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Histories of the SCA Kingdom of Atenveldt.


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From: Ioseph

Subj: Atenveldt History Part 1

Date: 23 Nov 91





  The SCA started on 1 May, 1966. The first knight of the SCA  

  (David the Herald) was dubbed by Siegfried von Hoefflichkeit

  at this event.

  On 25 March, 1967, Fulk de Wyvern dubbed Henrik of Havn a knight,

  and crowned him the first King in the SCA.

  The rank of Duke was created on 6 January, 1968, along with the

  Order of the Rose, the Order of the Laurel, and MSCA.

  On 21 July, 1968, the first King of the East, Bruce of Cloves, was  


  The SCA was officially incorporated on 4 Oct., 1968.

  On 4 January, 1969, Grants of Arms, Awards of Arms, and Court Barons

  were created by King Caradoc (ap Cador) of the West.

  On 4-6 July, 1969, the first Crown Tourney of the Middle Kingdom was

  held. Their first Coronation was on 7 Sept. 1969, with Cariadoc of the

  Bow their first King. (He later became King of the East, after being

  King of the Middle and declaring War on the East, thus declaring war

  on himself, and starting Pennsic War). Ioseph of Locksley and Richard  

  Ironsteed join the SCA, at Santa Barbara WesterCon.

  On 22 October, 1972, the Order of the Pelican was created. It was

  released to the giving of individual Kingdoms on 9 July 1974.

  In May of AS XXV, the SCA became a recognized sub-culture, with the

  accession of Sir Stephan of Bellatrix, son of Duke Paul of Bellatrix,

  to the Throne of the West.


  The first Tourney was held on 7 December, 1969, at McCormick Ranch

  Park in Scottsdale, and the second Tourney, which chose the first

  Prince of the Principality of Atenveldt (now the Sun) was held at

  the same location on February 22, 1970. The BoD voted us a Kingdom  

  on 19 April, 1970, giving us Caerthe and the branch in New Orleans,

  and the whole Southern USA to the Atlantic Ocean.

  The official "Kingdom Day" is 18 January.

  "Atenveldt" was a Principality first, and there is some arguement  

  as to when or if it ever was a Barony. Robert Roundpounder was the

  first Prince.


  The Kingdom of Atenveldt was founded and built -primarily- by:

  Michael of Moria               Deaton Claymore

  Richard Ironsteed              Care-Cheri of the Fallen Stars

  Ivan du Grey (of Navarette)    Denis of the Titans

  Ioseph of Locksley             William of the Shire



  The Barony Of Atenveldt was founded by: Michael of Moria and

                                          Richard Ironsteed

  The March of Ered Sul was founded by: Perigrine Mellyrn of the

                                        Last Mountain

  The Barony of Tyr Ysgithyr was founded by: Rodema de Rohan

  The Barony-March of Mons Tinitrus was founded by:  

  The Barony of SunDragon was founded by: Alys Carvelsdottir and

                                          Mary Margaret of Derby

  The Barony of Loch Salann was founded by:

  The Barony of 1000 Eyes was founded by:


  The following Kingdoms of the SCA came out of Atenveldt:









        Premier Chevalier: Johnathan of Whytewolfe

        Laurel: Ioseph of Locksley

        Pelican: Denis of the Titans


  The Crown of Atenveldt can be traced most easily by the "dynasty"

  system. These were, in order (so far):

                       Weldon House








    Robert I and Katrin        04/12/70  AS IV    to 06/21/70 AS V

      Robert Roundpounder, the first Prince of Atenveldt, crowned

      himself as Prince, saying that he had won it with his hands

      and prowess, and nobody else had the right to give him what

      -he- had won by "right of arms." This tradition was continued

      in this Kingdom, and written into first Kingdom Law.

      The Principality established the Order of Light, a general

      Service/Arts award for the Principality of Atenveldt. This

      was the first local Order in the SCA...and we were the first

      -Principality- in the SCA, too....we went on to establish

      many precedents for the SCA, some good...and some not so good.

      One person has quipped: "Atenveldt exists so the Board of

      Directors has something to keep them occupied...."  

      Robert only had one real problem as Prince....if a Dallas

      Cowboys game was on TV, the WORLD STOPPED while he watched

      the game. He wrote very good poetry, too.

      Establishment of the "Locksley Monsters." First two were

      Sir Carole the Grim and Sir Dale the Small (dsd).

