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Maidens-Fest-art - 1/29/99


The feast for the Festival of Maidens SCA event in the Barony of Wuerm Wald, Middle Kingdom, January 1999. The headcook was Bogdan din Brasov.


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Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 16:35:36 -0600 (CST)

From: Jeff Heilveil <heilveil at uiuc.edu>

Subject: SC - First Feast--Festival of Maidens


It's been a while since I posted, but I wanted to let you all know about

the feast I ran at fesitval of Maidens in Wuerm Wald.  For starters, here

was the menu:


First Course (Opening Sweet)

        Daryoles (as per Pleyn Delit)

        Wardonys in Syrup (as per Pleyn Delit)

Second course (Coarse course)

        A Roast of Meat (as per Miscellany)

        Counterfeit ofIsfiriya of Garbanzos (Miscellany)

        Pan de Campagne (from Bear)

        Champignions en Paste (Pleyn Delit)

        Frytour of Erbes (Pleyn Delit)

Third Course (soothing course)

        Chickpea Soup (Medieval Kitchens)

        Blanchmange (Take a Thousand Eggs or More)

        Erbolat (Pleyn Delit)

        Apple Moys (Take a Thousand Eggs or More)

Fourth Course (Closing Sweet)

        Chirseye (Pleyn Delit)

        An Apple and Walnut Tart (Alia Atlas Trans. of Ein Buch von Guter


        Shortbread (Bear and my rendition of "Fine Cakes" in To the

            Queen's Taste)


First off, let me say that overall things went well, and I have Bear to

thank for a whole lot of help.  The feast was priced at $6/head.


Now, on to our story...


One of the hardest things about doing this feast is that the Baron was

very leery of doing a full feast.  Wuerm Wald hasn't actually done a full

feast in about 7 years as the last time they did there was a slight fire

in the kitchen.  I had $300 to do the feast, it was limited to 80 people

and I had no idea what the site looked like until four days before the

feast.  It was exciting.  The menu was kept simple, because pulling off a

successful feast, though simple was more important than an elaborate

feast.  I picked a lot out of Pleyn Delit, but in general worked off the

originals, instead of their redations.


I made the Pan de campagne, and the shortbread the week before.  It was

relatively simple, and gave my housemate and I enough time to realize that

the pan de campagne recipe was perfect for use with Barm, so we wouldn't

have to use conventional bread yeasts (prior to this we usually had to

supplement the barm).


Four days before the event I got to see the site.  I could move in.  Four

industrial ovens, twelve gas burners, movable work carts, sanitizer,

industrial friges, the works.


Bear helped out with the budgeting and whatnot, and Sams Club helped out

with the affordability of the groceries.


The morning of, I got into the kitchen around 9:30 and we started to work.

By 10:30 there was already a waiting list for people who wanted to attend

the feast, even though we had more than 80 people signed up.


Really, there were no big problems, once we got the gas to the stoves

turned on.  The chicken took a while to deal with, as I had found thighs

for .49/lb, but we had to bone and skin them.  We accidentally doubled the

amount of wine in the pears in wine syrup, but that turned out to make it

a bigger hit than it was at the test feast.  The Daryoles took a while,

and set us a little behind, though the fighters asked for more time

anyway.  We started a half hour late (I was bummed), but it got out there.

The Counterfeit didn't turn out this time, and I haven't figured out what

I did differently, as I even got them to be wonderful at pennsic. Having

two fried dishes was a bit of a problem, as we were making them and trying

to get them out rather feverishly.  In fact, I would say that my major

problem with the feast was that with so many hot dishes it was really hard

to get things out there together and on time.  There was one other

problem.  The day before the feast I was informed that there would be a

high table, and everything had been counted out to 10 tables.  This caused

a little bit of strife but was dealt with in the end. After the feast

many people came up to talk about the feast.  The best compliment I got

was a couple that thanked me for doing a feast with period food.  The

regional MoAS was there, and said that from the outside, the feast didn't

seem to be late, and that the dishes came out in good time.  She said that

any lagging was more than made up for by having the hot dishes come out

Hot and not luke warm.  Some of the fighters wanted more meat, which would

be easy.  I know on what to work, and I have ideas for next time, but all

in all I feel that the feast went well.


Cu drag,

Bogdan din Brasov


Jeffrey Heilveil                                Bogdan din Brasov

Department of Entomology                    MoAS, Barony of Wurm Wald

University of Illinois                 Bucatar-sef, Liedmeister, Wurm Wald

heilveil at uiuc.edu                                Middle Kingdom

(217) 398-9529


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