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Finland-msg - 9/25/98


History and culture of Finland.


NOTE: See also the files: Finland-hist-art, Norse-msg, Norway-msg, pst-Vik-Norse-msg.





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From: marten at rieska.oulu.fi (Lady  Dark)

Date: 17 Jul 91 18:35:18 GMT

Organization: University of Oulu, Finland


Unto the gentle who asked about finnish costume (I'm sorry I can't find

your posting anywhere from my files so I'll put this to the rialto).


It is surprising how few books in english there are of this subject.  From

the index I have, I could find only this one (but at least in Finland the

author is very respected in this area of study)


Lehtosalo-Hilander, P.-L., 1984a: Ancient Finnish Costumes.  Published by

        Suomen Arkeologinen Seura. Vammala.


There are, however, quite a few sources in Swedish, several in German and

lots (surpriese, surprise..:) in Finnish.  If you think that any of these

would be helpful, please drop me a note and I'll mail the sources to you.


        LapC (=Llwyd ap Cadwaladr)


# At office:    Atte Kinnula           # In the Current Middle Ages:  #

#               Rakentajantie 5 F/303   #       Llwyd ap Cadwaladr     #

#               90570 OULU, FINLAND     # (now try pronouncing that >;)#



From: Antti Leino <leino at huuhkaja.pc.Helsinki.FI>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Finland in the Middle Ages?

Date: 23 Aug 1995 15:19:56 GMT

Organization: Wallace & Gromit Fan Club


Lord Christian <jdw at cris.com> wrote:

>Does anyone know what was going on in Finland in the fifteenth

>century?  I would like a persona from around that time and place

>but cant find any info about life in the middle ages there.

>I heard there so a King Christian, thats why I was interested.


Briefly, Finland was a part of the Kalmar Union (which was, in effect,

Denmark, Sweden and Norway in personal union), like the rest of

Scandinavia. Technically it was a Swedish province, but it had

considerably more freedom under the Union kings than during the rest

of the Swedish rule. One of the reasons was that Bishop Magnus of

Turku (the see encompassed the whole Finland, until mid-16th century)

was a rather important figure in politics during the early half of the

century; another important reason was that the Danish Union kings were

a lot more distant than the Swedish ones.


As to the information, I can't really guess what is available in

English. All in all, you can rather safely change Finland for Sweden;

the differences were not all that big (except, of course, for the

language). Just keep in mind that Finland was something of a

semi-independent back-country province.


Feel free to ask me, too. If you send me personal mail, I'll probably

even notice (I've been on the Rialto rather sporadically for the last

couple of years).


Pietari Pentinpoika Uv                Antti.Leino at Helsinki.FI

         Barony of Aarnimetsa, Kingdom of Drachenwald

           Another 15th-century Finn, and a herald.



From: HNHN15A at prodigy.com (Jana Russ)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Finland in the Middle Ages

Date: 27 Aug 1995 16:48:26 GMT

Organization: Prodigy Services Company  1-800-PRODIGY


jdw at cris.com (DRONE) wrote:


>Does anyone know what was going on in Finland in the fifteenth

>century?  I would like a persona from around that time and place

>but cant find any info about life in the middle ages there.

>I heard there so a King Christian, thats why I was interested.



>Lord Christian

>jdw at cris.com


The country we call Finland is actually called Suomi by its own people.  

In the Middle Ages it was not an independant nation, but rather a duchy

of the Swedish crown.  (Finland has been a land contested over by the

Swedes and the Russians since the twelfth century...)  The King Christian

you refer to may have been one of 2 Scandinavian Kings by that name.


Christian I became king of "the Scandinavian Union" (Sweden, all the

fiefs of Finland except for Viipuri Province, Norway, sometimes Estonia,

& Denmark) in 1457 and immediately sent troops into Finland to force them

to acknowledge him.  While they did submit, and even furnished up to

1/3rd of  Sweden's fighting forces for years to come, the Finns had a

habit of not paying their taxes and of disappearing into the forests when

the tax collectors showed up (it's a *Sisu* thing <G>).  Eventually the

Swedish Crown declared they would only tax "arable lands" and then

declared Finland "unarable" (this saved them the embarrassment of trying

to subdue a people

who continually refused to acknowledge the blow...<VBG>)


Christian II of Denmark became king of the Union in 1520 and was mostly

known for the bloodbath by which he took Stockholm.  The Finns resisted

him, but lost due to the treachery of the prelate Hemming Gadh.  Many

Finnish nobles went to the headsmans block.  The Danish yoke was thrown

off in 1523, by the Swedish King Gustavus Vasa.


Neither of these Christians is considered "popular" by the Finns.  And

the name Christian is more commonly considered a Swedish name, not common

among Midieval Finns.  I recommend 2 books:


_The History Of Finland_, by Eino Jutikkala (trans. by Paul Sjoblom),

Thames and Hudson, London, 1962.


_Of Finnish Ways_, by Aini Rajanen, Barnes and Noble, NY, 1984. ISBN 0-06-



Another source to look for is the _Kalevala_ , a collection of the oral

traditions and Finnish folk myths that was set down as *epic poetry in

the ancient style* by Elias Lonnrot in the early 1800's.  It is

considered today to be a national epic of the Suomi people.


Good luck in your research.




(in the SCA a good Welsh girl who just happens to be mundanely of Finnish

descent, full of sisu, and had Finnish history spoon fed to her from the

cradle on....)



From: cjcannon at ucdavis.EDU (Carol Cannon)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Viking clothing info. (fwd)

Date: 31 Aug 1995 18:37:38 -0400

Organization: The Internet


Forwarded from Historical Costuming List:

        Have you read "Sarks, suomalaisia muinaispukuja

(Ancient Finnish Costume) by Pirkko-Lehtosalo-Hilander,

published by the Finnish Archeological Society, 1984?

        It covers Finnish grave finds to about AD 600 to

the 13th C, with most of the information from the 11th,

12th & 13th C's.  The text covers the actual finds of

textiles & jewelry, interpetations & reproductions made

from them, basic structure of costumes in Northern Europe,

Pan-European trend of fashion, etc.  Most of the clothing

shown is for women.  


<the end>

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