    Arthur I and Angela        06/21/70  AS V     to 10/21/70 AS V

      It was right around in here that William of the Shire built a

      Viking longboat. It was about 25 feet long, with a sail. We took

      it out on Lake Pleasant, in a VERY brisk wind, and it damn near

      out ran the (motor powered) MCSO boat......the Sheriff's thought

      it was GREAT, but asked us to get it registered.....

    Robert II and Kathleen I   10/21/70  AS V     to 01/16/71 AS V

      William of the Shire made mead. It was -very- good mead, tho it had

      a bad habit of escaping from the bottles and crawling across the floor

      of his kitchen. He would strain it thru an old sock. We never asked  

      if he had washed the sock first or not. One post-revel, as we were  

      cleaning up the Hall, a Lady that later became Michael of Moria's  

      second wife was sitting on one of the tables with a rather far-away

      look about her. I asked her if anything was wrong, and she looked at  

      me with great limpid eyes (she had KILLER eyes anyway) and said, in

      a -very- tiny voice: "I have a brick in my head." Then she fell over.

    (Note: The Crown Prince/ess of the Kingdom ruled as Prince and  

           Princess from 01/16/71 until Post-Regency.)


    (renaming of the Princip. of Atenveldt as Princip. of the Sun    

    and re-establishment of the Prince and Princess of the Sun)

   Ivan and Kathleen IV       01-06-77  AS XI    to 05-07-77 AS XII

   Thomas I and Anastasia I   05-07-77  AS XII   to 11-05-77 AS XII

   Denis II and Trude I       11-05-77  AS XII   to  06-11-78 AS XIII

   Amayot and Kerensa         06-11-78  AS XIII  to 12-10-78 AS XIII

   Denis III and Trude II     12-10-78  AS XIII  to 06-02-79 AS XIV

   Nicholas and Frances       06-02-79  AS XIV   to 11-17-79 AS XIV

   Justin I and Victoria I    11-12-79  AS XIV   to 04-12-80 AS XIV

   Roger and Elwyn            04-12-80  AS XIV   to 11-08-80 AS XV

   Trelon I and Faleena       11-08-80  AS XV    to 05-16-81 AS XVI

   Christopher and Trude      05-16-81  AS XVI   to 11-21-81 AS XVI

   Thomas II and Anastasia II 11-21-81  AS XVI   to 05-15-82 AS XVII

   Christopher II & Gabrielle 05-15-82  AS XVII  to 11-05-82 AS XVII  

   Trelon II and Kimie        11-05-82  AS XVII  to 04-30-83 AS XVII  

   Justin II and Hastini      04-30-83  AS XVII  to 11-19-83 AS XVIII

   Thoronaur and Lucia        11-19-83  AS XVIII to 05-19-84 AS XIX

   Rotwulf and Naomi          05-19-84  AS XIX   to 11-17-84 AS XIX

   Lei Chiang Jen and Aurora  11-17-84  AS XIX   to 05-19-85 AS XX

   Justin III and Victoria II 05-19-85  AS XIX   to 11-16-85 AS XX

   Elric and Camelen          11-16-85  AS XX    to 05-17-86 AS XXI

   Mathghamhain and Fiona     05-17-86  AS XXI   to 07-19-86 AS XXI

   (resigned )

   Regency of Viscount Elric ap Moray

   Justin IV and Victoria III 09-21-86  AS XXI   to 03-21-87 AS XXI

   Mathghamhain and Clea      03-21-87  AS XXI   to 09-19-87 AS XXII

   Eldrid and Dorinda         09-19-87  AS XXII  to 03-19-88 AS XXII

   Mark and Jacqueline        03-19-88  AS XXII  to 09-17-88 AS XXIII

   Adam and Eirianedd         09-17-88  AS XXIII to 03-18-89 AS XXIII

   Gilbert and Brynhilde      03-18-89  AS XXIII to 09-16-89 AS XXIV

   Danu and Malinda           09-16-89  AS XXIV  to 03-17-90 AS XXIV

   Justin V and Victoria IV   03-17-90  AS XXIV  to 09-18-90 AS XXV

   Ulric and Elaina           09-18-90  AS XXV   to  

   Arik and Roslynne  





  King and Queen               from                  to


  Richard and Felicia          01/16/71 AS V     to 06/22/71 AS VI

      Felicia MacCluarain aka "Great White Elephant."

      Atenveldt covers 27 states of the USA, from the Colorado River

      to the Atlantic Ocean. There is talk of "Manifest Destiny,"

      but Calafia goes with the West.

