


Nicodemus Thorne

wear it biker style with the watch face over the area of your wrist you would slit. when your hands are at your side, it looks just like a bracelet. (depending on the band)


Beatrice Domenici della Campana

When I was working at a Renn Faire, I had to find a solution that wasn't overtly modern, but would keep me on schedule fairly strictly. I went to Michaels, and purchased a tear-drop shaped pendant in pewter that had a fleur-de-lys on it, and I also got a watch component with no band. I glued the watch on (sideways) to the back of the pendant, and then used a pearl-headed pin to pin the pendant to the strap of the bodice of my gown. No one batted an eye at my "brooch", but I could flip up the pendant and look at the time. If I'd wanted, I could have added head pins through the strap-attachment-points on the watch (which were oriented horizontal when the pendant was hanging) and hung teardrop pearls so it looked more like a brooch, but I never bothered.


Bethany Rowlings

I have a watch that clips onto my belt or basket. It's a brushed bronze, so blends in nicely, and you can do more to make it less obvious if you wanted to. I found mine at Walmart for about $10. Nice cheap solution that you could easily hide behind your pouch as well but still have easy access. Of course, now I wear a Fitbit every day, and certainly am not losing out on steps at an SCA event!


Jen DiMattio O'Neill

When I was reigning and then Chief Lady I used a "nurse's watch" it was meant to be worn on a necklace or chain - I just kept it inside my neckline - I think I found it at walmart to be honest smile emoticon


Colleen Young

get a nurses flob watch....it pins to the front on a blouse/shirt/top and the numbers are upside down so when you look down to read it, its right side up. They are small and can be decorative or you can make something to hide it a bit.


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