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battle-ideas-msg - 9/3/17


24 hour battles and other ideas.


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From: christer at sue.komunity.se (Christer Romson)

Date: 16 Dec 91 12:03:00 GMT

Organization: The Internet


The fighters in my Barony are planning a twenty four hour long woods

battle. We've neither done this or heard about it before. Do anyone have

experiences with day or more than day long battles? Some obvious questions

are: Is the Swedish summer night light enough for mid night fighting in

early August?  How do the fighters get their food? How do they drink and

eat? (The food transportation may be attacked) The fighters probably have

to take off their helm to eat and drink. Does hungry fighters become

unsafe? Fighters that haven't slept for the last twenty hours? If they

sleep in armor and someone cries the alarm, maybe they are to sleepy to

fight safely? Will it be to cold sleeping outdoors directly on the ground

in armor?


They'd appreciate to hear from someone who's tried this before. (Email your

response to me (christer at Sue.KOMunity.Se))


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From: MPFOSTER at mtus5.cts.mtu.EDU (Wulfgar Silberbar)

Date: 17 Dec 91 19:56:10 GMT

Organization: The Internet


Good gods, man! A twenty-four hour long woods battle?!? Great indeed are

the generals who can keep their forces alive for that long. Either that,

or the scouts are lousy!


Assuming that you can keep the encounter going for twenty-four hours...

Food should be brought in under guard (to prevent the enemy from stealing

your food). The guard need only be big enough to allow the porters time

to escape.

Arrangements should be made for fighters to sleep undisturbed, for a fighter

who has been awake overly long is neither safe to himself nor to others.

Fighters should not be attacked while eating or waking, IF they grab for

their helms. If they may be snuck up upon, they may be killed as lights

(if your kingdom has lights). Otherwise, the enemy must be courteous enough

to allow their opponents to protect themselves.

I see no way around using (perhaps several) ressurection points. Otherwise

you will be holding several melees of less than one hour duration, rather

than one melee of over twenty hour duration.

Privys should be safe ground. Most fighters will have to at least partially

unsuit to use the privy, and you don't want the enemy setting up camp around

your privy. Optionally, you may have armed people escort people in need

to the privy, and allow combat (privy users being lights).

If temperatures drop at night, a campfire would probably be wise. No fighting

may be done near the fire, however, for obvious safety reasons.

No alcohol. Most fighters will probably want some form of ale or mead or

somesuch as the nights draws on. Period it may be, but safe it isn't.

Nobody drinking should be allowed to swing a weapon.


These are all the things I can think of. I have never heard of such an event,

but it sounds like fun. The above statements are ONLY MY OPINIONS, and not

fact, nor even necessarily appropriate suggestions. I have not yet run a

fighting event. I suggest you check whatever ideas you want to use with

your local marshall.


Wulfgar Silberbaer, of Wulcenwyrm



From: mabr at sweden.hp.com (Morgan "the Dreamer" Broman)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: bridge battles

Date: 22 Jul 1994 08:40:13 GMT

Organization: HP/SCA/SKA/FSTS/AMTS/SLRP/ETC Sweden


Paul A. Byers (PAULB at saturn.uark.EDU) wrote:

: Here is a article I wrote for the Bird of Prey, the Calontir fighters

: newsletter. Thought I would post it too, just cause I can. :)

: Pavel

: Calontir


        Thank you Pavel, I found your article most interesting. At the

Magna Carta War (that I run with my Household), we create a more real-

istic impression by actually building an entire area with villages, fords

and bridges. Then the entire war is run over the whole area, not like

a series of disconnected scenarios. We use limited resurrections..5/person.

And the time is variable 3 hours +/- 0.5 hour (only one person knows the

exact time) in 10 minute intervals..;)


        This year at Magna Carta II, we had a bridge located in a villlage

in the centre of the area, then upriver from that we had built a fortified

bridge and finally downriver we had a ford. The fighting in the village was

furious to say the least, but there was also some really good defending and

attacking going on at both the upper bridge and the ford. The combat archers

had fun shooting over the ford...;)


        This makes it possible for a small unit backed by some good archers

to defend the ford vs a larger force. In the village you can fall back into

the houses if your unit is broken up...much easier to defend. We usually

build the villages with a main road and a small town square, were most of

the doors are directed either towards the road or the square. Some buildings,

the larger ones, have more than one entrance...and sometimes more than one

room....;)...really fun to fight in....;) !


My 1 SKr....



