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merchants-msg - 9/4/04

Directory and review of SCA merchants.

NOTE: See also the files: merchanting-msg, merch-books-msg, p-prices-msg, occupations-msg, commerce-msg, guilds-msg.


This file is a collection of various messages having a common theme that I  have collected from my reading of the various computer networks. Some messages date back to 1989, some may be as recent as yesterday.

This file is part of a collection of files called Stefan's Florilegium. These files are available on the Internet at: http://www.florilegium.org

I  have done  a limited amount  of  editing. Messages having to do  with separate topics  were sometimes split into different files and sometimes extraneous information was removed. For instance, the  message IDs  were removed to save space and remove clutter.

The comments made in these messages are not necessarily my viewpoints. I make  no claims  as  to the accuracy  of  the information  given  by the individual authors.

Please  respect the time  and  efforts of  those who have written  these messages. The  copyright status  of these messages  is  unclear  at this time. If  information  is  published  from  these  messages, please give credit to the originator(s).

Thank you,
    Mark S. Harris                  AKA:  THLord Stefan li Rous
                                          Stefan at florilegium.org

From:    Lynn Meyer
Date:    16-Nov-89 10:46pm
Subject: jewelry source

Someone a while ago asked for sources of jewelry, Celtic I think.  I finally
remembered to bring in the catalog of one such source:

    Medieval Miscellanea
    6530 Spring Valley Drive
    Alexandria, VA 22312
    (703) 354-7711

In addition to all sorts of period jewelry reproductions, they sell period
patterns (T-tunics through Elizabethan) with LOTS of documentation of
variations, T-shirts (e.g. "Hastings 1066: Not Enough Saxon Violence"),

"Cheap Mail" (fabric printed to look like chain mail) -- everything from
pewter buttons to custom pavilions.

The 40-page catalog is $1.50.

I have no connection with them other than as a customer and as a visitor
to their booth at Pennsic, where I found them friendly and helpful.

Halima de la Luz                Lynn Meyer
Abeyance of the Westermark      1393 Woodland, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Principality of the Mists       (415) 325-1020 home, (408) 562-4217 x 4339
Kingdom of the West          

From: PROSSER at ecs.umass.edu
Date: 17 Nov 89 22:20:00 GMT

Greetings, all,

        To the gentle who , some weeks back, requested plans for
building his own Celtic harp: I too am preparing to build my own
harp.  I've looked around for nearly two years now and all of the  
harps that meet my needs (floor harp, 36 strings) start at $1700,  
which is about $1500 more than I can afford.  I finally found a
good source for plans and hardware (levers, bridge pins, etc.).
It is:
                Robinson's Harp Shop
                33908 Mount Laguna Dr.
                PO Box 161
                Mount Laguna,CA 92048
                (619) 473-8556
These people used to make harps, but have switched to selling just  
the makings.  I plan to make my harp (their "Tara" model, based on
a turn-of-the-century Irish harp) this January with my father's help.
I'll let you know how it turns out.  Good luck!
                                Taliesin from Bergental

PS.  you might want to check out a few back issues of The Folk Harp
Journal;  They're available either from other harpers or Robinson's.

From:    Ioseph of Locksley    

        Herewith some information on Celtic Harps from my ms (unpublished)
"Locksley's E-Z Irish Harp Method (revised ed.)

        Joe Bethancourt                    SCA: Ioseph of Locksley
        White Tree Productions                  OL, OP, &c
        PO Box 35190                            the Whyte Bard
        Phoenix AZ 85069


WHERE TO BUY HARPS: Instrument Makers:

        Tucson Folk Shop                 Ogham Harps
        Leo Folk Harps                   Ballygriffin, Kenmare
        415 N 4th Ave                    Co. Kerry, Eire
        Tucson, AZ                        

        Boulder Early Music Shop         Walton's Galleries
        2010 Fourteenth St               2,3,4 & 5 N Fredrick St
        Boulder. CO                      Dublin 1, Eire

        Caswell Harps                    Triplett Harps
        Box 1339                         2220 Suburban Rd Suite B
        Forestville, CA                  San Luis Obispo, CA
        95436                            93401

        Witcher Harps                    Dragonwhispers
        Box 1033                         Box 211
        Houlton, ME                      Mt. Laguna, CA
        04730                            92048

        Dusty Strings                    John Yule
        3406 Fremont Ave No.             Camethy Cottage
        Seattle, WA                      Silverburn, Penicuik
        98103                            Midlothian EH26 9LQ

        Antique Sound Workshop Ltd       Aoyama Harp
        70 Lakewood Drive                282 Stepstone Hill
        Plymouth, MA                     Guilford, CT
        02360-1921                       06437

        Salvi Daphne                     Hallelujah Harps
        168 N Ogden Ave                  1473 Acequia Barrada W.
        Chicago, IL                      Santa Fe, New Mex.
        60607                            87501

        Heartland Strings                Hummingbird Instruments
        2692 Boston Rd                   212 Wayne NW
        Woodville, WI                    Albuquerque. NM
        54028                            87114

        Nial Imbusch                     Magical Strings
        13 Woodlawn Dr                   Box 4086
       Dooradoyle                       Seattle, WA
        Limerick, Eire                   98104

        Markwood                         Clive Morley
        1250 NE 5th St                   Goodfellows Farm
        Bend, OR                         Filkins Nr Lechlade
        97701                            Gloucestershire GR7 3JG

        James Rydecki                    Sandpiper Folk Harps
        Box 1093                         Box 29218
        Meadow Vista. CA                 San Diego, CA
        95722                            92129

        Two Sisters                      Woodsong
        Box 5703                         1840 Acacia Dr
        Athens, OH                       Box 3955
        45701                            Estes Park, CO

        Wold Song
        Box AD
        Panorama City. CA


        Many of the listed manufacturers and retail oulets offer cases.
        The best cases available, however, are padded "gig-bag" affairs
        of nylon Cordura from:

        INSTRUMENT CLOTHIERS                the Tucson Folk Shop also
        6326 Ranier Ave South               offers a nice case, as does
        Seattle, WA                         Lark In The Morning. See above
        98118                               and below for adresses.

WHERE TO BUY HARPS: Retail outlets:

        Lark In The Morning             Folkcraft
        PO Box 1176                     Box 807
        Mendocino, CA                   Winstead. CT
        95460                           06098

        Folk Mote Music                 Grenadier Music
        1034 Santa Barbara St           Box 1128
        Santa Barbara, CA               Seneca. SC
        93101                           29678

        Harp And Dragon                 In The Tradition
        25 Madison St                   Box 223
        Cortland, NY                    Deer Isle, ME
        13045                           04627

        Loveland Harps                  Lyon & Healey
        Box 1101                        168 N Ogden Ave
        Loveland, CO                    Chicago, IL
        80539                           60607

        Pantile Press                   Robinson's Harp Shop
        2525 Eastside Ln                Box 161
        Houston, TX                     Mt Laguna. CA
        77019                           92048

        Paradise Music                  Sue Richards
        556 Paradise Ln                 612 E Linfield Dr
        Edmunds. WA                     Rockville. MD
        98020                           20852

        Sylvia Woods Harp Center        The better Irish and Scots
        Box 29521                           import shops sometimes
        Los Angeles. CA                     have harps available.

About Harps:

        FOLK HARPS
        Gildas Jaffrennou; Model and Allied Publications Ltd.
        (how to build them yourself!)

        R. B. Armstrong; Edinburgh, 1904  
        Facsimile edition: Praeger 1969
        LCCCN: 74-96769
        (sell your first-born child for this book!)

        "How To Buy A Harp"
        FRETS (period.) June 1989 (Vol. 11 No. 6)
        20085 Stevens Creek
        Cupertino, CA 95014

        C. Fox; Dutton

        Gunn; Constable

        J. Thomas; Hutchings & Rosner

        J. Parry; D'Almaie & Co.

The Folk Harp Journal (Periodical)

        4718 Maychelle Dr
        Anaheim, CA 92807-3040
        (714) 998-5717

                               * end *

From:    Ioseph of Locksley
To:      All
Date:    29-Dec-89 03:56pm
Subject: music

May I reccommend:

        Devine Celtic Sounds
        PO Box 5983
        Glendale AZ 85312-5983

        Write for their catalog! VERY good!

* Origin: <Deus ex Machina-BBS Free Atenveldt! 602-439-8070>  (Opus 1:114/29)

From:    Rolfe Von_Duerer
To:      Ioseph of Locksley
Date:    23-Jan-90 12:59pm
Subject: Armorers

Here is another armory for your list.

Black Sword Armory
Joe Latta
RR4, Box 327F
Gainesville Fl, 32608
(904) 495-9967
Catalogs available.

* Origin: MOBS_Opus_Humor_South~Forward, Upward, Onward, Together! (Opus

From:    Ioseph of Locksley
To:      All
Date:    24-Feb-90 12:25pm
Subject: Sources

I have been asked a lot about skin heads for bodhrans and banjos. Here's
where to get 'em cheap: Mid-East Mfg. Inc.  
                        808 E New Haven Ave  
                        Melbourne, FL 32901  
                        (407) 724-1477)

Goatskin banjo heads are about $10.00 each!  

They also carry a NICE line of adjustable head bodhrans (Irish drums). I
bought one with a rosewood body that is just delightful! Price is around  
$75.00, which is about half of the imported irish made ones.....  
* Origin: <Deus ex Machina-BBS Free Atenveldt! 602-439-8070>  (Opus 1:114/29)

From:    Ioseph of Locksley
To:      All
Date:    23-Feb-90 05:59pm
Subject: More Arms/Armour makers

Vorhut-Fahnlein Arms
4962 Providence Rd
San Diego, CA 92117
(619) 272-2050

VERY GOOD catalog, good, solid hand-worked items, including full suits of
whatever period of armour you desire.

HIGHLY reccommended!

Rotblatt Knives
(No adress given)
(213) 477-1585

This is some of the most beautiful stuff I've seen yet.

