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12C-Feudalism-bib - 2/4/00

"12th Century bibliography - Government and Feudalism" by HL Elaine de Montgris
(known as 'Lainie).

NOTE: See also the files: 12thC-Hole-art, ships-bib, p-weddings-bib, ivory-bib,
p-falconry-bib, p-animals-bib, courtly-love-bib, clothing-bib, tools-bib.


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This is a bibliography from a set of bibliographies centering on 12th Century
Medieval Europe put together by HL Elaine de Montgris (known as 'Lainie).

This set of bibliographies includes:

12C-Art-Arch-bib....Art and Architecture
12C-Britain-bib.....The British Isles
12C-Crusades-bib....The Crusades
12C-Europe-bib......Continental Europe
12C-Feudalism-bib...Government and Feudalism
12C-Margins-bib.....On the Margins (Women, sex, minorities, etc.)
12C-Movies-bib......Movies from 12th c. texts
12C-Must-Read-bib...Must Read List
12C-Normans-bib.....The Normans
12C-Philo-Edu-bib...Philosophy and Education
12C-Pop-Lit-bib.....Popular Literature

Government and Feudalism

CALL # JC116.S4K4 1983.
TITLE Feudal assessments and the political community under Henry II
and his sons / Thomas K. Keefe.
AUTHOR Keefe, Thomas K.
PUBLISHER Berkeley : University of California Press, c1983.
DESCRIPTION ix, 291 p. ; 24 cm.
NOTES Bibliography: p. 265-279.
NOTES Includes index.
SERIES: Publications of the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance
Studies ; 19.
SUBJECT Scutage.
SUBJECT Taxation -- England -- History.

CALL # DA195 .H83 1994.
TITLE Land, law, and lordship in Anglo-Norman England / John Hudson.
AUTHOR Hudson, John.
PUBLISHER Oxford : Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford University Press,
DESCRIPTION ix, 320 p. ; 23 cm.
NOTES Includes bibliographical references (p. [282]-303) and index.
SUBJECT Land tenure -- England -- History.
SUBJECT Feudal law -- England -- History.

CALL # DA690.C75 C56 1991.
TITLE Lordship, knighthood, and locality : a study in English society,
c. 1180-c. 1280 / Peter Coss.
AUTHOR Coss, Peter R.
PUBLISHER Cambridge, England ; New York : Cambridge University Press,
DESCRIPTION xv, 361 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
NOTES Includes bibliographical references (p. 327-338) and index.
SUBJECT England -- Social conditions -- 1066-1485.
SUBJECT Knights and knighthood -- England -- Coventry -- History.
SUBJECT Land tenure -- England -- Coventry -- History.

CALL # DA175 .B26 1988.
TITLE The feudal kingdom of England, 1042-1216 / Frank Barlow.
AUTHOR Barlow, Frank.
EDITION 4th ed.
PUBLISHER London ; New York : Longman, 1988.
DESCRIPTION xiv, 478 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
SERIES A History of England.
NOTES Includes index.
NOTES Bibliography: p. 437-441.
SUBJECT Feudalism -- England -- History.
SUBJECT Great Britain -- History -- Medieval period, 1066-1485.

CALL # U760 .S3.
TITLE Feudal military service in England; a study of the constitutional
and military powers of the barones in medieval England.
AUTHOR Sanders, I. J. (Ivor John)
PUBLISHER London, Oxford University Press, 1956.
DESCRIPTION xv, 173 p. tables. 22 cm.
NOTES Bibliographical footnotes.
SUBJECT Feudalism -- Great Britain.