      Richard (Ironsteed) had no thought of entering the first Crown,

      and hadn't even brought his own armor that day....but he wound

      up fighting anyway, and winning the first Crown of the Kingdom  

      of Atenveldt.

      The custom of "finking the King" grew, being a car FULL of SCA

      types pulling up to the King's home in the middle of the night,

      jumping out and shouting, in unison, "THE KING IS A FINK!" and

      then tearing away as fast as possible.....


  Arthur and Irving            06/22/71 AS VI    to 12/03/71 AS VI

      Irving MacChluarain. This name was "hung" on her in a demented

      game of Monopoly at Weldon House one night.  

      Weldon House was an SCA "commune" where most of the Hot Sticks  

      lived, at one time or another. The trebuchet was set up in the  

      front yard, to the amazement of passers-by, at 32nd St and  

      Weldon, Phoenix AZ. Michael of Moria got pretty drunk one night  

      and began to swing back and forth on the end of the trebuchet's  

      arm. All the other SCA folk at Weldon House that night (about  

      15 people) got tiki-torches, rakes and pitchforks and gathered  

      round the base, at which point Michael began doing his Cornered  

      Frankenstein Monster act, growling and pawing at the

      mob......the mundanes marveled at the scene.  

  Joseph and Kathleen          12/03/71 AS VI    to 06/??/72 AS VII        

      Kathleen MacChluarain.

      Joseph was the only un-belted King of Atenveldt. He had his  

      origins in the Weldon House crowd, but was on the outs with  

      them. This caused many problems.  

  Stephen and Shannon          06/??/72 AS VII    to  12/03/72 AS VII

      Won the Crown at his first Tourney.

      Belted on the field.

      First codification of Kingdom Law.

      Monster Milk-And-Cookies: someone, usually the Lady or the  

      Chatelaine of House Locksley, would walk out onto the Tourney  

      field (usually in the middle of the excitement) with a plate of  

      milk and chocolate chip cookies. She would then shout "COOKIE"  

      and step back. The Locksley Monsters would take over the field  

      and eat cookies and drink milk while someone read them a nice  

      children's story....at an average weight of 250-300 lbs. each  

      (out of armour), who would argue with them?  

  Arthur and Lorelei           12/03/72 AS VII   to 04/14/73 AS VII

      Lorelei of Zagamar, aka "Hot Flash." She was the quintessence

      of "cute," "beautiful" and "nice," all at the same time.

      We used to go into the Village Inn pizza parlor on Apache Blvd.  

      in Tempe after Tourneys. This was also the hangout of the local  

      frat-rats. Picture Baron Sir Ivanof von Schloss, in full Roman  

      armour, kicking open the door, shouting "Wine for my horses and  

      fodder for my men!" throwing a waitress over his shoulder and  

      demanding the back-room for the SCA folks. We always got it.  


  Reynard and Kathleen         04/14/73 AS VII   to 09/29/73 AS VIII

      Kathleen MacChluarain

      Monster Ball....this was developed by the Locksley Monsters,  

      being either a) passing a lady back and forth (throwing her

      to each of them across a circle of Monsters (yes, they were

      THAT big), or playing with Deaton's 250 lb. anvil, or play-

      ing "Aten Football" using a Volkswagen or something like a

      tree-trunk as the "ball" and playing it in armour, with

      melee rules....pretty crazy stuff.

      Reynard tended to be pretty crazed. There was talk of the  

      "Reynard Doll: wind it up and it wins the Tourney." He was  

      -blindingly- fast on the Field. He liked to "play ape" and  

      swing about in trees, hooting and gibbering.  

      The first Crusadene King. The "Crusadenes" wore tabards of  

      "Argent, a Latin Cross gules," and, originally, had sworn to  

      make pilgrimage to Jerusalem and stand vigil over the Holy  

      Sepulcher, in armour, for 24 hours.  

  Robert and Sequora           09/29/73 AS VIII  to 06/22/74 AS IX

      Sequora of Zagamar

  Reynard II and Kathleen II   06/22/74 AS IX    to 01/12/75 AS IX

  Robert II and Sequora II     01/12/75 AS IX    to 06/22/75 AS X

      First Grand Outlandish (?)

      Tyr Ysgithyr becomes a Barony.

  Pontius and Sharazon         06/22/75 AS X     to 12/13/75 AS X

      Not actually from the Weldon House crowd, but ran with them.

