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"Gluten Free Boiled Pudding or To Make a Dry Oatmeal Pudding" by Baroness Lucia de Enzinas.


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Gluten Free Boiled Pudding or To Make a Dry Oatmeal Pudding

by Baroness Lucia de Enzinas


Yay, a gluten-free pudding recipe! Well for those who are gluten-free and not also sensitive to oats.


Suet is the only 'moisture' in the recipe. It doesn't even call to soak the dried fruit first. If it didn't take 4 hours to cook it would be an incredibly simple recipe.


This is a heartier recipe than my other pudding recipe "Raspberry Steamed Pudding". And made a lot less mess.


To make a dry Oatmeal Pudding. Take your Oatmeal well picked, and put into it a little salt, some Raisins and Currants, and some beaten spice, and good store of Beef Suet finely shred, so tie it up hard in a Cloth, and let your water boil when you put it in, and let it boil very well; if you would butter it, then leave out the Suet; and if you would leave out the Fruit, then put in sweet herbs good store. Hannah Woolley, http://quod.lib.umich.edu/e/eebo/A66847.0001.001?rgn=subject;view=toc;q1=Recipes">The Queen-like Closet OR RICH CABINET Scored with all manner of RARE RECEIPTS FOR Preserving, Candying and Cookery (1670)





    3 cups large oat, wheat free, oatmeal

    pinch salt

    3/4 cup of raisin

    3/4 cup currants

    1 cup suet (or butter)

    A good book




1   Fill two pots of water 3/4 full. Put pots of water on high to boil. (Or one large pot and a teakettle).

2   Mix ingredients together, carefully making sure the fruit and suit are evenly distributed.

3   Place oatmeal mixture on a piece of fabric large enough for the task and tie up the ends. Wrap a string around and tie several times, leave one end long. Tie the loose end on to the middle of a cooking spoon, this will support the ball that is the pudding.

4   Once water is fully boiling slowly lower bag of oatmeal mixture to submerge. Turn heat down to medium-high. Rest spoon across the top of the pot to keep the pudding off the bottom (where it will burn). Set oven timer for 4 hours.

5   Get out the good book because you can't leave the pudding unattended.

6   Every 30 minutes add more hot water from the second pot to the first, to insure that the bag of oats is always covered, and always floating off the bottom.

7   After four hours set pudding aside in a bowl until its cool enough to touch.

8   Untie pudding, and open the bag over the edges of the bowl. Place a plate over the opened pudding. Upend bowl with pudding in it onto the plate. Unwrap pudding.

9   Serve warm or cool.


The pudding doesn't call for a 'sauce' but butter and sugar sauce would probably suit this pudding. (Or ice cream….shhhhhh)


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