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cookbooks3-bib - 10/14/98


Lady AllisonÕs (Lyn M. Parkinson) cookbook bibliography.


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Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 18:33:02 -0500

From: allilyn at juno.com (LYN M PARKINSON)

Subject: Re: SC - Books for Beginners?




Welcome to the SCA.  Not all of the following books are for

beginners--it's my cooking bibliography, and also has some notes from

Mistress Jaelle's bibliography she sent us--but check things out with

Interlibrary loan.  You'll soon find what level you are.


L. Allison

allilyn at juno.com



Cookbook Bibliography


Anderson, Stanley F. and Dorothy.  Winemaking.  Recipes, Eqipment, and

        Techniques for Making Wine at Home. Harcourt Brace & Co., NY, 1989.


Best, Michael R., editor THE ENGLISH HOUSEWIFE by Gervase Markham. McGill-

        Queen's University Press, 1986. Original recipes - early 17th century.



Blencowe, Ann.  The Receipt Book of Ann Blencowe.  1695. Northhamptonshire.

        Reprint,      Susan J. Evans.


Cariadoc and Elizabeth.  A Miscelleny.  6th edition. (Contains some recipes)


Cariadoc, pub. A Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Cookbooks.  Vol I

        all he could find in English. May, Markham, print very hard to read


Cariadoc, pub. A Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Cookbooks.  Vol II


Perry, Charles, et al.  An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the Thirteenth



Atlas, Alia.  Daz Buoch von Guoter Spiese (between 1345 & 1354).


Hinson, Janet.  Traite de Cuisine (c. 1300).

        Le Menagier De Paris (Goodman of Paris, c. 1395).  Partial.


Bennett, Elizabeth.  Le Viandier de Taillevent (14th c.).


Cook, Elizabeth, from Scully, Terence.  Du Fait de Cuisine (Chiquart, 1420).

      Odds and Ends:  12th c., 3 recipes; Arabic 10th + 13th c.; 16th c. beer.


Cosman, Madeliene Pelner. FABULOUS FEASTS. George Brazlier. 1976. A lot of good     general information about medieval food/foodways, redacted recipes without    originals. Some of the recipes contain out of period   ingredients. NOT    RECOMMENDED.


David, Elizabeth. ENGLISH BREAD AND YEAST COOKERY. Penguin. 1979. The book on        bread, this contains a great deal of historical information on grain,

      ovens, shapes of loaves, etc. If you want to try and recreate medieval

      bread, this is where you should start. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Dawson, Thomas.  The Good Huswifes Jewell, 1596. Reprint, Susan J. Evans.

        The Second Part of the Good Hus-Wives Jewell. Reprint, Susan J. Evans.


Driver, Christopher and Michelle Berriedale-Johnson. PEPYS AT TABLE. University

        of California Press. 1984. Quotes from Pepys diary mentioning food and

        more or less contemporary recipes with modern redactions. This book is

        small and does not contain much, and there are better books around that

        cover this time period. Still, there is   nothing wrong with it except for

        the size. RECOMMENDED.


Epulario.  William Barley, London, 1598.  Reprint, Susan J. Evans.


Evans, Susan.  A Gode Cooke’s Glossarie.  Compiled, 1984. (to be used with Two

        Fifteenth Century Manuscripts)


Grieve, Mrs. M.  A Modern Herbal. Vol. I A-H, Vol. II I-Z, Dover Publications,

        Inc., NY, 1971. An unabridged republication of the work originally

        published by harcourt, Brace & Co., 1931. The Medicinal, Culinary,

        Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-lore of Herbs,

        Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs & Trees with all their modern scientific uses.


Hagen, Ann.  A Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food, Processing and Consumption.

        Anglo-Saxon Books, Middlesex, UK, 1992.

Hagen, Ann. A HANDBOOK OF ANGLO-SAXON FOOD. Processing and Consumption. Anglo-

        Saxon Books, Nisslwawx, England. 1992. This is not a cookbook per say, but

        a book about Anglo-Saxon food and foodways.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



        PRODUCTION   & DISTRIBUTION. Anglo-Saxon Books. 1995. An excellent book       about the foods available in that time period, and information on how

        they were eaten. Not a cookbook, but good information about the food and      foodways. HIGHLY    RECOMMENDED.


Hartley, Dorothy. FOOD IN ENGLAND. Macdonald. 1954. A well written, interesting

        book about English food that, alas has no dates, which makes it pretty

        useless for our purposes. NOT RECOMMENDED.[by Jaelle]


Henisch, Bridget Ann.  Fast and Feast.  Food in Medieval Society. Pennsylvania

        State University Press, 1977. fifth printing. ISBN0-271-01230-7

        (hardcover) 0-271-00424-X (paperback). An excellent book dealing with

        food in England 13-15th centuries. General information, no recipes.