      The Dark Horde appears in Atenveldt.

      The Dwarves appear in the Outlands.

  Denis and Samantha           12/13/75 AS X     to 06/06/76 AS XI

      Denis rips in two and eats Deaton's rattan broadsword, thereby  

      giving the Locksley Monsters a BIG reputation....

      The first Locksley King.

      The second Crusadene King.

      Caid Invasion (about four minutes into opening Court....and  

      live steel came out (well? It's what -we- wear at Court!)  


  Deaton I and Care Cheri I    06/06/76 AS XI    to 12/18/76 AS XI

      Care Cheri is a MacChluarain, too. Too many sheep here!

      The third Crusadene King.

  Jonathan and Lyn             12/18/76 AS XI    to 03/13/77 AS XI

      The fourth Crusadene King.  

      Abdicated at first Caid Invitational at Estrella Park, the  

      first Estrella War (not counted in Estrella War numbering  


      Principality of Atenveldt renamed The Sun, and a separate  

      Coronet List established.  


  Regency of Deaton Claymore (1st in SCA)

      Tourney was "chaired" but not "reigned over" by Ioseph of  

      Locksley, then Laurel King of Arms. Deaton did not wish to  

      enter, but the fighters there present requested him to do so.  

      There were 66 fighters in this List. Deaton defeated Denis for  

      the Crown in a light rain. As the final blow was struck, a  

      rainbow appeared over their shoulders.  

  Deaton II and Care Cheri II  03/13/77 AS XI    to 08/13/77 AS XII

      Meridies becomes a Kingdom. Deaton and Care's Ducal Coronets  

      cost them an estimated $11,000 in expenses. Deaton crushed a  

      helm in his hands in Ansteorra and promptly wrote new armor  



  Ton and Elizabeth            08/13/77 AS XII   to 12/17/77 AS XII

      The first of the Outlands Kings. Ton got his start in Ysgithyr,  

      and did NOT like the "power people" in the Sun. This caused  

      problems in his reign that continued over to many of the other  

      Outlands Kings of Atenveldt.  

  Koris and Leah               12/17/77 AS XII   to 05/06/78 AS XIII

      Amayot and Ivanof von Schloss joust on motorcycles at Crown.

  Johann and Malinda           05/06/78 AS XIII  to 09/09/78 AS XIII

  Jonathon and Willow          09/09/78 AS XIII  to 03/03/79 AS XIII

      The Crown goes to Ansteorra.

      Burro Creek War....Aten vs Caid.

  Theo and Selene              03/03/79 AS XIII  to 07/21/79 AS XIV

      The Crown comes back to the Outlands.

  Koris II and Leah II         07/21/79 AS XIV   to 01/05/80 AS XIV

  Heinrich and Sara            01/05/80 AS XIV   to 06/07/80 AS XV

      Ansteorra becomes a Kingdom. (?)

  Einrich and Shaleaya         06/07/80 AS XV    to 12/06/80 AS XV

  Johann II and Malinda II     12/06/80 AS XV    to 06/20/81 AS XVI

  Albert and Selene            06/20/81 AS XVI   to 12/05/81 AS XVI

     Clan Shadowcat appears, and the Kingdom climbs a tree....

  Amayot and Kerensa           12/05/81 AS XVI   to 05/30/82 AS XVII

     The Sun takes back the Crown.

     The last Crusadene King.

     The second Locksley King.

     (The so-called "BannerGate")

     Burro Creek War the Last; Deaton finds himself surrounded by  

     about 30 Caidans, and kills them all in an incredible display  

     of SCA combat.

  Einrich II and Myrby         05/30/82 AS XVII  to 12/04/82 AS XVII

     And the Outlands takes it back again....

  Dafydd and Lyn               12/04/82 AS XVII  to 06/04/83 AS XVIII

     And the Sun takes it back.

     (The so-called "BaronGate")

     Catbox War I.....Aten vs Caid. Appearance of Rolling Thunder.

  Christopher and Constance    06/04/83 AS XVIII to 12/03/83 AS XVIII

     SunDragon becomes a Barony.

  Trelon I and Trude           12/03/83 AS XVIII to 06/02/84 AS XIX

     Catbox War II.....Aten vs Caid.

  Freana and Richenda          06/02/84 AS XIX   to 12/01/84 AS XIX

  Micah and Thamzine           12/01/84 AS XIX   to 06/01/85 AS XX

      Estrella I....Aten vs Caid.


