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equest-hlmts-msg - 7/14/15


Riding helmets for SCA use. Hiding them. Includes photographs.


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From the fb "SCA Equestrian" group:

Stefan Li Rous


How do you? Do you? hide riding helmets at SCA practices or events?


Tiffany Parrett

Some do and some don't. I believe Alexis has posted (numerous times in this group) her hand-out for easy "How To Hide" instructions.


Most in Calontir don't wear helmets. But I know some areas that almost exclusively wear helmets. *shrugs* If you search through this group - you'll find several discussions on the matter.


Kathy Paulson

Many do in the West Kingdom. I made this for a recent event. It was simple and effective and documentable per Else Hunrvogt.



‪Ariadne DeGlevo‪

My disguise‬



Lauren Gascoyne

over bmx helmet



Lauren Gascoyne

over a lacrosse helm



Dan Scheid

ok please use a riding helmet other are not the same or been tested to take what we do .


Alexis Garrigues

Chaperon-type cover on a brimless riding helmet- jockey skull helmets work great, or one with a removable brim.




Michele Jordan Nufer

I wear a helmet, every ride, every time. I have a mantle sewn to a lycra helmet cover or I just wear my velvet helmet cover.


Alexis Garrigues

A really easy one: just a 3 yd length of ~18" wide linen wrapped around a jockey skull helmet like a turban. It doesn't cover the harness, but it's easy. Make sure you get it secure- it's no fun to have it unwrap & be bundled up like a mummy all of a sudden. Not for slippery helmets.




Wendy Misuinas

I have one of these from Tall Toad:

http://www.talltoad.net/Circlet-Headdress.php and it works great. While it's more fantasy then historical, it does cover the helmet nicely.


Alexis Garrigues

Here's another- a felt hat made over an extra-large block that matches the circumference of my helmet, with an attached coif to cover the harness. It's a funny looking hat, but I won't ride without the helmet.



teve Alexander

I modified a jockey-style helmet with a little leather, horse hair and acrylic paint to give it a Roman look.



Laura Daly-Barrett

Veil & wimple over my helmet...



Michele Jordan Nufer

Another veil and wimple



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