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SCA-romance-msg - 9/20/14


SCA romances and meeting Significant Others in the SCA.


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This file is a collection of various messages having a common theme that I have collected from my reading of the various computer networks. Some messages date back to 1989, some may be as recent as yesterday.


This file is part of a collection of files called Stefan's Florilegium. These files are available on the Internet at: http://www.florilegium.org


I have done a limited amount of editing. Messages having to do with separate topics were sometimes split into different files and sometimes extraneous information was removed. For instance, the message IDs were removed to save space and remove clutter.


The comments made in these messages are not necessarily my viewpoints. I make no claims as to the accuracy of the information given by the individual authors.


Please respect the time and efforts of those who have written these messages. The copyright status of these messages is unclear at this time. If information is published from these messages, please give credit to the originator(s).


Thank you,

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From: dolata at cs.arizona.edu (Dan Dolata)

Date: 23 Oct 91 01:05:20 GMT

Organization: U of Arizona CS Dept, Tucson


Greetings unto the Rialto,  from Thomas Ignatius Perigrinus the displaced


About three handfuls of years ago,  I was a pawn in a human chess game.  Across

from me was a lovely lady in red and gold.   As we were pawns on the side away

from the attack, we were left with a lot of time to kill.   We begain by

glowering at one another.  Rude gestures ensued.   Eventually, when one and

all agreed that the game was a crashing bore,  boffers (swords made of

spongy material surrounded by cloth) were handed out,  and a general melee

was announced.  I rushed across the board, and boffed her upon the head.


Later that evening there was a revel.   We flirted, and then secured

a large chair near unto the fireplace.   A friend of mine,  one Yeager

Brokennose by name,  kept our mead cups filled so that we didn't have to

leave the chair, or each others laps.   Another friend, Itzak Goodman,

kept our plates filled.  


Four years later we were wed, and Yeager was my best man, and Itzak was

our thurifer.   And eleven years on finds us still wed.


It is not many men who have the pleasure of being able to say that they first

gained the attention of their wife-to-be through the expedient of hitting her

over the head with a blunt object.



From: jneedles at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (Silverwolf)

Date: 23 Oct 91 10:39:04 GMT

Organization: The Ohio State University


       About 2 1/2 years ago, I met someone through the society.  At first,

we met at a revel and well, being a typical single reveler, I was 'playing

the field' to see what i could catch and she hated me.  Two months later,

much to my surprise we ended up in a car together bound for home after an

event.   We began talking and later that evening I asked her out, which to my

further amazement she accepted.  When we met, it was not what her garb

showed, but how it looked on her.  Some ladies do look good, and feel

comfortable in such things as fur bikinis, others in Tudor garb, and still

others in peasant garb.  And, like many organizations there are men who look

and do not look at woman with her body the sole thing on his mind.  


       What I mean to say is this, dear maiden.  Dress according to what

looks good on you, and what your personal preferences are.  As with the men,

some women are looking for men the same way.  If there is a certain way you

wish to be viewed, let your actions, dress, and demeanor make you viewed that



       I will say that SCA relationships do have their good and bad points,

however. If you are the type that flirts a lot, make sure your Lord is of

the same mind, or at least of a non-jealous one.  Dancing has been known to

put a strain on these jealous-type relationships!  There are many romantic

times to be had in SCA that may never be available to the mundane world.

Non-SCA relationships may be difficult, but they can be fun also.  I know of

one couple who dated for years, with the only SCA related event he attended

being Pennsic, and he loved it because it was a very unique way to vacation.


Anyway, it may be a bit coherent, but I hope that helps...  


Lord Arianbled Lluad Cysgod


<And there are plenty of single people under 25 in SCA, especially the shires

based at universities>



From: djheydt at uclink.berkeley.edu (Dorothy J Heydt)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: I protest!!!!

