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Pottery-bib - 10/8/08


A pottery bibliography by Master Hroar of the Calafian Potters Guild.


NOTE: See also the files: ceramics-bib, glass-bib, tiles-bib, pottery-msg, pottery-whels-msg, Throwing-Pots-art, Ceramics-Intro-art, cooking-pots-art, pottery-cookng-msg.





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Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 12:56:26 -0700

From: Dragon <dragon at crimson-dragon.com>

Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] Books on Dishes

To: Cooks within the SCA <sca-cooks at lists.ansteorra.org>


Volker Bach wrote:

> a quick question: I'm looking for good books on

> ceramics for use in serving Mediterranean cuisine

> (Arab, Italian, Spanish, Byzantine). I have Ken Dark:

> Byzantine Pottery (which is good).


> Now I've seen Geza Fehervari: Islamic Pottery and

> Arthur Lane: Later Islamic Pottery. Are these good"


> And especially - does anyone know where I can find

> more information on Italian and more generally Western

> ceramics"

---------------- End original message. ---------------------


Pottery (in the form of broken potsherds) happens to be one of the

most common artifacts found in almost every archeological dig. Many,

many papers have been written and many careers in the field made on

pottery. Any university library ought to be able to provide a huge

wealth of material on any of those eras and places.


In addition to that, the following bibliography was provided by

Master Hroar to the Calafian Potters Guild. I have not had an

opportunity to peruse most of these but if he recommends them, I

personally take it that they are useful and/or accurate references.


Aquamaniles Bibliography


While not strictly clay items, these books have many

images that are useful in creating clay aquamaniles


"Aquamanilien: Gebrauch und Form"

Phillip von Zabern

ISBN 3-8053-1400-0


"Aquamanile : Oggetti Medievali Per Uso  Sacro e Profano"

Franco Maria Ricci

ISBN 88-216-0331-8


"Lions, Dragons, and Other Beasts:

Aquamaniilia of the Middle Ages, Vessels for Church and Table"

Peter Barnet and Pete Dandridge

ISBN 0-300-11684-5


Asian Pottery  Bibilography



Sumarah Adhyatman


"Kendi: Pouring Vessels in the University of Malaya Collection"

Khoo Joo EE

Edited by Dawn F. Rooney

ISBN 0-19-588939-8


"Precious Vessels: 2000 years of Chinese Pottery"

Eldon Worrall

ISBN 0-906367-07-7


"The Ceramic Art of China"

The Victoria and Albert Museum


"Tamba Pottery; The Timeless Art of a Japanese Village"

Daniel Rhodes

ISBN 0-87011-118-3


"Shigaraki: Potters Valley"

Louise Allison Cort



"Hares Fur, Tortoiseshell and Partridge Feathers"

Chinese Brown and Black  Glazed  Ceraics, 400-1400"

Robert D. Mowley

ISBN 0-916724-88-3


"The Indian Blackware (First Millennium B.C.)"

Ashoka K. Mishra

ISBN 81-85268-09-06


European Pottery Bibliography


"Medieval Pottery London-type Ware"

J.E. Pearce, A.G. Vince. M.A. Jenner

ISBN 0-903290-27-8


"The Beaker Folk; Copper Age Archeology in Western Europe"

Richard Harrison

ISBN 0-500-02098-1


British Museum Occasional Paper Number 122

"Maiolica in the North: The Archeology of Tin-Glazed

Earthenware on North-West Europe, c 1500--1600"

Proceedings of a Colloquium  Hosted by The  Department

of Medieval and Later Antiquities on March 6-7, 1997

Edited by David Gaimster

ISBN 0-86159-122-4


"Surrey Whitewares"

Jacqueline Pearce and Alan Vince

ISBN 0-903290-34-0


"Medieval Sussex Pottery"

K.J. Barton

ISBN 0-85033-333-4


"Medieval Ceramics:VI to XIII Centuries"

Jay D. Frierman


"Italian Renaissance Pottery: Papers Written in

Association with a colloquium  at the British Musem"

Edited by Timothy Wilson

ISBN 0-7141-0553-8


"Medieval Pottery From Excavations: Studies Presented to Gerald Clough Dunning"

Edited by H. Hodges and JG Hurst



"German Stoneware 1200-1900"

David Gaimster

ISBN 0-7141-0571-6


"Medieval Pottery from Wood Quay, Dublin; The 1974-6 Waterfront Excavations"

Clara McCutcheon



"Steinzeug und Zinn"

Annaleise Ohm, Magrit Bauer


"Spanish Pottery 1248-1898

With a Catalogue o f the collection in the Victory and Albert Museum""

Anthony Ray

ISBN 1-85177-291-X


"The English Country Pottery"

Peter C.D. Brears"

ISBN 0-8048-0986-0


"Three Excavations Along the Thames and its Tributaries, 1994:

Neolithic to Saxon Settlement and Burial in the

Thames, Colne and Kennet Valleys"

Phil Andrews and Andrew Crocket

ISBN 1-874350-18-3


"A Twelfth Century Pottery Kiln at Pound Lane, Canterbury:

Evidence for an Immigrant Pottey in the Late Norman


John Cotter

ISBN 1-870545-07-9


"Humberside Medieval Pottery; an Illustrated catalogue

of Saxon and Medieval domestic assemblages from North

Lincolnshire and the surrounding reagion"

Colin Hayfield

ISBN 0-96054-33-1


"The Secular Spirit: Life and Art in at the End of the Middle Ages"

Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN 0-525-49507-X





Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 19:06:42 -0700 (PDT)

From: Huette von Ahrens <ahrenshav at yahoo.com>

Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] Books on Dishes

To: Cooks within the SCA <sca-cooks at lists.ansteorra.org>


My husband, Master Hroar, has also made a bibliography for Islamic  

Pottery books:


Islamic Pottery Bibliography


"Ceramics of the Islamic World in the Tareq Rajab Museum"

Geza Fehervari

ISBN 1-86064-430-9


"Early Islamic Pottery: Materials and Techniques"

Anne-Marie Keblow Bernsted

ISBN 1-873132-98-0


"Shine Like the Sun: Lustre-Painted and Associated Pottery

from the Medieval Middle East"

Robert B.J. Mason

ISBN 1-56859-096-2


"Ceramics from Islamic Lands: Kuwait National Museum, The

Al-Sabah Collection"

Oliver Watson

ISBN 0-500-97634-1


"Raqqa Revisited: Ceramics of Ayyubid Syria"

Marilyn Jenkins-Madina

ISBN 1-58839-184-1


"Ancient Iranian Ceramics; from the Arthur M Sackler Collections"

Trudy S. Kawami

ISBN 0-8109-193-3


"Ashmolean Museum: Medieval Middle Eastern Pottery"

J.W. Allan

Ashmolean Museum, publishers


"Benaki Museum Athens: Early Islamic Pottery. Ninth to Late Twelfth  


Helen Philon

ISBN 0-85667-698-7


So, if the Geza Fehervari book we have is the same as the one you  

listed, then it is good. I haven't seen the Arthur Lane book.


Since, Dragon posted the other bibliographies that my husband put  

together, I won't post them again here.





Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 08:33:47 -0400

From: Johnna Holloway <johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu>

Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] Books on Dishes

To: Cooks within the SCA <sca-cooks at lists.ansteorra.org>


The one that I have at home is Coutts. The Art of Ceramics.

European Ceramic Design 1500-1800. It's good on the Renaissance stuff.


There are probably a hundred or more volumes worth looking at and this is where

a good art library comes in handy as one just browses in the sections

and pulls out the interesting books.




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