Caravan Traders
C/O Robert Langford
225 Summit
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 274-2406

Mostly imported stuff of varying quality.

Bahadur Design
Duke Sir Torgul Steingrimsson
c/o Pat Conlin
[address given is out-of-date. He may be in Brenan, WA now -ed]

Gentles, I cannot say enough good things about this work! Would you  believe a
FULL REPLICA Sutton Hoo helmet? BOILED LEATHER helmets? INCREDIBLE!!!!! Check
this one out for buckles, jewelry, etc, too!
* Origin: <Deus ex Machina-BBS Free Atenveldt! 602-439-8070>  (Opus 1:114/29)

From: aluko at portia.Stanford.EDU (Stephen Goldschmidt)
Date: 14 Feb 90 18:55:54 GMT
Organization: Stanford University

Decent wax for sealing scrolls is reportedly available from
   Patrick and Co.
   560 Market Street
   San Francisco, CA

The product is Dennison's (No. 2?) Express Red Sealing Wax, and
costs US$18/lb (about SKr280/kg).

mka: STephen Goldschmidt
aka: Iulstan Sigewealding (was: Juls Siwaldsen)

From:    Ysabeau des Champs d'Houx
To:      All
Date:    22-Sep-89  09:20am
Subject: new (sort of) source.

I just got a catalog from these people yesterday, and they have lots of good
Celtic music and dance books (yes, even some Elizabethan recorder music!).  
Think I'll order something.

The Celtic Trader
PO Box 35495, Charlotte, NC 28235
(800) 822-2420 or (704) 332-CELT.

From:    Ioseph of Locksley
To:      Rimm Stoneforge
Date:    24-Mar-90 01:34am
Subject: Re: Swordsmith extrodinaire...

RS>Anyone out there know about a master smith of swords by the name
RS>Daniel Watson of Angel Sword fame?  If so, and you know how to
RS>contact him, please leave me info.  I apprenticed under him and
RS>wish to obtain some of his merchandise.

  Master Smith Daniel Watson
  Angel Sword
  Number One Presidio
  Wimberly, TX  78676
  (512) 847-2531
* Origin: <Deus ex Machina-BBS Free Atenveldt! 602-439-8070>  (Opus 1:114/29)

From: palmer at tallis.enet.dec.com (Colonel Mode)
Date: 17 Apr 90 20:18:09 GMT
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation

After mangling my crumhorn kit, I called the Early Music Workshop. Although
would rather be drawn and quartered than assemble a kit for someone, (says
something about the kits, doesn't it?) they were happy to take back the kit,
plus retribution for damaged parts, and give me a real crumhorn for the
difference in price. I'm very pleased with my new crumhorn. :-)

The Early Music Workshop
59-65 Boylston Street
Brookline, MA 02146
(617) 277-8690

Chris Palmer
palmer at tallis.enet.dec.com
phone (508)486-6667 dtn 226-6667

From: ddfr at tank.uchicago.edu (david director friedman)
Date: 22 Apr 90 18:58:34 GMT
Organization:rly Period. University of Chicago

Someone asked the address of "Early Period." It is:

c/o David and Rebecca Wendelken, P.O. Box 631, Rome, GA 30161

I highly recommend it.

Someone also asked about the revival of "The Hammer." It is being
edited b y Marc Rengarth (Mark D. Chapman). Subscriptions cost
$11/year (four issues)

Mark Chapman, Black Horse Manor, 10503 Harmony Hill Rd., Marengo, IL

From:    Simon <Etc>
To:      Dior Aligrante
Date:    21-May-90 10:31am
Subject: Re: Weapons and Armor

> DA: I would deeply appreciate if one of you could post a list of
> DA: armorers' addresses.

North Star Armory - Master Peter of the Golden Isles
Max Engel
1441 Funston Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Joe Latta
Black Sword Armory
RR4, Box 327F
Gainesville Fl, 32608
(904) 495-9967
Catalogs available.
Vorhut-Fahnlein Arms
4962 Providence Rd  
San Diego, CA 92117  
(619) 272-2050  
Caravan Traders
C/O Robert Langford
225 Summit
Memphis, TN 38104  
(901) 274-2406  
Bahadur Design  
Duke Sir Torgul Steingrimsson  
c/o Pat Conlin  
[address given is out-of-date. He may be in Brenan, WA now -ed]

MacKenzie-Smith - Master Robert Kinslayer
Robert MacKenzie
12116 Highland Drive
P.O. Box 3315
Truckee, CA 95734

Conner Mac Cinneide at:
Red Dragon Armoury
2522 Baxter Dr.
Austin, TX  78745-4345

Renaissance Trends - Howard & Wanda Noble
P.O. Box 58734
Tucson, AZ  85732

Hold Tyte Armory - Sir Robert de Spencer, OL
2359 Cavalier
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Thornbird Arms - Master Brion Thornbird
Brian Price, Luke Apker, Clark Acton
21626 Lassen
Chatsworth, CA 91311  818-341-8227
Fax: 818-709-1869

Kirby Wise-Fraser (Master Zoltan Kovacs)
P.O. Box 531
Bouse, AZ 85325

John M. Craft III
Lockett Springs Ranch
PO Box 682
Williams, AZ 86046
(602) 638-2190

Medieval Customs
2401 W Orangewood Ave #E  
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Jeff Krauss
(602) 995-4115

Museum Replicas Ltd
(Atlanta Cutlery Corporation)
2143 Gees Mill Rd
Box 840
Conyers, GA 30207

11010 41st Dr NE
Marysville, WA 98270

Warriors and Weapons,
7 Wickens Walk,
St. Anns, Nottingham NG3 3NH, England.

Raven Armoury,
Belmont House,
Newport, Essex CB11 3RF, England.

Bailiff Forge,
Unit 53 Colne Valley Workshops,
Linthwaite, Huddersfield, W.Yorkshire HD7 5QG.

Anybody got more?  I'm building lists....

From:    Stephen Greyhawkes
To:      Dior Aligrante
Date:    30-May-90 12:00am
Subject: Re: Armour & Weapons

The current address for Blacksword Armory is:

         Blacksword Armory
         % Joe Latta
         RR4 Box 327F
         Gainesville, FL 32608

Date: 5 Jun 90 00:59:00 GMT


Someone requested the Folkwear catalog address, but I've lost track of whom.
So, I'm re-posting it.  Mail $2.00 to:  Folkwear Customer Service Dept., the
Taunton Press, Box 0922, Newton, CT, 06470-0922.

                                In Service,

                                    Cher de Bellevue

                                    INTERNET: CRF at PINE.CIRCA.UFL.EDU
                                    BITNET: CRF at UFPINE

From: rml3362 at venus.tamu.edu (LITCHFIELD, R. MICHAEL)
Date: 30 May 90 01:55:27 GMT
Organization: TAMU

Went to steppes warlord this weekend, had a marvelous time and while I was
there picked up the addresses for some of the armorers present

Red Dragon Armoury
P.O. Box 142054
Austin, TX 787714
(512) 836-9150

Good Servicable armour, fairly inexpensive.

Oliver de Leon d'Oro
2707 Stonehaven cl
Irving, Tx 75038
(214) 256-3064

Only saw a suit of lorica, looked pretty good, no idea about prices.

Highland Anvil
907 Aleto
Arlington Tx. 76010

Absolutely the most gorgeous armour I have ever seen. Kinda expensive but more
than worth it.

Michael Alyn Graehme
Michael Litchfield
RML3362 at rigel.tamu.edu

From: ddfr at tank.uchicago.edu (david director friedman)
Date: 15 Jun 90 03:47:24 GMT
Organization: University of Chicago Computing Organizations

Iosef asks about sources for lute strings. Since the question may be
of more general interest, I thought I would post the following:

Mistress Johanna van Dendermonde says that the best price for
ordinary gut and nylon strings is Donna CurryUs Music, 1780 Fort
Union Dr., Santa Fe, NM 87501, (505) 989-9350;  for fancier strings
(roped gut or copper wound), try Olav Chris Henriksen, Boston
Catlines, 34 Newbury St., Somerville MA 02144, (617) 776-8688.  If
you want to order from France, she can give you two more adresses.

David Friedman (Cariadoc)

From:    Atalaya Lasanadora
To:      Danny Harris
Date:    04-Jul-90 06:11am
Subject: Recorder Music

* Replying to a message originally to Ioseph Of Locksley
DH "Could you tell me where I could order some tapes with
DH "recorder music on them.  I am also interested in other
DH "period music.
DH "Danny
DH "--- RemoteAccess 0.03
DH " * Origin: zounds do I perceive a dragon " ya all"
DH "(1:128/50)
        Give "Andys Front Hall" a try, I think you'll be greatly satisfied!
They have a wealth of Period & Folk music and even many hard to find items.
Their address is: P.O. Box 307, Voorheesville, NY 12186. Their information
line is: 1-518-765-4193 & their order line is 1-800-759-1775 ext 8. They also
carry books, instruments, music & songbooks, & off-beat items. Good

* Origin: Mail room for the Shire of Gleann Dubh (Node 1)  (1:363/75)

From:    Ioseph of Locksley  
To:      All
01-Jul-90 04:48pm
Subject: Stuff

Wanted to let everyone know about a source for some things of SCA interest:
The US CAVALRY STORE, 2855 Centennial Ave, Radcliff, KY, 40160-9000
carry replica US Cavalry BOOTS (hightop boots!) for $229.95....along with
spurs, both period Indian Wars (with rowels) and circa 1914 US
Army (rowel-less)....their catalog is $3.00 and well worth it.
They also carry McClellan saddles, for those of you that ride.
* Origin: <Deus ex Machina-BBS Free Atenveldt! 602-439-8070>  (Opus 1:114/29)

Date: 9 Jul 90 17:03:00 GMT
Organization: Society for Creative Anachronism
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

>Alix Pont de Fer (did I get that right?) asked about sources for mediaeval
>fruits and vegetables.  Care to publish these sources to the net?  (I just
>weeded my garden and now I can't do a thing with it; please send
>suggestions for things I can plant next year.)

