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Sou-Grd-10th-art - 8/29/13


"Southron Gaard's Glorious 10th" by mistress katherine kerr.


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Southron Gaard's Glorious 10th

by mistress katherine kerr


From an article written for the tenth anniversary of the founding of the SCA in New Zealand. The general dating is 1982 for our founding, though I'm reasonably sure that the first meeting we had was at the end of 1981. The article was written in AS26.


Across the years I call to you, recalling times long gone and people once known. Now does my memory fail under the weight of events, of feasts fared and battles fought, but some beacons blaze forth to light the way.


Well do I remember the first time our company gathered to share their culinary arts and entertainments. Who can forget the Viking in pink, his new-found skills at dyeing cloth still lacking in strength, and causing him such abashment that he failed to make a final riposte in the insult competition, losing to a pinker Welsh maiden?


Or the bunny-skinned barbarian from the heights of the Pyrenees? He gained fame in drawing a note of credit from where later men would house their codpieces, and handing it to an innkeeper in return for his feasting wine -- the shaken vitner dropped the note, exclaiming in horror at its warmth.


I recall the mangling Callum McLeod, newly made herald, made of my name. Twas but a simple honest Welsh name -- Penardim Derwydd Ynys Prydain -- yet his Scotch tongue could not get round it. His tongue served well later, crooning forth verse after verse of the song detailing the terrible deeds of the Campbells at the massacre of Glencoe. This he sang to make a latecomer welcome, although I do believe the Campbell was not amused as his countryman paraded around the table singing at length of the "noble" deeds of his ancestors.


And then there was the noble youth from Byzantium, clad in gold-striped velvet. Pleased was he to find a member of the Varangian Guard among our motley crew. The guardsman was not so pleased to find he had a master to serve, and serve well and long he was forced to do, despite the importunings of a young Yorkist lady.


Not amused also were two scribblers who came to write of our deeds and ended up on the slaver's block at the auction, going for but a paltry sum. Though their writings in the following day's broadsheet were not kind, yet we all enjoyed ourselves. Long may we continue to do so.


Southron Gaard


So long ago, ten years it was

Our shire first began

Underneath strange southern skies

That knew not ancient man

Here gathered we right full of youth

Reaching for the heights

Of mediaeval chivalry

No peasants we, but knights

Gone now are many, far gone they are

All lost by time and tide

Round t'table now are faces new

Daresay that some will bide


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