  Brion and Adrianna           06/01/85 AS XX    to 12/07/85 AS XX

      Death of Queen Adrianna: Every florist in Utah is sold out of  

      roses, as they -all- had been sent to the funeral. She is  

      buried in her regalia as Countess, and the entire Kingdom is in  


  Trelon II and Daphne         12/07/85 AS XX    to 06/07/86 AS XXI

      Estrella II ....Aten vs Caid.

  Brion II and Anna            06/07/86 AS XXI   to 12/06/86 AS XXI

  Trelon III and Daphne II     12/06/86 AS XXI   to 06/06/87 AS XXII

       A lawsuit is filed against the SCA. Elric ap Moray literally

       saves the Society with his legal work.

       Outlands becomes a Kingdom.  

       Estrella III....Aten vs Caid.

  Brion III and Anna II        06/06/87 AS XXII  to 12/05/87 AS XXII

       Artemisia becomes a Principality. Thorfinn is first Prince.  


  Kveldulfr and Briony         12/05/87 AS XXII  to 06/04/88 AS XXIII

       Estrella IV....Aten vs Caid.



  Brion IV and Anna III        06/04/88 AS XXIII to 12/03/88 AS XXIII

  Trelon IV and Daphne III     12/03/88 AS XXIII to 09/03/89 AS XXIV

       The Great Beheading.

       Estrella V ....Aten vs Caid.

  Brion V and Anna IV          09/03/89 AS XXIV  to 03/10/90 AS XXIV  

       Estrella VI ....Aten vs Caid.

       Johnathan Whytewolfe brings a Great Mucking Cannon to the War.

       Caid is -very- surprised!


  Mark I and Jaquelline I      03/10/90 AS XXIV  to 09/01/90 AS XXV

       Aten-Outlands War.


  Thorfinn I and Sarah I       09/01/90 AS XXV   to 03/??/91 AS XXV

       Estrella VII ....Aten vs Caid.

  Brion VI and Anna V          03/??/91 AS XXV   to 09/07/91 AS XXVI  

  Thorfinn II and Sarah II     09/07/91 AS XXVI  to  03/ /92 AS XXVI

  Mark II and Jaquelline II    03/  /92 AS XXVI  to          AS XXVII


  Respectfully submitted, with apoligies for my aged and decrepit memory:

  (please correct me if I am wrong in dating)

                                                   -Ioseph of Locksley

  needed: when did Mons Tinitris become a Barony?

          when did Loch Salann and 1000 Eyes become Baronies?



From: sandradodd at aol.com (SandraDodd)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Crowns, Coronets, & Law

Date: 12 Nov 1994 13:40:38 -0500

Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)


In article <3a0dcn$7r6 at netaxs.com>, blktauna at netaxs.com (Donna Bowers)

writes:  <<Asking for a clarification of how a fillet can be construed as

a coronet and telling a whole kingdom they have to change their rules are

two entirely different things...

As far as this Easterner is concerned, your kingdom is yours to run as

you please, I just wanted to know why that particular custom came about

and how those two metal items could be confused with each other. >>


I actually know the answer to the question:  Many years ago, when there

were five kingdoms and Caid and Ansteorra were just about to become

independent, Atenveldt was deciding about coronets, at the request of the

steward (Bevin Fraser) and because of a few minor misunderstandings about

viscounts and "crown barons" (don't ask) and so there were discussions,and

drafts, and influential campaigners.  I was Seneschal of Atenveldt, but

not yet a peer.  Baldwin of Erebor was Aten Herald and maybe had just

become a peer, but maybe not quite yet.  


There were countesses and duchesses in a certain influential neighborhood

(not mine) who were accustomed to wearing decorative wires (1/8 inch

bands) as their coronets, and they neither had nor wanted fancier



This, I believe, without the filling in of any particular gossipy details,

is the basis of the situation.  It ended up affecting the Outlands, but

not Ansteorra, as Ansteorra was too busy hatching their new kingdom to pay

attention to this round of discussions.  Ansteorra allows coronets for

AoA's (I believe) and *elaborate* coronets for Court Barons.


AElflaed of Duckford, feeling suddenly really old



From: djheydt at uclink.berkeley.edu (Dorothy J Heydt)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Kingdoms that used to be in the East Kingdom

Date: 3 Jul 1996 22:23:34 GMT

Organization: University of California at Berkeley


[Hal posting from Dorothy's account....]


