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Grimfells-Ren-art - 12/31/10


A review of the November 2009 Grimfells Renaissance event in the Kingdom of Calontir from a dog's point of view, 'Princess' Cricket, one of Baroness Jenna of Southwind's pack.


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Grimfells Renaissance

by Baroness Jenna of SouthWind, OP


Grimfells Renaissance

November 7, 2009

Shire-March of the Grimfells,  Fayetteville, Arkansas


A report by 'Princess' Cricket, Delta Female Southwind Hall Pack


               It has been a long time since I went ridey-ride to an event with Mommy Finola and Jenna the Beta Female.  I am feeling very creaky and slow for some reason so I did not have as much fun as I usually have in the Grimfells.  We arrived at the park which I have been at before.  There is nice grass here.  I sat with Jenna and we watched the people in stinky clothes.  One time they chased each other with really long sticks.  Another time they put towels on the ground and put their feet on them and waved sticks but they did not pee off the other end of the towel which confused me because that is what floor towels are for.  In the distance they were throwing sticks.  For a while I listened to Arnold's human Henry talk about medieval animals and their bones.  I like bones, especially milkbones.  The man and woman in the pointy hats called their pack together and two of the people in stinky clothes were given special danglies for their collars and called Fyrd and then all the other pack members dog-piled on them. I would have thought that lots of fun if I didn't feel so creaky.


               It was getting dim and those without proper fur were getting cold when the people in the pointy hats gave other people danglies for their collars, and other people were given things most of which weren't very interesting to me.  One lady was given a cheesecake and that was extremely interesting, especially since it was my dinnertime and I had not had anything like enough food all day.


               Then we went to Pavel's house.  I had never been there before.  I was a little shy of grass that smelled of other dogs.  Two of the dogs met me in the house. They were dachshunds too.  One was red like Ruby-who-is-with-Jesus only skinnier, and that was Frappe.  One was almost exactly the size of that toy I once took away from Daisy the Whippet, only spotted, and that was Ampersand. They sniffed butts very politely.  There was another dachshund who was not polite and that was Umlaut and I and Jenna and Finola wish to thank Pavel for keeping Umlaut out of the way while I was there.  The humans cooked food on the grill and Mommy Finola and Jenna fed me a tiny amount of their steaks, barely enough, and Ampersand and Frappe came and helped a little too.  Then we went to the hotel and I got a teeny bit of ice cream and we all slept.  Then we came home.  On the way home Jenna counted eight flat venisons by the side of the road which she says she doesn't usually see that many in one year.  I tasted venison at a Grimfells Steak Thing once and it was very nice.  I am sorry that Jenna did not stop to get at least two or three of the flat venisons.


               I would have had more fun if I had not been so creaky and tired.  And if more people had come and given me food and their noses to lick.  I miss licking Ruby-who-is-with-Jesus.  I think that a polite little dachshund like Ampersand would be nice to lick.  When Mommy Finola and Jenna stop crying over Ruby-who-is-with-Jesus, I will ask Pavel if Ampersand has any relatives who would like to come live with us.


The lady who won the cheesecake had written a very nice sonnet about coming Home. If I were a poet I could have written the most beautiful poem in the world about how I felt when I came home from the event to my own grassy yard and my own water dish and then I lay down on Mommy Finola's nice bed and she laid down too and we slept. It was the bestest thing of all the weekend.



Jenna adds just a little:

I could not do or see as much nor talk to all the people I liked, because I was taking care of a dog who is old beyond her years and Finola who is younger than her bodily age. I don't remember who won the first tournament and the prize of a box by Master Pavel. I do remember that the other three tournaments were won by Sir John. He won two deerhides for the Holmgang, a pair of Andy Ward gauntlets for the Reverse Snowball, and a really large wall-hanger sword for the Great Sword tourney. Sir John came into court attended by his son, who was about as tall as the sword. There were several other competitions, with prizes like a 1950's bear bow for archery and the cheesecake for writing a sonnet. The winning entry was read in court and it was very moving. I am sorry that I don't have more names and details.


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