Hess, Karen.  Martha WashingtonÕs Booke of Cookery.  C. 1749.  Columbia

        University Press, NY, 1981. A 17th century cookbook owned, not

        written by Martha   Washington. Original recipes plus lots of commentary

        on food. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Hieatt, Constance & Sharon Butler. CURYE ON INGLYSCH. Oxford University

        Press. 1985. 14th century English recipes. Originals only, no

        redactions. Good glossary. RECOMMENDED.


Hieatt, Constance B. AN ORDINANCE OF POTTAGE. Prospect Book. 1988. 15th

        century recipes with both original and redacted recipes. RECOMMENDED.


Hieatt, Constance B. and Sharon Butler. PLEYN DELIT. University of Toronto

        Press, Toronto.1979. 14th & 15th century recipes with the complete

        original recipe and a modern redaction. Recipes come from English and

        French sources; the French have been translated. The typeface that the

        original recipes are printed in can be difficult to read. RECOMMENDED.


Landsberg, Sylvia. The Medieval Garden. Thames & Hudson, 1995.  ISBN

        0-500-01691-7. Thames & Hudson, Inc. 500 Fifth Avenue, NY 10110.

        The author has designed several 12th to 16th C. gardens, including one at

        Shrewsbury Quest for the fictional Brother Cadfael and one in Winchester

        called Queen Eleanor's    Garden. Contains lists of plants from period

        works, photos of present day gardens, reproductions of garden plans, 14th

        & 15th C. paintings which include gardens, labors of the month paintings,

        lots of good illustrations.  Have not seen some of the reproductions

        before; they are of interest to the costumer, as well.  This is nice to

        browse through even if you are not a gardener, as I am not, but wonderful,

        if like Susannah, you are planning to have a medieval garden of your own.  

        There's a photo     that contains a yellow flowered woad plant in bloom,

        too.  Peasants' gardens, Ladies' pleasaunce, orchards, all kinds of

        gardens, here. This also has suggestions for your own garden, vine arbor,

        rose trellis, and much more.  


DeLaVarenne, Francis.  The French Cook. 1653. Reprint by Falconwood Press.


The Lord Ruthuen.  The Ladies Cabinet. Parts 1 & 3. London, 1655. Reprint, Susan

        J. Evans.


Murrell, John.  A delightful daily exercise for Ladies and Gentlewomen. 1621.

        Reprint, Susan      J. Evans.


Norman, Jill.  The Complete Book of Spices.  A practical guide to spices &

        aromatic seeds. Viking Penguin, NY, 1991.  [Great Britain 1990]


Ody, Penelope.  The Complete Medicinal Herbal.  Dorling Kindersly, NY, 1993.  

        Good photos.


Platina.  On Honest Indulgence.  Venice, 1475. Reprint, Susan J. Evans.


Prescott, James. Le Viandier de Taillevent (14th c.). Alfarhaugr Publishing

        Society, Eugene,    OR.  1989.


Quayle, Eric. OLD COOK BOOKS. An Illustrated History. E.P Dutton. 1978.

        An interesting book about historical cookbooks with some original recipes

        included.    RECOMMENDED. Not by me.  Have some zeroxes, but donÕt like

        itÕs too narrow.


Redon, Sabban, Serventi.  Die Kochkunst des Mittelalters. (in German)

        ((La Gastronomie au Moyen Age))  von Eichborn,  Frankfurt, 1993.

        German translation of La Gastronomie au Moyen Age.

        Contains recipes, in their original language as well as the German     translation from:

1. Menagier de Paris                                              MP

2. Maestro Martino, Libre de Arte Coquinaria                      Ma

3. Le Viandier de Taillevent  (2 versions)                   VT XV  +     VT Scul

4. Il Libro della Cucina del Secolo XIV                                     Za

5. BU  anonymous manuscript (Italian)                                Bu

6. Frammento di un Libro di Cucina del Secolo XIV                  Gu

7. LVII Ricette d’un Libro di Cucina del Buon Secolo della Lingua              Mo

8. Libro di Cucina del Secolo XIV                                Fr

9. Liber de Coquina                                              Lc

10. Maitre Chiquart, Du Fait de Cuisine                          Ch

11. Forme of Cury                                                Fc HB

12. Tractatus de Modo Preparandi et Condiendi Omnia Cibaria       Tr

13. Jean de Bockenheim, Register de Cuisine                      Bo

14. Diversa Servicia                                              Ds HB

15. An Ordinance of Pottage                                      Hi

        and redactions.


Renfrow, Cindy.  Take a Thousand Eggs Or More.  A Collection of 15th Century

        Recipes. Vol. I & II.  1991 Privately printed. Original 15th century

        recipes plus a lot of modern redactions. Good information on how to do

        your own redactions.  RECOMMENDED.