In article <4re4gj$m71 at news.emi.com>, C. Clark <cclark at vicon.net> wrote:

>Principality of Atenveldt (which soon turned into a



Atenveldt started as a Barony of the West.  They petitioned to

become a Principality a few years later, and eventually became

the first kingdom to be formally split off from an existing



        --Hal Ravn

         (Hal Heydt)



From: amazing at mail.utexas.edu (dennis grace)

To: bryn-gwlad at eden.com

Date: Sun, 6 Oct 1996 23:47:26 -0500

Subject: Re: From the Seneschale


Warlord Dieter wrote:



>With the support of the southern principality and the new vigor that these

>factors produce in the populus, the principality grew both in membership and

>in other intangible ways- (Sir Lyonel, I think you might best cover this

>area) Artemesia became a proud place with a strong membership despite the

>low population density.



And I must concur.  It's hard to argue with the facts.  


The region of Artemisia, despite including Montana, Utah, all of Idaho but

the panhandle, and the Western Slope portions of Wyoming and Colorado, only

tenuously had the necessary population to maintain a principality (circa

1986). We had one barony (Loch Salann, in Salt Lake City); active, healthy

shires only in Green River, Idaho Falls, Boise, Bozeman, and Missoula; and

incipient shires or dying shires in another perhaps ten small cities. The

fact of our sparse population had many in the BoD convinced we'd never be

able to maintain the numbers necessary to retain Principality status.


We made becoming a principality our rallying cry.  First, we established the

Barony of 1000 Eyes in Idaho Falls, an effort which, itself, required much

rallying and crying (after all, Idaho Falls only has a polulation of

50,000).  Shortly thereafter, with concerted efforts at recruitment, demos,

and advertising, we boosted the regional population to 275 in time for

consideration for principality status.  In the next few months, Sentinels

Keep (Missoula) and Arn Hold (Boise) advanced to baronial status and the

number of active shires doubled.  I know this might seem to verify one of

the frequently expressed fears concerning principality formation, but the

Principality of Artemisia is now about to become the Kingdom of Artemisia;

they have their first Crown Tourney scheduled for April. (Artemisia's

reasons for the split have nothing to do with their status as a

Principality, but I think the impending split gives a good idea of their

growth since becoming a principality).


Yours in Virtual Service


Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace, Thegn 1000 Eyes


Dennis G. Grace

Assistant Instructor

Postmodern Medievalist

Division of Rhetoric and Composition

University of Texas



From: "Sandra B. McDaniel" <fretknot at earthlink.net>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Kingdom names

Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 16:10:12 -0700


> > The name was made up from the Egyptian "aten" for "sun" and Dutch(?)

> > "veldt" for "plains".


> Those were the glory days of SCA name-creation. :-)


> Finnvarr


        Like many other things in the SCA, Atenveldt's name was chosen on the

spur of the moment.  Richard Ironsteed was encouraged to choose a name,

(preferably non-directional) "right now". For reasons unknown to Rick or

anybody else back then, it was pronounced with the long 'A' from the




Subject: ANST - Atenveldt History

Date: Tue, 13 Apr 99 13:05:49 MST

From: leigh- at primenet.com

To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG, artemisia at server.umt.edu,

     atenveldt at atenveldt.org,

     sca-caid at galaxy.csuchico.edu, outlands at mail.unm.edu,

     sca-east at world.std.com, sca-chroniclers at dnaco.net


Chronicle of Atenveldt


        History of the Kingdom from 1969 to 1995, including all the

Principalities that once were part of the Kingdom and are now Kingdoms



        Perma-bound with a color cover, the book contains not only the

history, but the reigns of all kings and queens, princes and

princesses of all principalities, cartoons which appeared in various

issues of Southwind. All the major kingdom office holders are listed,

plus early hard suit fighting rules, archery rules, rapier rules, a

section devoted to the Military History of the Kingdom, which includes

accounts of Estrella Wars.


        364 pages, 8*x11, compiled by Mistress Catriona Macpherson,

AKA Milly McCloskey.


Copies are available (at cost) from Milly McCloskey, 14228 N. 45h

Drive, Glendale AZ 85306-4500 for $10.00 plus $4.00 shipping/handling.

There are a limited number of copies available and this is the last

printing. This volume is useful for fairly new members to learn about

their kingdom and a perfect way for older members to reminisce.

