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Stefan's Florilegium


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Anst-hist2-msg - 11/16/01

Histories of the Kingdom of Ansteorra given since 1997.

NOTE: See also the files: Anst-hist-msg, SCA-hist-msg, SCA-stories-msg,
Aten-hist-msg, placenames-msg, Hst-SCA-Fence-art, Anst-sword-msg.


This file is a collection of various messages having a common theme that
I have collected from my reading of the various computer networks. Some
messages date back to 1989, some may be as recent as yesterday.

This file is part of a collection of files called Stefan's Florilegium.
These files are available on the Internet at: http://www.florilegium.org

I have done a limited amount of editing. Messages having to do with
seperate topics were sometimes split into different files and sometimes
extraneous information was removed. For instance, the message IDs were
removed to save space and remove clutter.

The comments made in these messages are not necessarily my viewpoints. I
make no claims as to the accuracy of the information given by the
individual authors.

Please respect the time and efforts of those who have written these
messages. The copyright status of these messages is unclear at this
time. If information is published from these messages, please give
credit to the orignator(s).

Thank you,
Mark S. Harris AKA: THLord Stefan li Rous
mark.s.harris@motorola.com stefan@florilegium.org

Subject: [TY] Turning down a Peerage
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 00:21:17 -0500
From: Pat Pierce <ardea@mindspring.com>
To: meridies@web.ce.utk.edu

This has happened on more than a few occasions - and I was witness to two
occurances, thought not in Meridies at the time.

Back when dirt was clean, dinosaurs walked the Earth, and Inman MacMoore
was in his second (or was it third?) reign, a friend and neighbor of mine -
Korwyn Marius Velus Arrianrhod, Master of the Pelican, had been a student
of Duke Lloyd von Eaker, MSCA as well as Duke Jonathan de Lauffyson, MSCA.
We travelled together for a Crown Tournament held in south Texas, which
entailed about a 10 hour ride in a big van. The little batch of travellers
were all good friends, and it was sensed that Korwyn might be asked to
accept belt and chain at the tournament (Ansteorra does things VERY
differently than does Meridies). However, Korwyn had stated on several
occasions, in no uncertain terms, that he would NOT accept the chain of

Korwyn was, at the time, Golden Staff Herald. (Translate: chief Court
Herald). Court after the tournament (which was the first crown won by
Seamus of the Cats) was heralded by Korwyn. And, His Majesty called Korwyn
into Court. HRM Inman asked if Korwyn would, that day, accept the belt and
chain of knighthood - and Korwyn declined, stating clearly that he could
not accept the chain. He was then excused from court, to the shock and
amazement of those in the audience that did not know him as well as we did.

Needless to say, this was the main topic of discussion on the way home
from Crown.

A little over a month later, at the Steppes Warlord Tournament, before the
end, Korwyn was again summoned before the Crown. He was asked to take belt
and chain of knighthood - and he again refused the chain. This time, HRM
Inman asked why - and Korwyn replied that he, for personal reasons, had
sworn to his teachers, Dukes Jonathan and Lloyd, that he would only take a
Master's baldric should the Chivalry ever be offered. Inman was silent for
a moment, and then said something to the effect of "I won't _give_ you a
baldric - you'll have to fight me for it." Both went and armored up - in
the middle of court.

Three rounds were fought. Korwyn's favorite weapons were greatsword, and
sword and shield. He hated spear - which was, and still is, Inman's
favorite - next to sword and shield. I am a bit fuzzy in my recollection
of the details, but I think I remember each besting the other with his
preferred weapon style - and the last round, sword and shield, seemed to
take DECADES, until Korwyn threw the final blow that gained him the baldric.

From what I understand, this has been repeated since in Ansteorran
history, for differing personal reasons. I cannot verify other cases since
then, because I didn't witness them.

The second Peerage that was turned down, was actually one that was not
going to be accepted unless someone_else was made a Peer. I didn't learn
of it until after I was elevated - by the same Seamus of the Cats and
Karlanna of Applecross Woods. The person who was not going to accept the
Laurel unless _I_ was to be elevated first, was none other than the same
Inman Mac Moore. I learned this from Inman himself, and from Seamus and
Karlanna, when TRMs took us aside after our Elevations for a brief private
conference. This occurred at a cold and icy Steppes 12th Night Celebration
in 1986 - and an unusual person of Arabic persuasion, one Da'ud Ibn Auda
(former Laurel King of Arms) was the feastcrat for the event!

Strange how things from so long ago can pop up as reminders....
Iarlles Aeruin ni hEarain O Chonemara, OL

Subject: Re: ANST - What Does Pledging Allegiance Or Giving Oath Mean?
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 98 20:45:27 MST
From: Paul Mitchell <pmitchel@flash.net>
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG

Burke said:
> This whole topic was decided many years ago by the
> BOD. their decision is that an officer gives an oath of
> service to the Kingdom and the Crown. That oath is to do
> their best at the job that they have been given and to
> follow the rules of the Society.

Then Daniel wrote:
>I can't seem to find that in Corpora or in the Governing and
>Policy Decisions. No occurrences of "oath", and "swear"
>only occurs for the three main peerages (knights, masters of
>arms, laurels, pelicans. Three.).

And Burke replied:
> It was handed down by the BOD at the Ansteorran BOI in 1979.

And now Galen points out:

Sorry Burke, but the Board of Inquiry that met here in '79
to adjudicate the upsets of that time _wasn't_ the Board
of Directors of the SCA. It was the Steward (that time's
equivalent of what we now call the Society Seneschal),
Countess Bevin Fraser of Stirling (author Katherine
Kurtz), the Marshal of the Society, Earl Kevin
Peregrine, and a third officer whom I don't recall.
(All that detail is for those who weren't there, as
Burke was.) But it wasn't the BoD.

In most kingdoms, I believe, Great Officers do
swear fealty. But you're right Burke, that the tradition
in Ansteorra of officers swearing not-fealty-but-service
dates back to our earliest times, to the days of the
first reign of Lloyd & Jocelyn as King and Queen.

But it's Ansteorran tradition (a good one, I believe),
not SCA law.

- Galen of Bristol

Subject: ANST - Memories of Sir Riccardo
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 98 18:27:30 MST
From: clward@mmm.com
To: "pug(a)pug.net" <pug@pug.net>

I have several outstanding memories of Sir Riccardo da Pisa I'd like to

The first is one that many people, old and not so old, all share. After
winning Kingdom Warlord once many moons ago, Riccardo travelled the kingdom to
whip up fervor and enthusiasm for the upcoming war. Riccardo would stand up in
court or at feast, and he would begin what you might term the Ansteorran War
Revival and Holy Roller Incitement of the Black Star Warriors. Picture it:
Ricardo striding back and forth across the hall, preaching the war like an old
time gospel tent preacher, his eyes gleaming, the crowd following and chanting
at his direction. The first dozen times Riccardo did it, I literally laughed
until I cried. But even many years later when I'd heard it for the umpteenth
repitition, it had the power to move me as well as others. Riccardo was able
to take his own enthusiasm for the war, his own love of combat, and whip the
crowd to a frenzy so that they felt his intensity and fervor and desire as
well. In this one field of performance, not even Ragnar Ulfgarsson could outdo

The next set of memories is more of an en famille type of tale. For many a
year, Riccardo was the Official Nipple Inspector of Bjornsborg. I don't quite
recall how he got the title, but I suspect Briony Blaaslagen had something to
do with it when she was Seneschal for Bjornsborg. The Ladies of Bjornsborg
presented Riccardo with the insignia of his office, which he treasured and
carried with him ever after: A red sequined pasty on a garter, worn upon his
arm. When the Insignia was visible, no nipple was safe! Yet Riccardo never
lost sight of the nature of the game -- he was extremely sensitive to each
lady's limits. Some nipple inspections were, well, thorough. For those who
were shy or who didn't care to play with the game, Riccardo never stepped
beyond the bounds of propriety. I will never forget the day that the Ladies
of Bjornsborg elected to play a joke on Riccardo -- several of the ladies
accosted the good Italian knight whilst he was wearing his insignia. Much
affectionate hugging and backrubbing and the like went on. What Riccardo did
not know was that one lady had run her hands under the Official Insignia,
slipped it off his arm, and handed it to Ivar's daughter Elaisaid, who was very
young in those days. Poor Riccardo! He looked high and low for the Insignia,
but never suspected that the littlest Bjornsborg Lady had it standing right
beside him the whole time! (He eventually got it back, but only after being
sentenced to give backrubs to make up for his "losing" the Insignia!)

Another memory of Riccardo came from the infamous Cattle Raid On Rimkus Ford,
where Baron Robbie led his men into Bjornsborg lands to steal livestock, under
the command of Riccardo as warleader. There were a dozen or more Bryn Gwlad
warriors, faced only by eight Bjornsborgers, led by Sir Emrys Shaunnon. Most
of the Bryn Gwladians bore long pikes, while I was the only Bjornsborger with a
polearm. Seeing the men of the Halberd badge assembled on the far side of
Rimkus Ford, Emrys quickly outlined his plan of battle -- we would march
straight at the foemen, and at the last minute break right and try to flank
them to remove the danger of that wall of pikes we faced. The only problem
with this plan, when the charge began, was that I somehow had understood "stage
right" and found myself suddenly looking across a sea of pikes at my fellow
Bjornsborg defenders! There was no way to rejoin my comrades, so I did the
first thing that popped into my mind: I slammed my pike across the shafts of
all those enemy pikes, and then SAT on the handle. Rather than let go the
polearms, the pikemen kept tugging at their now-useless hafts, until
Bjornsborg blades bit them. The look on Riccardo's face when he realized what
had happened was a study. I will always regret that no one snapped a photo at
that moment!