I'm working on a cookery research/landscaping project. I'm not trying to  create
a medieval garden, but to provide myself with a supply of hard-to-find or
expensive cookery ingredients while renovating a scuzzy-looking yard. I
identified plants I wanted to try by going through the indexes and glossaries of several cookbooks, and found more when I started researching those. One
very nice thing: Some medieval herbs and vegetables are both perennial and
ornamental! I plan to write some of this up for _The_Rolling_Scone_ (Calontir
Cooks' Guild newsletter) or TI.

I got started a little late in the year, and enthusiasm and research are only
partially adequate substitutes for experience and expertise, so some plants
haven't done very well. I haven't determined whether it's poor timing and/or
luck on my part, or whether they require a less murderous climate than
Calontir affords. Perhaps both. I'll try them again next year.

Along with names, addresses and catalog cost, I've listed the plants that
caught my attention. Many of these would be of interest to brewers & vintners,
perfumers, herbalists, and dyers as well as cooks. These companies offer a lot
more than I've listed here. Other companies offer things like red carrots (I
haven't found purple ones yet, alas!), poppies for seed and historical roses.
What you choose to grow depends on your interest and inclination, and the
climate, soil and space you have available. Here are the three best sources
I've found:

J.L. Hudson Seedman, P.O.Box 1058 Redwood City, CA 94064.
Very informative catalog costs $1.00. Specializes in seed (no plants) for
rare and hard to find plants. Catalog is arranged by botanical name. Offers:
Alexanders, bedstraw, bilberry, broom, calamint (Satureja calamintha, not
Calamintha officinalis), clary sage, elecampane, good king Henry, Italian
edible gourd (I haven't checked this one out yet, but I think it's what was
eaten instead of the yellow-flowered zucchini, which is an American native),
marshmallow, mugwort, negelromano (Fennel flower), skirret, smallage, weld,
woad ... (et al.)

Nichols Garden Nursery, 1190 N. Pacific Hwy., Albany, OR 97321
Free catalog is very informative. Specializes in herbs and rare seeds, mostly
vegetables. Carries seeds, plants, bulbs, dried herbs, essential oils, potpourri
and brewing and winemaking supplies. Offers: Alexanders, alkanet, broccoli
raab, clary sage, costmary, elecampane, good King Henry, mugwort, orach,
orris, scorzonera and skirret.

Richters, Box 26, Goodwood, Ontario, LOC1A0, Canada
Informative catalog costs $2.50 for 1 year subscription. Specializes in seeds,
plants, bulbs and dried herbs for the serious herbalist. Also carries some
vegetables and ornamentals. Offers: Alexanders, alkanet, avens (only source
I've found), bedstraw, broom, clove pinks, clary sage, costmary, elecampane,
dittany of Crete, good King Henry, indigo, madder (only source I've found)
mugwort, orach, orris, southernwood, and scorzonera.

This company doesn't carry as many medieval plants as the others, but the
prices are great, and it's climatically close to Maine, where the lady who
made the inquiry I'm responding to resides:

Le Jardin du Gourmet, P.O.Box 75, St. Johnsbury Center, BT 05863
Uninformative catalog costs $.50. Specializes in shallots and european (esp.
French) vegetables, with a pretty good selection of herbs and a few flowers.
Carries seeds, plants, bulbs and supplies. Offers: mugwort, scorzonera,
southernwood, woad.


1) The abovementioned catalogs vary in their informational content. Hudson's
the strongest in historical background. Richter's is very strong in practical
uses of plants (and most likely to mention potential toxicity). Nichols is
somewhere in between. All three give some growing information. The Jardin du
Gourmet catalog is a stock list and order blank. Plants arrive with minimal
information, seeds and bulbs with none. If you need information on the
plants' requirements, you'll have to find it elsewhere.

2) I've done a lot of price comparisons. Nichols offers the best price on
saffron crocus I've seen anywhere. Richter's is pretty high on most items.
Le Jardin du Gourmet has very low prices on what it offers, and has $.25
sample packets of seed for gardeners who want to experiment or have limited
space. (It also has the best price on bay laurel I've seen)

3) BEWARE OF SHIPPING COSTS. It's a good idea to figure this in when comparing
costs in initial planning to avoid nasty surprises. Nichols charges a flat
$1.00 fee per order in the continental U.S. Richter's fees will take your
breath away. While they do the best packing for shipment I've ever seen,
pay for it. In addition, there's the hefty fee for shipment across national
borders which you can expect from any company. (Please note: There are a
of plants and bulbs which can't be shipped outside of Canada). Hudson and
Jardin have moderate shipping costs.

4) If you don't want substitutions in your order, tell them so. Also expect
some cancellations due to crop failure. (This was evidently a bad year for
smallage, elecampane and sweet cicely)

If anyone on the Rialto has the name of a nursery or seed company they're
particularly fond of, please post or send me its name and address. I'd also
like to find other sources for madder, avens, negelromano and clove pinks.
While my gardening experience is limited, if anything survives this wretched
summer, I'm going to try saving seeds. If anyone has advice to offer, or
would be interested in trading, please let me know. Thank you.
Alix Mont de fer          |=======|
    (Emily Epstein)       |* * * *|
Shire of Spinning Winds    =====/
    (Manhattan, KS)           /
epstein at ksuvm.ksu.edu         |

From: dp1g+ at andrew.cmu.edu (Demetri Patukas)
Date: 10 Jul 90 17:00:26 GMT
Organization: Mathematics, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA


Lamb Nurseries, E 101 Sharp Ave. Spokane, WA  99202 (509) 328-7956
has the following things to offer (sorry if some of this isn't period,
I'm trying, really!)

Milfoil (yarrow), Aconitum (monkshood), alchemilla (lady's mantle),
doronicum (leopard-bane), filipendula (meadow sweet), helleborus (hellebore),
hypericum (st.john's wort), leontopodium (edelweiss), polemonium (jacob's
ladder), polygonatum (true solomon's seal), saponaria (soapwort), and a list of
the usual herbs plus Sweet Woodruff, Applemint, Sweetmary (Bible Leaf) and
Bay Laurel.

There are plenty of other plants in the catalogue that I'm not familiar with
(my grandmother has grown all of the above in Maine, so I know of them) and
although there are no pictures, the descriptions are fair.  Most of the plants
have several varieties, described also.  Their postage rates go like this:
$0-20, $5.00, $20-30, 25% of order, 30-60, 20% of order, 60+ 15% of order.
Their prices seem average, orders are well wrapped, and the people were nice
to deal with (I ordered Parma Violets from them...mmmMMMmmmm). The deal
a lot with rock garden plants and hardy perennials.

Love, madder, and mead
Amabel Allegra, BMDL
Katherine Albert, Pittsburgh
kea at redneck.pc.cs.cmu.edu

From: ddfr at midway.uchicago.edu (david director friedman)
Date: 12 Jul 90 00:38:07 GMT
Organization: University of Chicago Computing Organizations

On the subject of period plants: Roses of Today and Yesterday (802
Brown's Valley Road, Watsonville, CA 95076-0398) has a number of
period roses. Also, I have in article in the Miscellany that lists
nurseries selling period fruit trees. Since fruit trees are
reproduced largely by grafting, a period fruit tree you buy today is,
in effect, a branch of a tree that was alive in period.

One final note. Summer Rambo apples are a period variety that is
frequently available in the area around Pennsic at the time of

David Friedman (Cariadoc)

From:    Daveed Of_granada
To:      Sionnaichan am Diolaimadh
Date:    17-Jul-90 09:55pm
Subject: Drums

I suggest contacting Unicorn Belly Dance Supplies, 3361 S. Corona, Englewood,
CO 80110, (303) 762-0124, for a catalog.  They carry (among LOTS of other
stuff) both Mid-East Manufacturing's fiber-skin drums and Handland's
natural-skin drums.  Another good source is Susan Winget (aka Lady Susan the
Midwife), whose business address is "Susan's Pottery and Drums", 1625 Cornell
SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106;  she makes excellent natural (goatskin rawhide)
headed drums of a fine ceramic quality.  
* Origin: <Deus ex Machina-BBS Free Atenveldt! 602-439-8070>  (Opus 1:114/29)

* Original: FROM.....Tom Achtenberg (114/16)
* Original: TO.......Joe Bethancourt (114/29)
* Forwarded by.......OPUS 114/29

Elderly Instruments
1100 N. Washington
P.O. Box 14210
Lansing, Michigan 48901


Has recorder books and records along with just about every other kind of
accoustic music.  Very reputable for mail order too!!

* Origin: Musicians Den (1:114/16.0)

From:    Ciorstan Macamhlaidh
To:      Joe Bethancourt
Date:    04-Aug-90 12:10pm
Subject: Re: Recorder Music

Elderly Instrments and Music also has a largeish stock of other types of
instruments of note to the Scaling-- and a largeish number of GOOD used
instruments for those of acquisition-mind limited by budget.  I've seen their
catalogs off and on for the last ten-twelve years or so.


From: DRS%UNCVX1.BITNET at MITVMA.MIT.EDU ("Dennis R. Sherman")
Date: 6 Sep 90 12:47:00 GMT
Organization: Society for Creative Anachronism
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Someone just asked for sources for music and instruments.  In
addition to your local music library, the following companies have
either instruments or music, or both, available.

Von Huene Workshop
The Early Music Shop of New England
65 Boylston St.
Brookline, MA   02146

Carries complete line of Early Music Shop of London kits, large line
of pre-built instruments available, very large selection of sheet
music, some in facsimile.  I've been very pleased with their service
and would recommend them as a good place to shop.

Antique Sound Workshop, Ltd.
70 Lakewood Drive
Plymouth, MA  02360-1921

These folks don't carry kits, but do have a large line of instruments,
although they tend to be the most expensive source I know of.  I
have some friends that have ordered several harps through ASW, and
speak very highly of the service they got.  Their catalog and
quarterly updates are worth getting just for the discussions of
different topics of importance to the early musician.

