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tiles-bib - 5/28/02


A bibliography on period tile making by Master Magnus Malleus.


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Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:26:24 -0500

From: rmhowe <MMagnusM at bellsouth.net>

To: - Potters <SCA-Potters at eGroups.com>

Subject: Some Medieval Tile Books


Some Medieval Tile Books


I've been adding some notes to my list of books I own.

Perhaps these would be of interest to some of you.

Personally, I find the charming designs to be inspirational for

other types of artwork.


Eames, Elizabeth: Irish Medieval Tiles: Decorated Medieval Paving

        Tiles in Ireland with an Inventory of Sites and Designs in

        a Visual Index. Circa 1250-1550.

        Royal Irish Academy Monographs in Archaeology, Royal Irish Academy,

        19 Dawson St., Dublin 2, 1988, ISBN 0901714623. http://www.ria.ie/

        505 third scale examples, 8 colour photographs, six black and

        white photographs, 47 line drawings, 148 pages. Includes a drawing

        of a reconstruction of a medieval floor tile kiln. Hardbound.


Eames, Elizabeth: English Tilers, Medieval Craftmen Series;

        University of Toronto Press 1992. ISBN 0802077064. Paperbound.

        72 pages, 43 colour and 41 B&W Illustrations. Covers ovens,

        tools, molds, techinques, many examples of embossed and inlaid

        tiles, as well as shaped pattern tiles. Contains the only

        surviving wooden tile stamp. Very pretty book!.


Eames, Elizabeth: English Medieval Tiles; British Museum, Harvard

        University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1985.

        Contains many of the same illustrations as the English Tilers

        book by the same author, 72pp. Lacks the tool illustrations

        but has the surviving stamp depicted in the English tilers

        book. Mainly a rearrangement of the above. color and b&W. PP.


Grafton, Carol Belanger: Old English Tile Designs for Artists and

        Craftspeople; with 161 Illustrations. Origninally published

        as Mediaeval English Pavingtiles, in 1937, by Lord Haberly

        (Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1937). Dover original edition 1984.

        161 B&W illustrations, 128pp. 8 3/8 x 11". Unprovenanced but

        said to be mostly from the Oxford region.


Liebgott, Niels-Knud: Kakler, Hovedtraek af kakkeloven historie ca.

        1350-1650.1972. Concerns the making and construction details

        for Kakler which are the deep relief oven tiles standing ovens

        are made from. Nationalmuseet, Kobenhavn.

        ISBN 874807061. 39pp. paperback. Some excellent designs,

        knight on horseback for example. Some are made by turning

        cylinders and cutting them in half, then building the border

        around them and decorating.


Sherlock, David: Medieval Floor Tiles in Suffolk Churches; Suffolk

        Historic Churches Trust, paperbound, no date but post 1980.

        Possibly reachable through the The Old Rectory, Chattisham,

        Ipswich IP8 3PY. 47pp. 157 oftentimes very pretty designs drawn

        in dark brown on a parchment colored paper. With complete notes.


Stopford, Jennie: Recording Mediaeval Floor Tiles; Council for

        British Archaeology Practical Handbook 10, 4.70GBP,

        112 Kennington Road, London SE11 6RE, ISBN 1872414036.

        46 page paperback with a few illustrations of tiles.

        Short Bibliography.


Stopford, Jennie: Modes of Production Among Medieval Tilers; Medieval

        Archaeology 37, 1993; pp. 93-108 with notes.


van Lemmen, Hans: Decorative Tiles Throughout the Ages, with 40 full

        color plates; Crescent Books, Crown Publishers, Inc. 225 Park Ave.

        South, New York, NY., Bracken Books 1988. ISBN 0517679604.

        Very large format book. Only a few medieval tiles in full color,

        quickly goes to later Renaissance Majolica tiles. About 90 pages.


Now if I were looking for an introductory book to produce some of

these in a modern fashion, I should look to:


Giorgini, Frank: Handmade Tiles - Designing, Making, Decorating;

        Lark Books, Asheville, N.C., USA, ISBN 0937274763. $25.

        1994, 144 very well illustrated color pages including how

        to make a tile press, tools, and many examples with complete

        instructions as to methods for the beginner. Well worth the money.


Magnus Malleus, OL / R.M. Howe

Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia

Great Dark Horde


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