Renfrow, Cindy.  A Sip Through Time. A Collection of Old Brewing Recipes.  Only

        a few in period, but originals.  Recommended by Kyle and me.


Riley, Gillian. RENAISSANCE RECIPES. Pomegranate Artbooks. 1993.  Pictures

        involving food and redacted recipes to go along with the picture. No

        original recipes are given. Some of the pictures are useful, but I have

        some doubts about some of the recipes, although without seeing the

        originals it is hard to tell. NOT RECOMMENDED. She says the recipes are

        not exact replicas, "unashamedly cheerful versions"


Santich, Barbara. THE ORIGINAL MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE. Prospect Books. 1995. A

        lovely book on medieval food with the original recipes, their translations

        and modern redactions, as well as some good information about food of

        that period in general. What is especially nice is that a lot of the

        recipes I had never seen translated before. While I have not had time to

        make any of the recipes from the book, they do look good. HIGHLY



Sass, Lora. J. TO THE KING'S TASTE. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1975.

        Contains original recipes as well as modern redactions. Focus on the

        food/recipes from the time of Richard II, and uses Form of Cury for the

        source of the recipes.    RECOMMENDED.


Scully, Terence.  The Art of Cookery in the Middle Ages. Boydell Press,

        Woodbridge, UK.     1995.


Scully, Terence & D. Eleanor.  Early French Cookery. U. of Michigan, 1995.


Spurling, Hilary.  Elinor Fettiplace’s Receipt Book, Elizabethan Country House

        Cooking. Viking Penguin, Inc., NY, 1986. A transcription of slightly more

        than 200 recipes    from a book dated 1604 and commentary.  RECOMMENDED


Tannahill, Reay. FOOD IN HISTORY. Stein and Day.1973. NOTE: there is a revised

        edition that came out in the past several years, but this is what I

        grabbed from my shelves. In 448 pages she tries to cover food  throughout

        the world and throughout time. By the very nature of her subject and the

        size of the book, it is, at best, a cursory covering of the subject. OK

        for a start, but there are much better books out there. RECOMMENDED only

        if you can't get anything better.


Toussaint-Samat, Maguelonne. HISTORY OF FOOD. Blackwell. 1992. A 80 page history

        of food originally written in French. RECOMMENDED.


Vehling, Joseph Dommers, trans.  Apicius.  Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome.

        Dover, NY, 1977.


Wheaton, Barbara Ketcham.  Savoring the Past.  The French Kitchen and Table from

        1300 to 1789. A Touchstone Book, Simon & Schuster, NY, 1983. A well

        written and put together book on French food/foodways. A small number of

        original recipes with modern redactions. RECOMMENDED.


Wilson, C. Anne. (ed) THE APPETITE AND THE EYE. Edinburgh University Press.

        1991. A collection of papers on the visual aspects of food and its

        presentation with their historic context.  Not all are medieval.  




German Cookbooks


Wie man eyn teutsches Mannsbild bey Krafften halt. (in German). Prisma

        Verlag.  1986.


Eleonora Maria Rosalia.  Freiwillig aufgesprungner Granat-Apffel. Hausmettel and

        kochrezepte von 1709.  (taken from a hand-written recipe book of the 16th

        C.) (in Gerrman).


Herbs & Spices


Grieve, Mrs. M.  A Modern Herbal. Vol. I A-H, Vol. II I-Z, Dover Publications,

        Inc., NY, 1971. An unabridged republication of the work originally

        published by harcourt, Brace & Co., 1931. The Medicinal, Culinary,

        Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-lore of Herbs,

        Grasses, Fungi, Shrubs & Trees with all their modern scientific uses.


Keville, Kathi.  Herbs, An Illustrated Encyclopedia.  A Complete Culinary,

        Cosmetic, Medicinal, and Ornamental Guide.  Barnes & Noble, NY, 1997.  

        ISBN 0 7607 0486 4. primarily watercolors for illustrations


Norman, Jill.  The Complete Book of Spices. A practical guide to spices &

        aromatic seeds. Viking Penguin, NY, 1991. [Great Britain 1990]  excellent

        photographs of various    stages: whole, ground, etc.


Ody, Penelope.  The Complete Medicinal Herbal.  Dorling Kindersly, NY, 1993.  

        Good photos.




Black, Maggie. THE MEDIEVAL COOKBOOK. Thames & Hudson. 1992. Original recipes

        and modern redactions. General information about food. RECOMMENDED.


Black, Maggie. FOOD AND COOKING IN MEDIEVAL BRITAIN. English Heritage. 1985.

        Part of a six part series on British historical food. Good basic

        information about food of the time as well. Original recipes and modern

        redactions. RECOMMENDED.


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