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Twin-Moons-art – 2/20/09


"Who knows why we hiss at the Good and Kind Sheriff of Twin Moons?" by Viscount Sterling, KSCA


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Who knows why we hiss at the Good and Kind Sheriff of Twin Moons?

Written by

Viscount Sterling, KSCA


Back before the Barony of Twin Moons was a Barony, way back when Mann was a Master-at-Arms, you know almost before the written word.  When times where not so refined as they are now.  Such unspeakable things like the Moon Patrol ran rampant, but that is another story.  There was a somewhat shy (yah right) Herald (Sam I am) just minding his business, at the then Canton of Twin Moons summer event (you know the one with soft rocks).  Also there was a kind, gentle, recluse Sheriff (before the dark-side) just trying to keep the peace.  


The stage is set, the characters are assembled and the play is move to action.  The Sheriff being a lawful and dutiful constable (no bribe is too much) was regularly informed of such miscreants and law-breakers (who usually could be found at his place).  This list of shameless folk (most of the populace) were taken before the Just (lusting to stone someone) populace to be judge (just hangen') fairly and given an appropriate punishment for their crimes (stone them!!!).  The long arm of the law has many expenses and for a modest fee (bribes of chips, candy and other such things) one could get folks their just deserves (knock off their enemies with false charges).  


The poor unsuspecting monk of a Herald (one of the only folks who could read and write) had many friends (those who would see his demise) who have seen him do despicable things (Oh, the horror of it) to many of the upstanding members of Twin Moons.  Being a Sheriff of high standing and hearing of the terrible list (a mile long litany) of the atrocities committed by the rotten Herald immediately sent word for his arrest. These charges coming from an upstanding well to do Italian Merchant (former Baron of Twin Moons) thus above any question of falsehood (gold exchange hand, golden Lays Chip that is).  To lend credence to these charges the light-footed Herald took flight (kind of like catching a chicken).  He was chased to the Monastery (the racket-ball courts) and arrested peacefully (broken toe and all).  The desperado of a Herald was brought before the outraged populace (wet sponges in hand) and swiftly sentenced to death by public stoning (wet and wild fun times for all).  


(Revenge of the Herald Édirty plague rat!!!)  At court that evening the new replacement Herald (looking a lot like the one before) performed his duties with one thing on his mind (revenge...pay backs are a b***h).  When the dutiful charitable Sheriff was called into court to give his speak, "leave the site cleaner than we found it," the evil twisted heart of a Herald (those guys in the robes always stick together) misusing his position to slander the Right and Noble Sheriff.  Unleashing a tirade of venomous untruths (well some of them were untrue) this turned the peaceful law abiding populace against the former upstanding Sheriff.  The dirty rotten trickster of a Herald spun many of lies filling the populace with his hate and being the snakes he "hissed" (don't all Heralds have forked tongues?) as he spewed his toxic words.  Casting an evil spell on the populace that still has its affect today forcing the populace to hiss and think ill of the most honorable office of sheriff (the shame of it).  Now you know the truth of itÉ.  


Yours in Service and never telling a fib,             ; )


The Black Knight


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