St. Croix Kits
423 South Main
Stillwater, MN   55082

Lots of kits, for just about everything - harps in several sizes,
hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, cornamuse, cortholt, krummhorn,
psaltery, on and on.  I've haven't yet ordered from these folks, but
the catalog looks good, and the prices are about the lowest I've seen.

Kelischek Workshop
Rt. 1
Brasstown, NC   28902
They carry a large line of instruments, of their own design as
well as others.  I've heard that some of their designs are somewhat
questionable, but don't know that of my own experience - I've never
dealt with any of their instruments.  Many of their prices on
student to medium grade instruments are the best I've seen.  They
have a very large selection of sheet music in the catalog, and so
far everything I've ordered has been in stock and delivered within
a week.  I'm pleased with their service.

For those interested, they also carry a line of software for
desktop music publishing.

     Robyyan Torr d'Elandris                Dennis R. Sherman
     Kapellenberg, Windmaster's Hill        Chapel Hill, NC
     Atlantia                               drs at uncvx1.bitnet

From: timsmith at dtoa1.dt.navy.mil (Smith)
Date: 16 Jan 91 15:39:56 GMT
Organization: David Taylor Research Center, Bethesda, MD

Poklon k Rialto ot Timofeya Ivanovitcha!

(I hope I got it right this time.  Seems centuries since I lived in
my native land :-)

For those looking for reasonable prices on long pull-on boots, I suggest
contacting Globe Militaria
           Box 2019
           Keene, N.H.  03431-2036

Due to recent events in Germany, there is a large amount of DDR Army
surplus available.  Mid-calf length combat "jackboots" are $45, and
the knee-high riding boots are $60.

Since my old boots have died in the middle of the cold & flu season,
I'm ordering a new pair today.

Do svedanya,

    Timofei Ivanovitch
--- Tim Smith ---  timsmith at dtoa1.dt.navy.mil ---- (301)227-1611 ---
--- Code 1522, David Taylor Research Center, Bethesda, MD  20084 ---

TO: Caitlin niConair
FROM: Etaoin

You were asking about a supplier for woad.  Richters, of Goodwood Ontario,
is a good supplier for many unusual seeds. They supply woad seeds (as
well as weld, dyers broom, alkanet, coreopsis, madder and a number of
other dye plants).  Woad seeds are inexpensive ($2.50 per package, 1988
prices) and they will ship to Canada or USA.  They accept VISA and
Mastercard and you can phone or fax your order to them.  Their catelogue
is about $2.00 and is very interesting.  They can be reached at:  (416)
640-6677 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Mon to Sat (phone) or fax to
(416)640-6641 24 hours a day with credit card orders.  Their address is  
Richters, Goodwood, Ontario Canada, L0C 1A0.  I've ordered from them
several times, they seem like a good supplier.

* Origin: The Homestead * TORONTO, ONT * (416) 272-4067 * (1:259/415)

From: FEENEYA at carleton.EDU (Jabberwocky)
Date: 10 May 91 17:41:00 GMT
Organization: The Internet

Good gentle who was looking for enamelling supplies, but I deleted the message
so I can't get to you directly: greetings!

My favorite jewelry suppliers are:

Newall in Chicago (don't hold that against them--they're very nice people)
Rio Grande in Albequerque (nice people and excellent prices, also will do
special orders).

I don't have the address for Newall right at hand, but they do have an 800
number, so if you call 800 information (800)545-1212, you can get the number
there, and ask for a catalog.  They have a wonderful supply of lead-free
enamels.  Leaded _is_ period, but since we do recreate the _best_ of the
medieval world, and lead poisoning doesn't count as the best, do get the lead
free, which in my limited experience (two pieces) give results that look just
like leaded.

Rio Grande, (what a co-incidence, I got their catalog in the mail today, and
it's sitting right here).  Oddly enough, I can't find enamel in my first glance
through or in the index, but they do have cloisonne wire.  Their number is
800-533-3299, and they'll send you a catalog on request.  Warning: have a drool
basin nearby--they have some amazing tools, findings, etc.

Faoiltigerna the Grim
feeneya at carleton.edu

From: jprod at sagepub.COM (Journals Production Department)
Date: 19 Jul 91 15:59:29 GMT
Organization: Sage Publications, Inc., Newbury Park, CA

  Several people have asked me to post the address for Pegasus Music. These
  people offer everything from legit songbooks to "Moonwolf's Still the
  King," from Silly Wizard to John Renbourn, from koto to balalaika to harp.
  Publications such as "A. Grump's Naughty Bits" and "Delayed Desserts" are
  also available. I have found them to be a little slow, but reliable and
                    Pegasus Music
                    P.O. Box 150471
                    Arlington, TX  76015-6471

  They also turn up at Pennsic and Estrella.

  Other interesting sources of books:

                    Rosamond's Reclaimed Treasures: Books
                          for the Medieval Life
                    P.O. Box 699
                    Los Lunas, NM  87031

                    Folump Enterprises
                    805 East Green #1
                    Urbana, IL  61801

  And a commercial publisher who offers music and wonderful prints as well
  as books, and whom many of you have probably cheerfully shelled out a LOT
  of money to (I know I have):

                    Cahill & Company
                    A Division of Regnery Gateway, Inc.
                    Federalsburg, MD  21632-0039

  Patronize these wonderful people!

                                 Sister Kate

         Journals Production Department, Sage Publications, Inc.
            2111 West Hillcrest Drive, Newbury Park, CA 91320
              voice: (805) 499-0721    fax: (805) 499-0871
                    via Internet: jprod at sagepub.com

From: alg at cs.cornell.edu (Anne Louise Gockel)
Date: 31 Jul 91 19:15:10 GMT
Organization: Cornell Univ. CS Dept, Ithaca NY 14853
Newsgroups: rec.crafts.textiles,alt.sewing,rec.org.sca

A good source for costuming information is the SCA, Society of Creative
Anachronism.  The avowed purpose of the SCA is the study and recreation of the
European Middle Ages, its crafts, sciences, arts, traditions, literature, etc.
The SCA "period" is defined to be 600 AD to 1600 AD, concentrating on the
Western European High Middle Ages.

You can find SCA members in the newsgroup rec.org.sca.  If you post there, be
sure to mention your city and state so that those who respond can suggest
local SCA groups and sources.  I believe that SCA has several phamplets or
publications specifically on costuming (aka "garb").  If you wish to contact
the SCA national headquarters you can write to:

          The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
          Office of the Registry
          P.O. Box 360743
          Milpitas, CA 95036-0743

There are two regular SCA postings, one posted by Wilson Heydt
(whheydt at PacBell.COM) and the other written by Arval Benicoeur
(joshua at paul.rutgers.edu or mittle at watson.ibm.com) and Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke
(smor at um.cc.umich.edu).

(Can anyone provide pointers to other historical recreation groups?)

Meanwhile, here are some other sources that you may wish to consider looking
into. (thanks to Dave Uebele {ucbvax!ucscc | uunet | sun}!sco!daveu for a large
chunk of this list).

Fall Creek Suttlery             Civil War era items and patterns
P.O. Box 530
Freedom, CA 95019               (408) 728-1888
$2.00 Catalog

La Pelleterie                   Coats and cloaks, pre 1840
P.O. Box 127 Highway 41
Arrow Rock, Missouri 65320      (816) 837-3261
$3.00 Catalog

NE Shutsa Traders               Cal/Mex era and horsegear
P.O. Box 186
Haven, Kansas 67542             (316) 465-3359
$1.50 Catalog

JAS Townsend & Son              Hats, cloaks, clasps
P.O. Box 415
Pierceton, IN 46562             (800) 338-1665

Campell's Designs               $3.00 Catalog
RD 1 Box 1444
Dept SNN
Herndon, PA 17830

Note: in July 1991 Sew News the address is listed as:
        Box 400
        Gratz, PA
        patterns from 1776-1945

Carolina Stitches in Time       Period clothing Patterns
Box 10933
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27108       (919) 764-0790

Amazon Vinegar & Pickling Works         This is "The mailing list to be on"
2218 E. 11th St.
Davenport, IA 52803             (319) 322-6800
$2.00 Catalog                   (309) 786-3504

Past Patterns
P.O. Box 7587
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49510    (616) 245-9456

Mediaeval Miscellanea,          (patterns)
7006 Raleigh Road
Annandale, VA 22003

The Taunton Press
63 South Main St, Box 5506
Newtown, CT 06470-5506
Only some of the original patterns have been reprinted, but Tauton is
reprinting others regularly.  Mostly Victorian and Early American patterns.

G-Street Fabrics                (patterns)
11854 Rockville Pike
Rockville, Md 20852             (301) 231-8998

Fair Winds Pattern Co.          Send $1 for brouchure.
819 N. June St.  
Hollywood, CA 90038.

Box 668
Mendocino, CA 95460.
1990-91 catalog has 1000 items, $2.50/cataog.  
books, magazines and reprints.  Books related to the costume and textile
arts, including out of print and hard to find books.   Shep has also reprinted
a number of older clothing books, including a couple of books of patterns for
Victorian and Edwardian clothing.

3345 East Miraloma
Suite 134
Anaheim CA 92806
Patters from 1100-1950 representing 15 pattern companies. Catalog $5
(refundable with purchase) (Ad in Sew News Oct 1990)

The Cabinet of Vintage Patterns
3522 Deerbrook
Windsor Ontario N8R 2E9
Patterns 1905-1930, reproductions of women's and children's clothing.
Catalog $4. (Ad Sew News Oct 1990)

Old World Enterprises
Dept 302
29036 Kepler Ct
Cold Spring Minn 56320
19th century patterns, $2 for catalog.  (Add in Sew News July 1991)

Prairie Clothing Co
3732 Tanager Drive NE
Cedar Rapids IA 52402

Dave Uebele has provided a fairly complete list of sources for 1850-1900
clothing and heavy materials construction.  This list is provided near the end
of this posting.