Lastly, I will always recall the Candlemas some years ago where Riccardo cooked
the famous Italian all-you-can-eat-then-we'll-feed-you-some-more feast.
Riccardo in his apron, fussing over diner after diner, encouraging them to eat
"just a little more" even when we were all stuffed and about to die of too
much fantastic food. This was still the best feast I've ever attended, and I
never eat Italian food mundanely anymore without finding that it does not
hold a candle to Riccardo's wonderful cooking.

Truly, Riccardo was a man who will be missed.


Subject: RE: ANST - Memories of Sir Riccardo
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 98 22:37:54 MST
From: Rollie Reid <carcassonnais@geocities.com>
To: "'ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG'" <ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG>

Gunnora reminds me of things.

Ansteorran War Revival and Holy Roller Incitement of the Black Star

I remember many of them, but one particularly comes back to me. It
was an outdoor coronation, and by the time that Ricardo arose to
harangue us, it was dark, and court was lighted only by torches. As
Ricardo faced the populace, and worked himself up, and took us along,
he arrived at a key moment, and suddenly a shooting star crossed the
sky behind him. For a moment, it seemed that he had called that sign
to help make his point.

The Great Raid in answer to Bjornsborg insults (The Infamous Cattle
Raid On Rimkus Ford)

I answered my Baron's call, and travelled south to answer the insult
of Bjornsborg, who had claimed lands within Bryn Gwlad before the
King(at least that is what I was told, but when the baron calls you
answer, and you don't ask questions).

We may have been outnumbered, but easily two thirds of the experience
was with Bjornsborg. I was a young fighter, and there were four or
five who had been fighting less than a full year. I remember Gunnora
sitting on those spears, and that battle turned against us. I
remember four battles, and in the first two Ricardo did his best to
our inexperienced fighters to best advantage, but the greater
experience and skill of Bjornsborg could not be overcome. Then I
remember Ricardo leaving another in command of the little group, and
operating alone on the field, and no one could stand against him.
The last two battles went to Bryn Gwlad, though only because Sir
Ricardo was on our side. I remember watching from the edge of the
field (having been killed, along with all the other Bryn Gwalders),
while Ricardo defeated every fighter left from Bjornsborg, and
literally stood alone, victorious upon the battle field.

I remember a knight, who tried to weld us into a unit, and when that
failed to bring victory, he did what was necessary to win. It was
another lesson that Ricardo taught me, that I had forgotten until
Gunnora reminded me.

At the funeral, when the Pastor ran through the list of titles that
Ricardo deserved, like father, and friend, he left off knight, which
is what I will always think of, when I think of Sir Ricardo.

[Sir] Conor
lucetis sicut luminaria in mundo

Subject: RE: ANST - Awards and such
Date: Tue, 19 May 98 05:43:15 MST
From: Chris and Elisabeth Zakes <moondrgn@bga.com>
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG

>I know nothing about Ring Thegn. It is an order name
>registered to Ansteorra. If it was a household thing,
>I dunno why it's there.

Ring Thegns are/were a Principality of Ansteorra award from the days of
Sean and Katarina. (They originally wanted to jist use "Thegn" but the
heralds wouldn't let them.)

IIRC, it was for service to the Prince and/or Princess, and therefore
styled as "Ring Thegn to House ______" to specify which Prince/Princess was

-Tivar Moondragon
Ansteorran fossil

Subject: Re: ANST - nontoxic topic/stories needed
Date: Fri, 29 May 98 15:22:43 MST
From: D Whitford <horoun@swbell.net>
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG

ches wrote:
> Ok here it goes, a story about Inman and Dru.
> One evening Dru told us a story about her first encounter with Inman. I am
> losing my memory so PLEASE someone fill in the gaps and correct with
> better facts.
> Dru had police training. Her trained eyes told her that the two hoodlums
> on the motorcycles heading into the coronation site were up to no good.
> She made her way to where they parked determined to dissuade from staying.
> After a brief conversation one of the hoodlums introduced himself as
> "Inman, your King". She had never met him before and did not know it was
> him. She spent the rest of the event trying to make for it by cooking him
> breakfast and coffee each day. She did not know that he at the time did
> not eat breakfast. :)
> I do not remember if it was Inman's coronation or if it was another event.
> Anyone?
> Ches

It was I believe emerald tourney and she was autocratting her first
event. Other mishaps at the event:

1)stray dog with muddy feet jumping in Inmans lap(he's wearing some kind
of black velvet so Dru told me that day)

2)the breakfast issue resulted in the hall being fed Inman having fresh
coffee and Dru's husband drinking all the coffee made when they thought
Inman was getting up

3)spilling roast with gravy in his lap at feast(same black velvet stuff)

4)Inman playing at having trouble remembering her name

5)Dru tripping and banging her head on his knee when called into
court(she was hiding in the kitchen to avoid banishment)

6)after all this she received her AoA

7)finally the squire with Inman,who had been struggling all weekend to
remember where he knew her from, yelling "Now I know, YOU BUSTED ME"
so it was how she told a group of us one night at another emerald


Subject: BG - the beginning (very long)
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 98 15:58:43 MST
From: ND Wederstrandt <nweders@mail.utexas.edu>
To: bryn-gwlad@Ansteorra.ORG

I had been in the SCA about a year(?) and locally there were three basic groups:

Steppes, Stargate and the shire of Bear's Fort (Bjornsborg). Just to give
you a perspective there could have been no more than 150 people total in
the area. We had no name, and at that point we were not a Region. We as a
group were very left out of things. At this time we were part of Atenveldt
and the capital was the Barony of Atenveldt(Phoenix, Ariz) NONE of the
Crowns had been from anywhere else. All the Kingdom officers were from
that area and at that time we had seen 1 King (Pontius Maximillious). The
Barony of the Steppes was under Baron Allemanus Draconis and the Barony of
Stargate was under Lord Myrddyn ap Rhys who had been overseas in school for
over 2 years at that point. So the three groups that did exist had very few
awards, little or no contact with the Crown and the Kingdom officers and
had already been in trouble once for bucking the system. Let me state that
Ansteorra has been and will always be a rebellous state. It was born this

Anyway two people living in Bjornsborg came up with an idea that the groups
in Texas (Oklahoma was not real at this point) form a political unit to get
more notice. For the most part, we acted as a unit since this triangle of
cities relied heavily on each other for help. There was a history of
co-operation and work. The two people sent out letters and invited the
other groups to participate in the formation. Their names were Aren of
Rivenhorn and Ylyssar aldor Valadin (later Sean McFlamm). Their plan was
to ask for two voting representatives from each group to come and meet in
Bjornsborg to discuss setting up a Region (note BIG R)... Besides this
representation,each major household in the areas were also allowed two
representatives. (At this time households were a very big political unit
due to the fact that almost no one had an AOA let alone a peerage or
anything) Other people were invited to come participate but could not vote
on the final decisions. Each group was expected to send ideas for a name
of the Principality, for the slate of officers, for the device, and for the
awards. Smaller groups were set aside, arts and sciences, (two groups)
marshallate, seneschal, herald and chronicler.

It was scheduled for early March and it was to be held in the downtown
offices of one of Aren and Ylyssar's household members. I remember because
the office had a pair of like 14th century Spanish wood doors that you had
to enter though. It was a very misty day and every time you walked outside
you were were coated with this thin glittery rain. Very cool. I elected
to go to the arts and sciences and the herald meeting. Of the two the
herald was the neatest. They nominated three people to be considered for
the job of first Regional Herald,
and they then designed the arms, the awards and the title of the Herald.
The arms were this and for these reasons. They picked the gold of the
background because at that time none of the other groups used gold much...
the Star was picked because most the other Kingdoms (West, East, and
Atenveldt) used Celestial bodies on the field but no one used a Star and it
also reflected the name we finally choose. The sun in base was selected to
show our relationship to Atenveldt and how that sun was setting as the Star
assended. That was why it was red. the idea was that when we became a
Kingdom we would take off the sun. Of course we put in the ever popular
Laurel wreath... What amazes me is that the arms remained with little
chance all the way through (The tressure was added later to avoid a
conflict or something). The award was the Star of Merit was originally the
Crane which reflected the Whooping Cranes and later became a supporter. At
this time Kingdoms only had One service award, no arts awards and Queens
Gloves besides local Baronial awards. So we as a group didn't get those
until we became a principality. The newsletter was to be the Sable Star
and was for awhile until it changed to Black Star.
(AOAs were really hot stuff in those days. I remember people getting to
hold court because they had an AOA)

The name Ansteora, (note one "r") was selected from one of three
suggested. One was Gilonade and the other Terebinthia. Ansteora comes
from Anglo Saxon, meaning One or Only Star. The person suggesting it was
Aurielianne Rioghail, who was not there but sent a messenger. It passed
and I remember how impressive Althea was explaining the rationale behind
the choice. I remember taht the slate of officers we picked was the actual
group that started with one exception. I remember when Willow (who was
not a Duchess then) came in covered with furs and her boar spear glittering
from the mist with a troop of twenty people all holding spears, all Celts,
to be represented. I remember meeting people who are still good friends.
It was a great memory for me. I remember how good it felt to be a part of
something that everyone felt was the right thing because we were all

After it was over we were heavily censured as a group for taking it
upon ourselves to form a group. But Atenveldt allowed us to form and the
Region of Ansteorra came into being. We operated much like a shire without
any nobilty for awhile. By the time we became a Prinicpality, Atenveldt had
begun decentralizing helped in part by this rebelous little Region.

I feel very lucky to be what my friends tease me as an "Old Timer" because
I've had this memory.

Hope this gives you a little idea of what we did. I'm sure I left stuff
out. Sorry it went on so long.


Subject: ANST - Baroness levity
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 98 23:16:27 MST
From: Kim Tucker <neassa@swbell.net>
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG

Greetings from Baroness Neassa of Stargate.

I have very much enjoyed reading everyone's opinions of Territorial and
Court Baron/esses. I have one bit of Stargate/Baron Bran trivia to pass
on, and then I would like to relate a brief story from our investiture.

