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Chocolat-Mead-art - 11/6/11


"Chocolate Mead aka Liquid Sex Mead" by Lord Rhys, Capten gen y Arian Lloer.


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NOTE: Good as this is, this is not a period recipe, as chocolate in the form used here was not available until the 19th century - Stefan.


Chocolate Mead aka Liquid Sex Mead


Lord Rhys, Capten gen y Arian Lloer

Barony of Andelcrag, Midrealm



Please drink responsibly and

Be sure of the age of those you share with!






This recipe may be quoted, borrowed, copied, or stolen by anyone under three conditions.

1.           As the originator of this recipe please offer me credit as such.

2.           No money may change hands specifically for this recipe. Give it freely to any who ask in the spirit in which I give it to you.

3.           It may be put into any SCA newsletter, SCA publication, or website, paid subscription or public domain only after due notification to the originator.



The originator of the recipe is not responsible for hordes of chocolate-crazed women attacking your encampment in search of chocolate mead, or Foreign Royalty sending knights to drag you into their court at Pennsic to demand bottles and recipes. All local women must now see my lady, Angelline la Petita, for a sample if you can talk her out of it. I am not allowed to carry around an open bottle anymore.


The basics of mead brewing should be mastered before performing any advanced projects. This recipe assumes a standard 5 gallon batch of mead using a 4 parts water to 1 part honey mixture (Must).


If you prefer your mead boiled, do so before adding any cocoa from this recipe as the foaming will remove the chocolate from the mix. Boiling is optional in mead and if you would like the pro's and con's, please ask. I personally boil nothing in mead making.


To your standard must, before adding the yeast, add 16 oz of Cocoa Powder (Nestles works great). Mix well before adding yeast. You will notice a lag in the start of the yeast; however this is common and due to the oils in cocoa. It will start bubbling madly in a few days, b ut never as much as normal mead.




Cocoa contains a number of different very bitter oils that must be given time to break down. After the bubbling slows down put your fermenter/carboy away for one full year. Keeping the airlock on and checking the water level in it on occasion. Any other method of removing the oils will result in the loss of that little enzyme that the ladies are so fond of.


At the end of that year, rack the mead once to remove sediment and sweeten to approx. 1.030 on a hydrometer (semi-sweet) or to taste. I use Camden to kill the yeast at this point. Put the mead away for a second year. After the second year bottle normally. It will be clear, but very dark.


Some production notes: This mead leaves a very light aftertaste of chocolate that many people will not be able to identify readily. However the other effects of chocolate, i.e. orgasmic like pleasure is there. In the original test one of the samplers didn't care for it, only one identified the flavor and tried to steal the bottle, and the other 28 thought it good with comments ranging from "very good" to "OH MY GOD!". I make five gallons each year to share with friends, and that is all due to space from brewing. I used an apple flower honey, but any light honey should work. Just avoid heavy flavored honeys that might overpower the chocolate. In addition brew down only once, a heroic (high alcohol) mead would likewise overpower the delicate flavor.


Additional Note: The current batch now aged over two years has increased in chocolate flavor and smoothed very very very well. I no longer serve chocolate mead at less then two years of age. The Ladies of the Barony deserve nothing less then the best.


Final Note: If you let the mead age a third year some lovely Lady will force you to marry her in order to hoard the supply. My Lady Angelline has even received copies of this recipe in email, telling her she just has to

try this out.


This mead is best served to the one you love ice cold, in candlelight, with a bowl of fresh strawberries for dipping. And privacy would be recommended.


Comments back to me are most welcome and maybe sent to LordRhys at gmail.com





Raise your glass and drink deep, Drink to those friends around us,

To those friends we have not yet met,

And to friends past and long remembered.



Full permission is granted for publication in any SCA related newsletter or publication provided no alterations are made without notifying Lord Rhys in advance. LordRhys at gmail.com


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