There are also a couple of books that you might find interesting.

"Sewing and Collecting Vintage Fashions" by Eileen MacIntosh
   This should be available or orderable from your local sewing shop
or bookstore. A good look at many aspects of Vintage clothing.
Includes sections for sewers and timid sewers. Tries to cover both
you want a certain look, what era might it be and you want a certain
era, what sytles were in vogue.  Also has a good chapter on
"How accurate does this have to be?" There is also a good section
in the back listing various resources, Groups, and references coded by
period and what they supply.

"The American Historical Supply Catalogue A Nineteenth-Century Sourcebook"
By Alan Wellikoff
   I found this in a used bookstore, but it should still be in print.
This covers a wide range of items. Not much on patterns, but if you are
looking for items to round out a costume, it may be helpful.

Iris Brooke: "A practical guide to the constuction of theatrical medieval
garments" (or something like that) (Iris Brooke has written a number of
historical costuming books).

Some of these books are out of print. Most of them should be in a good
university library. Some of them will be in the public library:

Alcega, Juan de. Tailor's Pattern Book 1589. (reprint)
Burnham, Dorothy. Cut My Cote. (diagrams ethnic clothing w/ metric dimensions)
Hill, Margot Hamilton & Pater A. Buchnell. The Evolution of Fashion: Pattern &
        Cut from 1066-1930.
Houston, Mary G. & Florence Hornblower.[love that name] Medieval Costumes in
        England and France.
Holkefer, Katherine Strand. Patterns for Theatrical Costumes

Edson, Doris & Lucy Barton. Period Patterns.
Fernald, Mary.  "Costume Design and Making"

From an article on sewing costumes in Threads #30:
Waugh, Norah: "The Cut of Women's Clothes 1600-1930" and "The Cut of Men's
        Clothes 1600-1900"  (Theatre Arts Books)   Concise descriptions and
        drawings of men's gaments from 1600 to 1900. Includes scaled patterns
        that can be enlarged.
Hillhouse, Marion and Evelyn A Mansfield: Dress Design: Draping and Flat
        Pattern Making.  Riverside Press 1948. Clear instructions on draping,
        with excellent drawings of bodice, skirt, sleeve, and neckline styles.
        Perfect for reproducing styles of the 1940's.
Covey, Liz: The Costumer's Handbook.  Prentice Hall 1980.  A good basic source
        for the tecniques of theatrical cosumters.
Arnold, Janet: Patterns of Fashion 1: Englishwomen's Dresses and Their
        Construction c. 1660-1860; Patterns of Fashion 2: Englishwomen's
        Dresses and their Construction c. 1860-1940.  New York. Drama Book
        Publishers, 1972. Contains notes on construction techniques and
        fabrics.  Very clear drawings show the inside of each garment.

History of Costume from Ancient Egypt to 20th Century.  Blanche Payne.  c.
        1965.  New York. Harper & Row. Includes patterns drawn to scale.

One tactic is to choose a garment in a book, make a transparency of the
pattern in the book, and go buy a pattern as similar as possible.  Then
project the transparency on the wall and use it to adjust the bought pattern
to the style of the garment in the book.

Dover has a Pictorial Archive catalog and a Needlework catalog. The Needlework
catalog includes several books that discuss Renaissance embroidery.  The
Pictorial Archive catalog has a FEW books that cover costumes.  Typically
these are books that contain pictures of people in costume.  There are few
(none?) books with actual costumes drafted.  
        Dover Publications;
        31 East 2nd St;
        Mineola, NY 11501.

The whole costumer's catalog is probably available from:
     GCFCG (Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers guild).
     P.O. Box 194
     Mt. Airy, Md 21771

Be sure to check the list of sources and references in the regular alt.sewing
and rec.crafts.textiles FAQ.  A number are appropriate for costuming.

The following is from Dave Uebele <daveu at sco.COM> or <uunet!sco!daveu>:

Contacts from 3rd U.S. Artillery newsletter "The Cannon's Mouth", NCWA
Sorry its sketchy, but this is what it included that seemed helpful.

Abraham Lincoln Book Shop       (312) 944-3085
Alabam Trust CSN & Marine       011-44-273-400-508      UK Reinactment
Artillery Shop, The             (601) 323-2606          Gear Equipment
Artilleryman, The Magazine      (617) 646-2010
Bean, LL                                                Best Long Johns
Border States Leatherworks      (501) 361-2642          Saddles, harness
Bounty Arts                     011-44-8043-3900        Brass Lanterns
Coonie's Inc                    (505) 393-0166          Black Powder Supplies
Cumberland General Store        (800) 334-4640  
Fulks, Chuck & Anita            (408) 728-1888          Fall Creek Sutlery
Jarnigan, C & D                 (601) 287-4971          Large Sutlers
Old Suttler John                (607) 775-4434          Sutler
Past Patterns                   (616) 245-9456          Period Patterns
Paulson Brothers Ordnance       (715) 263-2112          Ammo, Iron, Cartridges
Prussian Press                  (614) 654-3630          Pamphlets/Periodicals
Quartermaster Depot             (516) 472-3505          ACW Boxes and Cr
Quartermaster Shop              (313) 987-4127          Uniforms ACW
Regimental Quartermaster        (215) 672-6891          Sights, etc
Steele's Muzzleloading Supply   (501) 778-4459          Powder

Other places for misc items to round a historic costume.
Old West Outfitters             They mostly sell finished items,
7213 East First Avenue          Might be good if looking for belts, spurs
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251       or ideas. Lots of hats (expensive).
(800) 447-5277                  They seem pricey to me, no idea on quality

Black powder/Muzzleloading supplies. These places focus on muzzleloading
gun equipment, but do have sections for clothing, tents, personal items,
patterns, and misc camp equipment.  Big Catalogs, lots of interesting, stuff,
very usefull if you want to do muzzle loading shooting or build/repair
guns, but good collection of misc items to go along with the black powder

Moutain State Muzzleloading Supplies
(800) 445-1776

Dixie Gun Works
Gunpowder Lane
Union City, Tennessee 38261
(800) 238-6785

Here is alternate source to Tandy Leather for leather working supplies.
I think their quality is better, and I have been quite impresssed with
how quickly they proccess orders.  They have a western bias (lots of
saddles and cowboy type information).
The Leather Factory
Fort Worth Texas
Several Nationwide Toll free numbers, By state:
Arizona         In AZ - (800) 432-7732 :Out of AZ - (800) 332-2203
Califoriana     (800) 999-7371
Colorado        (800) 525-8134
Iowa            (800) 247-5566
Missouri        (800) 888-1993
New Mexico      (800) 327-6606
Pennsylvania    (800) 233-7155
Tennessee       (800) 251-7782
Texas           (800) 433-3201
Utah            (800) 448-9250
Washington      (800) 822-8437

Another source is magazines devoted to different time periods. These
come and go to fast to list, but even the most trendy touristy type
historical magazine is likely to have adds in the back for different
types of historical items, Its worth investigating, and if you find a
a good resource, pass it back to this list.

Also, check with local historical sites or reanactment groups.  They
probably have addition (and hopefully local to you) resources.

From: alg at cs.cornell.edu (Anne Louise Gockel)
Date: 18 Nov 91 18:27:43 GMT
Organization: Cornell Univ. CS Dept, Ithaca NY 14853

2) Are there any sources of historical costuming patterns

Patterns and Supplies:

Fall Creek Suttlery
P.O. Box 530
Freedom, CA 95019
(408) 728-1888
- $2.00 catalog.  Civil War era items and patterns.

La Pelleterie
P.O. Box 127 Highway 41
Arrow Rock, Missouri 65320
(816) 837-3261
- $3.00 catalog.  Coats and cloaks, pre 1840.

NE Shutsa Traders
P.O. Box 186
Haven, Kansas 67542
(316) 465-3359
- $1.50 catalog.  Cal/Mex era and horsegear.

JAS Townsend & Son
P.O. Box 415
Pierceton, IN 46562
(800) 338-1665
- Hats, cloaks, clasps.

Campell's Designs
Box 400
Gratz, PA
- $3.00 catalog. ($4.50 in spring 1991?)  Patterns from 1776-1945

Carolina Stitches in Time
Box 10933
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27108
(919) 764-0790
- Period clothing patterns.

Amazon Vinegar & Pickling Works
2218 E. 11th St.
Davenport, IA 52803-3760
(319) 322-6800
(800) 798-7979 - orders ONLY and only from the US
(319) 322-4003 - fax
- $2.00 general catalog, $5 for historical patterns catalog.  This is "the
mailing list to be on".  Historical patterns selected from Folkwear, midiaeval
Miscellanea, early western, victorian, hoop-gown era, Past Patterns, Attic
Copies (1920's to 40's), Prairie Clothing, amish, kilts, ethnic and dance.

Past Patterns
P.O. Box 7587
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49510
(616) 245-9456
- $3.00 catalog.  Good selection of early 20th century clothing.

Mediaeval Miscellanea
7006 Raleigh Road
Annandale, VA 22003
- What else?  Midieaval patterns (think Robin Hood :-).

The Taunton Press
63 South Main St, Box 5506
Newtown, CT 06470-5506
- Only some of the original patterns have been reprinted, but Tauton is
reprinting others regularly.  Mostly Victorian and Early American patterns.

G-Street Fabrics
11854 Rockville Pike
Rockville, Md 20852
(301) 231-8998

Fair Winds Pattern Co.
819 N. June St.  
Hollywood, CA 90038.
- Send $1 for small brouchure featuring six patterns.  Very nice 1920's jazz
dress, Princess Bride-style wedding gown, a couple of nice casual, day-wear
1920's dresses.  One ho-hum 1940's dress.

Box 668
Mendocino, CA 95460.
- 1990-91 catalog has 1000 items.  $2.50 cataog.  Books, magazines and
reprints.  Books related to the costume and textile arts, including out of
print and hard to find books.  Shep has also reprinted a number of older
clothing books, including a couple of books of patterns for Victorian and
Edwardian clothing.

