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Germany-bib - 6/25/99


A bibliography on German medieval history by Erilar.


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From: erilarlo at win.bright.net

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Help, please--Bibliographic help

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 20:19:18 -0600

Organization: BrightNet Wisconsin


I'm trying to do a little serious research on "my" lifetime--about

1160-1240, south of Meissen along the Elbe to the Erzgebirge(Ore Mts.)

Nowadays it's Saxony, but back then Saxony was in a different place and

this area is listed as Meissen on some maps. I've found or know where to

find most of the books on this list. I would greatly appreciate some more

suggestions. The college library I've been raiding recently has a good

selection (including a goodly number in German) and I may be missing

something even there. This is my current list:



Barraclough, Geoffrey.  The Origins of Modern Germany. DD89.B27 1952x

   Factors in G. Hist.  

   Medieval Ger(911-1250)  DD126 B35 1948 studies by various people


Bauml, Franz.   Medieval Civilization in Germany 800-1273 very good.

   copied lots for Mechthild. Also had lots of good stuff on MHG lit.

   DD63. B14


Fuhrmann, Horst  Germany in the High Middle Ages

   DD141. F8313 1986


Geary, Patrick. Before France and Germany


Haskins, Charles Homer. The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century .  * I

   have this


Hampe, Karl. Germany under the Salian and Hohenstaufen Enperors.

   Transl. Ralph Bennett. Totowa, NJ: Rowman and Littlefield, 1973.  

   DD 126.H313 1973  really good--copied many pages from it


Kantorowicz, Ernst. Frederick II


Kern, Fritz. Kingship and Law in the Middle Ages


Kraus, Carl V., ed. Deutscher Liederdichter des 13. Jhs.

     Laurens, DD126.F53


LeGoff, Jacques. Time, Work and Culture in the he Middle Ages


Leyser, Karl. Medieval Germany and its Neighbours


________ Rule and Conflict in an Early Medieval Society: Ottonian Saxony.

   Bloomington and London: Indiana U. Press, 1979. DD137.5 .L45  copied

   lots of this, too


Lopez, Robert. The Commercial Revolution of the Middle Ages


Lord, Albert. The Singer of Tales(yes, I'm a convert)


Ostrogorsky, George. History of the Byzantine State


Pirenne, Henri. Medieval Cities


Runciman, Steven. History of the Crusades


Schreiber, Hermann  Teuton and Slav DD119.2.S323 ax has some good stuff


Southern, R. W. Making of the Middle Ages


Southern, R. W. Medieval Humanism


Strayer, Joseph. On the Medieval Origins of the Modern State


Stubbs, Wm. Germany in the Early Middle Ages 476-1250. New York:

      Howard   BAD

      Fertig, 1969. DD 125.575 1969 (rather idiosyncratic)


Thompson, James Westfall Feudal Germany (843-1273) DD126.T5  lots of

      good stuff. copied lots


_______. East German Colonizaion in the Middle Ages


Ullman, Walter. A History of Political Thought: The Middle Ages


White, Lynn. Medieval Technology and Social Change


I have more of my own and hope to find more as my search continues, but

may be missing something obvious.  I'm also fleshing out my family history

at the same time, of course.



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