First, after Baron Bran and Baroness Sindra announced that they were
stepping down, Bran held a meeting with the (10!) couples who had
applied for the job, to answer any questions that we may have had. At
one point in the evening we were discussing how others in the Barony
perceive the Baron and Baroness. Bran opined that the office was more
"difficult" for the Baroness, because, "Every woman knows why she isn't
Queen: Because her slug of a husband won't get off his hands and win
Crown Tournament. But she doesn't understand why she isn't Baroness,
because she could certainly do a better job than the fat cow who
currently has it!"

(Since our colors are Sable and Argent, I guess that makes me a
Holstein.) :-)

Now on to the story. At our investiture we knew that Sindra would
receive her Court Barony, but that Bran already had his. He also had all
three of the armigerous service awards that had ever been given for
Stargate, and he was a Master of the Pelican. What do you do to
acknowledge eight and a half years of service when the person already
holds all of the service awards? Obviously, give them your sincere and
profuse thanks for a job well done, a nicely calligraphed T-shirt about
being Baron, and in Stargate, give them a Pearl of Great Price.

I now know that there is more than one story behind the Pearl of Great
Price, but I will relate the one Michael and I were told just before we
became Baron and Baroness, updated to reflect the passing of time.

'Nearly 26 years ago, Myrddin, Baron Stargate, commanded that his keep
should be built upon the ruins of an ancient castle in the fair lands
near the sea. Deep within these ruins the workers found a coronet ringed
all around with pearls. When the coronet was lifted it fell to pieces,
but the pearls were all carefully gathered and placed in the Baron's
keeping. Throughout the years the Baron and Baroness would bestow one of
these precious gems to those in their Barony who had served the Stargate
with all of their heart; leading, teaching, and shaping the Barony in a
way that enriched the lives of all who called it home. Only the Baron
and Baroness know how many Pearls are left, and only they decide who
will receive this gift.'

Master Bran de Tintreak, one of the original eight members who founded
the Barony of Stargate, and Baron for eight and a half years, received
his Pearl on September 9, 1995.

Baroness Neassa

Subject: RE: Re: ANST - Sumptuary Laws Elsewhere
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 98 21:02:57 MST
From: Vicki Marsh <zarazina@flash.net>
To: "'ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG'" <ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG>

Gill wrote:
Let me relate my experience with "belts". Many years ago I had a friar
personna. Part of a friar's garb is a white rope belt with three knots at
the end. The belt is called a cincture. Some confused this 1/2 inch wide
white rope belt being worn by a friar for that of a knight's belt.

I'm glad that you brought up this memory, Gilli.

It was about 20 years ago, at the investiture of Prince Randall and
Princess Constance. There was a household of monks from the monastery of
St. Hubrick the Huntsman (mostly from Ft. Hood). I believe they were
Franciscans (they wore brown habits). My ex-husband was one of the company
and told about having problems with some knights who objected to the
(obvious) monks wearing the cinctures of white or hemp rope. There was
talk of ejecting the monks forcibly from the event if they did not remove
the offending items. Duchess Willow came to the rescue by giving the
company of monks some gold/black cording to wrap around the offending ci

This was actually before my time in the Society and I am relating the story
as it was told to me. But I did see the white rope with the cording
wrapped around it. And somewhere I have pictures of Randall's and
Constance's wedding and elevation. Wasn't it actually at a monastery or a

Ah, well, it is good to remember our history, both the noble *and* the
ignoble deeds that have been done.

Xene Therianos, OL

Subject: Re: ANST - banishment issues
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 98 13:14:14 MST
From: Dennis and Dory Grace <amazing@mail.utexas.edu>
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG

Salut Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai

>To be honest, I do not remember hearing of any banishments that were due
>to personal reasons. All of them in Ansteorra I have heard of were for
>legal/safety concerns. (I do not make claim that they were founded or not.)

This has been the principal source of banishment; however, occasionally a
banishment is instituted for reasons of discipline. Not that I want to
reopen old woulds, but several years ago an Ansteorran king gave the
Ansteorran knights a writing assignment of sorts. Those who refused to
complete the assignment were banished.

lo vostre por vos servir
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

Subject: Re: ANST - Recovery Household -- Public Notice
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 99 14:51:04 MST
From: knotwork@juno.com
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG

I applaud your efforts to establish a household to support those in
recovery. A little-known fact of Kingdom history is that about half of
the founders of Mendersham were NA members, looking for a venue to have
fun without alcohol and drugs. They formed the "House of Twelve" (XII,
for the 12 steps). And, yes, these folks were FUN to party with! Those
folks have all moved on now, but they are a fond memory of the beginnings
of our shire.

Alcohol is a Big Deal for some SCAers, and that's okay. I'm not a
drinker myself, but I occasionally enjoy tasting some of the products
made by our vintners and brewers. Those who choose not to drink, and
especially those in recovery, need our support and encouragement. As a
counselor and a long-time SCA member, I have seen the devastation caused
by addiction to alcohol and drugs, both in the mundane world and in the
SCA. Vivat House Couyral!

HL Joanna Montgomery

Subject: Re: ANST - Grants and
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 99 06:37:42 MST
From: "Lorraine and/or Kief" <deer_kief@hotmail.com>
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG

Heilsa Mirrim, my Noble Cousin, my Most Honorable Friend Christian, and
Alrek, my Good Brother, and all other True Ansteorrans...

It has been written and speculated:
>> What I understood about the Centurion when Inman started it at Ansteorra's
>> 15th year (?) was that it was supposed to be for those fighters who would
>> probably never be knighted for whatever reason, but who were extremely
>> competent fighters who were the backbone of the Ansteorra Army. It could
>> have been told to me wrong, or the standards changed.
>> Mirrim

In those august days I was Principal Herald, HE Lorraine was my most
able secretary... HM Inman spoke of the new award He wished to give the
Kingdom... He spoke of giving Word Fame and Tokens of Esteem to those
folk that were unspoken leaders on the field of War, of Noble demeanor,
and Courtly Graces.... He searched among His counselors and found 6 most
Worthy Gentles to bestow the Honor upon. HE Lorraine, with small help
from myself, wrote the Charter of the Order. It was designed to emulate
the Singular Grace of the Order of the White Scarf. As well, His Majesty
wished to give Especial Recognition to the White Scarves... The
Centurions of the Sable Star were created co-equal with the Order of the
White Scarf of Ansteorra and both Orders were awarded the Right and Duty
of Consultation with the Crown Heads of Ansteorra, the same Right given
to the Peerage Orders in our Fair Kingdom... Never, in my eyes, did His
Majesty Inman intend the Centurions to be an Order for "those less
able", indeed the opposite is true... He Recognized those True
Ansteorrans that were Great in Heart, of Proven Ability on the field of
War, of Noble Visage, and well versed in the Courtly Graces. The two
Great Orders, the White Scarf and the Centurions of the Sable Star,
created here in this Mighty Land where Lions Roar and Legends live, are
each a Testament to the Foresight and Wisdom of a Wonderous and Most
Puissant Monarch.

>I am sorry that you have been mislead to believe that any award in
>Ansteorra is an award for someone not good enough to achieve something
>greater. The Centurion award had a poor reputation in the beginning but
>I believe that it was an unjust rumor and since has been proven untrue.
>The Centurion award is a Grant level fighting award, just as the Star of
>Merit is a grant level service award and the Iris is a grant level A&S
>award, given as recognition to those that have reached a level of skill
>(deemed worthy by other Centurions and the Crown) in either melee or
>tournament combat.
>Sir Alrek Kanin 20th Centurion of the Sable Star

>The other nasty rumor was that it was created with the intent of
>being the equivalent of the WS, thereby pointing up the fact that
>the WS is not a peerage. I suppose if one really wants to know the
>intent one would have to ask the creator in person.
>However, whatever the intent, the Centurion has found it's place in
>our awards structure an is being used in a very constructive way.
>suppose we are lucky, but most of our crowns have been good
>people who honestly try to do their best for their kingdom. In
>addition, I know some of the Centurions and they have worked hard
>to make their order something to take seriously. When you have a
>lot of Ansteorrans working to make something better, I guess it
>does not really matter how it started.
>Don Christian Dore

Waes Thu Hael kinfolk...

Subject: ANST - OUMB
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 99 11:49:22 MST
From: Gunnora Hallakarva <gunnora@bga.com>
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG

Lady Simone asked what the award "OUMB" was.

That would be the Order of the Ursae Majoris of Bjornsborg, the now-closed
baronial order created under Baron Jan w Orzeldom and Baroness Alexandria
Feodnorovna of Novgorod. (I.E., the Greater Bears)

The current baronial order is the Order of the Ursae Australis of Bjornsborg
(OUAB) whose principals are Chieftess Mari ferch Rathyen and Baron Raimond
Selenarctos. (I.E. the Bears of the South).

Companion to the Order of the Ursae Australis of Bjornsborg

Subject: ANST - Re: Period Insignia - Historical Notes on the Iris
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 99 08:45:30 MST
From: Gunnora Hallakarva <gunnora@bga.com>
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG

Ritter Dieterich made an excellent suggestion about varying styles of awards
to perfectly suit personae.

I have a large scarf-style woven Iris that is beautiful, and also much more
period-looking for an early Norse woman, and best of all is large enough not to
be lost in the welter of jewellry that I wear.

Mistress Eimile also has a woven scarf-style Iris, hers actually has a plaid
effect, though the rainbow stripes are clearly visible.

Those are two ideas for getting away from the generic inkle-woven bands, and
I'd love to see more of these available (hint, they can be done on a backstrap
loom or a small table loom).

I'd also like to remind people that there is supposed to be a narrow strip
of metallic gold between each color in the Iris ribbon. When the award was
originally conceived, one could obtain a commercial rainbow ribbon that had the
gold between the stripes -- that was in the Days When Rocks Were Soft and
Dinosaurs Walked the Earth -- there weren't many folks with inkle looms and I
can only think of one or two card weavers at the time -- and the commercial
ribbon was always used to create the awards at first. The ribbon was formed
into a cockade below a ring brooch (another aspect of the award that is lost -
one rarely sees the cockade anymore).