3345 East Miraloma
Suite 134
Anaheim CA 92806
- Patterns from 1100-1950 representing 15 pattern companies.  Catalog $5
(refundable with purchase).

The Cabinet of Vintage Patterns
3522 Deerbrook
Windsor Ontario N8R 2E9
- Canadian company featuring patterns from 1905 to 1930; reproductions of
women's and children's clothing.  Catalog $4.  Some very nice 1910-20 tea

Old World Enterprises
Dept 302
29036 Kepler Ct
Cold Spring Minn 56320
- 19th century patterns.  $2 for catalog.  Their listing says they specialize
in 19th century garments.  Their patterns aren't copies of existing garments,
though, but originals based on the prevailing styles at the time.  They offer
multiple graded patterns in female sizes 8-10-12-14 and male sizes 38-40-42.
Catalog $2.

Prairie Clothing Co
3732 Tanager Drive NE
Cedar Rapids IA 52402
(319) 378-0125
- $1 catalog.  Lots of "Little House on the Prairie"-style clothing.  More or
less current clothing styles adapted for a combination prairie/Edwardian feel
without tons of sewing details.

Remember When Collection
361 N. Ohio
Salina, KS  67401
- Send SASE for brochure.  "Romantic" clothing.  Current designs adapted to a
Victorian feel.

Dave Uebele ({ucbvax!ucscc |uunet | sun}!sco!daveu) has provided a fairly
complete list of sources for 1850-1900 clothing and heavy materials
construction.  See his notes later in this article.


Vintage Fashions
Hobby House Press Inc.
900 Frederick St.
Cumberland, MD  21502
-- a bi-monthly magazine focusing on vintage apparel and instructions for
their care and repair.  One-year subscription $19.95, sample copy $2.95.


Some of these books are out of print. Most of them should be in a good
university library. Some of them will be in the public library:

Iris Brooke: "A practical guide to the constuction of theatrical medieval
garments" (or something like that) (Iris Brooke has written a number of
historical costuming books).

Alcega, Juan de. Tailor's Pattern Book 1589. (reprint)

Burnham, Dorothy.  Cut My Cote. (diagrams of actual historical (and ethnic?)
clothing in the Royal Ontario Museum.  Diagrams are graphed and shown with
metric dimensions.)

Hill, Margot Hamilton & Pater A. Buchnell.  The Evolution of Fashion: Pattern
& Cut from 1066-1930.

Houston, Mary G. & Florence Hornblower.  Medieval Costumes in England and

Holkefer, Katherine Strand.  Patterns for Theatrical Costumes.  Edson, Doris &
Lucy Barton.  Period Patterns.

Fernald, Mary.  "Costume Design and Making"

From an article on sewing costumes in Threads #30: Waugh, Norah: "The Cut of
Women's Clothes 1600-1930" and "The Cut of Men's Clothes 1600-1900" (Theatre
Arts Books) Concise descriptions and drawings of men's gaments from 1600 to
1900. Includes scaled patterns that can be enlarged.

Hillhouse, Marion and Evelyn A Mansfield: Dress Design: Draping and Flat
Pattern Making.  Riverside Press 1948. Clear instructions on draping, with
excellent drawings of bodice, skirt, sleeve, and neckline styles.  Perfect for
reproducing styles of the 1940's.

Covey, Liz: The Costumer's Handbook.  Prentice Hall 1980.  A good basic source
for the tecniques of theatrical cosumters.

Arnold, Janet: Patterns of Fashion 1: Englishwomen's Dresses and Their
Construction c. 1660-1860; Patterns of Fashion 2: Englishwomen's Dresses and
their Construction c. 1860-1940.  New York. Drama Book Publishers, 1972.
Contains notes on construction techniques and fabrics.  Very clear drawings
show the inside of each garment.

History of Costume from Ancient Egypt to 20th Century.  Blanche Payne.
c.1965.  New York. Harper & Row. Includes patterns drawn to scale.  One tactic
is to choose a garment in a book, make a transparency of the pattern in the
book, and go buy a pattern as similar as possible.  Then project the
transparency on the wall and use it to adjust the bought pattern to the style
of the garment in the book.

Dover has a Pictorial Archive catalog and a Needlework catalog.  The
Needlework catalog includes several books that discuss Renaissance embroidery.
The Pictorial Archive catalog has a FEW books that cover costumes.  Typically
these are books that contain pictures of people in costume.  There are few
(none?)  books with actual costumes drafted.

Dover Publications
31 East 2nd St
Mineola, NY 11501.

The whole costumer's catalog is probably available from:    
GCFCG (Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers guild).
P.O. Box 194
Mt. Airy, Md 21771

From: branwen at tony.ccc.amdahl.com (Karen Williams)
Date: 5 Dec 91 22:45:22 GMT
Organization: Amdahl Corporation, Sunnyvale CA

As many of you wrote to me asking for the catalog that I ordered
CATCHPHRASE from, I'm posting the info here. The David Morgan catalog
sells Australian hats, English walking trousers, Welsh shirts, jewelry
in Pacific Northwest Indian and Celtic motifs, Welsh shawls, T-shirts,
and belt buckles, tons of books, cassettes, videotapes, and travel guides.

The address is: David Morgan
                11812 Northcreek Parkway N., Suite 103
                Bothell, WA 98011
       Phone:   206-485-2132

Branwen ferch Emrys
The Mists, the West
                                          Karen Williams
                                          branwen at flipper.ras.amdahl.com

Date: 4 Feb 92
From: cat at piggy.fgs.slb.COM ("Catherine M. Helm")
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Organization: The Internet

An excellent source for all kinds of good stuff (raw gum arabic,
raw gum ammoniac, pigments, vellum, inks, etc) is:

P.O. Box 327, Afton, MN 55001

(This poster has no affliation with the above business)

Pendragon, incidentally, is the only source I know of for gum ammoniac,
since my Bay area supplier went out of business.


Re: pigments�
Date: 6 Feb 92
From: amanda at visix.com (Amanda Walker)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Organization: Visix Software, Inc.

I second the recommendation of Auldhaefen Associates.  They are by far
the most economical place I have found to buy period pigments, spices,
and all sorts of other Nifty Stuff.  They are non-profit, and act as
a "materials broker."  That is to say, they arrange to buy a bunch of
something, repackage it into smaller, more convenient packages (after
all, who needs 10 pounds of dragon's blood resin :)?), and resells it
at just enough to cover their costs.

They're also just real nice folks.

Arwen ferch Morgan
Ponte Alto, Atlantia

Contacting John the Artificer (period pigments, etc.)
Date: 4 Feb 92
From: Marion.Kee at a.nl.cs.cmu.EDU
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Organization: The Internet

Greeting to the Rialto from Marian Greenleaf:

[Master] John the Artificer, O.L., may be contacted as:

John Rose
250 Emerson St.
Pittsburgh, PA  15206

(412) 362-0421

You might want to put an "Attention: ordering pigments" line, or some
such, on the envelope.  Or just call him and find out what to send him.
If you write for information, I recommend sending an SASE.

John also is a source for woad seeds, information on ferret breeding,
and a number of other interesting items both material and intellectual.
He speaks barter, although cash has a lot of appeal.  If you're really
interested in learning something from him, let him know; he really
likes teaching interested people, although he can be abrupt at times.


Re: pigments�
Date: 5 Feb 92
From: aiden at NCoast.ORG (Steven Otlowski)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Organization: North Coast Public Access *NIX, Cleveland, OH

This is a list of suppliers of period pigmenst  -  have fun.  

   Auldhaefen Associates   - * non-profit source of pigments
     741 Montana Ave.              * and many other neat things
     Akron OH 44314-3036
    +1 216 745 9380  voice
    +1 216 753 8791  bbs  10AM to 10PM

     Pendragon        612/436-2046          *  callig.  & Illum. Supplies
     PO  Box 327      fax: 612/436-2048       *  carries Gum Sandarac
     Afton  MN  55001

     Master John the Artificer   412/362-0421  * period pigments
     John R. Rose
     250 Emerson Street
     Pittsburgh  PA  15206

     Guild of Limners    603/654-2949   period pigments
       Baroness Megan
       Linda Anfuso
       RD 1 Box 134-B Forest Road
       Wilton  NH 03086

Aiden Elfeadur -

Steve Otlowski
aiden at ncoast.org

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca,alt.history.living
From: nusbache at epas.utoronto.ca (Aryk Nusbacher)
Subject: Re: period clothing
Organization: University of Toronto - EPAS
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1993 19:56:05 GMT
Keywords: shoes, boots, cloathes, hats, and what not

In article <25g649$93q at access.digex.net> willdave at access.digex.net (William Davenant) writes:

>...I'm interested in acquiring 18th garb,
>stockings, and footware.  I would espcially like a nice fringed
>tricorn or a cocked hat.
>My interest included ready-made, patterns, raw materials, etc.

I post this to rec.org.sca because the two references are to sutlers
who sell stuff that would be useful to Scadians as well as re-enactors.

Buffalo Enterprises
308 West King Street Box 183
East Berlin, PA
USA 17316

(717) 259-9801

Catalogue US$4 USA, US$6 foreign

Tricorne hat trimmed with 'false gold' or silver including black
cockade US$48; with white or black tape US$46.  Shoes are US$97.50.

Oak kegs, paraffin lined, from 1 US gal (3.8l) for US$30 to to 15 US
gal (56.8l) for US$70.  From the illustrations these are wood-bound,
not iron-bound.  Also stands, spigots, and a version with a hinged lid
for use as a drinks cooler.  Dutch ovens from 2 US qt for US$35 to 12
US qt for US$100.

The Sutler of Mt. Misery
G. Gedney Godwin Inc.
Box 100
Valley Forge, PA
USA 19481

(215) 783-0670
(215) 783-6083 (fax)

Godwin has a beautiful catalogue with price lists and a separate 17th
century line of stuff.

Tricorne, military or civilian, plain US$28.95.  Shoes $120.