HP : Morgan Broman                             mabr at sweden.hp.com




From: w9106602 at student.anu.EDU.AU (H Whitchurch)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Bridge battles

Date: 20 Jul 1994 04:19:22 -0400

Organization: the internet


Pavel, soem great ideas there.  I have seen some vidoes of the bridge

battles of Pennsic, and they certainly don't have the feel that I would be

looking for were I fighting in them or planning tactics.


Here in Lochac, at Rowany (the big war camp at Easter), we have a bridge

battle on a real bridge, with steepish sides into it, and a real creek

under it (mostly dry, sometimes 5' high).  The combat archers normally are

arrayed across the tops of the banks and pick off as many of the sheild

wall as they can (considering heavy to light is about 50-50, each light

having about 40-60 arrows, plus a few javelineers with about 10 each),

before the charges happen.


When each side got to about 40, a ford was instituted, where Knights could

walk across as they would be mounted, everyone else had to do it on their

knees. (Personal aside here, I haven't seen anyone holding their weapon/bow

above their head ot make sure it stayed dry like I have to do with my rifle

when I'm in uniform - perhaps I should mention it to the marshall...)


Last year, a boat turned up.  It was a frame, with room for some inside,

they walked it across, with sheilds along he side and protecting the

"rowers", and next year we are expecting at least two, so mid-creek

boarding might be on.


The actual bridge is only wide enough for a sheild wall of about 5 people,

pole weapons are popular.


it's great fun to watch (now days, only the heavies only is available for

the spectators).  I have memories of a few years ago when His Majesty

Geoffrey was out, and calmly waited for the archers to stop before sending

out his sheild wall.  he didn't realise that here in Lochac, if you have 30

archers on the field, there is probably 1800 arrows too....different

culture on mainland West I suppose.


How do other places run their bridge battle scenarios?


Morag Freyser






From: haraldr at drakkar.mhv.net (David A. Calafrancesco)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: 36 hour war

Date: 27 Sep 1994 05:39:06 GMT

Organization: Druids Grove BBS - (914) 876-2237


My thoughts on a 36 hour war:


First, I am not a war lord, I do not play one on TV, but I used to be one in

a previous personna <g>.


As a veteran of several Pennsics, I see a big problem with an all night

battle. Besides the logistics of injuries, lighting, marshalls etc, the

biggest negative is the lack of interaction at night between the two 'warring

factions'. In years past the Pennsic War had been criticized in that it had

gotten a bit too competetive. Many attempts were made to reverse that trend

and today we see a better war week. The phrase enemies by day and friends by

night mean a lot to me and I would hope a lot of other people.


However, not to be a complete naysayer, I have these suggested alternatives.

Instead of having a central camp with scheduled battles on distant fields, I

envision a different layot. Picture a central battle field, and camping on

all sides. For arbitrariness sake, place the 'enemy' factions one on the East

side, and the other the West. North and South are 'independant' territory as

necessary for those who just wish to enjoy the atmosphere and not be a party

to the fun nighttime stuff (more later), like merchants.


By day, at any time, the two sides must be prepared to do battle, they must

plan their defences, and man their guard posts. Each side would be

responsible for providing their own marshalls and medics to be able to engage

their opponents.


However, at night, the armor comes off and they would play night games.

Anywhere from infiltrate the enemy camp and make off with a piece or two of

royalty, to leave signs that you were there. For instance, sneak into the

camp undetected and 'tag' a guard with duct tape to signify a 'kill'. With

the idea being that instead of draining the resources of a few thousand

people, a small number play night games and the rest of the camp has the

opportunity to interact and party. Perhaps foam wrapped PVC boffers with

goggles could be safely worked out for night use.


For safety sake I can't see any way of making anything heavier safe enough to

play. I even have reservations about boffers. The part about being prepared

for any kind of massed attack and or formation etc is very interesting.


Haraldr Bassi, Frosted Hills, East Kingdom

Dave Calafrancesco, Team OS/2 - Fido: 1:2624/306

Druids Grove BBS, now with Anonymous FTP: drakkar.mhv.net


.. They got the library at Alexandria, they're not getting mine!



Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

From: v081lu33 at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu (TRISTAN CLAIR DE LUNE/KEN MONDSCHEIN)

Subject: Re: 36-hour war

Organization: University at Buffalo

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 23:06:55 GMT


        I got it! I got it!


        Sleep inside the Ressurection points!


        The Res points can be churches. You can't fight in them, but you can

fight around them. Thus, you can capture someone else's Res. point. Plus, you

can have outlying castles, "villages" (with dummies for "civilians"), as

strong points, etc.