CALL # HN380.Z9 V53 1998.
TITLE The final argument : the imprint of violence on society in
medieval and early modern Europe / edited by Donald J. Kagay,
L.J. Andrew Villalon.
PUBLISHER Rochester, NY : Boydell Press, 1998.
DESCRIPTION xx, 209 p. ; 24 cm.
NOTES Includes bibliographical references (p. [195]-206)
NOTES pt. 1. Violence and the medieval clergy: Clerics, war and weapons
in Anglo-Saxon England / Kent G. Hare. Violence, knightly piety
and the Peace of God Movement in Aquitaine / Michael Frassetto.
The Friar Tuck syndrome: clerical violence and the barons'
war / James R. King -- pt. 2. Medieval families and feuds:
Deudo and the roots of feudal violence in late medieval Castile
/ L.J. Andrew Villalon. The Iberian diffidamentum: from
vassalic defiance to the code duello / Donald J. Kagay.
Criminal settlement in medieval Castilian towns / Theresa M.
Vann -- pt. 3. Public control and private violence in early
modern times: The language of violence in the late Italian
Renaissance: the example of the Tuscan Romagna / John K.
Brackett. Artificial antagonism in pre-modern Iran: the
Haydari-Ne'mati urban factions / John R. Perry -- pt. 4. Crime
and punishment: Crime and punishment in the fifteenth-century
Portuguese world: the transition from internal to imperial
exile / Timothy J. Coates. Non potest appellum facere: criminal
charges women could not, but did, bring in thirteenth-century
English royal courts of justice / Patricia R. Orr. War, women
and crime in the northern English border lands in the later
Middle Ages / Cynthia J. Neville -- pt. 5. A medieval mystery:
The wreck of the White Ship: a mass murder revealed? / Victoria
SUBJECT Violence -- Europe -- History.
SUBJECT Violent crimes -- Europe -- History.
SUBJECT Political violence -- Europe -- History.

CALL # DA176 .H53 1995.
TITLE Bastard feudalism / Michael Hicks.
AUTHOR Hicks, M. A. (Michael A.)
PUBLISHER London ; New York : Longman, 1995.
DESCRIPTION xii, 243 p. ; 22 cm.
NOTES Includes bibliographical references (p. 230-234) and index.
SERIES: The medieval world.
SUBJECT Great Britain -- History -- Medieval period, 1066-1485.
SUBJECT Power (Social sciences) -- England -- History.
SUBJECT Land tenure -- England -- History.
SUBJECT Feudalism -- England -- History.

CALL # DA670.Y4 D35 1994.
TITLE Conquest, anarchy, and lordship : Yorkshire, 1066-1154 / Paul
AUTHOR Dalton, Paul.
PUBLISHER Cambridge [England] ; New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University
Press, 1994.
DESCRIPTION xxii, 345 p. : maps ; 23 cm.
NOTES Includes bibliographical references (p. 309-319) and index.
SUBJECT Yorkshire (England) -- Politics and government.
SUBJECT Great Britain -- History -- Norman period, 1066-1154.

*CALL # D117 .R49 1994.
TITLE Fiefs and vassals : the medieval evidence reinterpreted / Susan
AUTHOR Reynolds, Susan.
PUBLISHER Oxford ; New York, N.Y. : Oxford University Press, 1994.
DESCRIPTION xi, 544 p. ; 25 cm.
NOTES Includes bibliographical references (p. 487-526) and index.
SUBJECT Middle Ages -- History.
SUBJECT Feudalism.

*CALL # HN425 .D78313.
TITLE Trois ordres. English.
TITLE The three orders : feudal society imagined / Georges Duby ;
translated by Arthur Goldhammer ; with a foreword by Thomas
N. Bisson.
AUTHOR Duby, Georges.
PUBLISHER Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1980.
DESCRIPTION x, 382 p. ; 24 cm.
NOTES Translation of Les trois ordres.
NOTES Includes bibliographical references and index.
SUBJECT Feudalism -- France.

CALL # D182 .L3.
TITLE Feudal monarchy in the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem, 1100 to 1291
[by] John L. La Monte.
AUTHOR La Monte, John Life.
PUBLISHER Cambridge, Mass., The Mediaeval academy of America, 1932.
DESCRIPTION xxviii, 293 p. incl. geneal tables. 26 cm.
NOTES "Academy publications. no. 11."
NOTES "Based upon a dissertation presented at Harvard University in
1928 ... further study ... led to a total revision of the
original thesis." Pref., p. xi.
NOTES "Works frequently cited": p. xv-xviii.
SUBJECT Jerusalem -- History -- Latin Kingdom, 1099-1244.
SUBJECT Feudalism -- Jerusalem -- Latin Kingdom, 1099-1244.
SUBJECT Administrative law -- Jerusalem (Latin Kingdom, 1099-1244)

*CALL # D131 .B513 1968.
TITLE Feudal society, by Marc Bloch. Translated from the French by L.A.
Manyon. Foreword by M.M. Postan.
AUTHOR Bloch, Marc L{226}eopold Benjamin, 1886-1944.
PUBLISHER Chicago] University of Chicago Press [1968, c1961]
DESCRIPTION xxi, 499 p. plates. 24 cm.
NOTES Bibliography: p. 453-482.
SUBJECT Feudalism.
SUBJECT Europe -- History -- 476-1492.
(also come in 2 vol. Pbk.)

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