English kettle with legs, 5 US qt US$77, 12 US qt with lid US$138.

Happy spending,

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
From: v081lu33 at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu (Kenneth C Mondschein)
Subject: Addresses for video and Madblade
Organization: University at Buffalo
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1993 01:12:00 GMT

  Hi, gentles!

A number of the net.folks have e-mailed me asking for either the
address of the people with the blimp (so they can order a battle cassette,
not send them a letter bomb) or for Gypsy Madblade, the fellow who makes the
good-quality and really cheap swords. Here they are:

The blimp was courtesy of Eye-in-the-Sky productions. Their address
2803 South State Street
Suite B
Ann Arbor, Michigan

They have a 1-800 number, too (1-800-968-8439).

Gypsy Madblade's mundane name is Paul Wilburn. He can be reached at:

Madblade Amusements
PO Box 3071
Shawnee, KS 66203

The phone number for that is (913) 677-4636

I bought a well-balanced long sword from him for $60. It did have a bit
of oxidation on the hilt (easily removed with steel wool), but I saw his
partner *stand* on the damn thing, bending it about forty degrees, and then
punch the point through a metal breastplate and pick up the piece of metal
with the sword. The cuirass, by the way, was riddled with holes from the other
tests he had done.
A friend of mine bought a hand-and-a-half sword that was polished nice
and bright, and of the same quality. He makes his own stuff, as well as sells
Starfire Armoury daggers and such. I should remark, however, that the $60 price
was his Pennsic half-price-- you may have to pay more.

--Tristan Clair D'Lune

From: Greyhorn at f120.n109.z1.fidonet.org (Greyhorn)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Pattern companies
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1993 13:45:06 -0500

In a message dated 11-17-93 Allan Terry wrote to  All:

AT> Does anyone know of any sized British or Australian reproduction
AT> patterns, for any period, comparable to the ones from Past Patterns
AT> and similar companies?  

Response from Corn Glas,
The Raven's Collegium
Costume Connection
650 to 1650 they've got you covered (am on phone with owner, they have costumes
up to the 1700's)
Costume Connection Inc.
P.O. Box 4518 Falls Church, Virginia  22044
(703) 237-1373
(703)237 1374 (24-hour fax line)
They also carry tapestries, books, and jewelry

Your servant,

From: Sandy_Erickson at thequest.com (Sandy Erickson)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Re: swordsmith needed
Date: 1 Dec 93 16:05:30 CDT
Organization: The Quest

Greetings, I would highly recomend Ramshead Armoury.  P.O. Box 653,
Champaign Il. 61824-0653  He will try to get anything you need if he
doesn't carry it in stock.  He will also do custom work, and stands behind
his products.  I have been very satisfied with this company.


From: kreed at blackplague.gmu.edu (Kenneth Reed)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Re: swordsmith needed
Date: 4 Dec 1993 05:03:33 GMT
Organization: The Gnomes of Zurich (shhh!)

Try Black Rose Creations, 609-926-1297 (I think this is still current)

Terry Marr makes guards and hilts, although usually not blades.

Niall McKennett

Organization: University of Maine System
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 1994 13:18:14 EST
From: Lisa A. M. Tyson <CS23001 at MAINE.MAINE.EDU>
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Mediaeval Miscellanea Patterns Update

Over two months ago I called Mediaeval Miscellanea and left a
request on their answering machine for information regarding
their patterns.  I had given up all hope of ever hearing from
them until I received the following in today's mail, which I am
typing directly from the letter in front of me, for your information.

                           Medieval Miscellanea
                         6530 Spring Valley Drive
                          Alexandria, VA 22312
                              (703) 642-1740

"Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your interest in Mediaeval Miscellanea and our products.
    At the moment, we are not selling the jewelry, books and other products
we have usually carried, and we are not selling our patterns directly to the
public.  Below is a list of two companies who do sell the jewelry, plus 6 of
the companies who are carrying our patterns and do mail order.  We are
keeping your name on file, and will notify you about new patterns and other
products.  We are continuing to design new patterns (our Women's German Puff-
and-Slash, c. 1500-1545, is now in stock with the dealers below).


North Shore Gifts                  The Cottage Works
4857 Alcyn Dr.                     12 W. Willow Grove Ave, Box 186
Racine, WI  53402-2507             Philadelphia, PA  19118-3952
(414) 639-5927                     (215) 242-8849


Amazon Drygoods                    MacKenzie-Smith
2218 East 11th Street              9600 Business Park Dr. Suite 2
Davenport, IA 52803                Truckee, CA 95734
(319) 322-6800                     (916) 587-5974

Campbells                          House Morning Star
RD 1 Box 1444                      11246 S. Post Oak Rd. #217
Herndon, PA  17830                 Houston, TX 77035
(717) 425-2045                     (713) 729-7990

Raiments                           Alice Stephenson
3216 Villa Knolls Dr.              2734 Mountain View W.
Pasedena, CA  91107                Tocoma, WA  98466
(818) 791-9195                     (206) 565-2893

     If you do contact one of these fine companies, please let them know we
recommended them to you.  If you sent a check with a catalog request, we have
ripped it up to prevent accidental cashing.
     We are also designing and selling Period Pavillions, as well as used
ones.  If you would like a copy of our free Pavillion catalog, just call or
drop us a note, we would be happy to send you one.

Coryn Weigle"
=== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== === ===

Mediaeval Miscellanea carries a wide range of patterns and jewelry.  I would
recommend contacting the above companies regarding prices for catalogs or
consulting the Costuming FAQ published in this forum.

I have not yet made one of their patterns but I have two which have provided
wonderful historic documentation in the packages.  Their patterns are not
cheap and I would recommend tracing the original tissue pattern pieces onto
a more durable transparent tissue (such as a heavy duty gift wrap tissue
available at most department stores in the gift wrap section).  Having
started with Folkwear patterns which use a heavier pattern paper, I am
aghast at the toilet paper fragility of other commerically available
patterns (ahem, my sewing abilities are best described as 'toddler' at
this stage, but I'm getting better at tracking down these patterns).

I hope this will help.If anyone has any recommendations for patterns,
costuming and accessories, particularly mail order catalogs, I would
appreciate a description to add to my local shire newsletter.  I'll
give you full credit if I pass the information along to people in
verbal or written form!

Yours In Service,

Lady Brynn

From: David.Appleton at f4229.n124.z1.fidonet.org (David Appleton)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: registered devices data base request
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 21:48:52

Free Trumpet Press West
c/o Stephen Goldschmidt
877 San Lucas Avenue
Mountain View, CA  94043

Stock No. FT-90.  "Raw O&A [Ordinary and Armorial] data (3 High Density 3.5" diskettes, DOS format, ASCII"  at  $5.00.

Price is in U.S. dollars and includes sales tax, shipping and handling.

* Origin: Herald's Point * Steppes/Ansteorra * 214-699-0057 (1:124/4229)

From: meg at tinhat.stonemarche.org (meg)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Re: Sealing Wax Seals?
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 94 00:59:12 EDT
Organization: Stonemarche Network Co-op

tracker at bigwpi.WPI.EDU (The Renegade Ranger) writes:

>  To the many good gentles of the Rialto I bring my greetings, and a
> request for your assistance. I am in need of a source for Seals to be
> used with Sealing wax, as one Sasha the Seal Man has apparently ne'er
> received my inquiries for his services. As the time in which I need
> the implements grows short, I would hope that some good gentle may
> harbor the answers which I desire. Several local sources have turned
> up either a lack of the seals in a useable form ('Aladine' seals,
> which look nice, but are monogrammed with letters that are not useful
> to me), or seals in poor form (flat brass seals with poorly made
> letters).
>  If you can, please inform me where I could purchase (in great haste)
> a seal of quality (but not of a King's ransom), or what might be
> considered a reasonable way to entreat a local jeweler to make one. I
> have tried, unsuccesfully, a few jewelers, but they would prefer I
> have them work in gold, or some medium in which they could make a more
> substantial profit. The quandry grows greater by the minute.. the
> closer a source could be found to the New England area, the happier I
> would be.
>  For any and all of your kind assistance, I thank you.
> -Tracker
> (still working on an unrelated project - dimensioning a mid-16th
> century folding X-chair for reproduction. Too bad I can't sit in it to
> test its comfort level..)

Megan here with a shameless plug for one of my own. Lady Brianna is an
excellent jeweler here in Stonemarche who has professional experience
making lost wax castings of people's devices, etc. She can be reached at
(603) 642-8584. I highly recommend her.

In 1994: Linda Anfuso
In the Current Middle Ages: Megan ni Laine de Belle Rive  
In the SCA, Inc: sustaining member # 33644

                                YYY     YYY
meg at tinhat.stonemarche.org      |  YYYYY  |

From: gisby at sys6626.bison.mb.ca (gisby)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Museum Replicas ltd.
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 94 13:18:22 CST
Organization: System 6626 BBS, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

I have dealt with Museum Replicas from the days when their products were
individually numbered, limited edition pieces.
        Yes, you have to pick and choose, their Del Tin blades are far
better (to my eyes) than their Windlass blades. I had one of their pieces
left in a tent with one emd on a toolbox and the other on the ground, and
an anvil in between, ON THE BLADE! Yes, I was angry... But the blade
sprung back, and the sword wasn't harmed.
        Their service can be spotty, but if you call the order desk, ask
for "Cheryl" (Tell her Tim Peterson sends his regards) She's the one I've
found to be helpful and able/willing to make the effort.
        McKenzie-Smith in fact reatil mostly Museum Replica swords, but
their service can be much better, and their selection usually no worse.
        For spears, axes, & pole weapons try "Arms & Armour in
Minneapolis. (Under the name Chris Poor in the phone book)
        If folk are interested, I also have addresses for good francescas
and saxes. (My Barony is steel-heavy. We've taken to ordering weapons in
bulk, and in order to obtain a style of sword, we had them custom-made in
                 Baron Thrym Oddomssonr (AKA Cein)

From: STBLEZA at grove.iup.edu (J. Hunter Heinlen)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Syke's Sutlering
Date: 18 Apr 1994 13:47:20 -0500
Organization: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Greetings, all...

