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clothing-bib - 4/19/95


Yelizaveta Medvedeva's Garb Reference List. Bibliography of Russian, East Europe, Middle East clothing books. Other books, too.


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This file is a collection of various messages having a common theme that I  have collected from my reading of the various computer networks. Some messages date back to 1989, some may be as recent as yesterday.


This file is part of a collection of files called Stefan's Florilegium. These files are available on the Internet at: http://www.florilegium.org


I  have done  a limited amount  of  editing. Messages having to do  with separate topics  were sometimes split into different files and sometimes extraneous information was removed. For instance, the  message IDs  were removed to save space and remove clutter.


The comments made in these messages are not necessarily my viewpoints. I make  no claims  as  to the accuracy  of  the information  given by the individual authors.


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Yelizaveta Medvedeva's Garb Reference List


Here's the list of books I have managed to collect. This is strictly

alphabetical by full book name, and gives the author, publisher and date,

ISBN (if present), and a quick note to myself about the contents. Some of

these are not strictly Russian, but I find it's very educational to know

what the surrounding areas were doing. Russia had very strong ties to the

East, so I've picked up a lot of Middle Eastern and Eastern materials as

well. Just so I don't have to edit everything, my European and British

sources are in here, too. I also like to gather history texts as well,

since the way they lived their lives affected what they wore. Hope people

find this interesting!



                             (SCA Yelizaveta Medvedeva)




5000 Years of Chinese Costumes

Zhou Xun & Gao Chunming

China Books & Periodicals, San Francisco 1987


garb, Chinese

1100BC to modern times - beautiful color layouts and details


A History of Costume

Carl Kohler

Dover Publications, New York


costume, European

line drawing and B&W photos


A Medieval Home Companion

Tania Bayard, Ed

Harper Perennial, Harper Collins, New York 1991


history, British

Housekeeping in the 14th century


A Midwife's Tale

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Vintage Books, Random House, New York 1990


history, American

The life of Martha Ballard, based on her diary, 1785-1812


A Visual History of Costume: The Sixteenth Century

Jane Ashelford

B T Batsford, Ltd, London 1983


garb, British

excellent analysis of portrait paintings


Authentic Everyday Dress of the Renaissance

Christoph Weiditz

Dover Publications, New York 1994


garb, misc

published in the 16th c, slightly weird but interesting drawings


Baltic Folk Costumes

Ruth A. Brown

Rosewood Press, Los Angeles 1990

garb, Eastern European

paper dolls - beautiful color costumes labeled with

countries and regions (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)


Borshchiv: Its Folk Art, Customs and Traditions

Lubow Wolynetz (trans by Marta Baczynsky)

The Ukranian Museum, New York 1994

LCCCN 94-060809

garb, Ukranian

exhibit catalog - culture, some pictures of non-period costume


Charted Peasant Designs from Saxon Transylvania

Heinz Edgar Kiewe, Ed

Dover Books, New York 1977


embroidery, Easern European

crossstitch patterns


Costume - Russia in the XIX Century

P.M. Kirsanova

Moscow 1989

costume, Russian

text entirely in Russian, some pictures


Costume 1066-1966

John Peacock

Thames & Hudson, New York 1986


garb, British

nice blue print line drawings


Costume Pattern and Design

Max Tilke

Ernst Wasmuth Verlag, Tubingen, Germany 1990


garb, Eastern Europe and Asia

beautiful color illustrations and layouts for ME, EE & Asia


Costumes of the East

Walter A. Fairservis, Jr

The Chatham Press, CT/The American Museum of

     Natural History 1971

SBN 85699-029-9

LCCCN 77-159783

garb, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

circles of ethnohistory, nice garb and regional variations


Cut My Cote

Dorothy K. Burnham

The Royal Ontario Museum 1973

ROM 972.248.1

garb, misc patterns

very useful layout of basic loom-width garments,



Decorative Art of Russia

Marina Bowater

Portland House, Crown Publishers, New York 1990


art, Russian

mostly manuscript illuminations, some objects

Dress Accessories c.1150-1450

Museum of London

HMSO, London 1991


garb, British

details of the excavations in London (book 3)


