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Ransom-Leylnd-art - 1/2/11


A review of the November 1999 Ransom of Leyland event in Shire of Dun Ard in the Kingdom of Calontir from a dog's point of view, Ruby the Eeeper, one of Baroness Jenna of Southwind's pack.


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Ransom of Leyland

by Baroness Jenna of SouthWind, OP



An event report by Ruby the Eeeper

Ransom of Leyland

Shire of Dun Ard; Hunt Lodge, Ft Leavenworth, KS

November 6, 1999


We were just a little bit suspicious that our humans were up to Something, but did not realize until the last minute that the Something included us!  We were whisked away and I had a wonderful ridey-ride -- the other two dozed in the back of the car.  We drove slow a long time at the end of the trip which was a little confusing, but we arrived at last.


It was a very nice park, full of people and dogs and a big birdie on a leash.  I did not go near the big birdie, but I could tell it was bigger than a crow and brown and had it's own garb for events just like I do.  It wore a little helmet like the people in wonderful stinky clothes who hit each other.  It did not hit anyone, but it did smell like a predator.  I think I may have seen a birdie like that by the side of the highway once, looking for flat possums.  (I'd like to find a flat possum, too.)  Mommy called it a Hawk, and said there were a couple of them overhead.  I did not notice those, but all the humans pointed at a really big, big birdie that flew over.  Rorik called it a B-1b.  I would not want that B-1b after me, it was really really big and I am a small small dog.


We found a nice place under a tree where there was lots of succulent green grass to nibble -- our grass at home is already dead.  Jenna has a new chair big enough for us both and I would sit there or on the comforter.  Some nice people came to visit.  I am starting to think that the people in the clothes like Jenna are not so scary, so I let them pet me.  I met Hal and Tamara's pup Thomas.  He is quite tasty to lick.  A lady came to nap nearby and when I nosed her she petted me but then she stopped so I "eeeped!" at her.  She did not understand that this meant she should keep petting.  Cricket tried to clean her ears but the lady did not want her ears cleaned so she went somewhere out of tongue's reach to take her nap.


The people in wonderful stinky clothes hit each other right in front of us.  I'm surprised the noise didn't bother Cricket but she was having too much fun looking for moles and gophers -- never found any.  Over by the Hawk people were throwing sticks though the air very fast -- too fast even for Rocket to catch them, so they just let them land.  I don't quite understand that.  Near the lodge there were people selling toys for humans.  Some of the toys I would have liked to chew but the ones that interested Jenna were very boring -- what fun can a dog have with squashed tree sap?  (Jenna bought a dangly for her collar anyway.)  There were special human toys inside called A&S but I did not go sniff them.  There was also food inside, and Jenna brought some out and shared. Jenna is a Good Human.


It began to get a little cool for Rocket the Idiot Whippet, when our humans put things back in the car.  Then we went into the hall.  Many people and an Australian Shepherd and Jack the IG were there.  I had heard about Jack, but I had never seen a Greyhound from Italy or one as small as me only leggier.  Jack wanted to come sniff butts but his human did not let him.  


At the other end of the room the lady in the pointed hat -- I'm told she's an Alpha Female called Queen -- gave things to people.  A bunch of people were called up and Jenna took me with her.  The Leyland Lady gave them new sashes and Jenna got one too for her work in human and doggie first aid.  Jenna says that means she's allowed to put Whippet Wrap on owies without someone looking over her shoulder.  Jenna's shoulder is extremely high off the ground so you'd have to be very tall indeed to look over it.


A tall man who smelt of cat named Anlon stood up and said whatever they had done that day was a Tie, and they would have to do it again.  He said there was free beer and soda for his friends.  I don't care for soda myself although Rocket and Cricket will lap a Coke if it's warm and a bit flattish.  But we did not have a soda.  We got up, and I sniffed noses with Jack, and our humans took us to Sonic because there were too many people to all stay to supper.  I would have liked to stay to supper but we also like Sonic very much.  We woke up just long enough to be fed chicken strips, and we slept all the way home.


I don't think I've ever had a better time at an Event.  The weather was perfect, the grass was green and succulent, the people petted me and I felt relaxed enough to Go Piddle.  I should have liked to sniff butts with Jack the IG, though.


Ruby the Eeeper

with typing help from Jenna of SouthWind


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