The original symbolism that was assigned to the award was thus:

The many colors represent the many areas of art that the new Companion of
the Iris has mastered - the Iris is traditionally given to a person who has
achieved a journeyman level skill in at least one art, and proficiency in at
least a few others (though occasionally the Iris is given to someone who shows
extreme depth in a much narrower field). The gold in between the colors
represented the talent, skill, heart, and service of the artisan, which bind
their various arts together into a harmonious whole.

So, add my voice in as another vote for more varied styles of award

Baroness Gunnora Hallakarva, OL

Subject: ANST - Spurs of honor
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 99 09:21:47 MST
From: "Michael F. Gunter" <michael.gunter@fnc.fujitsu.com>
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG, ansteorra-chivalry@Ansteorra.ORG,
CC: nfrankel@tradermags.com

I apologize for the multiple posts. I have mentioned a couple of
times the spurs that I am having created for the Chivalry and
nonbelted fighter who best exemplifies those qualities of valor,
prowess, chivalry, honor and daring that we consider all that is

Master Fritz and Ly. Chiara Francesca came by with the designs and some
samples of these spurs and they will be beautiful. They date from
the 14th - 15th Century and will be made of solid silver! The
chivalric spurs will then be plated in real gold.

It is my hope that the offer of these will "spur" all chivalric
fighters to new heights of show and chivalry. It is a pity that
Gulf Wars was cancelled because that would have been a wonderful
showcase for our fighters. We still have three months before we
step down to make our decision on who will recieve these
one-of-a-kind items. I'm not looking for just pretty speeches or
good fighting. I'm looking for that one instance when the populace
looks out on the field and says "By God, there is a knight! THAT's
what this is alll about!"

The challenge is difficult but the prize is great. If you know of
an incident where a fighter has distinguished him or herself then
please let me know. The populace is as much a part of this as I

Polish that armor, practice diligently, remember what we are.

Rex Ansteorra

Subject: Re: ANST - Ducal Prerogative]
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 09:14:48 MST
From: "Michael F. Gunter" <michael.gunter@fnc.fujitsu.com>
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG, SCA-RoyalPeers@onelist.com

> In the earliest days of the SCA Knights were obligated to fight in Crown
> Tournament. However, if you'd already won twice.., were a Duke.., you were
> considered to have rendered that obligation IN FULL, and thus had the
> prerogative NOT to enter a Crown Tournament.

This is the way it has been explained to me.

I have never really understood the use of Ducal Perogative other than as a
"wildcard" to seed the list. I am very proud that I faced two powerful Dukes in
the Crown I won and they fought me to win. But I do have a rather amusing story
from the Crown that Earl Barn won.

I faced my good friend Duke Kein in the later rounds of the tournament and he
expressed a desire to ducal to me. I felt uncomfortable with this but acceded to
his wishes but I did request that we fight at least once to show the populace
that I was worthy to continue. Grumbling slightly he went to put on his armor
and explain the situation to the lady he was fighting for. We walked on the
field for the "demo fight" and Kein promptly one-shotted me. He saluted and
prepared to walk off the field. Being very embarrassed, I stopped him and told
him to fight again. I felt it was inappropriate for a duke to one-shot me and
then declare I was worthy to continue. So I told him to fight me again and if I
were defeated then I would accept the loss and be eliminated from the list.

His Grace looked at me strangely sighed and agreed, but only with the command,
"Don't lose!". We faced each other again and I felt like I was about to be
eliminated in spite of the ducal command. After a couple of passes I managed to
strike Kein's arm. (I don't think he deliberately got it hit since
he was in the process of ducking my wrap shot and the arm got in the way.
Besides, Kein isn't prone to deliberately losing anything.) But His Grace
immedietly dropped his sword and declared me the victor. He yielded the third
fight so it was sort of a ducal but I felt better about it.

I consider this incident "Gunthar being noble". Kein considers this
"Gunthar being stupid". Well, sometimes the two merge.


Subject: Re: BG - Mustache War Recollections
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 17:22:30 MST
From: Chris and Elisabeth Zakes <moondrgn@bga.com>
To: bryn-gwlad@Ansteorra.ORG
CC: domino7@texas.net.Brian_Smith@Dell.com

>Don Brian Cameron and I are collecting stories of the Mustache War
>(1989?) between Bryn Gwlad and Steppes for a history project. Neither he
>nor I were there to participate so we're looking for stories,
>rememberances, or recollections. If those who participated could send a
>private e-mail to either of us it would be greatly appreciated.

I can tell you how it started...

Not long after Johann and Erika were made Baron and Baroness of Bryn Gwlad,
we gave them a ride to Steppes Twelfth Night. On the drive home, we got to
talking about holding a fun, silly event, something like the
Bjornsborg-Namron "Butterfly Hunt". I came up with the idea of a war over

In those days Robin and Adelicia were Baron and Baroness of the Steppes,
and as you probably know, Don Robin has a mustache as part of his arms. At
that time, Don Blayne Attewoode was active in Bryn Gwlad, and had a rather
impresive handlebar mustache, thereby allowing Robin to claim that Bryn
Gwlad was infringing on his heraldic prerogative.

The War was held on April Fool's Day, which seemed appropriate under the

-Tivar Moondragon

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 08:32:44 MST
From: "Weiszbrod, Barbara A (Barbara)" <baw2@lucent.com>
To: "'ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG'" <ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG>

About six or seven years ago the Barony of Elfsea held a
"non-event" to discuss issues related to life in the SCA, persona,
relationships between Peers and non peers, that sort of thing. I remember
one of the topics was proteges. At that time there were no proteges in
Ansteorra. People vehemently argued that you cannot teach service, therefor
the idea of being a protege was rediculous. Both Peers and Non-Peers were
on both sides of the argument.

Funny what a difference a few years a can make.


Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 01:16:50 MST
From: jonwillowpel@juno.com
Subject: Re: ANST -Patent of Arms
To: ansteorra@Ansteorra.ORG

Hi I know I am late in answering this question. Duke Jonathan and I were
the crown that decided not to include a Patent with the Rose. We did a
poll of the kingdoms that gave Patents with the Rose and discovered that
a number of them had at one time or another refused to give a Patent to
an ex-queen because they felt that she did not act like a peer. Many
times this seemed to be just nasty politics. The Queen stepping down is
often punished for what the King did. A Queen has a special place in our
dreams. She is supposed to be the paradigm of courtesy. People develop a
special place in their hearts for "their Queen" It upsets people to have
"their queen" treated badly. Also because queens are special ex-queens
are suppose to behave better than the rest of the people. It looks very
bad for "Queens" to be impolite to each other. While we hoped our
kingdom would never fall to that level we decided to take "the peer" out
of The Rose and make it automatic so we would not tempted to act badly.

When we were writing our first laws the BOD told us at the time that they
were doing away with the simple patent. They wanted all patents to be
linked to an order. Kingdoms that had the custom of giving a patent to
the crowns that stepped down were allowed to keep that custom but since
we were just beginning we didn't have that custom. It was implied that
they did not wish to see that in our laws. Jonathan and I talked this
over with our advisors and the general feeling was that the title you
got as an ex king and queen was enough award. Most Ansteorrans, at that
time, felt if you had done something special then you deserve a Pelican
for your work. Just giving a person a peerage for sitting on the throne
seemed like rewarding them twice.

In this kingdom the people have respected the Crowns deeply. We have
earned that respect with hard work and it is more of an honor than any
amount of paper rewards. Getting a pretty scroll saying you have a Patent
means nothing. Having the people trust and believe in you means
everything. I was at a Inter kingdom with Calintir when I was Crown
Princess and that night the belly dancers got up and His Majesty Inman
started to dance. All the Ansteorran cheered and clapped. Afterward the
king of Calintir ask His Majesty how he get away with that and still have
people respect him. His Majesty looked a little confused and stated "It
because I am the King."

Willow de Wisp

On Tue, 19 Oct 1999 13:45:21 -0500 "Genevieve de Courtanvaux"
<gdc@airmail.net> writes:
> I wrote to Countess Margaret because I knew she had recieved a Patent of
> Arms when she stepped down in the Kingdom of the East and this is the reply
> that I recieved. This may or may not help you in how a recieving a
> Patent of Arms works.
> Countess Margaret says:
> Keep in mind that I haven't looked this up lately, and things may
> have changed from when I actually cared about it (back when I was awarded my
> patent). It was explained to me years ago (as Crown Princess of the East)
> by the East Kingdom Herald that technically, it is a Patent of Arms that
> makes a Peer. Until you have been awarded your arms by letters patent, you
> are not technically a peer of any realm. Royal Peers fall into a different
> category than the "earned" peerages (a misnomer if I ever heard one!), and
> are treated differently by different kingdoms.
> As a bit of inter-kingdom anthropology, in Ansteorra, the following
> occurs when a first-time Queen steps down: she is automatically awarded her
> County (per corpora); she is automatically made a member of the Order of the
> Rose, and; she is not granted letters patent. Ansteorra does not recognize
> non-patent holding Royal Peers with a patent when they step down but
> nevertheless accords such Royal Peers with the precedence and respect of
> someone who has earned their peerage by earning letters patent.
> On the other hand, when an Eastern Queen steps down, the following
> occurs: she is automatically awarded her County (per corpora); the Order of
> the Rose is polled to determine if they feel she is worthy to be inducted
> into that Order, and; the patent-holding Royal Peers are polled on whether
> or not she is worthy of being awarded her letters patent. I know of
> instances where a Queen has been voted down in both pollings and has not
> been awarded either the Rose or the Patent. I was awarded my Rose and a
> "naked" Patent of Arms (meaning letters patent not attached to one of the
> three peerage orders) in 1992 (I think), so my precedence as a Peer
> dates from then.
> Technically, a patent-holding Countess would outrank a
> non-patent-holding Countess (or maybe even a non-patent-holding Duchess?) no
> matter when either lady become a Countess, but in all practicality, it
> doesn't really matter. You get the respect you have earned, and I really
> don't know of anyone who minds terribly if someone else gets to process in
> order of precedence before them! :-)

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 16:21:18 MST
From: "Keith Hood" <keith_dell@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: ANST - Lyoness
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

>If I recall correctly it grew out of a previous event known as Lions.

