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Anno-Societat-art - 3/2/14


"Common Questions: What is the Term Anno Societatis" by Kurios Halfdan 'Two Bears' Ôzurrson.


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This article was first published in the December 2012 issue of "The Dragon Tale", Barony of Selviergard, Principality of Oertha in the Kingdom of the West.


Common Questions: What is the Term Anno Societatis

by Kurios Halfdan "Two Bears" Ozurrson


Cultures in the past usually identified the number of the year in different ways; for the Athenians it was based off archons, for the Romans it was consuls. Other cultures based the counting of years of reigns of local kings; very similar to how our own mundane calendar reckons the years from Jesus Christ.

Anno Societatis, the term used by the Society for Creative Anachronism, literally means "the Year of the Society" and counts from the Birthday Party held on May 1, 1966; the Society's traditional inception as a group (although the group would be named and incorporated several years later--another story to be sure).

The term Anno Societatis is often displayed simply as the initials "A.S." and then the year written in roman numerals. In some cases, the Arabic numerals are used instead since some of us have a hard time remembering what X's and V's represent numerically.

The use of Anno Societatis can be used for any number of projects, but mostly seen in conjunction with period style missives and historical references.

Having a hard time remembering what year the Society is in? There are a couple ways of deciphering it out. The main SCA website has good information on Reckoning Society Calendar Dates and gives you the answer right away according to the mundane year. Or, for those so inclined and knowledgeable; performing simple math is advisable as well; simply deduct 1966 from the current year and be mindful of the start of the Society New Year.


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