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cmp-ckng-bags-art - 3/11/10


Camp cooking using boil-in bags for quick meals and quick cleanup by Baroness Claire Shayhan.


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From: Elizabeth Crouchet <elizabeth at crouchet.com>

Date: February 3, 2010 1:37:09 AM CST

To: "Kingdom of Ansteorra - SCA, Inc." <Ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org>

Subject: [Ansteorra] Feeding yourselves with out living in a kitchen at war


Some people like to cook, some people like to cook at camping events. These

are not always the same people.


Here is how to cook for yourself and not have lots of clean up/prep at war.


Make your food ahead of time, freeze it solid, seal in a bag and take to war

in ice chest. Thaw until hot in boiling water in a large pot. Serve on paper

plates with real utensils and use real mugs for coffee etc.


Use the hot water to clean up the few dishes, wash hands and such  after

dinner.  Dispose of paper dishes and bags in trash.


One dish meals work for this. Casseroles, stews and such. You can also do a

hearty meal with steamed veggies on the sides. Just put the uncooked frozen

veggies in their own bag and boil at the same time as the main dish.  The

main dish could be previously grilled sausages or chicken breasts or such.

Serve with breads. A cobbler for dessert (and another serving of fruit) can

be placed into the boiling water after dinner is hot and can be heating

while you eat dinner.


We have done this many times. The dinner duties include acquiring and

heating the water. Locating the appointed dinner. Tossing it in the pot.

Finding the sides and serving ware. Waiting for the dinner to get hot all

way through. Cut, serve and eat. Easy duties for even the least talented

cook in the camp.


For finicky diners, meals can be single servings of what each likes. For

group meals, stews and such can be put in one or two bags to heat through,.


Frozen they help keep the rest of the week's food frozen. Place the early

week stuff on one end of the cooler and the later stuff on the other end

with some dry ice. Ice can be added as needed, if needed and since all food

is sealed it won't get waterlogged.


Chili is great with the cheese and other condiments on the side.


Spaghetti sauce works well, but the noodles do better cooked on site or they

get mushy but are not hard to clean  up after and don't have to be



Casseroles work great.


Enchiladas work, corn chips and salsa on side store well.


Stews work, if you want you can serve in bread bowls but bread only keeps a

few days.


Sausages and grilled chicken work well, with hot or cold side dishes.


A different fruit cobbler each meal is great.


Premade egg and stuff can be frozen then boiled in bags and served on

tortillas for breakfast.


Sausage in a blanket works well.


Precooked Sausage patties served with biscuits warmed up on a griddle with

some cheese are nice.


Hot oatmeal, made a home just a little undercooked, and boiled in a bag. Add

your favorite toppings.


Always have a pot of hot drinking water for teas, coffee, chocolate, etc.


And since this is all so easy to do, no one has an excuse not to 'make' a



I live in a camp full of fighters and when I started fighting myself, that

left no one to take care of us so we found a way for all to take care of

all. And we never spend a lot of time cooking AT the war. We just heat, eat

and run. We get to the parties sooner! And we don't bite each others heads

off waiting for dinner. First one back to camp puts the water on and we eat

about as soon as we get cleaned up and changed for the evening. It makes the

war pleasant for all.


If you want advice on the particulars and maybe some recipes, please email

me off list.




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