        As for sleeping in armor, well, who says ya gotta fight heavy? While

such units as pikes and halberds *have* to be heavy, sleeping in list-legal

stuff for shinai or light-weapons archery is no big problem... and, lights ca

kill lights, and, of course, heavies can kill lights by coming within ten

feet or so.





Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

From: rsmiley at netcom.com (Richard Smiley)

Subject: a war idea

Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700 guest)

Date: Sat, 24 Sep 1994 01:27:20 GMT


I had an idea for a war that I would like some candid feedback on.  

Something that I have felt is lacking in wars in my area (West) is

wondering where the enemy is and when are they going to attack.  That

anticipation could be a real rush.  Lining armies up accross the field

from each other and charging may be fun but I like suspense.


My idea is this.  What if we ran a 36 hour resurection war.  Deaths would

be counted to determine a victor.  After sunset all combatants would be

likited to short weapons (2 1/2') and attack could take place at any

time. I think that this makes it important to take and hold a good

strategic position so that you can get your troops fed and rested.  Also

you would need to post senturies and send out scouts.  This sounds a lot

more intrigueing to me than our current armored "football games".


I think that most safety concerns could be dealt with but what do you

think about the concept?


Malcolm MacPHerson



Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

From: ig932147 at lemon.canberra.edu.au

Subject: Re: a war idea

Organization: The University of Canberra

Date: Sun, 25 Sep 94 06:48:17 GMT


   Richard Smiley wrote in article <rsmileyCwM1DL.7pn at netcom.com> :

>I had an idea for a war that I would like some candid feedback on.  

>Something that I have felt is lacking in wars in my area (West) is

>wondering where the enemy is and when are they going to attack.  That

>anticipation could be a real rush.  Lining armies up accross the field

>from each other and charging may be fun but I like suspense.

>My idea is this.  What if we ran a 36 hour resurection war.  Deaths would

>be counted to determine a victor.  After sunset all combatants would be

>likited to short weapons (2 1/2') and attack could take place at any

>time. I think that this makes it important to take and hold a good

>strategic position so that you can get your troops fed and rested.  Also

>you would need to post senturies and send out scouts.  This sounds a lot

>more intrigueing to me than our current armored "football games".

>I think that most safety concerns could be dealt with but what do you

>think about the concept?

>Malcolm MacPHerson

well here in Lochac we're preparing for Total War 6 which is basically what

your describing, the battle is contested by two forces of about 20-30

heavies and archers, accross a large sight with wooded and open areas.

the action starts on Saturday morning, pauses for Saturday Night then

continues till some time Sunday afternoon.


Overall the concept is alot of fun, I would sugest that you set aside

camp sites that out of bounds for fighting, first and formost for safety

reasons - but also because under your senario the troops are obliged to

carry their gear with them, this is fine when playing Dn'D but the reality

of combat is that you drop your non essential gear when engaging the

enemy - this can result in gear being left behind or lost. Also give

night fighting a miss - this allows the combatants to rest up and get more

enjoyment from the following days combat.


Given my above coments about camping sites, something you might like to provide would

be "encampments"/forts that can be raided/defended/fought over. this

should satisfy your disire for Strategic and Tactical Goals as opposed to

hosting a straight up game of hide and seek(this is also a lot of fun)


   anyhow re the concept, in the words of a great (ad) campaigner -


      just do it


   duncan mac alpin. Polit,Lochac,West.



From: 00mjstum at bsuvc.bsu.edu (Matthew J. Stum)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: a war idea

Date: 26 Sep 94 10:05:24 -0500

Organization: Widget Enterprises


rsmiley at netcom.com (Malcolm MacPHerson (MKA Richard Smiley)) writes:

>I had an idea for a war that I would like some candid feedback on.  

>Something that I have felt is lacking in wars in my area (West) is

>wondering where the enemy is and when are they going to attack.  That

>anticipation could be a real rush.  Lining armies up accross the field

>from each other and charging may be fun but I like suspense.

>My idea is this.  What if we ran a 36 hour resurection war.  Deaths would

>be counted to determine a victor.  After sunset all combatants would be

>likited to short weapons (2 1/2') and attack could take place at any

>time. [...]


As many people have stated, I don't know how many fighters are willing to

wear their armor for 36 hrs straight.  And if they _do_ take their armor

off then they need to be taken out of play... which sorta defeats the whole

purpose. (i.e. you can foil a major attack by an enemy by suddenly deciding

that your entire side needs a water/dinner/potty break)


Here are a couple of smaller suggestions:


1) Woods battle.  Okay, so you know your opponent is in the woods... but

where exactly?  Woods with small hills/valleys is good.