Early Russian Embroidery

The Zagorst Museum

Sovetskaya Rossia Publishers, Moscow 1983

embroidery, Russian

museum catalog in Russian and English, mostly

     liturgical but pretty


Early Russian Jewelry Work in the XI-XVII Centuries

A.N. Svirin

Moscow 1972

accessories, Russian

huge color photos - labels in English/Russian/French/German,

text in Russian


Elinor Fettiplace's Receipt Book

Hilary Spurling

Penguin Books 1986


cooking, period British

combination cookbook and history lesson from 1604


Embroidered Textiles - Tradtional Patterns from

     Five Continents

Sheila Paine

Thames & Hudson, Ltd, London 1990 (PB 1995)


embroidery, world-wide

excellent regional guide to identification and uses,

      beautiful photos


Embroidery In Britain From 1200 to 1750

Donald King & Santina Levey

Victoria & Albert Museum, London 1993


embroidery, British

catalog of items in the museum's collection, nice

     color photos


Empire of the Czar

the Marquis de Custine

Anchor Books, Doubleday, New York 1989


history, Russian

memoirs of three months in Russia in 1839


English Costume from the 14th Through the 19th Centuries

Iris Brooke

The MacMillan Company, New York 1937

costume, British

watercolor plates and line drawings


Folk Costumes of the Peoples of Russia in Graphic Arts of

the 18th-20th Cent.

The State Central Theatre Library

USSR Culture Advertising Bureau,  Moscow 1990

garb, Russian

different regions and different artists, with bios,

      nice drawings


Folk Costumes of the World

Robert Harrold and Phyllida Legg

Sterling Publishing, New York 1988


costume, misc

color plates, good descriptions of modern folk costumes


Folk Instruments of Ukraine

Victor Mizynec

Bayda Books, Australia 1987


music, Ukranian

exactly what the title says


Harem: The World Behind the Veil

Alev Lytle Croutier

Abbeville Press, New York 1989


culture, Middle Eastern

harem life, some period garb


Historic Costume in Pictures

Braun & Schneider

Dover Publications, New York 1975


garb, misc

19th c. views of the old world


History of Ukranian Costume

Yuri Tkach

Bayda Books, Australia 1986

garb, Ukranian

>From the time of the Scythians (600BC) to the

     late 17th century


Islamic Designs

Eva Wilson

The British Museum, London 1988


art, Islamic

nice deconstruction of patterns used in art and



Kievan Russia

George Vernadsky

Yale University Press, New Haven, CT 1948/1976


history, Russian

Kiev from c.875-1240


Knives and Scabbards

Museum of London

HMSO, London 1987


garb, British

details of the excavations in London (book 1)


Koshka's Tales

James Mayhew

Kingfisher Books, New York 1993


culture, Russian

fairy tales with nice color illustrations


Let There Be Clothes

Lynn Schnurnberger

Workman Publishing, New York 1991


history, misc

facinating tidbits on clothing and fashion

     throughout history


Medieval Craftsmen: Embroiderers

Kay Staniland

The British Museum, London 1991


embroidery, period illustrations and history

interesting history of guilds and laborers with

     period illustrations


Medieval Muslim Horsemanship: A Fourteenth Century

     Arabic Cavalry Manual

G. Rex Smith

The British Library, London 1979


garb, Middle Eastern

some garb, more historical interest


Medieval Russian Ornament

Moscow Museum of Art and Industry

Dover Publications, New York 1994


art, Russian

illumination from manuscripts


Mongol Costumes

Henny Harald Hansen

Thames & Hudson, London 1993


garb, Mongolian

traditional Mongol costume - exacting detail

     and cataloging, patterns


Mughal Miniatures

J.M. Rogers

The British Museum, London 1993


garb, Middle Eastern

nice color photos with period Indian garb


Nizami: Khamsa Miniatures

Kerim Kerimov

Jazch, Bak 1983

garb, Middle Eastern

Azerbaijanian garb, 14th-16th c.


Nizami: Miniature Illuminations of Nisami's "Hamsah"

Fazila Suleimanova

FAN Publishers of the Uzbek SSR, Tashkent 1985

garb, Middle Eastern

Azerbaijanian garb, 14th-16th c.