Email replies to millymcc at primenet.com



From: katerinfg at hotmail.com (Kathy Fitz)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Atenveldt regalia stolen

Date: 30 Oct 2003 11:11:30 -0800


Forwarded from the Middlebridge:


Count Denis of the Titans writes:


His Majesty of Atenveldt has suffered a theft of regalia from his

vehicle. Missing are the King's crown and signet ring, the sword of

state and other items. Would those of you who follow on-line auctions

please be on the look-out for these items. Thank you.


Denis of the Titans - Atenveldt


Unto the populace who read these letters ~


It is with great sadness that we tell you our vehicle was broken

into and in addition to our personal belongings, several items of

regalia were stolen including:


His Majesties Crown and Signet Ring, King's Blood, the Kingdom

Scroll Case and the very beautiful blue velvet banners.


We are heartbroken and, of course, frantically contacting pawn shops

across the valley (after extensive descriptions with the police and

an immediate claim to our homeowners insurance.) We wish it known

that in NO WAY do we believe this was done by an SCA person, and let

us all pray that these items show up on EBay or in a pawn shop so

that they may be retrieved. We thank those of you who have been so

patient and supportive as we have been advising people along the way

of the incident.


So much for this being the easy week, but it's better than a million

other things that could have happened.


Erick and Nichelle



Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 09:11:36 -0700 (PDT)

From: Pat <mordonna22 at yahoo.com>

Subject: [Sca-cooks] Re: Creative Supplimentation

To: SCA Cooks <sca-cooks at ansteorra.org>


I started in the SCA in Atenveldt (Greater Phoenix, AZ).  There are  

three baronies, a College, and a Shire all within an hours drive, but  

the rest of the Kingdom is spread out over a huge area.  (There are  

nearly 5 million people in Arizona, but 3 million of them live in the GPA).

Weekend camping events are the norm.  A few of the larger summer time  

events are held in Halls, with no camping (ever try sleeping in a tent  

when the midnight temperature is over 100 degrees F.?)  The camping  

events seemed to be about 50/50 with feasts, and the Hall events all  

had feasts.  Sometimes the camping feasts were included with the site  

fee, the Hall events very seldom included feast with the site fee.

Because Atenveldt is a predominantly urban population, supplementing  

with wild game or home grown vegetables was seldom done, although  

locally grown lamb has been used.


I moved to Meridies two years ago.  My biggest culture shock was  

finding that weekend events here almost always include cabins, and  

people are reluctant to attend camping events in more primitive  

settings where cabins are not available.  How can cement block cabins  

and swimming pools onsite add to the Medieval atmosphere?  Also, the  

population is much more spread out, and one does not get the  

opportunity to fraternize with royalty that one experiences in  



Pat Griffin

Lady Anne du Bosc

known as Mordonna the Cook

Shire of Thorngill, Meridies

Mundanely, Millbrook, AL



From: Douglas Schreffler <dschref at swbell.net>

Date: August 30, 2006 3:19:25 PM CDT

To: Barony of Bryn Gwlad <bryn-gwlad at ansteorra.org>

Subject: [Bryn-gwlad] Lord Douglas' Fractured History O' Combat Archery


As a historical aside;

I had the dubious privilege of being present when combat archery was first attempted (I think) back in '73 or '74 at the Second Burro Creek War between the Kingdom of the West and the Kingdom of Atenveldt (I think it became the Estrella War, which sounds better).  I was in the Principality of Caid, fighting against a bunch of people from the uncouth name of the Principality of Ansteorra.  As Uther had mentioned, this was before authorizations and pretty much before any actual armor requirements.  My armor consisted of a Kirby barrel helm (which I still have), hockey gloves, and "armor" with the powder blue shag carpeting inside and "Monsanto Wearever" boldly blazoned across my chest.  Somebody suggested we try combat archery.  There were no poundage limitations on the bows, and nobody had crossbows...though there were some nasty-looking pink neon fiberglass longbows present.  Combat arrows consisted of any shaft you happened to have out of whatever material they were made out of, with a disc of foam rubber duck-taped to the top after you sawed off the point.  An hour before the first battle, the marshal decided that all fighters must cover all eye and other helm openings with chicken wire.  As chicken wire was not readily available at 8am on a Saturday in a rural state park, this resulted in the marshal being stuffed in a convenient dumpster and the battle going forth.