2) Town battle.  Yeah, kinda like the one at pennsic, but drive posts at

each corner of the huts and string fabric walls between them.  This makes a

more realistic hut that you can't see through.  At pennsic you have instant

intelligence as to where the enemy is in the town.  Put up sheet walls and

it becomes _much_ more interesting.  ("Look around the corner.." "No, YOU

look around the corner!")


3) Combine the above two options if you just happen to have a nice fighting

field adjacent to suitable woods.  Throw in a fake river across the field

with a small foot bridge at one end and a shallow ford (i.e. cross on

knees) at the other and you have for some interesting tactics.  (Depending

on your geography and population, you'll probably want to have some sort of

goal in mind (i.e. capture the flag, maintain control of certain regions,

etc.)) Include "home bases" where fighters can go and rest, receive water,



None of the above really addresses the "when" part of your question, but

weren't most period battles fought just as Pennsic?  i.e. the opposing

commanders have breakfast together, chat, and then say "Okay, you ready to

fight?" I realize that not all societies followed this (the Vikings and

the Northern Welsh come to mind off-hand) but I seem to remember the

English and the French going in for this type of "civilized warfare".




Matt Stum                 Gwydion ap Myrddin Arglwydd     Ball State University

00mjstum at bsuvc.bsu.edu    Shire of Afonlyn, MK            Muncie, IN  USA

          Per bend sable and Or, a sun and decrescent counterchanged.



From: BFLYNN at email.unc.edu (Brian Flynn)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: a war idea

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 15:28:56

Organization: UNC-CH School of Nursing


I like a lot of the idea so far - one thing that I've noticed in some of the

wars is that the area is generally to small to do anything strategic.  You

basically wind up with two lines that just want to kill each other, so why try

any flanking, feinting, ect.  Just close the distance and fight, right?


In period, I cannot think of any fighting that occurred much past dusk.  I

imagine this is for the same reason we don't do it today - you just can't see.

At dusk, you'd make camp and in the morning, you'd form up and fight.


I've always wanted to see a site with two entrances on opposite sides,

depending on which side you wanted to fight for.  Possibly you could be given

directions to one of two (wow - or even 3,4,5...) camps - kinda of a pot-luck

war. In the morning, everybody gets up and sees what happens.


I'm thinking of the camps being a mile or so apart with some interesting

terrain between them.  Objectives - who knows.  Perhaps a booty train where

everyone has to bring something as a treasure - at the end of the war, the

victors split up the "lootings."


Somewhere on the east coast - count me in.





Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: a war idea

From: voloudak at fas.harvard.edu (John_Voloudakis)

Date: Tue, 27 Sep 1994 11:07:13

Organization: Harvard University Instructional Media Services


In article <rsmileyCwM1DL.7pn at netcom.com> rsmiley at netcom.com (Richard Smiley) writes:

>Subject: a war idea

>From: rsmiley at netcom.com (Richard Smiley)

>Date: Sat, 24 Sep 1994 01:27:20 GMT


>I had an idea for a war that I would like some candid feedback on.  

>Something that I have felt is lacking in wars in my area (West) is

>wondering where the enemy is and when are they going to attack.  That

>anticipation could be a real rush.  Lining armies up accross the field

>from each other and charging may be fun but I like suspense.

>My idea is this.  What if we ran a 36 hour resurection war.  Deaths would

>be counted to determine a victor.  After sunset all combatants would be

>likited to short weapons (2 1/2') and attack could take place at any

>time. I think that this makes it important to take and hold a good

>strategic position so that you can get your troops fed and rested.  Also

>you would need to post senturies and send out scouts.  This sounds a lot

>more intrigueing to me than our current armored "football games".

>I think that most safety concerns could be dealt with but what do you

>think about the concept?


>Malcolm MacPHerson


One problem I can forsee with this idea is that unless everyone at the site is

a combatant, some poor spectator is going to get their head bashed in by some

overzealous fighters.


A few of us had been discussing a similar idea at Pennsic though.  Pick a 24

hour period.  At any time during that period during daylight hours, the cannon

could sound.  When it does, units would head for the battlefield and fight.  

While you would still be dealing with a battle at a pre-arranged site, there

would be several new twists thrown in.