Yes, originally Baron Jan of Bjornsborg conducted a tourney known as the
Tournament of the Lions. It was unique in one way --- it was (if I remember
correctly) the only tourney in the kingdom in which the lower legs were
legal targets in combat. Participants were required to wear shin armor, and
he had to get special dispensation from kingdom and BOD to allow that
non-standard practice. Where Lyonesse is centered on pageantry, Lions was
an event more dedicated to advanced fighting.

The final hill battle at Lions (and Lyonesse) used to take place on one of
the slopes of the creek a way downstream from the list field. They can't
use that slope any more because the flood of 1998 carved out the stream
banks to where they are too nearly perpendicular.

Some others differences: Where Lyonesse usually involves a bridge battle, in
Lions they put up a structure that represented a castle gate and you had to
fight through that. Also, Lions used to include a cheval events, both
individually and with all present divided into two armies, in which fighters
had to make passing attacks while acting as if mounted. Watching some of
the big hairy items on the field trying to imitate the motion of a man atop
a prancing horse was in some cases a real strain on the brain. :-)


Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 17:59:55 MST
From: "Samuel Walters" <agincrt@brightok.net>
Subject: Re: ANST - Membership Numbers
To: <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>

Just took a look see at the numbers on the page and got a tear in my eye.
Many probably won't remember or care but there was an Incipient Shire of
Rothundburg that went defunct after little more than a year. It shows one
member at the end...I think that was me. What is really sad is that despite
only having the 5 paid members required to be a shire during that time we
actually had something like 20 participating gentles in our region. We
tried desperately to get these frequent participants to pay for memberships
but no joy. In the end, of the original five, two decided it wasn't worth
the heartache and quit the SCA all together, one just up and disappeared,
one moved to another kingdom and that left me *looking for the plague that
took my shiremates away*. As far as I know the other 15 or so people that
regularly participated but didn't have memberships are for the most part
still participating...as a household of all things.

Rhys Goch
Mka Sam Walters
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From: Burke McCrory <bmccrory@oktax.state.ok.us>
To: <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 4:38 PM
Subject: ANST - Membership Numbers

> Ok, A number of you have asked what are the populace numbers in the Kingdom
> and what are the trends. I will be posting them to my web site either
> tonight or tomorrow morning. The address will be
> http://www.ionet.net/~burkemc/popcount.html
> This currently has the 1996 numbers but I will post all of the numbers that
> I have over the next two days. I hope this will answer a number of your
> questions.
> Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 07:01:16 MST
From: j_smallw@titan.sfasu.edu
Subject: What happened to Loch Raeburn (was Re: ANST - Membership Numbers)
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

We currently have a number of active members that were part of Loch
Raeburn. I think the "disappearance" is attributable to a number of
causes. The BOD issues, including "pay/play", serious burnout, the merger
itself, and a bad situation concerning children in another portion of the
kingdom all have been given to me as reasons.

Most of the former members still stay in touch, but they've got other
things to do with they're spare time (such as building a house, etc.)

If you want any more details, email me privately.

BTW, Graywood's pop counts could also possibly be affected by zip code
"raiding". I know of at least one occassion where a former seneschal gave
away zip codes to another group. We found out after the fact.


Subject: ANST - Rapier Combatants on the Throne?
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 06:21:45 MST
From: gunnora@realtime.net
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org (ansteorra)

Margaret ny Connor said:
>For the first time ever we have an active rapier fighter, a
>Dona no less, sitting the throne in Ansteorra, and it is
>very nice indeed.

I have to point out that this isn't the "first time ever". Both Don Sigmund
the Wingfooted and Don Simonn of Amber ruled as King in Ansteorra.

It's the first time, so far as I'm aware, that the *Consort* has been a
rapier combatant, however.


Subject: Re: ANST - Rapier Combatants on the Throne?
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 08:23:18 MST
From: "Rebecca Bevel" <rebevel@hotmail.com>
To: <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>

> It's the first time, so far as I'm aware, that the *Consort* has been a
> rapier combatant, however.

Remember Don Dinaris the Wanderer? He put Marguerite de la Croix on the
throne in AS XX. Prior to sitting the throne, and to a lesser extent while
on the throne, she participated in rapier combat.

Subject: Re: ANST - Rapier Combatants on the Throne?
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 08:33:01 MST
From: Burke McCrory <bmccrory@oktax.state.ok.us>
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

>It's the first time, so far as I'm aware, that the *Consort* has been a rapier
>combatant, however.

Duke Sigmond was a Don at the time of his second reign and Count Dinaris
the Wanderer was a Don at the time of his reign. Count Simon received his
White Scarf after his reign as King.


Subject: Re: ANST - current archery awards
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 08:21:40 MST
From: "Debbie Dewart" <darcy@seacove.net>
To: <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>

-----Original Message-----
From: Charlene Charette <charlene@flash.net>
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>
Date: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 12:40 AM
Subject: Re: ANST - current archery awards

Perronnelle wrote:
>Lady Arabella wrote:
>> Maybe some one in the Heraldry department, someone who has access to the
>> Order of Presidance, might comment about the others in the Kingdom.
>The OP is online at http://www.ansteorra.org/regnum/herald/OP/ (and
>linked from the Ansteorran homepage).
>The Sable Falcon doesn't list the combat style (ie, combat archery,
>sword and shield, etc.).
>King's Archers awarded:
>97/09/20 - Plachoya Sobaka
>97/09/27 - Wayne of the Heights
>97/10/04 - Gilbert Ost Westley (listed as Premier)
>(If Gilli really is the Premier King's Archer then either his date or
>Plachoya's and Wayne's dates need correcting in the OP.)

There is a story here why Gilli is the 3rd to receive the King's Archer but
listed as the Premier. Gilli was to receive the first King's Archer.
Because of his work schedule he was not able to attend the event where they
planned to give it to him. due to mis communication between the out going
crown, Mahadi and the in coming, Kein the award was accidentaly given out to
two other archers first. they were shocked that Gilli hadn't received it
yet and insisted that Gilli should have been the premier. Kein offered
apologies when Gilli did finally make it to an event with the award and that
is why he is listed as premier thought he was actually the 3rd to get it.
(Wayne of the Heights was also about to leave the kingdom and they also
wanted to make sure he got it before he left.)


>I don't want to get into a "my activity gets less respect than yours"
>argument. Dance has worked hard to happen at events and it's much
>easier to find a place to dance than a place to shoot safely, not to
>mention site rules prohibiting archery. In the same time period (Sep
>97-Feb 00) Middle Eastern Dance received 10 Sable Thistles and European
>Dance received 7.

>So it would appear that archers are getting getting attaboys at this

On the surface it might look like it but a Thistle is an AoA level award
(they get a title with it) and the King's Archer is non-armiguous or as my
lord said, "It's a no fat cookie."

Always in service,

HL Darcy Evaline o Lasgwm
Proud member of the archery community
Lady of House Ursa Dormant - an archery household

Subject: Re: ANST - Kingdom Calendar Changes
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 10:32:41 MST
From: "Filemaker" <paul_mitchell@filemaker.com>
To: <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>

Galen here...

Stefan asked:
> What does this "protected" date mean? Do all Baronies get a "protected"
> date for one of their two events? What about Shires and Cantons?

The correct term is not "protected" but "reserved". This means that
the group has permission to hold their event on that date every year.
It does _not_ mean that other groups may not also hold events on
the same date, in conflict with the barony's local event. Shires and
Cantons do not have annual reserved dates on the calendar.

> What is the purpose of having these "protected" dates, at least for
> sub-kingdom groups? I can easily understand the need for "protected"
> events for things like Crown Tournament and Coronation.

The purpose is to make planning for everyone easier. When will
Steppes Warlord be? Memorial Day weekend. When will Namron
Protectorate be? Columbus Day weekend. When's Elfsea Defender?
Last weekend in September. So if you're in a small group and want
to plan far in advance, and don't want one of these major events to
be scheduled opposite yours at the last minute, you'll find this a useful
policy. At the same time, if you're down south, you can plan that
if you hold an event on Columbus Day weekend, you'll probably get
no one from up north, but perhaps can draw nearer people who can't
go as far as Namron for various reasons.

It came about, as I understand it, when the Crown granted to the Barony
of the Steppes a reservation in Kingdom Law for Steppes Warlord,
one year when Steppes agreed to move their Warlord Tourney, which
had for many years been held on Memorial Day weekend, to accomadate
Crown Tourney. A later reservation was granted to Namron for their
Protectorate Tourney. At the time, both of these events were originally
protected, that is, no other events could be held those weekends.

When I was Kingdom Seneschal (12 years or so ago), during a major
re-write of Kingdom Law, as protected dates were increasing for various
kingdom events, it was decided to make these events reserved, rather than
protected, and to offer each barony the opportunity to reserve one regular
weekend for its major event. The only protected events, last I looked, were
Coronation and Crown Tourney. Richard or Burke will correct me if that's
out of date.

Today in Ansteorra, having one reserved weekend on the Kingdom
Calendar is a perk that we extend to our baronies.

I think it's very nice of Bjornsborg to agree to move their reserved date
for the benefit of the Kingdom, but don't think it's particularly mean of
them not to do so for a new regional event. Of course, since these dates
are fixed in Kingdom Law, a determined Crown could change any barony's
date at their pleasure. I'm sure Bjornsborg wouldn't have faced that.