Date: 25 May 1994 18:20:33 GMT

Organization: University of California, Berkeley


Dexter.Guptill at f120.n109.z1.fidonet.org (Dexter Guptill) writes:


>You know you're REALLY in the SCA when: Someone asks how you met your wife,

>and you tell them you fought for her in a tournament. :-)


"So how did you meet your husband?"


"Well, he came to a tournament with two drop spindles tucked in

his belt, and a friend of mine said 'Oh, I have a friend who

spins, you must meet her!'"


But my parents had a better one.  "They met in an insane asylum,"

I would say.  Then after suitable pause, "She was a nurse and he

was an orderly."  Perfectly true, and they lived together without

so much as a cross word for thirty-five years.


Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin            Dorothy J. Heydt

Mists/Mists/West              UC Berkeley

Argent, a cross forme'e sable       djheydt at uclink.berkeley.edu




From: salley at niktow.canisius.edu (David Salley)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Meeting your spouse (was Re: I protest!!!!)

Date: 31 May 94 12:20:06 GMT

Organization: Canisius College, Buffalo NY. 14208


Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin writes:

> Dexter Guptill writes:

> >You know you're REALLY in the SCA when: Someone asks how you met your wife,

> >and you tell them you fought for her in a tournament. :-)

> "So how did you meet your husband?"

> But my parents had a better one.  "They met in an insane asylum,"

> I would say.  Then after suitable pause, "She was a nurse and he

> was an orderly."  Perfectly true, and they lived together without

> so much as a cross word for thirty-five years.


The worst one I've heard first hand was: "I threw up on her in a bar."


The best one I've ever heard, he was on duty in the emergency room on the

day she fell down the open elevator shaft.


                                                      - Dagonell


SCA Persona : Lord Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake, CSC, CK, CTr

Habitat        : East Kingdom, AEthelmearc Principality, Rhydderich Hael Barony

Internet    : salley at niktow.cs.canisius.edu

USnail-net : David P. Salley, 136 Shepard Street, Buffalo, New York 14212-2029



From: MLMUNN at UNCA.EDU (melys)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: meeting at pennsic

Date: 25 May 1994 18:06:38 GMT

Organization: University of North Carolina at Asheville


eyrny said:


> My Lord comes from Newfoundland and currently lives in Toronto.  I am from

> Kitchener (Ontario).  We met at Pennsic on the fencing field (having somehow

> managed to miss each other at fencing things at home).  It really confuses

> the mundanes though, when they ask where we met. :-)


indeed! my lord and i reside in the same barony, but had never actually met

prior to pennsic...  it's our standing joke that we drove 12+ hours to meet

someone who lives 45 minutes away.  i would imagine there are many who share

such a story.  it's funny to me, because our interests are so different that

had we not shared an encampment at pennsic i can't imagine us ever meeting

otherwise. maybe it's something in the water...


                              melys, thinking of bringing bottles


angharad melys (from her lord's account)

sacred stone, atlantia



From: tip at lead.aichem.arizona.edu (Tom Perigrin)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Meeting your spouse (was Re: I protest!!!!)

Date: 31 May 1994 19:01:29 GMT

Organization: Department of Chemistry


In article <4551 at niktow.canisius.edu>, salley at niktow.canisius.edu (David

Salley) wrote:


> Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin writes:

> > Dexter Guptill writes:

> > >You know you're REALLY in the SCA when: Someone asks how you met your wife,

> > >and you tell them you fought for her in a tournament. :-)


How about "I fought AGAINST her in a tournament"?  


Way back in the late '70s my wife and I both fought.   Later that evening

we snagged a comfy chair near the fire, and my friend (later to be my best

man) made sure neither of us had to get up to get more food or mead.


Thomas Ignatius Perigrinus



From: corliss at hal.physics.wayne.EDU (David J. Corliss)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Single at Pennsic (or elsewhere)

Date: 12 Dec 1994 15:17:46 -0500


Perhaps this should be under the heading: "No longer single", for it

describes how I am longer in such a state, yet I think it has some

bearing on the subject.


