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Ital-Fnl-Caks-art – 6/28/06


"Italian Funnel Cakes" by Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad


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Italian Funnel Cakes

by Mistress Helewyse de Birkestad


This dish was made for a desert revel in June 2005, when I didn't feel like heating the house up by turning on the oven.  So instead I mixed up the batter and cooked it at the meeting instead.  They went over well, after all who doesn't like grease and sugar.


Per fare fritelle domandate Frascate Cap CXXXVIII


Impastinsi otto oncie di farina con dieci ova fresche, & tre oncie di butiro liquefatto, & due oncie di zuccaro, un poco di zafferano, et sale a bastanze, due oncie d’acqua rosa, & sopra tutto faccisi che sia ben battuta, & habbisi la padella col strutto caldo, & d’essa pasta liquida pongasene in una cocchiara forata, o in uno foratoro mezzano, & con un altra cocchiara non forata si farą passare, facendola andare per tutto, di modo che tenga tutta la padella, & subito che si vederą ch’haverą fatto il fiore, volgasi con destrezza, perche non pigli troppo colore, & cavisi perche tal pasta cuoce presto, & mettasi l’una sopra l’altra, spolverizzate di zuccaro, & se si vorranno conservare tenghisino nel forno caldo temperatamente, e coperte con la carta straccia.


To make fritters called branched Chap 138, 5th book Scappi.


Mix together eight ounces of flour with ten fresh eggs, three ounces of melted butter, two ounces of sugar, a little saffron, enough salt, and two ounces of rose water.  Above all make it so that it is well beaten.  Have a frying pan with hot lard and put this liquid batter into a spoon with holes or into a holed scoup and with a spoon without holes make the batter flow through, and make it go everywhere, in the way that you cover the whole of the pan.  And as soon as you see that you have made a flower turn it with care because you don’t want it to become too brown, and then remove it, because this batter cooks quickly, and put one on top of another and powder with sugar to serve.  And if you want to keep them, put them in into a moderately warm oven covered with a piece of paper.


Modern recipe



8 oz plain flour

10 eggs

3 oz butter melted

2 oz sugar

1 pinch saffron

1 pinch salt

2 fl oz rose water

Olive oil for frying

Sugar for dusting




Mix together the batter ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, sugar, saffron, salt, rose water.  Meanwhile heat a frying pan with an inch oil in the bottom.  When oil is hot, add the batter so that a “flower” pattern is made. Flip over and fry on the other side.  Remove from oil, drain and sprinkle with sugar to serve.


Translated by Helewyse de Birkestad OL, June 30th 2005

Copyright 2005 by Louise Smithson. Email:  helewyse at yahoo.com.

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