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CA-Hunt-Tips-art - 9/10/98


"Hunting Tips for Combat Archers" by Octavia.


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[Please note this was written from the viewpoint of a combat archer in the SCA kingdom of Ansteorra. Weapons and armor may differ in different kingdoms. - editor]


Subject: ANST - Hunting tips for Combat Archers

Date: Fri, 04 Sep 98 08:40:13 MST

From: DAFPIG at aol.com

To: Ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG


Greeting all,


Well, its that time of the year again. The weather is starting to cool

down(maybe) and the roars and grunts of the fighters can be hear echoing

through the wood and fields.  Once again it is archery season.  I have put

together a few tips for those of you hunting these extordinary creatures for

the first time.


1. Baiting: the use of an object/s to encourage your prey to come to you.


    A. Heavy Fighters:  The best bait for these massive animals is the use

of decoys.  They cannot seem to resist the clashing and banging around of

thier own kind.  When they see other fighters fighting, they tend to rush

headlong to join them.  If you don't have access to such decoys, try spreading

some bright shiny objects around such as stainless steel gaunlets or a shiny

helm, using long peices as ratten is also effective.  Heavy fighters are

drawn to such things as these.


    B. Light fighters: Oh, the rare and elusive light fighter,  We usually

don't hunt these graceful creatures because of thier rarity.  They don't seem

drawn to the noise of others fighting.   So I have found that to effectively

bait them into range, one must use other objects to entice them.  The use of

a few yards of expensive trim or lace seems to work, What always does the job

though, is the sight of very sharp, fancy clothing.  This approach has never

failed me yet.


2.  Choosing your hunting Terrain: have a working knowledge of the terrain you

will be hunting in.


    A. Open field: The open fields are the most common area to find both

heavy and light game.  This is the area they perfer to engage in their ritual

combat.  Because of the lack of ready cover, an archer must stay alert  and on

thier toes at all times.  Being spotted by one of these fierce creatures can

be dangerous.


   B. Bridges:  For some unkown reason, Heavy fighters tend to gather at

bridges. They strive to reach the other side, push and fighting thier way

through.  Ironically, it doesn't seem to matter which side they start from, as

long as they end up on the opposite bank.  It is here that we archers revel in

the ease of the kill. Often it is too easy to bag your limit and only the fact

that your quiver is empty do you stop.


3. Types of archery equipment: What tips to use, and when.


   A.  There are ,of course, a multitude of tips avaliable this season, the

Markland, Thistle and 2 types of Baldar blunts.  We won't be discussing the

disgusting golf tube thingys. Remember, Heavy fighters are encased in an

armor-like skin.  The thickness of this pelt varies with each individual.  I

usually start with a fine Markland tip or perhaps a baldar blunt for average

game.  I switch to my Thistle tips ,at close range, when I encounter thicker

pelted fighters.  Often these massive animals are unable to feel that they are

dying, stuck on the end of a wonderful shot.  It is during these times, One

should verbally remind them of this fact.  Often a verbal reminder will do the



   B.  +++ Special note for the lighter game.  Use only the foam covered

Marklands to hunt this prey.  These animals tend to be VERY thin pelted and

are usually easily damaged.


4. Safety tips:  when to run like heck.


   A.  A combat archer must ALWAYS be on thier toes and aware of what is

going on.  For some reason, most of the massive heavy prey hate archers on

site and will go to extreme measures to kill us. Upon sighting archery

equipment, Heavy fighters tend to foam and fleck at the mouth, in a desperate

attempt to stop us.  So be aware.  One way to avoid such encounters when being

chased by these lumbering mammonths, is to run directly into another group of

heavies.  This tends to confuse the pursuing fighter and they usually stop to

fight with the heavies you are hiding among.  If you are caught out in the

open with no means of escape, Fall to the ground or your knees yelling "I

YEILD".  This has 2 effects on these animals. 1st, they stop their headlong

charge on you and 2nd, instead of whompen you, they tend to just tap you. I

don't know if they are confused by the yelling or the falling to the ground.


Well, These are all the tips I have for now.  The season is opening for a

majority of us this weekend at Gothic Wars.  Come on out if you can and go

hunting with us.




<the end>

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