Some years ago, there was an event in Cynnabar in the Middle Kingdom. As

I am from that place, I came to the site early, set down my cloak and my

harp on a table in a corner, and began to work, helping out at the event.


After participating in various tasks, I attended Court. When it ended,

many people began to pair off as the revels began. Not having any

company, I remembered all my things sitting in a corner and glanced in

that direction. I saw a very lovely lady with auburn hair looking very

closely at my harp. I thought that, since she seemed so interested, she

might want to hear it. So I went to her, said hello, and offered to play.

Later, we danced. I found her to be without parallel for fairness of form

and grace of step.


So she is yet today (and our son is now seven years old) and I have come

to find within her a gentleness and nobility unmatched by any, though she

dance in a hall of Queens. The greatest gift I have known began with

songs on a harp.


When I asked her for her hand, I took a string from my harp, braided

it, and fashioned it into a ring......I have never replaced the string,

for it it niether broken nor missing: it is completely whole, and I

always know exactly where it is.


If I were to speak to another on how to not be single, I would say to

find some thing, such as music, or dancing, or some other thing that it a

gift, incomplete unless it is shared, and to share it. As songbirds flock

in winter to a handful of millet cast upon the snow, so does gentle

company come to rest wherever it is warmly recieved.


Beorthwine of Grafham Wood



From: wwwaft at access2.digex.net (Dexter Guptill)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Single Fighters

Date: 9 Nov 1995 23:04:32 -0500

Organization: Express Access Online Communications, Greenbelt, MD USA


True story: No $# at &, there I was. Showed up to Storvik's Novice and

Unbelted tourney in July of '89. Signed up for the list. MOL asked who I

was fighting for. "Fighting for?". Yep. Seems the Baroness had had a

whim, and this was exclusively a tourney for the favored that day. I

looked around, saw a lady I'd met at dance practice a few times. Walked

up and said "Hi. Can I fight for you?". She consented, and I had a pretty

good day -- 7 out of 10 fights. We started seeing each other after that,

and have been married now for 4-1/2 years. Makes a great story for the





*** Dexter C. Guptill, Computer Services, American Fed of Teachers

*** Cmdr, 49th VA Vol Inf, CSA (N-SSA); Pvt, Hampden's Regt of Foote (ECW)

*** AKA Ld. Erich von Kleinfeld, Stierbach, Atlantia (SCA)



Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

From: bq676 at torfree.net (Kristine E. Maitland)

Subject: Proposals...of the matrimonial kind

Organization: Toronto Free-Net

Date: Tue, 26 Dec 1995 16:38:46 GMT




Yes, this crazy innkeeper has come out of her "doleful dumps" about men

(or the lack of them).  Now she's ready for some fun.


After posting the tale of the romantic dear with the cloven/d orange Lady

Marion Fitzwilliam e-mailed me and told me of how her lord proposed to her

( I honestly didn't think that Osis' Spawn had a romantic bone their

bodies but I was proven wrong)


I have had other lords and ladies post the fact that they had met their

spouses in the S.C.A..  Could you tell the other market goers how the

proposals came to pass? Silly, mushy tales welcome.


I shall start by telling the tale that Lady Tsharyl tells of how she got

her lord to propose.  Now, I should start by saying that lady Tsharyl is

a wise and forthright woman.  She was dating her lord and felt that it

was time for him to get off his butt and get on with proposing.


