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12C-Chivalry-bib - 1/18/00

"12th Century bibliography - Chivalry" by HL Elaine de Montgris (known as

NOTE: See also the files: 12thC-Hole-art, ships-bib, p-weddings-bib, ivory-bib,
p-falconry-bib, p-animals-bib, courtly-love-bib, clothing-bib, tools-bib.


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This is a bibliography from a set of bibliographies centering on 12th Century
Medieval Europe put together by HL Elaine de Montgris (known as 'Lainie).

This set of bibliographies includes:

12C-Art-Arch-bib....Art and Architecture
12C-Britain-bib.....The British Isles
12C-Crusades-bib....The Crusades
12C-Europe-bib......Continental Europe
12C-Feudalism-bib...Government and Feudalism
12C-Margins-bib.....On the Margins (Women, sex, minorities, etc.)
12C-Movies-bib......Movies from 12th c. texts
12C-Must-Read-bib...Must Read List
12C-Normans-bib.....The Normans
12C-Philo-Edu-bib...Philosophy and Education
12C-Pop-Lit-bib.....Popular Literature


CALL # HN11 .D78 1977.
TITLE The chivalrous society / Georges Duby ; translated by Cynthia
AUTHOR Duby, Georges.
PUBLISHER London : Arnold, 1977.
DESCRIPTION viii, 246 p. ; 24 cm.
NOTES Collection of articles originally published separately.
NOTES Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
NOTES Medieval society.--The evolution of judicial institutions.--
Lineage, nobility and knighthood.--The history and sociology
of the medieval west.--The origins of a system of social
classification.--The nobility in medieval France.--Youth in
aristocratic society.--Laity and the peace of God.--The
structure of kinship and nobility.--French genealogical
literature.--The origins of knighthood.--The diffusion of
cultural patterns in feudal society.--The transformation of the
aristocracy.--The manor and the peasant economy.--The history
of systems of values.
SUBJECT Europe -- Social conditions.

CALL # GT3520.J34 1985.
TITLE The origins of courtliness : civilizing trends and the
formation of courtly ideals, 939-1210 / C. Stephen Jaeger.
AUTHOR Jaeger, C. Stephen.
PUBLISHER Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c1985.
DESCRIPTION xiv, 326 p. ; 24 cm.
NOTES Bibliography: p. [297]-315.
NOTES Includes index.
SUBJECT Courts and courtiers.
SUBJECT Courtly love.
SUBJECT Chivalry.

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