- Galen of Bristol
(y'all come to SpringFaire!)

Subject: ANST - Fwd: Ring Thegns
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 12:12:58 MST
From: Fitzmorgan@cs.com
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

This is forwarded with permission from the Bards list.


Subject: Ring Thegns
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 07:28:42 -0700
From: Lee <enaz@ih2000.net>
To: Fitzmorgan@cs.com

Good misty morning to you, Robert,
from Tessa and Simonn,

Ahhhhhhh, history! :)
Thegns were a Principality of Ansteorra form of notice, established to
name individuals who had been of particular assistance to the Prince or
Princess and/or to Ansteora (spelled with one "r" then) in Their
Highnesses' principality reign.
Prince Sean McFflamn and Princess Katarina von Allysin (probably errors
in my spelling here; it's been a very long time...) presented badges in
the form of rings, about two inches in diameter, which could be worn
suspended from a belt or lanyard or ribbon, as one chose.
I believe His Highness initially referred to companions as "Ring Thegns"
to Ansteora. (r)
Assistance which Their Highnesses deemed worthy of notice came in forms
such as communications, advice, establishing methods and traditions,
serving their persons, providing Their garments, Their items needed for
colorful courts; also council, confidentiality, encouragement for Their
Highness's stations in the fledgling Principality. Similar to the
responsibilities held today by Royal Enterouge and GOofS.
The particular individuals you have listed hailed from across Ansteora
at the time: Bjornsborg, Bryn Gwlad, Bordermarch, Stargate and Steppes.
Somewhere, we probably have stored away some official writings about
Ring Thegns, if those things have not gone the way of dust and ashes.
(We had a house fire in 1985.) If we run across them, we'll get back in
touch with you.
Tessa &

Subject: ANST - Peers speaking for Peers (was: SCA PEERS)
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 12:39:23 -0500
From: baron@elfsea.ansteorra.org
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

The tradition of having a member of each other order of
peerage speak for a new peer at their creation goes back
to the second reign of Seamus & Karlanna, 13 years ago.
We brought it back from Pennsic, after seeing several
peers made, and thinking it looked good. At first it was
just the other peerages, later the Order of the Rose
(which is not an order of peerage in Ansteorra) and the
Order of the Lions were included in the ceremony as well.

I was the third knight to be created in Ansteorra in this
tradition. Master Orm (who happens to be the premier
Lion) spoke for me as a Laurel, and Master Tivar (the
premier Don) spoke as a Pelican for me.

It's consider pretty much a requirement for any peerage

- Galen of Bristol
Golden Staff Herald

Quoting "Mark.S Harris" <mark.s.harris@motorola.com>:
> Sir Alrek Kanin said:
> > There is not, to my knowledge, a crown winning member of the Royal Family
> > who is not a knight though,
> I believe this is true. While a few have won Crown when they were not
> Knights, they are usually made a Knight soon after this. Sometimes it
> seems that the fastest way to become a Knight is to win Crown. :-)
> > When a Laurel or Pelican is made in this Kingdom a member
> > of each of the peerages speaks for them and announces that they are a
> > peer.
> I'm afraid I don't remember the actual ceremonies that well, but is
> this required being spoken for by representatives of each of the
> other orders only for Laurels and Pelicans? Or is this also required
> for Knights? If not, why not?
> Stefan li Rous

Subject: Re: ANST - SCA PEERS
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 02:03:30 -0500
From: Burke McCrory <burkemc@ionet.net>
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

>If my faulty memory serves me correctly I believe HG Patrick Michael was the
>last unbelted fighter to win Crown Tourney. He was knighted by TRM Gerard
>and Vanessa at Steppes Warlord before his Coronation.
>Remember I did say my faulty memory,
>Baroness of Namron

Ansteorra has had three unbelted fighters win Crown in four Crown list.

Inman in his first reign and he ruled as an unbelted King.
Sigmund the Wingfooted in his first reign and he ruled as an unbelted King.
Inman in his second reign and he was knighted by Simonn of Amber before
Patrick Michael Gordonne in his first reign and he was knighted by Gerard
MacEanruig before Coronation.


Subject: ANST - Stargate history
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 17:12:24 -0500
From: Susan Bowen <bbowen@ev1.net>

Dear Willow and any one else who is interested. I just found a complete
list of the original members of the Barony of the Stargate.
They were:

Alfyrhyan Taurdinen
Antelais Anrelte (Bran de Tintreak)
Basilim of the Argus Eye
Shanahan Stormbringer
Sheridan O'Donnel
Tambrylin Shaunty
Deirdre du Clarik

Willow I have a database of every event ever held in the Stargate, so it
contains lots of pre AS XI material, but I don't know of a good way of
getting it to you.


Subject: ANST - jonwillowpel@juno.com
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 19:39:40 -0500
From: Susan Bowen <bbowen@ev1.net>
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

Bran is the only one still around and he is always vague. I have tried so hard
to get him to share history, and he claims he can't remember anything. I did
got some information from Shanahan before Stargate's 20th anniversary. I
visited with her for an afternoon. My first event what the crown tourney that
Koris Natterhelm won when it was announced that Ansteorra would become a
principality, so I have literally grown up with the kingdom. Mistress Deirdre
was the first peer made in "Ansteorra." Sir Tarl Mapt I believe was the first
knight made in this part of Ansteorra. I get most of my "before my time"
information from Sir Karl de Gangr and Mistress Kasilda. They are fonts of

Baroness Philippa Rookhaven

Subject: Re: ANST - history
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 17:53:45 -0500
From: jonwillowpel@juno.com
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

As far as I know Sir Koris was the first knight made in area. That why I
was so surprised when this lady was talking about a knight who was made
before I was in Ansteorra. If I am not mistaken Sir Tarl was made next
then I was made a Laurel.

When Sir Denton was king and came to visit us at the Queen's ice. He
asked for a march of peers and then he said his knights. I had gotten
into line as the only non-belt and when he said belts I started to leave.
Sir Koris and Sir Randal refused to let me leave. They marched me up
before the king and stared him down. Later on they threw me into a privy
council that the guys were having with the king. His Majesty Denton
looked very confused. I have always believed that the special role
ladies have in our kingdom was due to those men making sure we had a

You might not believe it but I was told in AS VII that women were not
allowed to autocrat events in Atenvelt. Men would be the official
autocrats and women could do the work, I told everyone if I didn't get
the credit I didn't do the work. Times have changed. I also remember
when women were not allowed to fight.


Subject: RE: ANST - Ansteorra questions
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 08:56:31 -0500
From: "Rayburn, Timothy" <TRayburn@HealthAxis.com>
To: "'ansteorra@ansteorra.org'" <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>

> From: Russell Husted [mailto:husted@hotmail.com]
> I know I should know this stuff, but I either do not or I
> have forgotten, so please help me out.
> What does Ansteorra mean? Where did we get our motto from?
> mahee

An-steorra ... The one star. Our kingdom motto is "Uniqus et Singularis", a
description from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle of Haley's Comet as it passed
through the sky.

Timothy of Glastonbury

Subject: ANST - Bizarre Bazaar Event Cancled
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 18:01:12 -0500
From: R Husted <rhusted@angleton.isd.tenet.edu>
To: coastal@ansteorra.org
CC: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

An Important Announcement for all Friends and Members of Torre de los

The Bizarre Bazaar scheduled for Sept 2 as announced in the Black
Star has been cancled.

On Sunday Aug 6, 2000, at our regular populace meeting, we voted to
dissolve this Canton. Our parent Barony, Loch
Soilleir, has assured us of their continued support in whatever
activities we choose to sponsor. We will continue to hold fighter
practices, conduct demos and hold events in our local area. We are
unofficially calling ourselves Casa de Torre de los Brazos at this time,
and will function as a household within The Barony of Loch Soilleir.

We appreciate all the support given to us over the past 11 years by our
friends throughout the Kingdom, too numerous to mention here. We offer our
assurances that we are not going away; only our status is being changed. The
Torre is still alive and kicking. We look forward to the challenges and new
experiences we will face as we enter a new chapter of our life in the SCA.
As such, we continue to look forward to meeting and playing with all our old
friends and meeting new ones along the way, and trust that we can count on
your continued support of our various activities. After all, we really do
get by with a little help from our friends.

The Populace of Torre

Subject: Re: ANST -probabl dumb question- Sites
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 06:15:23 -0500
From: "kaos" <kaos@kjsl.com>
To: <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>

We had TYC there many a year ago and we used to have lots of other events
there and at scarbrough faire. But after the mini fire we had at TYC They
said no more.