So one afternoon Lady Tsharyl, with her lord in attendance, took a

girlfriend shopping.  The three walked into a jewelry store and looked

around. Finally Tsharyl walked to a display case with the other two in

tow. She turned to her girlfriend, pointed to a ring in the case and said,

"That's the engagement ring Andrew is buying for me."


liking women with sly good sense :'>

Ines Carmen Maria de Freitas



From: sjaqua at ix.netcom.com(Scott Jaqua )

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Proposals...of the matrimonial kind

Date: 26 Dec 1995 19:23:53 GMT


   Hi- I had the good fortune to meet the man who was to become my

best friend and spouse in the SCA. We were introduced on an archery

range, after his friend had broken my bow at a tourney. It did take him

a while to propose, though. He wouldn't tell me why, but he took me to

a very nice romantic restaurant, where all he did was play with his

food and stammer about. (NOT like him!) So, after mashing his meal into

unidentifiability, we got into the car to go home. (Yes, we were living

together by then) So, with me driving, in the slow lane of the 405

freeway, going about 60 miles per hour, he blurted out, "Well, do you

think we ought to get married?" I almost got us killed. ;^)


   Allesaundra de Crosthwaite

   mka Sandra Jaqua

   celebrating 10 years of marriage to Njall Olaf Hagarson

   mka Scott Jaqua

   Barony of Glydenholt, Kingdom of Caid



From: sclark at blues.epas.utoronto.ca (Susan Carroll-Clark)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Proposals...of the matrimonial kind

Date: 28 Dec 1995 14:34:17 -0500

Organization: University of Toronto -- EPAS




Well, it wasn't quite so romantic for me in the end, but....


Well, at my first meeting, I was captivated by this tall blond guy

with a broad chest and those cool wire-frame glasses I like.  I didn't

give myself a chance in hell--he seemed to be quite popular with the

ladies. A few weeks later, I came to the meeting schnockered after

a graduate history party (well, just pleasantly tipsy, really), and

we struck up a conversation after he complemented my clothing (a

vintage military tunic).  We had an awful lot in common--so much that

it was scary.  He asked me out...

The Gunthar and I spent most of our first date talking about...history.

I think it was on our second date that he said "If this wasn't just our

second date, I think I'd ask you to marry me".  I kind of giggled, but

it was rather true--sometimes Fate just steps in....For us, it was

always a matter of "when".  "When" got moved up a bit when U of T yanked

my differential fee waiver, so that my tuition quintupled up to the foreign

student rate.  If we married, I'd become a landed immigrant and the fees

would go back down.  Terribly mercenary, eh?


Well, it's been five years since we started dating and over four since

we got married--and things are still going.  And I'm now a Canadian citizen

(they can't get rid of me now--hehehehe).  He's _still_ the best looking

guy in the group, although my opinion is rather biased.



Nicolaa de Bracton

sclark at epas.utoronto.ca



From: moondrgn at bga.com (Chris and Elisabeth Zakes)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Proposals...of the matrimonial kind

Date: 27 Dec 1995 04:09:59 GMT

Organization: Real/Time Communications - Bob Gustwick and Associates


In article <DK7Cwn.AB1.0.queen at torfree.net>, bq676 at torfree.net says...


>I have had other lords and ladies post the fact that they had met their

>spouses in the S.C.A..  Could you tell the other market goers how the

>proposals came to pass? Silly, mushy tales welcome.

Well, it all started when I had just found the SCA (1977) and was dragged to

the Texas Renaissance Festival by some friends. They pointed out a few

people, but the only person who stuck in my mind and memory was a tall lord

in black and red. He carried himself as if he was eight feet tall (he's only

six), and when his name was pronounced, I envisioned it written in gold and

inlay: TIVAR.

      A few years later (1980) my Baroness informed me--politely, of

course--that our Barony would be hosting the Queen's Champion Tournament in

conjunction with the Baronial Court of which I was in charge. But don't

worry--TIVAR will be handling the tournament part. PANIC!

      We exchanged a few phone calls (but that isn't really meeting a

person), and we saw each other across the tournament field from time to time

that day. To my chagrin, the person who was fighting for me in that

tournament was the person who dealt TIVAR a blow to the face which caused a

real injury. OH MY GOSH!