1) Uncertainty of timing.  Fighters would not know when the battle was going

to be.  This would  lead to new types of strategy, with some units staying

ready to fight for an hour or two at a time, and many fighters staying

partially armored in order to get ready quickly.  In addition, runners would

be needed to inform all the units that the battle had begun, since not

everyone can hear the cannon around the site.  


2) Since not all the fighters would be arriving at the same time, nor from

the same directions, you would not be dealing with two large armies facing off

against each other across the field, but rather many smaller units working

individually, at least at first.  


3) Units arriving late, or which are held back as reserves, would also add a

new twist, since it would not be easy for battlefield commanders to judge just

how the battle was going, where the enemy was, etc.  


There are several safety concerns which would need to be addressed in this

scenario. First, fighters might rush to put on their armor and not pay as

much attention as they should to safety.  Responsibility for armor safety

would need to be addressed by unit commanders or individual fighters.  Second,

fighters who decide to wear their armor throughout the day in order to be

prepared might get dehydrated or suffer from some other heat-related problem.  

This would probably be a harder, though not impossible problem to solve.


I think that if these safety concerns are well-addressed, a battle of this

sort could be fun for fighters and spectators alike.



voloudak at fas.harvard.edu



From: Suze.Hammond at f56.n105.z1.fidonet.org (Suze Hammond)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: a war idea

Date: Thu, 29 Sep 1994 20:41:00 -0800


You might consider making the night fighting by scouts and raiders. for

safety sake, no actual fighting inside camps (as someone previously

mentioned) but the denizens of the camp would have to post a watch, just

as in real warfare. If the guard was captured, the people in the camp are

listed "killed" and must start the day at resurrection.


This would force fighters to camp in numbers (or try to hide their camp)

and those who didn't want to fight at night wouldn't have to, but would

have a certain risk, as would those who did. It might be good to have the

night fighting declared "Light" no matter who was up, ie "You're dead" at

ten feet would be a kill. Or perhaps it could be killed at a touch,

instead of hard blows. After all, in the dark, the whole idea was not to

be seen, while achieving your objectives. Few pitched battles are done in

the dark, even nowadays.


Camps could have sentries captured, or flags left to demonstrate

penetration of defenses.


From: jkrissw at aol.com (JkrissW)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Battles, Question on duration of ~

Date: 18 Sep 1995 12:24:10 -0400

Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)


In article <eherring.436.0093F9F1 at mindspring.com>, eherring at mindspring.com

(Evan L. Herring) writes:


>SCA battles tend to go on until all of one side are killed and "victory by

>death" declared. Few Medieval battles went to this extreme. At some point in

>many battles, a Medieval army seemed to think that the benefits of staying in

>the fight are outweighed by the benefits of survival.


Some of the SCAdians I used to do "ancients" (wargame miniatures from

antiquity) with  observed that everybody in SCA combat has "A" morale. :-)

Maybe a way to simulate the historical sort of consideration for life and

limb would be to have a war (with a series of scheduled battles) where a

fighter only had one (or maybe two) "lives" for the entire weekend (kept

track of by some kind of list or special token that a fighter needed to

give to somebody before entering the battle area).  This would make the

early battles, at least, more "realistic" in that a side that seemed to be

losing would be more likely to go for a fighting withdrawal rather than

fighting on to the end.  Has this approach ever been tried?


I realize that fighters might object to being out of the battle so

"permanently", but perhaps alternative tracks could be run (a "casualties

tournament") in addition to the scheduled battles.





From: "Niewoehner, Hugh" <Hugh.Niewoehner at flightsafety.com>

Date: June 27, 2008 1:15:06 PM CDT

Cc: <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com>

Subject: Lilies Monday - A target rich environment...


This years Lilies theme was Guild Wars. You had to decide which guild you were fighting for:  Fire Workers, Cooks, Brewers & Vintners, Fiber Guild, Bards, or Silk Road travelers'.


Monday's second battle was a 45 min. resurrection field battle with the six guilds starting widely spread out.  There were hay bales and the Lilies fort was arranged into 2 towers with a 10' wide lane between.  Fortunately (or not) no one had provided any sashes or other means of visibly marking which team you were on.   So, for those who don't know a lot of Calon's, it meant you fought with your chosen guild until your first death.  From then on it was open season...everyone was a target.    Occasionally, you'd hear some group who'd moved into one half of the fort start yelling their guild affiliation but for the most part it was a case of eyeballing the field and deciding where the most fun appeared to be happening.    If someone approached you could a) announce your guild hoping they were friendlies, b) move away, c) attack like a crazed weasel.   It was great!