Lady Kyrstyn.
From: "Bryan Reynolds" <doc@ev1.net>
As long as we are talking about potential sites, what are the issues with
holding events at the Texas RenFair site during the spring? It doesn't have any
air-conditioned hall, but does have some great stage areas, and an excellent are
for equestrian activities. Granted we can't use the buildings (other than our
booth), but there is ample room for us to camp, and the architecture does give
the place a certain feel. (note:I know there are probably plenty of reasons we
don't do this, I'm posting as much to find out what they are as anything)

-Fearadhach McCongel

Subject: Re: ANST - Listing of Baronys, Shires and Cantons
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 00:12:01 -0500
From: "Marcus Hite" <mbhite@arn.net>
To: <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>

>I am on a quest. I'm looking for a listing of all the Baronies, shires
>and cantons in Ansteora in the order in which they were originally
>founded. Does anyone know if such a listing exists and where I could
>get a copy of it. Thanks
>Afrean U'Dunlainge

I hope this is what you are looking for. I got my information out of the
Ansteorra: Commemorating 20 years as a Kingdom.... I bought it at 20th year
Format I am using is:
Group name // date founded // date of baronial status

Bjornsborg // April 11, 1974 // Nov 27,1976
Bonwicke // Sept 1981 // January 4 1991
Bordermarch // Spring 1976 // Sept 17 1977
Bryn Gwlad // Nov 9 1976 // May 12 1979
Eldern Hills // Jan 1979 // Oct 30 1987
Elfsea // April 1979 // Dec 30 1989
Loch Soilleir // Oct 23,1979 // June 19, 1991
Namron // Feb 9, 1977 // Nov 18 1979
Northkeep // April 1978 // Nov 1996
Raven's Fort // Jan 1980 // Sept 23, 1989
Star Gate // Aug 1972 // Aug 1972 was founded as a Barony
Steppes // March 1973 // Aug 30, 1975
Wiesenfeuer // Sept 1978 // Dec 30, 1990

Hope this helps. The book also has all the nobility and dates of reign for
each , Baronial Orders and Awards and some hav a shore how it all begain

May we meet on the field as friends,
Marquet de la Heyt
Cadet to Don Donovan

Subject: Re: ANST - Listing of Baronys, Shires and Cantons
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 00:54:24 -0500
From: "Marcus Hite" <mbhite@arn.net>
To: <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>

> >I am on a quest. I'm looking for a listing of all the Baronies, shires
> >and cantons in Ansteora in the order in which they were originally
> >founded. Does anyone know if such a listing exists and where I could
> >get a copy of it. Thanks
> >
> >Afrean U'Dunlainge
> You don't ask for much do you... :)
> In the beginning there was Stargate....opps wrong story.........
> Here is what I have based on my files when I was Kingdom Seneschal. I am
> sure that if my info is off, someone will post the correction. I am only
> sure about Mooneschadowe, because I was at that meeting when we formed the
> Shire.
> Sir Burke

Since, I was looking these up as well I checked the dates with the ones in
the Ansteorra: Commemorating 20 Years as a Kingdom. A few of the Dates
don't match exactly. I noted the few differences below the name of the
group.......I don't know which dates are correct just that they don't match.
Good luck on your quest.

> Stargate 8/1972
> Steppes 3/1973
> Bjornsborg 6/1976

> Bryn Gwlad 11/1976
> Bordermarch 2/1977
Spring 1976

> Namron 2/1977
> Shadowlands 9/1977

Shire of Greywood Nacogdoches summer 77

> Northkeep 4/1978
> Greywood 8/1978
> Wiesenfeuer 9/1978
> Eldern Hills 1/1979
> Emerald Keep 5/1979

> Mooneschadowe 5/1979

> Elfsea 7/1979
> Raven's Fort 11/1979

> Loch Soilleir 8/1980
Oct 23,1979

> Bonwicke 9/1981
> Middleford 9/1981
> Blacklake 4/1982
> Rosenfeld 1/1984

Rundel McAlester Ok Oct 1994

Shire of Bridge Keep Victoria Tx 1994

> Seawinds 4/1985

Shire of Trelac San Angelo Tx March 1985

> Adlersruhe 8/1985
> Ffyonnon Gath 3/1986
> Gates Edge 2/1989
> Torre de los Brazos 7/1989
> Tempio 3/1990
Oct 1989

> Dragonsfire Tor 10/1990
> Westgate 1/1991
Dec 1990

Mendersham July 18, 1991

> La Marche Sauvage 1/1992
Oct 20, 1991

> Loch Ruadh 9/1992
> Wastelands 11/1992
> Trelac 11/1993
> Lindenwood 12/1993
> Crossrode Keep 1/1994
> Stone Bridge Keep 1/1995
> Brad Leah 4/1995

> Falconridge 4/1995
> Rundel 4/1995
> Mendersham 9/1995
> Three Bridges 7/1996
> Glaslyn 5/1998
> Cridhe na Tyr 1/1999
> Dragon Keep 1/2000

Subject: Re: ANST - Listing of Baronys, Shires and Cantons
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 16:57:58 -0500 (CDT)
From: Susan Carol Tribble <susant@unt.edu>
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

Donnel is right. Glaslyn existed then folded. We "reappeared"
(reactivated) again in 1998.

Yours in service,
Lady Lavina del Bakhous
A&S Minister, Canton of Glaslyn
and co-reactivator of the Canton of Glaslyn (in 1998)...

On Wed, 4 Oct 2000 DonnelShaw@aol.com wrote:
mbhite@arn.net writes:
> << Glaslyn 5/1998 >>
> Glaslyn was in exisitance in 1982. Now I know it folded and reappeared.

Subject: ANST - History Worth Repeating...perhaps? [Long...with commentary
applying beyond martial endeavors]
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 14:39:37 -0500
From: "Kihe Blackeagle" <kihe@ticnet.com>
To: <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>

A comment at the end of one of Sluggy's messages reminds me of some
ancient Moonschadeen history, however, and it is a matter which may
be of more general usage in FUTURE discussions.

In the dim recesses of Ansteorran history, in the Land of the Crying
Winds, in the by-then Shire of Mona Sceaduwe (I'm *reasonably*
certain that was the name variation in effect at the time of the
events I am about to relate), a certain maid of the populace was
possessed of fierce heart, undoubtable courage, and a
previously-injured physiology.

Leta Amaryllis Goldenglow was also absolutely determined to
participate in at least one of the then-available SCA combat arts
practiced in Ansteorra. I remember the events about to be related
as being associated with boffer weapons, as they existed circa A.S.
XIV -- she longed for the other combat forms as well, as I remember,
but responded with defiant humor when the collected masses around
her said, with varying degrees of determination, what can best be
paraphrased as "Are you NUTS, Bobbi?"

Know as well that this was in the days well before such modern
introductions as combat authorization cards, required vambraces,
metal / "solid" knees & elbows (saddle leather attached to a
"normal" pad sufficed), and prior to the exclusion of unmodified
hockey gloves for heavy-fighter armor. In truth, the ancient among
us (perhaps two years of SCA participation!) had even seen the last
gasp of the "freon can" helm as acceptable for practices, although
my memory is that they had already been banned from tournament and
war -- while regulation against converted modern metal military
helmets was still a subject of some debate. True standards for
boffer weapons may have been in effect elsewhere in the Knowne
World, but they had not reached our distant frontier in any
published fashion that I can recall, or have record of: given a
half hour with open-cell foam, duct tape, perhaps some
fiber-reinforced strapping tape, and maybe a bit of garden hose to
stiffen the core of the handle (only!), I could easily reproduce one
of the weapons we used then. Give me an hour, and I can make the
whole from tape and open-cell: getting a "proper" grip that would
not flex in the middle of a blade-slash and so throw off one's aim
was more difficult without *some* additional material...

"Armor" beyond perhaps a light gorget was not usually required for
boffer at that time (except for gender-appropriate groin
protection -- and, usually, some level of strongly-encouraged chest
protection for females), particularly among adults consenting to
square off with an oddly-shaped bit of tape&foam in one hand and a
fierce grin upon their lips.

In the name of sanity, and fierce protectiveness for "one of our
own", Leta's less-than-completely healed injuries were sufficient
for the collected masses -- and the local Marshall -- to encourage
something above and beyond in the way of protection. Ever the
ingenious and inventive soul, m'lady Leta rose to the challenge.

The flashing eyes of an Ansteorran battle-maid are no less effective
for staring out at you from above what I remember as a cot mattress
(or was it a large pillow? chaise lounge cushion?) duct-taped around
the left side of her body -- especially when the glare & grin are
followed by a fierce flurry of well-aimed dagger blows leading a
RAPID advance.

Modern authors have gifted us with a phrase to describe Leta's
unexpectedly effective style: "Scream and leap!" would fit it
rather well, I think...

I wonder, often, how much we have lost (while never doubting how
much we have gained), as the needs of the modern world and our
advancing maturity / wisdom cocoon us in ever more-stringent
regulation and mandate protections for new combinations of
circumstance. I would see none of our company needlessly injured by
omission or through ignorance. (I read here, recently and once
again with sadness, of the deliberate destructions visited upon the
bolt-maker's crafted works by a combatant unwilling to accept a new
addition to "his" game, and wonder at how low some of the fires of
enlightment were burning on that day -- but I am encouraged that the
SCA Earl Marshall has spoken in favor of keeping combat archery
albeit at the addition of ABD to the projectiles we are expected to

I know what we have gained over the years of my association with the
SCA and its many and varied folk. We have gained light-hearted
laughter as bated blade scrapes along bated blade upon the rapier
combat field. We have gained new appreciation and respect for the
tribulations visited upon man-at-arms, squire, knight, war-leader --
and yeoman -- of old, as they trained for the preservation of their
lives, honor, and lands. We have learned their ways, or built our
own new way based upon what learning survived and was appropriate to
our hobby-form of combat, with the weapons of the footman and the
archer, even delving into the mysteries of the artillerist.

We have seen most directly in practice & tourney why, to quote a
small bit from Kipling by way of Master Ioseph, "the female of the
species is more deadly than the male". I saw that determination in
Leta's eyes and "quick attack" style, in the never-quit attitude of
an axe-woman I faced on the tourney-field in Bjornsborg long ago
[whose name I have long forgotten -- bad Bard, no biscuit! --
perhaps Gunnora?], and in the quiet determination of so many whose
labor and love keep their families clothed, fed, and happy while
playing our "game".

And, at least for many of us, in all of these efforts and in all of
these fields of endeavor we have gained a far closer insight into
the hearts of our friends, companions, acquaintances (and others
less well-disposed) as we met them blade to blade, pen to paper,
heart to mind, word set against word, research tempered by
experience -- both refuted and reinforced, and often both!

Including, of course, the more cerebral of these exchanges being
made through electrons to the screen.

Recorded to disk, to paper, to tape, to CD-ROM, and to forms yet
unrealized by modern alchemist and craftsman, these are the
chronicles of our lives made manifest for the future. I have spoken
or written of Leta's foray into the martial ranks before. What was
spoken, a few heard and may remember, and some may tell others, but
unless my words somehow made the events "real" within their
imaginations, how long would the story survive? Two generations?
Forty years? Beyond my lifetime, or that of my sons? Perhaps...

