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Landsknechts-bib - 3/3/03


A bibliography on useful resources for Landsknechts (common German mercenary soldiers, 15th and 16th centuries) by Master Magnus Malleus.


NOTE: See also the files: Landsknechts-msg, mercenaries-msg, melee-tactics-art, Swords-bib, Germany-bib, Germany-msg, Hungary-msg, clothing-bib.





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Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 00:00:24 -0500

From: rmhowe <MMagnusM at bellsouth.net>

To: "- BARONY of WINDMASTERS' HILL" <keep at windmastershill.org>

Subject: Landsknechts citations [egad!]


I got an email following my Armouries books posting saying thanks

and they were ordering, from an old net friend, and requesting anything

I might know:


> for recommendations you may have for

> "books that center on German Lanskneckts from the early 16th century,

> especially dealing with armor and/or clothing. Specifically am looking

> for solid research items--extant pieces, line drawings, or photographs."


Good luck on those in English. I will recommend the best I know of.

I have about a hundred and thirty Ospreys, and many of the more

reasonably priced books on Arms and Armor. Probably closer to three


I am doubtless the wrong end of the time spectrum to ask. I like



You do realize that landsknechts means 'Common soldiers' in their

vernacular? For something specific you would have to get it in German

I suppose. Bookfinder.com has a German search engine in the upper right.

I think I would get one book and check it's bibliographies and work

backwards. Germans frequently combine multiple words into a single.

Aggravating as hell.

http://www.ZVAB.com/ is another good German Search Engine.

So is http://www.amazon.de/

> If you have anything wonderful that you especially recommend, I'm

> certain [Wolfie (name changed to protect the innocent)] would appreciate it.


I bet, but I don't read German or Swiss or Austrian too well.

Regardless of which I buy their books.


There is the very old Man at Arms #58 Osprey book on the Landsknechts.

There have been another 300 in that series since then.


There is a much newer one in their Osprey Warrior #49 series on the

Landsknecht Soldier 1486-1560. Warrior picks all the pieces apart,

so you get exploded views of everything.


Osprey Books: http://www.ospreypublishing.com  


In UK, Europe and other countries:

Osprey Direct, P.O. Box 140, Wellingborough, Nothants, NN8 4ZA UK

Telephone: +44 (0) 1933 443863,  Fax: +44 (o) 1933 443849

email info at ospreydirect.co.uk


In USA and Canada:

Osprey Direct USA

P.O. Box 130, Sterling Heights, MI 48311-0130 USA

Telephone: (810) 795-2763  Fax: (810) 795-4266

1 (800) 826 6600 - Fax 1 715 294 4448

email: info at ospreydirectusa.com



Then there is the reasonably priced, not too wordy, figureoutable:


Funcken, Liliane and Fred Funcken: Historische Waffen und Rüstungen;

(Knights and Common Soldiers from the 8th to 16th Centuries)

(Saleprice) Sonderausgabe: EUR 14,95, Originalausgabe: EUR 20,35

Versandfertig in 24 Stunden (chapters). Größeres Bild (many pictures)

Ab EUR 20 (twenty Euros, less than a dollar each, 308 pages, Publisher


Orbis in Munich, 2001) 308 Seiten - Orbis Verlag, Mchn. 2001;  

ISBN: 3572013089  $15 plus shipping and German post is cheap.




[Open two browsers one on Amazon.com, one on Amazon.de and go page

by page. You need to register with them and get a cookie before

you can buy the book. Once you get it the cookie is priceless.]


Is the same as the much more expensive, harder to find, originals

in English:


Funcken, Liliane and Fred: Arms and Uniforms - The Age of Chivalry

Parts I, II, III;

Part I - The 8th to the 15th Century - Helmets and Mail, Tournaments

and Heraldic Bearings, Bows and Crossbows.


Part II - Castles, Forts, and Artillery, 8th to 15th Century - Armour,

12th to 15th century, Infantry of the Renaissance, Cavalry of the

Renaissance, The Slavs and Oriental to the end of the Renaissance.  