At one point in time the fire workers holed up in one of the fort halves and it beacame an everyone vs. them battle until fire workers returning from res. point tried to lift the seige and it once again became a reasonable facsimile of a free for all. 


On the order of 100 + fighters, all of whom are fair game including 4 archers.   Choices, choices...


 Damon Hroarsson, HE Borrendöhl

    Northkeep Ansteorra



From: "Niewoehner, Hugh" <Hugh.Niewoehner at flightsafety.com>

Date: June 27, 2008 1:15:08 PM CDT

Cc: <StefanliRous at austin.rr.com>

Subject: Lilies Friday - Odd but fun.


Shepherds vs. Angry Villagers


The field was laid out into 4 "pastures" which went all the way across the battle field.    The guilds were divided into 2 roughly equal groups.  The "Villagers" and the herd.


Villagers were able to use any weapon up to 6'.   They started at the edge of the first village.  When they died they had to fall back to the second village and could not re-engage until the herd entered that pasture.  Die again got to third, etc.  After fourth death you're out.


The herd...Started as a large group halfway up the west side of the first pasture.  The goal was to determine which side could move at least 3 sheep (with a shepherd) to a hay bale on the far side of the 4th pasture fastest.


Shepherds were allowed any weapon up to 6'.  Dog's were allowed any great weapon up to 6'. Sheep were single sword.


The requirement was at least 5 sheep and 3 dogs per shepherd.   Sheep could only walk and even then only if a dog or shepherd was in close proximity "herding" them.   Given any good hit the sheep were to go to their knees with their sword over their head until a dog or shepherd touched them.  Dog's and Shepherds had to return to a res. point where the flock started. 


No kidding, you'd put a couple of sheep down and be concentrating on the next target when somebody to the side would resurrect the 2 at your feet and before you know it they're in your face.  Woof!


One guy put 8 sheep in an arc in front of him and started walking.  He was resurrecting sheep as fast as they got hit.  They never had time to fall to their knees.  It became a slowly moving  wall of single swords with dogs positioned to intercept anyone who tried to come around the ends.  They eventually attracted enough attention to tear their formation apart but it took a while and a lot of dead villagers.  Bloody damn zombie sheep!


In tale form it went something like this:


NSTWW, minding our own business, tending the fields and vineyards.  Then, along come those bloody shepherds with their wolves and sheep. 


So, like last year, we gathered our weapons and went to drive them away from our village.  Unlike last year though they'd taught their sheep to bite. 


Just when you'd drive off or injure one of the shepherds or wolves a couple of the sheep would take a chunk out of you.   So we started slaughtering sheep too.


What's this?  When the dogs or shepherds touch the sheep they come back to life...Aaaagh!   Zombie sheep!  


They're over-running the village!   Fall back to the next village and try to help them stem this onslaught.


Hopefully they won't stop and we can rebuild once they've moved on.  After undead sheep what's next?


Later that same day...


Well, we've grazed about as much as we can from the winter pasture.  Right on schedule, here come the wolves and shepherds to take us to the summer pastures.


We have to pass through several villages to get there.  Sometimes they try to stop us.  Looks like this year will be one of those times.


But this time things are going to be different. 


        Sumus grex agni. - "We are a flock of sheep"


        Agni dentati. - "Sheep with teeth".


As we move forward we chew up ankles, knees, and arms.  If we wound them they can't fall back and assist the other villages along the way.


Suddenly a guy wearing a yellow and black falcon yells my direction saying "I know that sheep.  Stop him or he'll tear out all of our crops and plant grapes."  At this point I remember I shouldn't be calling "Baa, baa" but "Beeeer, Beeeer".   His companion starts laughing so I bite him.


Finally struck down, I lay, a corpse in the field.  Then my guard dog touches me and I arise once more to continue the migration.  Stuck again I fall to the ground on my knees.  A dog touches me "Up sheep", a villager stabs me before I can move "Down sheep", dog, villager, dog, villager, sigh... they finally move off leaving me rotting.


Hmm, a villager approaches along with the sound of battle.   Seeing my dead body, he ignores me and steps close to try and cull another from our flock.  I feel a touch, "sheep up", I bite the face of the careless villager in the few seconds granted me before I am once again struck by another. This cycle repeats a few times before a powerful sheepdog revives me and leads me to the upper meadows along with enough of my companions to deem the migration complete.


Damon Hroarsson, HE Borrendöhl

    Northkeep Ansteorra


<the end>

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