      The event went well anyway, and the very next weekend was a "war"

between two baronies. I was shepherding a group of pages (fourteen to

sixteen years old). On Saturday morning, the 20th of September, I found

myself face to face with TIVAR. Fortunately, there were other people

present, or I might have fainted dead away. After my heart came back down

the 2000 feet it had jumped up, he said something to the effect of "Do you

want to come over to _my_ tent tonight?", and we managed to strike up a

conversation which lasted well into the wee hours of the morning (with

occasional pauses for him to go marshall the fighting during the day).

      We continued the conversation over the phone for the next several

months, with time out for bus trips between Houston and Austin (he lived in

one, I in the other). He moved to Austin in the following May (1981). A year

later to the day (May 20th), he proposed. (Mushrooms of the edible kind are

a wonderful persuader.) If he hadn't said anything by the time we had

finished dinner, I was going to! We were married on the 2nd anniversary of

the day we really met, the 20th of September, 1982 (which happened to be a

Monday, but we didn't care).

      Is that sufficiently romantic for you guys? (It's the truth, by the



Aethelyan of Moondragon


C and E Zakes

Tivar Moondragon (Patience and Persistence)

and Aethelyan of Moondragon (Decadence is its own reward)

moondrgn at bga.com



From: markh at risc.sps.mot.com (Mark.S Harris)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Proposals...of the matrimonial kind

Date: 29 Dec 1995 17:59:09 -0600

Organization: Motorola, Inc. -- Austin,TX




Kristine E. Maitland <bq676 at torfree.net> wrote:

>I have had other lords and ladies post the fact that they had met their

>spouses in the S.C.A..  Could you tell the other market goers how the

>proposals came to pass? Silly, mushy tales welcome.

>Ines Carmen Maria de Freitas


I first met my lady wife, Alina Mitchell at our baronial Yule Revel

whom a friend from work had persuaded her to try as her first SCA event.


A year and a half later, we were both still in the SCA and living together.

We went to our first Pennsic together (Pennsic 21) in August. I proposed

to her on top of Runestone Hill. It was in the early evening and we were

headed to Duke Cariadoc's bardic fire in the Enchanted Ground at the foot

of Runestone Hill. I had a heck of a time persuading her to leave the

road and climb the small hill beside the roadway. But when we got up there,

the view was as fantastic as I'd hoped for.


There before us was spread out a good part of Pennsic. (We were camping

on the Seregetti and I didn't know of all the area around the lake at

that time). Down in the valley you could see a sprinkling of campfires

and torches. A haze of mist and smoke hung in the air. The clatter of

people doing chores in camp and conversations drifted up to us on the

hillside in a low murmur. Most mundanity was hidden by the darkness and

the mists. The sound of a drum could be heard faintly in the distance.


I proposed to her and she said yes. We were married the next year in

a medieval wedding on May 1. (Several reasons for the date, not the

least of which was the significance of that date in SCA history.)


We are still together some 2 1/2 years later.


Stefan li Rous

Barony of Bryn Gwlad




From: gealaclan at aol.com (Gealac lan)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Proposals...of the matrimonial kind

Date: 5 Jan 1996 07:00:49 -0500


I met my fiance at a Lusty Month of May Event.  I was standing watching

the dessert auction and he walked up and said, " if you were up there

covered in chocolate I would give my Kingdom for you."  He wasn't the

King, but I liked the line and said," you may get your wish if you can

find some chocolate."  He left on his "quest" and returned two seconds

later with a bottle of Hershey's.  We talked and necked all day.  We've

spent a total of two days apart since that day.


The night he proposed, he took me to a semi-fancy restaurant where we

continued to sate ourselves on the best meal of our lives.  Then he put

the box on the table.  It was an earring box so I said, "we're giving

gifts now are we?"  When I opened the box to discover a huge rock(not a

diamond, I hate them) I said, "expensive gifts"  he said "will you marry

me?". Now this being only 2 months into our relationship I wasn't quite

sure. So I kissed him and then I knew, so I said "OK".  The next day I

was in such a daze that I got into a car accident!





Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

From: Bridget Aboussafy <b_aboussafy at cariboo.bc.ca>

Subject: Proposals (Marriage)

Organization: Society for Creative Anachronism

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 08:17:45 GMT


   Greetings all. The story of my lord Laric Godwin and I is still

unfolding as we speak. It all began in late winter of '91 when we met at a

fighting pratice. Those being the days when I was looking for a good lord,

he was caught hook-line-and-sinker before he knew it. And how did this

happen? He was looking like new-to-the-SCA people generally do and seemed

to not know what to do or say to everyone, so I walked up to him and

engaged him in conversation intending to get him thoroughly hooked on the

Society. At this point I became quite taken with him as he seemed

extremely intelligent and was intriguing to talk to.


   Unfortunately, my pursuit of him was to go at a crawling pace! He

didn't realise that I was interested since he was at a loss when it came

to women in general. As time went on, he began to take an interest in me

as well, although he still didn't get the idea that I wanted to be more

than a mere friend. After about a month of this, I got impatient and

decided to try a more direct route of pursuit. I thought to myself that if

this didn't work I'd not know what to do next! And so it happened that

Laric received an awfully direct kiss. This tactic worked most beautifully

and he finally relised what I was up to.


   After a few months of dating came the 21st century proposal. One

clear, moonlit evening near the end of may, I believe it was, he knocked

on my bedroom window and popped the question. Shy as he was, I knew how

difficult for him it was to reveal such personal feelings and of course,

after the initial shock, I said yes.


   It was some time later (during the first reign of Darius here in An

Tir), that he proposed in personna to me at a feast in late fall. There

were many people in attendance and we were seated a couple of tables down

from the head table. At one point, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned

around to see my lord on one knee. He asked the question at that point,

and there was much celebrating at our table. Then as word began to spread,

the head table heard of the proceedings and the fun really began. There

was much in the way of theatrics and bribing as my lord ended up bribing

the king to remain betrothed to me since he didn't tell the king he was

going to do it so that the king could have watched like those at our

table. Much fun was had by all as general bride-price and dowry haggling

broke out - one of the knights even checked to see if I still had all my

own teeth! (which I do of course!)


   This past September Crown, Laric bought a beautiful drinking horn

made by our current crown princess and presented it to me as a token gift

for our SCA wedding (which will hopefully happen later this summer). In

return, I have commissioned a local knife-maker (Owain Penlorran) to make

a really nice feast knife.


   As for our 21st century wedding, we are hoping to have it once Laric

finishes at university and we move to a place of our own.


   I'd like to see other proposal stories posted here too, so speak up



                                    Meaghen Mac Laren

                                      of Ramsgaard, An Tir



From: auslan94 at matrix.newpaltz.edu (catherine auslander)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: YKYITSCAW...

Date: 26 Apr 1996 00:20:56 GMT

Organization: SUNY New Paltz


Teach Mr T (teachmrt at aol.com) wrote:

: >>>...you finally find that someone who can stop time and shift space with

: >>>ablue-eyed gaze and all you know about him is his SCA name leaving

: >>>you without a mundane way to make contact. So you have to simply sit

: >>>and wait...and wait...and hope...and hope...that he will show at the

: next

: >>>Kingdom event....


      i snipped all the other stuff...


      my thats familiar! i had to wait an entire year before i met my now

current lord!



Katie Auslander

auslan94 at matrix.newpaltz.edu    

a.k.a. Aislinn     




From: holdtyte at ix.netcom.com

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: area group (slc, UT)

Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 03:43:11 GMT


On 22 Jul 1996 05:05:37 -0400, you called from the Rialto bridge:

>I'm looking for the local group(s) in the SLC and/or Ogden Ut. Areas.