After two very HOT hours of our battle commanders "maneuvering their forces" (they were war-gaming devotees) we found Atenveldt and Ansteorra lined up at the foot of a jeep track leading up to the "castle" (water tank).  We stood and yelled naughty things at each other for another 30 minutes.  Then, Hagar the Bear, a very large, very furry Caidan, who wore minimal armor and had driven all that way from LA to smack somebody with a rattan club, got "irked".  We of Caid and the West, seeking peaceful negotiations, started chanting "Ha-GAR! Ha-GAR!" mostly because we were bored and to egg Hagar on.  Hagar went berserk and charged the Atenveldt line, taking out a half-dozen of the opposing force before dying (mostly by landing on them) and opening a hole in the shield wall. The combat archers (all six of them) got one flight off before the rest of Caid and the West ignored their battle commanders and followed Hagar, most of us merrily jumping up and down on the arrows so they couldn't be used again...not that we acknowledged the strikes in the first place.

Caid and the West won gloriously (or, at least, that's what I remembered after several bottles of Ripple Pagan Pink wine) and thus combat archery was born, having developed into what it is today.

So, my recommendation is...anybody know whether Ripple Pagan Pink is still manufactured and where I could buy several cases?

Lord Douglas "Is that a pink neon fiberglass longbow or are you just happy to see me" Lion.



From: Chris Zakes <dontivar at gmail.com>

Date: August 30, 2006 5:05:20 PM CDT

To: Barony of Bryn Gwlad <bryn-gwlad at lists.ansteorra.org>

Subject: Re: [Bryn-gwlad] Lord Douglas' Fractured History O' Combat  



> As a historical aside;


> I had the dubious privilege of being present when combat archery was

> first attempted (I think) back in '73 or '74 at the Second Burro

> Creek War between the Kingdom of the West and the Kingdom of

> Atenveldt (I think it became the Estrella War, which sounds better).


The first Burro Creek War was in February of AS 12--1978 (I have some

rather painful memories of the drive out there and back in a couple

of RV's towing trailers full of gear) so #2 would have been in 1979.

I'd made up several dozen combat arrows for Burro Creek 1, only to be

told when we got there that combat archery wouldn't be allowed.


>   I was in the Principality of Caid, fighting against a bunch of

> people from the uncouth name of the Principality of Ansteorra.  As

> Uther had mentioned, this was before authorizations and pretty much

> before any actual armor requirements.  My armor consisted of a

> Kirby barrel helm (which I still have), hockey gloves, and "armor"

> with the powder blue shag carpeting inside and "Monsanto Wearever"

> boldly blazoned across my chest.  Somebody suggested we try combat

> archery.  There were no poundage limitations on the bows, and

> nobody had crossbows...though there were some nasty-looking pink

> neon fiberglass longbows present.  Combat arrows consisted of any

> shaft you happened to have out of whatever material they were made

> out of, with a disc of foam rubber duck-taped to the top after you

> sawed off the point.  An hour before the first battle, the marshal

> decided that all fighters must cover all eye and other helm

> openings with chicken wire.  As chicken wire was not readily

> available at 8am on a Saturday in a rural state park, this resulted

> in the marshal being stuffed in a convenient dumpster and the

> battle going forth.


There actually *was* combat archery happening before that--one of my

first events was a "Clan War" at Buescher State Park over Labor Day

weekend in AS 11, which had combat archery in several melees. At that

event, the archers had to wear fencing masks and were "touch kill"

for the armored fighters. Most arrows has 2" solid rubber balls

fiber-taped in place for heads, which made bounce-backs *really*

exciting if they hit something solid. As you said, there weren't any

real rules for things like bow poundage or armor requirements. (Hey,

most of us were college kids, which meant we were immortal, right?

<G>) In March of AS 11, the Society Marshal, Duke Andrew of Seldom

Rest, issued a ban on, among other things, fencing and archery at

human targets, which implies that combat archery was happening in

more places than just proto-Ansteorra.


>  After two very HOT hours of our battle commanders "maneuvering

> their forces" (they were war-gaming devotees) we found Atenveldt

> and Ansteorra lined up at the foot of a jeep track leading up to

> the "castle" (water tank).


Oh, lord, I remember that from Burro Creek 1: marching here, marching

there, marching somewhere else in the sand and cactus for quite a

long time before anybody got to throw a blow. Fortunately I was

marshalling, rather than fighting, so It wasn't as bad as the woods

battle at Gulf War 1.


          -Tivar Moondragon


(I wonder if mastadons would qualify as targets in the Hunt?)


<the end>

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