Committed to the pages of a single local group's newsletter, how
long until the paper is discarded or crumbled, untransferred to more
permanent form? A century? Two? ...

But in *this* form, through this forum, how many more lives might be
touched down the span of time? I pray thee all, remember this when
your tempers flare hot or your thoughts run wild. We write here not
upon the wind of the world, but upon the very stream of time itself.

Amra, known also as al-Sayyid Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra,
Moonschadeen forever in my heart, if ever any has reason to doubt
that affiliation,
and supporter of Tomonaga's nomination of REHoward as patron saint
of this Kingdom:
A long bow, and a strong bow,
With the foreign foe for our mark:
Draw to the ear, make their nobles fear
As the sky with our shafts grows dark!
(para-re-phrased, after the model of "Song of the Bossonian
Archers", Robert E. Howard)

Mike C. Baker
dba: Rev. Kihe Blackeagle, PULC ("the DreamSinger Bard")
kihe@ticnet.com OR MCBaker216@cs.com

Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Size of Crown Tournaments
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 18:57:39 -0500
From: David Hughes <davidjhughes.tx@netzero.net>
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

Carl Chipman wrote:
> Oops. Upon getting your reply and then rereading my own initial e-mail,
> I realized I had misstated my query.
> What I meant to ask was : "Has anyone kept track of the number of
> entrants in Ansteorra's crown tournaments throughout the years?"
> Jean Paul

Haven't kept track, but I believe the lowest number was 16. (86?, 87?)
Special Case.
Inmann had decreed that a Field of Honor Tourney was to be held on
Saturday (at Onion Creek, south of Austin), open to all who wished to
show their prowess. CT would be on Sunday, with the proviso that all
entrants must compete on Saturday.
Four Fields, maybe 60 entrants, you fought everyone assigned to the
same field. Inmann fought on all four fields.
Neat Idea, BUT...
Due to injuries, exhaustion, armour failures, etc., on Sunday only 13
fighters showed up to enter. Two more volunteered who hadn't planned
on entering Crown.
Fifteen is an inconvienent number, so they decided to "draft" a 16th.
They needed someone present, who had fought on Saturday, who was
otherwise eligible, and who had someone eligible on site who would
agree to be consort.
Now, why do I remember all these details? <G>

David Gallowglass

(You draw someone in the list you've never fought, never met, and you
barely recognize the name. The scouting report is : "He's a viscount
from Drachenwald, moved back to the kingdom just over a year ago.
He's really fast, very clean, and has no known weakness." This
DOESN'T help! {Hi, Galen!})

Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Groups Original Names
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 12:45:22 EDT
From: Sigen3@aol.com
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

bmccrory@oktax.state.ok.us writes:
> >While we're on the subject of original names for our local branches, I'd
> >love to hear about others that went through some name changes during their
> >history, as well as what the names mean. I know that Bryn Gwlad was not
> >always Bryn Gwlad, for example ... <grin>
> >
> >Stephen Macthomas
> >Gate's Edge
> Well here in the North I know of several,
> Wiesenfeuer was originally Ebonfeuer (Black Fire)
> Moonschadowe was Mona Sceaduw (which is Moon Shadow in Old English)
> Sir Burke

A short history of the beginning of Northkeep

Lady Agnes de Saint Michel moved to Tulsa in the spring of 1976, and put up
SCA flyers. The first Newcomers' Revel was held on May Day. There were revels
with her and people who came and went. Alanna of Caer du Pard wrote to Lady
Agnes in the autumn through winter of 1976-1977. William Blackfox and a few
others came and went.
During the First Populace Meeting, Officers were chosen as follows: Seneschal
- Alanna of Caer du Pard, Knight Marshall and Arts and Sciences Minister,
Thomas Redhawk, Herald, and Hospitaler, Agnes de Saint Michel. The Name
chosen for the group was Nord-aus-das Strom (North of the Storm), and
appeared in the Sable Star, Principality Newsletter in 1977.


Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Groups Original Names
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 12:39:12 -0500
From: Burke McCrory <bmccrory@oktax.state.ok.us>
To: ansteorra@ansteorra.org

Since we are going into brief histories here is Moonschadowe's

In late fall of 1978 a number of people were introduced to the SCA by
William Blackfox when he attended the first B.E.A.S.T. Wargaming convention
held at OSU. In March 1979, a number of interested people (from Stillwater
and Ponca City) attended the first Middle-Atenveldt (Queen Willow's) war
held just north of Tulsa. In April some more of us attended the Medieval
Fair in Norman. In late April or early
May (I can't remember the exact day) Lady Melissande Dragonstar of Clan
Silverthorne and Lord Frederick von Sternwald came up and explained to us
the process of forming a SCA shire. We voted to create a group including
just the Stillwater area (the rules on land claims were different in those
days) and started working on the paperwork that day. Since in those days
there was no status of incipient we were styled an "acting shire" until the
board could approve us. We held our first revel in July and were graced
with the attendance of Their New Majesties Ansteorra, John and
Willow. None of the original Moonschadowe members live in the Shire
anymore (if memory serves), but Haldane (who was up in Ponca City in High
School when we formed the shire and moved down about a year later) would be
the oldest remaining member. One of the most interesting pieces of trivia
was the proposed original name of the shire, Moonshadow, Land of the Crying
Wind. Of course the heralds immediately told us to shorten it as it had to
many letters. So we voted to go with Shire of Mona Sceaduw (Moon shadow in
old English) rather than Shire of the Land of the Crying Winds.

Sir Burke

Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] Elfsea & group histories
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2001 01:04:25 -0500
From: "Aunt Dwen" <auntdwen@us.inter.net>
To: <ansteorra@ansteorra.org>

Greetings from Baroness Ceridwen:

I've been enjoying the thread about the history behind names for groups
in this fair land. As we fast approach another coronation, it seems like a
good time to review the history of Ansteorra and her many local traditions.
I offer this rememberance of the formation of the Shire of the Wastelands
for your amusement.

The Shire of the Wastelands (Enid/Fairview, OK) was formed in Spring of
1993. The original intention was to become a Canton of the Barony of
Wiesenfeuer, but since our borders were not contiguous, we were advised by
the BOD and the Crown that we had to become a Shire. The name "Wastelands"
is based on a cartoon of the late Master William Blackfox and the perception
that northwest Oklahoma is somewhat...barren.

At the time the Shire of Wiesenfeuer began its quest to become a Barony,
HL. Malaki was its seneschal. In a conversation with then Crown Mikael of
Monmouthshire, Malaki suggested the boundaries of the barony include all
territory west of I-35 and north of I-40 (basically the northwest quadrant
of OK). While, for obvious reasons, this did not come to pass, Master
Blackfox immortalized the exchange in a cartoon with the punchline of, "A
Waste is a terrible thing to mind."

The populace of the Incipient Shire of the Wastelands, knowing full well
that we grow the wheat that feeds the world, embraced the concept of wheat
for our device (three crossed golden shafts of wheat on a blue field). The
Gleaner became the name for our newsletter in honor of all the huge
"Gleaner" combines that come through here on harvest. Baron Don James
Navarre found a sickle which became the stand for our Shire's device, and
for many years our Arts and Sciences competition was "Wheat in Any Medium."

I hope this glimpse at our past has been of interest. I hope others
will continue to tell the story of the evolution of their groups.

Baroness Ceridwen Tir Gwastraff
House Wizard's Keep
Chronicler of the Wastelands

Subject: [Ansteorra-announce] Order of the Queens Ring of Ansteorra
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 09:40:56 -0500
From: Darius and Monica <dmriney@earthlink.net>
To: Ansteorra-announce@ansteorra.org

Greetings Ansteorra,
This weekend at Queens Champion, I as Their Majesties court herald, had
the privlege of giving voice to the proclamation opening the Order of
the Queens Ring of Ansteorra. Lord Edward Mercer and HE Sir Emrys
Shaunnon were simultainiosly named as joint premiers of this award. The
Badge that will be ruled upon by Laurel Soveirgn of arms in August is:
"Sable a rose Or within a bordure Argent" or in english "a gold rose on
a black field with a silver border"

The constitution of this award and scroll text are as follows:

Order of the Queens Ring of Ansteorra

Unto the gentle populace of our fair lands of Ansteorra do we Duncan and
Larissa, Rex et Regina Ansteorrae, commend ourselves unto your grace and
keeping. Further we now give tidings of great import unto our subjects
and realm.

Henceforth there shall be in our Kingdom Ansteorra, an honor to be known
as the Order of the Queens Ring of Ansteorra. This award shall be given
at the discretion, and by the hand of Her Majesty in the recognition of
the given courtly virtues displayed in and for the betterment of our

Item: That recipients of the Order of the Queens Ring of Ansteorra shall
have displayed courtesy, grace, and mannerisms as are deserving of

Item: The Order of the Queens Ring of Ansteorra shall carry no Award of
Arms, or precedence beyond any other honor given by our hand.

Item: Recipients of the Order of the Queens Ring of Ansteorra may add
“holder of the Queens Ring of Ansteorra” to the style and introduction
of their name.

Item: The Order of the Queens Ring of Ansteorra shall Bear with it the
right to bear such Insignia Armorial as will be associated with the name

All these things do we command, proclaim and place within the keeping of
our beloved realm by our hands and seal on this 28th day of July AS
XXXVI being 2001 Gregorian

Duncan Larissa
Rex Regina

Be it known that We ___________________ Regina Ansteorrae, in
recognition of courtly virtues displayed in and for the betterment of
our realm, do by this our charter confer upon ______________ the Queens
Ring of Ansteorra, with all privileges and duties thereto appertaining.

This so done in our ________________ of ______________ on this _____day
of ______, AS _______ being ___________ Gregorian

Queens sig

I remain in service to Crown and Kingdom
HL Darius of the Bells

<the end>

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