I remember being in your exact situation back in 1988. I finally found

a reference to the local SCA in the CARD CATALOG of Whitmore Library

in Sandy. I called the number, and married the girl who answered the

phone a little over a year later :-)



In your service,

Stephen de Spencer

mka Steven Spencer-Priebe



From: intracb at aol.com (IntraCB)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Period Eyeglasses

Date: 1 Jan 1997 07:45:31 GMT


You should also get in touch with Master Einar Lutemaker

(akuhfeld at aol.com).  He wrote an article on period eyeware in TI years

ago. A few events later, he spied across the room a comely lass wearing

nearly-identical goggles!  It was love at first squint, and Einar and

Margaret are still happily married.



From: buglow <buglow at soundcom.net>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: Ladies/Fighters

Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 02:34:12 -0700


ALBAN at delphi.COM wrote:

> Tristan said

> >> Anyway, I've noticed that women in the society (especially the

> young and/or shallower ones) tend to gravitate towards the fighters as

> potential boyfriends/lovers. In fact, I've noticed, as well, that they

> tend to gravitate towards the better fighters-- in some instances,

> dropping one guy for another higher up on the unofficial heirarchy. In

> this way, some people who otherwise wouldn't be given the time of day

> (including yours truly, who began developing social skills at the age of

> 19 or so) have found girlfriends.

> <<


> Old Joke:

> What's the best pickup line in the SCA?

> Hi, I'm a knight.


> What's the worst pickup line in the SCA?

> Hi, I'm a pelican. . . .


> (This one I heard a number of years ago, so it's not a new

> observation on Tristan's part.)


> Alban

I'm not sure that's quite fair... And in the defense of ladies I'll make

a couple of observations. For myself personally, I first became

completely impressed with my lord when I met him at an Enchanted

Evening and found he made better garb than *I* did. And was further

impressed by him when he started making things for an event I was

helping put on, without my even asking. He just showed up with all this

stuff he'd been working on at fighter practice one night and said "Here,

I made this to help with your event." Talk about impressive. I didn't

really even notice his fighting until after he started courting me.

(Which yes, he did do. And very well I might add.) Now of course, now

that we're devoted to one another, I watch him fight with all pride and

enthusiasum. And he equally watches and supports me in my various

activities to the best of his abilities. But truely when it started, it

had nothing to do with fighting.

Now I'll admit to a simple fact. Instinctually a lot of immature women

will gravitate to "stronger males" as it's a survival instinct. Stonger

males in terms of animals equates to better safety, food supply and

living arrangments. It means a female will have better success raising

her young. And unfortunately that basic instinct, still carries over

with some women. But a basic point of view to take is this.... Would you

WANT to deal with a woman in the first place that isn't mature enough to

be able to even control her baser instincts??????? If I was you, I

wouldn't as it would mean nothing but grief. Believe me gentles, there

ARE worthy women.

And of course, let us NOT mention the men who gravitate towards

"trophy" ladies, with no regards to what she's got going on up-stairs

at all. (smiles)


Sabine Briere'

House of the Rising Southern Horde

Barony of Dragon's Laire

An Tir



Subject: Re: special moments

Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 22:03:12 -0600 (CST)

From: palerose at ix.netcom.com

To: stefan at texas.net


It was our Baronial meeting, right around Valentine's Day in 1996, and the

theme was Hearts and Flowers. Everyone was completely in garb.

The Baroness Cordelia had held a dessert contest, and the entries were

amazing, the best one being Lady Andrea and her Lord (whose name I have long

since forgotten) who had made little cakes and shaped them to look like

Stone Henge.  There was a best proposal contest and many of the entries were

silly and sweet, and down right hilarious.


My longtime boyfriend Kile pulled me out onto the floor and gave the

sweetest proposal to me, and everyone ooed and awed, and it didn't dawn on

me he was serious until I noticed he hadn't risen [to] his feet.


Of course, I said yes. We were married later that year, September seventh,

at an old Victorian bed and bath in their Victorian chapel.

He gave me the best most special moment I have ever experienced.