Orientalism: Visions of the East in Western Dress

Richard Martin and Harold Koda

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 1994


costume, modern

nice color photos of clothes from 18th-20th

     centuries, exhibit catalog


Palestinian Costume

Shelagh Weir

The British Museum, London 1989


garb, Middle Eastern

social commentary and costume photos


Palestinian Costume

Jehan Rajab

Kegan Paul Intl, London 1989


garb, Middle Eastern

regional variations, color photos, jewelry

     and embroidery


Palestinian Embroidery

Shelagh Weir & Serene Shahid

The British Museum, London 1988


embroidery, Palestinian

patterns, stitches and close-up photos


Patterns for Theatrical Costumes

Katherine Strand Holkeboer

Prentice Hall Press, New York 1984


garb, misc

garments, trims and accessories from

     ancient Egypt to 1915


Period Costume for Stage and Screen

Jean Hunnisett

Bell & Hyman Ltd, London 1986


garb, British

Nice workups for 16th c. garb


Persian Illustrated Manuscripts

G.M. Meredith-Owens

The British Museum, London 1973

SBN 7141-0631-3

garb, Middle Eastern

color and B&W photos of period manuscripts


Persian Miniature Painting and Its Influence

      on the Art Of

Turkey and India

Norah M. Titley

The British Library, London 1983


garb, Middle Eastern

color/B&W plates showing period garb


Persian Myths

Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis

The British Museum, London 1993


culture, Persian

traditional tales and stories of ancient Iran


Persian Painting

Sheila R. Canby

The British Museum, London 1993


garb, Middle Eastern

nice color photos with period Indian garb


Racinet's Full Color Pictorial History of

     Western Costume

Auguste Racinet

Dover Publications, New York 1987


garb, British

19th c. views of the old world


Russia and the Golden Horde

Charles J. Halperin

Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN 1985


history, Russian

The Mongol impact on Medieval Russian history

      (c.13th-15th cent)


Russian Holograms

York Archaelogical Trust, York 1989


garb, Russian

history of the different groups settling in the area,

illustrations and photos of clothing and items


Russian Theater and Costume Designs

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco 1979


costumes for Russian theatre

mostly pen and ink drawings of costumes for

      ballets and plays



Edward Rutherford

Crown Publishers, New York, 1991


history, Russian -fiction

sweeping historical fiction covering 180-1990AD


Shoes and Pattens

Museum of London

HMSO, London 1988


garb, British

details of the excavations in London (book 4)


Suleyman the Magnificent

J.M. Rogers & R.M. Ward

The British Museum, London 1988


garb, Middle Eastern

art, manuscripts, garb, etc


Suleymanname: The Illustrated History of Suleyman

      the Magnificent

Esin Atil

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC 1986


garb, Middle Eastern

full of illumination and minatures


Textiles and Clothing c.1150-1450

Museum of London

HMSO, London 1992


garb, British

details of the excavations in London (book 4)


The Art of the Icon

Iain Zaczek

Studio Editions, London 1994


culture, Russian

small, but beautiful color photos


The Christianization of Ancient Russia

Yves Hamant, Editor

UNESCO, Paris 1992


history, Russian

collection of papers presented on the millennium of

Christianization (988 - 1988 AD), interesting history


The Domostroi

Carolyn Johnston Pouncy

Cornell University Press, Ithaca 1994


culture, Russian

Rules for Russian households in the time

      of Ivan the Terrible

(essentially the Medieval Home Companion for Russia)


The Encyclopedia of World Costume

Doreen Yarwood

Bonanza Books, New York 1978


garb, misc

nice reference book


The Evolution of Fashion

Margaret Hamilton Hill & Peter A Bucknell

Drama Book Publishers, New York 1987


garb, British

limited for each time, but good patterns


The Food and Cooking of Russia

Lesley Chamberlain

Penguin Books 1983


cooking, period Russian

recipes that can be dated to period, along

     with historical notes


The Gospels of Tsar Ivan Alexander

Ekaterina Dimitrova

The British Library, London 1994


culture, Russian

nice presentation of period religion, originally

     commissioned in 1355


The Greenland Mummies

Jens Pederhart Hansen, Ed

The British Museum, London 1991


history, Greenland

investigation of the 1475 burials of six

     women and two children


The Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes

Albert Racinet

Facts On File, New York 1988


garb, misc

18th century interpretations, but useful


The Icon and the Axe

James H. Billington

Vintage Books, Random House, New York 1966


history, Russian

an interpretive history of Russian thought

     and culture


The Influence of Ottoman Turkish Textiles

     and Costume in

Eastern Europe (with partic. ref. to Hungary)

