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eunuchs-msg - 3/30/00


Eunuchs and castration in period. References.


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From: Simone89 at aol.com

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 11:09:48 EDT

Subject: Fwd: D. Ayalon, "Eunuchs, Caliphs and Sultans"

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Here is the updated information on the "Eunuchs" book that several gentles




Date:         Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:22:30 -0400

From: Steven Judd <judd at scsu.ctstateu.edu>

Subject:      D. Ayalon, "Eunuchs, Caliphs and Sultans"



       The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

               The Institute of Asian and African Studies

               The Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation


               wishes to announce the publication of


                       Eunuchs, Caliphs and Sultans:

                       A study of power relationships


                                       David Ayalon


The Magnes Press 1999; 376 pp., including bibliography and index.

(distributed by The Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation at the Institute

of Asian andAfrican Studies of the Hebrew University.)


       The study of the eunuch phenomenon in Islam is still in its infancy in

spite of its unique importance within Muslim civilization until the early

twentieth century. There has existed an aversion to the study of the

subject among scholars in general. For its study within Islam, there was

yet another obstacle: the misunderstandings of the terms by which eunuchs

were designated. The book covers a period from the beginning of Islam

until the beginning of the sixteenth century, and deals mainly with

eunuchs in the major centers of Islam in the East (Umayyads, 'Abbasids,

Seljuks, Zangids, Ayy=FDbis, Mamluks and, to some extent, the Fatimids of

Egypt). It is not a history of the eunuchs in that wide area, but is

rather concerned with the power accumulated by the eunuchs militarily,

socially and even economically (especially as trustees of financial

affairs and property).


       The ultimate aim of the study is to bring out the close ties

connecting the harem, the eunuchs and the Mamluks. In all these areas,

the dominant  element had been slaves (Islamized and often enfranchised)

who were  imported from beyond the frontiers of Islam. The eunuchs were

usually the  trainers of the young Mamluk=FDsand quite often their

commanders. The  Mamluks themselves, in various and changing forms,

constituted the mainstay of Islam's military might through the greatest part

of its history. The book also discusses castrations, the eunuchs' prices, and

their so-called sexual life, romances and marriages.

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                       ORDER FORM


The price of the volume is $38. Postage and handling: $2 for the first

volume and $1 for each additional volume. Members of the association "From

Jahiliyya to Islam" will pay $27  + $2 (direct sales only, not through

booksellers). Cheques payable to the Schloessinger Memorial Foundation

should be sent to the Director of Publications, The Max Schloessinger

Memorial Foundation, Institute of Asian and African Studies, The Hebrew

University, Jerusalem 91905, Israel. Please note that we do not accept

Eurocheques, but personal and institutional cheques are acceptable.

Inquiries: E-mail: msjsai at pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il / fax: +972-2-588-3658


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Steven C. Judd

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