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Makng-Tassels-art - 1/1/15


"Making Tassels" by Lady Ealasaid Mac al'Bhaird (known as al AERYN).


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Making Tassels Single Skein

by Lady Ealasaid Mac al'Bhaird (known as al AERYN)





  10 yard skein of DMC Cotton Floss or


Craft   Thread


Small   Wooden bead



Step   1


Cut   eight loops off of the skein



Step   2


Cut   the skein at the top and bottom of the


           loop into two equal lengths


Cut   the eight loops to form two equal lengths



Step   3


Twist   and ply one of the 4 loop strings



Step   4


Tie   an overhand knot and loop through the bead





Step   5


Put   the pieces of the skein into the looped cord on the bead and tie an overhead   knot above the threads.



Step   6


Fold   the cords over the bead and use the remaining four loops to create the neck   of the tassel.



Step   7


Trim   the end of the tassel neatly.



Step   8


Decorate   the tassel





Making Tassels Multi- Skein





  Several 10 yard skeins of DMC Cotton Floss or Craft Thread


Small   Wooden bead



Step   1


Cut   eight loops off of two of the skeins



Step   2


Twist   and ply the eight loop strings – either side by side or interlocked   (pictured)



Step   3


Cut   the skeins so the loops become straight strands





Step   4


Keep   one strand to tie the others together





Step   5


Cut   the plied thread into two pieces one twice the length of the other.


Knot   the cord and pull through the bead



Step   6


Put   the pieces of the skein into the looped cord on the bead.



Step   7


Fold   the cords over the bead and use a cord to create the neck of the tassel.



Step   8


Tie   the other plied cord around the neck of the tassel.




Decorative Fiddly Bits



Prolong   Knot


Instructions   here: http://www.ropeworks.biz/archive/prolong.html








Figure   Eight Knot (0n a Bight)














Monkey’s   Paw


Instructions   here:












Turk’s   Head Knot


Instructions   here:













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