Veronika Gervers

Royal Ontario Museum 1982


garb, Turkish and Eastern European

nice B&W photos of garb


The Mongols

David Morgan

Blackwell, Cambridge, MA 1986


history, Russian

Medieval Mongols - Asia, China, Russia, Europe


The Museum of Costume and Assembly Rooms, Bath

The Official Guide, text by Oliver Garnett

     & Penelope Byrde

The Museum of Costume, Bath 1994


costume, British

includes photos of embroidered clothing from

     c.1600 up through

modern designer stuff


The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Pitkin Pictorials, Hampshire 1992


history, British

quick rundown of the wives with nice color

     photos of paintings


Topkapi: Costumes, Embroideries and

     other Textiles

J.M. Rogers

Little, Brown & Company, Boston 1986


garb,  Turkish

beautiful color photos of period garments

     from the Topkapi museum


Topkapi: The Albums and Illustrated Manuscripts

J.M. Rogers

Little, Brown & Company, Boston 1986


garb, Middle Eastern and Mongolian

big color plates of period manuscripts in the

      Topkapi museum


Traditional Designs in Ukranian Textiles

Oksana Grabowicz

The Ukranian Museum, New York 1977

embroidery, Ukranian

exhibit catalog - embroidery examples and nice

     pattern breakdowns for the garments


Traditional Dress of Kiev Region

     XVIII-XIX Centuries


garb, Ukranian

a collection of color plates of different

     eras and regions


Treasures from the Kremlin

The State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 1979


art, Russian

exhibit catalog of misc items, some textiles


Turkish Embroidery

Pauline Johnstone

Victoria & Albert Museum, London 1985


embroidery, Turkish

catalog of items in the museum's

      collection, nice photos


Turkish Miniatures

G.M. Meredith-Owens

The British Museum, London 1963

SBN 7141-0641-0

garb, Middle Eastern

color and B&W photos of period manuscripts


Ukranian Embroidery

Ann Kmit, Johanna Luciow, Loretta Luciow

Ukranian Gift Shop, Minneapolis, MN 1984


embroidery, Ukranian

history and technique


Ukranian Embroidery Techniques

Tania Diakiw O'Neill

Sto Publications, Mountaintop, PA 184


embroidery, Ukranian

excellent details and technique outlines


Ukranian Folk Art

Lubow Wolynetz

The Ukranian Museum, New York 1984

art, Ukranian

exhibit catalog


Ukranian Folk Art - New Acquisitions

Lubow Wolynetz

The Ukranian Museum, New York 1990

art, Ukranian

exhibit catalog


Ukranian Folk Costume

World Federation of Ukranian Women's Organizations

World Federation of Ukranian Women's Organizations,

      Philadelphia 1992

LCCCN 90-071681

garb, Ukranian

meticulous breakdown by region with details on

construction and methods (Ukranian/English)


USSR National Costume Reference

Marion Sichel

B T Batsford, Ltd, London 1986


garb, Eastern Europe

regional costume, mostly pen and ink drawings


Uzbeck Dress (Odeshda Uzbekov) of the 19th & 20th Centuries

T.A. Abdullaev & S. A. Hasanova

Tashkent 1978

garb, Middle Eastern

photos and patterns of traditional costumes (in Russian)


Vecellio's Renaissance Costume Book

Cesare Vecellio

Dover Publications, New York 1977


garb, misc

originally published in 1590, woodcuts of misc garb


Village Life in Late Tsarist Russia

Olga Semyonova Tian-Shanskaia

Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN 1993


history, Russian

facinating portrait of peasant life c.1900


Women in India

Albertine Gaur

The British Library, London 1980


garb, Middle Eastern

nice photos of period manuscripts, with a nice history


Women's Lives in Medieval Europe

Emilie Amt, Ed

Routledge, New York 1993


culture, European

a sourcebook of laws and personal letters


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