Awhile back, someone asked for the address of Syke's Sutlering.  This is the
first oppritunity I have had to respond.
Syke's Sutlering
1732 Magdalene Way
Johnstown, PA  15905-3064
(814)255-3027 or (814)241-8530
74405,30 at CompuServe.Com

Justinain Skye sells 'fine Seventeenth Century Goods', even though his is not
limited to just 17th century.  He sells many books (including period
reproductions, the Ospery series, and a good bit else), clothes and garb (mostly
for soldiers and quite utilitarian, but he will do custom work as well),
ironworks (cook and camp wares), fencing equipment (including some SCA specific
stuff), and also muskets and cannon.  All of his prices are very resonable (the
magic of low overhead).

BTW, I am not employed by Justinain or his Sutlery, and the only connection I
have to him is that of customer and sometimes fencing target, er, opponent.
This information is provide for your information only, and is not a commercial

| This is only a test of the Emergency    |J. Hunter Heinlen                  |
| Ontology System.  Had this been a real  |(AKA SCA Jacobus Jager Draake)     |
| moral dilemma, you would have been told |(Internet:STBLEZA at GROVE.IUP.EDU)   |
| what to believe.  - The Government      | Ideas Contemplated While You Wait |

From: gisby at sys6626.bison.mb.ca (gisby)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Weapons Availability
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 94 02:30:07 CST
Organization: System 6626 BBS, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Arms & Armour
1101 Stinson Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 331-6473
  Spears, axes, pole weapons best, also have swords, armour, daggers,

Jas. Townsend & Son Inc.
133 North First St.
P.O. Box 415
Pierceton, IN 46502
(800) 338-1665
        Mostly balck powder stuff, but a good period francesca (FS167)
plus other axes, a spearhead (LP165) and loads of useful stuff. Get their

Also, try Moongate Designs from the Pennsic Book for good saxes (They
have a good Northern style, and apparently a Southern style as well which
I haven't seen)
And try the Stuffy Purist, also from the Pennsic book. He has the Iberia
blades that were so common at the War this year, but his prices ar very
much better than average.

        By the way, for those that are keeping track, the Barony of
Castel Rouge mailmaking marathon is over, with three shirts made in 91
days. (There are still a couple under construction, and the marathoners
will be turning their callouses in that direction...) But we're starting
to show the effects of breathing in the Zinc dust...
                 Baron Thrym Oddomssonr (AKA Cein)
                  Barony of Castel Rouge

From: renee at ct.med.ge.COM (Renee Raduechel 414 785-5117)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Medieval Sourcebook
Date: 6 May 1994 23:11:50 -0400
Organization: the internet

I made the trek to the 25th Anniversary of the Midrealm on the 30th,
and found something that I thought would be of widespread interest
but which I've never heard mentioned on the Rialto in the year I've
been reading it.

There's a publication called "Ye Olde Pages" which lists, by category,
merchants who deal in items of interest to SCA people.

The 1994 edition has a $4 pricetag on it, and is published by:
P.O. Box 328102
Farmington, MI  48332-8102
Contact them for more information about obtaining it (e.g., if there
are mailing costs, if you're a merchant who'd like to sell it).

The categories:  archery, armory, artisans & illustrators, booksellers,
clothing, collectibles, domestics, electronic arts, entertainment &
festivals, galleries & shops, glassware, games & toys, jewelry, leather-
work, merchant, metalwork, music, mystical, needlework & textiles,
organizations, pavilions & banners, publications, stationery, weaponry,
and woodwork.

It's 82 pages (pages are 11"x4.25"), not including the coupons, and has
a nice index in the back that allows you to look up the merchants by

If you're a merchant and you're not listed in it, I wish you were.
Merchants who want to be listed are allowed to appear in 2 categories
for free, and can purchase additional listings for $2 each.  The only
thing they ask of the people using the sourcebook to contact merchants
is that they mention that they saw the ad in "Ye Olde Pages."

I bought "Ye Olde Pages" on Saturday and sent off 8 requests for catalogs
on Monday.  (And I haven't made it through the entire sourcebook yet.  :^)

renee at ct.med.ge.com

From: kballar at pegasus.unm.edu (Kathryn Ballard CIRT)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Re: ISO Raymond's Quiet Press
Date: 31 Jan 1995 19:52:32 GMT
Organization: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Donna Bowers (blktauna at netaxs.com) wrote:

: I understand that Sir Raymond has retired for a bit.

Raymond's Quiet Press is still active -- just not taking mail orders.  We
see him locally, of course, selling his wares (he's back into armor), but
I'm not sure he will be selling at Estrella or Pennsic.  I could ask if
anyone is intereted.

Kathryn of Iveragh, living in Raymond's own Barony of al-Barran, Outlands

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
From: v081lu33 at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu (TRISTAN CLAIR DE LUNE/KEN MONDSCHEIN)
Subject: Address for the Metropolitan Museum
Organization: University at Buffalo
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 18:10:20 GMT

This is from my 1995 internship application:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10028-0198
Attn: (whicherver department, or Gift Shop)

(they also have telefax, call Information)

From: connect at aol.com (CONNECT)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Re: Do you sell beads?
Date: 7 Mar 1995 13:33:02 -0500
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)

Check out the Fire Mountain Gems catalog. I don't have their # in front of
me, but you can get it from 800 directory information. (800) 555-1212.

Rosalyn MacGregor of Glen Orchy
Pattie Rayl of Cynnabar

*        Patricia Snyder-Rayl        *  (313) 973-8825
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From: Peter Valentine <valenti at mailhost.primenet.com>
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Re: Fencing Suppliers
Date: 19 Apr 1995 17:15:30 GMT
Organization: Primenet

KNGORMAN at ARTSPAS.watstar.uwaterloo.ca (KATHLEEN GORMAN) wrote:
>Could someone please email me the contact phone numbers for the following  
>fencing suppliers:
>Mike McCallum's "King's Armory"  (or some similar name)
>"Museum Replicas"

Museum Replicas:

Also, for the Best (biased opinion;) ) fencing blades (Schlagers & Epee) try  
contacting Scottie Armory at:
or try them on-line at:

Wolfgang von Hesse

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
From: DDFr at Midway.UChicago.edu (David Friedman)
Subject: Re: Leathercraft
Organization: University of Chicago Law School
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 01:08:42 GMT

In article <3r4h21$lon at sparc.occ.uky.edu>, griffkl at ndlc.occ.uky.edu (Kevin
Griffin) wrote:

> Can anyone tell me of a good source to get leather from to make stuff?
The leather factory is similar to Tandy's but, in my experience, somewhat
less expensive--especially if you get on their mailing list and then wait
for one of the frequent sales. They are my usual source for 13-15 oz
vegetable tanned leather; I think the price for a piece of about 22 square
feet worked out, when last I bought one (a couple of years ago at a guess),
to about $5/lb.

They have outlets in a number of different states, including Pennsylvania,
but fewer than Tandy.
DDFr at Midway.UChicago.Edu

From: david.razler at compudata.com (DAVID RAZLER)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Re: Pennsic Talking Rat??
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 95 20:06:00 -0400
Organization: Compu-Data BBS -=- Turnersville, NJ -=- 609-232-1245

HL>Francis A. Ney, Jr. <croaker at access.digex.net> wrote:
HL>>Speaking of which, did the lady who does all the stuffed pets on
HL>Merchant's  >row show this year, and did she have her usual supply of
HL>leeches for the  >chirurgeons?

HL>        Yes, she was there. I bought a bat for a friend of mine and
HL>got myself the Dwarf Mongolian Hamster Paper Dolls. I laughed for
HL>five minutes straight when I saw the little guy with his fist
HL>upraised and the little short sword that went in it. :) All with
HL>period Mongolian clothing. :) There was a similar set of ferrets with
HL>clothing that  spanned the whole period.

Elaine Moertl

Falcon Mew/Ancient Tiger
5529 N. 55th St.
Milwaukee, WI. 53218

Will custom-make just about anything - and offers out of stock just
about every raptor ($35-$60[eagles]) parrot ($7-$35) catnip-stuffed
"dead parakeets" and "dead sparrows") a variety of common medieval
beasts (leeches $1, ferrets $18) and mythical beasts (dragons $20) and a
whole bunch of other good stuff. Some of her raptors have scared pet
birds, though Prester John (my African grey) showed no reaction to my
stuffed peregrine. Friend's five cats definitely enjoyed one of her dead
sparrows and home-grown 'nip.

Recommended for her quality work
                          Aleksandr the Traveller

From: rhianwen at tcd.net (Rhianwen)
Newsgroups: rec.org.sca
Subject: Das Edelweiss on the Web!
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 02:46:59 GMT
Organization: The Computer Den, Inc. Evanston WY

Das Edelweiss, long time SCA members and merchants of books, jewelry
and other unique gifts of interest to living history folks, are now on
the Web at http://www.tcd.net/~rhianwen/edelweis.html.  The page is
under construction, and so far only the costume books are online, but
more will be added soon.  

The site will move at the end of this week to its permanent location
at http://www.tcd.net/~robin/.

(who has no financial interest in Das Edelweiss, but did the web page
for them :> )

From: Janie Derby <jaderby at earthlink.net>
Date: July 12, 2004 6:37:00 AM CDT
To: Stefan li Rous <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com>
Subject: Re: [Ansteorra-announce] Stefan's files for July


It was nice to talk to you this weekend and finally put a face to the name.
Thanks again for the information about the new magazine.

Please add my info to your files.

The Midnight Oile
38 W Anderson
Aurora, MO 65605
Since a.s. XVII

We have trim, jewelry, books, scarves, lanterns, beads, shoes, bells and
incense.  You know your files structure best so where ever you think we fit
is great.

Thanks again,

Myrtle of the Lost and Missing

<the end>

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