Prentice-Hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.; First Published in England

in 1981 by Ward Lock Limited, London, a Pentos Company. First American

Edition by Prentice-Hall Inc. 1983. II - ISBN 0130462926 paperback,

01304663183 cloth hardback. 111 pages.


Part III - The Renaissance: Arms, Horses and Tournaments; Helmets and

Armour, Tactics and Artillery.  Prentice-Hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs,

N.J.; First Published in England in 1982 by Ward Lock Limited, London,

a Pentos Company. First American Edition by Prentice-Hall Inc.

1983/reprinted 1984.


III - ISBN 0130463264 paperback, 0130463345 cloth hardback. 104 pages.

Part III has 45 methods of hanging swords on belts depicted alone.

Also has about thirty saddles on and off horses.  A comprehensive

study by the acknowledged masters of uniform, dress & weaponry

illustration, Liliane & Fred Funcken. The book covers the costumes &

dress, armour & weapons & heraldic insignia of armies during the age

of chivalry during the Renaissance. It is replete with hundreds of

colour illustrations of armour, foot & mounted soldiers, personal &

siege weapons & firearms as well horses, their furniture & regalia.

104pp, 300 + col ills.


available maybe on http://www.bookfinder.com/ or http://ABEbooks.com/


This might be a bit too early but it's the only other good source I



Wagner, Eduard, Zoroslava Drobna, Jan Durdik and Jean Layton


Medieval Costume, Armour and Weapons (1350-1450) ;

Publisher: London, Paul Hamlyn, 1962 or London, Andrew Dakers N.D.;

Contents include: Bohemian Costume From 1350 to 1450, Battle Equipment

(Armour, Helmets, Shields), Cut and Thrust and Haft Weapons, Projectile

Weapons and Siege Machines, Firearms, Flags and Banners, The Horse's

Harness and Bardings, Wagons, List of Sources and Bibliography, The

Plates.  Extensively illustrated, many original edition pages in color.

Unpaginated. London: Hamlyn, (1962). 2nd imp. 4to. 72 pp + ca. 380 pp

of plates. Illus. from drawings in COLOR and b/w by Eduard Wagner.

Translated from the Czech. Linen binding.


reissued IN BLACK and WHITE instead of Color as:


Mineola, NY Dover Publishing 2000, 456 pages with over 400


Accompanied by a scrupulously researched and well-documented text, over

400 copyright-free illustrations trace the evolution of clothing styles,

armor, and weapons during the medieval period in Central Europe from

simple tunics and robes of peasants to the battle equipment and armor

of warriors and the fur-lined cloaks and brocaded garments of the

aristocracy. An accurate source of reference material for artists,

historians, and general readers. Softcover. NEW  ISBN:



Wagner, Eduard: Medieval Costume, Armour and Weapons; Dover


Inc. Mineola, NY. Inc. 2000 Replica Oversized paperback 0486412407,

unpaginated, paper wraps. $19.95  Non-color. I have the old colored

hardback of this book. I think this is a discount price over the

direct from Dover price. I have both now, as the color one is staying


This is a classic, it's an incredible bargain. All kinds of stuff

including horse gear, wagons, weapons and other things gathered from

a wide range of illuminations, sculptures, surviving items, and


I think the original was Hungarian and before this reprint it was a very

expensive book to come by. This is something that those of you interested

in Central and Eastern European culture in particular, and material

culture of all sorts should seriously consider buying. It's a heck of a

bargain. http://www.scholarsbookshelf.com/





Dover Publications, Customer Care Department,  31 East 2nd Street,

Mineola, NY 11501-3852

http://store.doverpublications.com/  9/02

By Fax  516-742-6953


Now, I really can't believe I actually encouraged outrageous tackiness.....

I'll go eat worms now. Next time I see Master Efenwealt I can just

imagine what he'll be wearing.


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