Marie ska Lady Rose



Subject: Latin Phrases for Engraving Inside Wedding Rings

Date: Sun, 16 May 99 04:41:56 MST

From: Gunnora Hallakarva <gunnora at bga.com>

To: "bkmca" <bkmca at email.msn.com>

CC: "Mark.S Harris (rsve60)" <rsve60 at email.sps.mot.com>


> I wanted to engrave my fiances wedding ring with a

> Latin phrase but can't find one appropriate.

> Something like "forever" or "my heart is yours"

> or love and fidelity forever or anything mushy like that.


Forever - "Semper"


Forever faithful - "Semper fidelis"


Forever yours - "Semper tua" (addressed to a woman), "Semper tuus"

(addressed to a man).


My heart is yours - "Cor meum tua est" (addressed to a woman), "Cor meum

tuus est" (addressed to a man)


Love and fidelity forever - "Semper amor fidelitasque"



amor, amoris (3rd declension masculine noun) "love, affection"


cor, cordis (3rd declension neuter noun) "heart, mind, soul"


fidelis, fidele (adjective) "faithful, loyal, trustworthy, true"


fidelitas, fidelitatis (3rd declension feminine noun) "fidelity"


meus, mea, meum (1st person possessive pronoun) "my"


semper (adverb) "always, forever"


tuus, tua, tuum (2nd person possessive pronoun) "yours"


cc: Stefan li Rous for his Florilegium Files <rsve60 at email.sps.mot.com>


W¾s Þu H¾l (Waes Thu Hael)




Gunnora Hallakarva

Baroness to the Court of Ansteorra



From: cehuse [cehuse at sbcglobal.net]

Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2002 4:12 PM

To: ansteorra at ansteorra.org

Subject: RE: [Ansteorra] time for a different topic


Now, I like this subject! :-)


This is a long story, but it all makes sense...


I was a single mother nearly 5 years ago, with 2 small children. I was working

under a contract (for blind people) for the federal government and was in

college. Well, it was Halloween and I came to work dressed in a beautiful

Victorian gown that I had rented for a Halloween party that weekend with my

college friends.


Anyways, I was walking down the hall towards when I ran into a woman dressed in

a really pretty cloak, tunic and all these really neat things (they were site

tokens) hanging off her belt. This lady was Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood. She

commented on my gown and we struck up a conversation. Well, the conversation led

to the SCA and she gave me copies after work of the Black Star and the Elfsea

Scroll and showed me pictures of events. It sounded like so much fun and seemed

very family friendly! I thought, "Could this be the group I have been looking

for? One that I can do things with both of my children?"  I put the newsletters

away when I got home and forgot about them...after all, I was still in school

and my grades meant everything to me.


Two years later, I had graduated with straight A's, had made the National Dean's

list 3 times and the local Dean's list every semester I had attended. I was

excited that all my hard work was coming to an end and I would soon be able to

get a better paying (and much more stable job). But, I was sad because the only

friends I had were my friends in college and I knew that soon I would probably

never see them again. Well, I was cleaning out old papers one weekend after

graduation and came across those newsletters. Fighter Practice was that day, in

only a couple of hours and just around the corner from my apartment. So, I

gathered up the kids and took them to practice. Diane loved all the lovely gowns

and Ryan loved the heavy fighters. I loved talking to Lady Eleanor (she was so

very much in love with Lord Sebastian...he bowled me over completely when he

lightly kissed my hand. Ok, I admit I read historical romance novels).


So, we went to something called "Moot". I loved it! Lady Ameliene told me to go

talk to Lord Phelippe Descors about a subscription to the Barony's local

newsletter. He was rather scrappy looking (he had not shaved in a couple of days

and was wearing really sloppy clothes)...and he was a bit abrupt with me. So, I

shrugged him off and paid for my subscription.


I went to Baronial College the following weekend and had a blast! He swears he

saw me there and that we talked. I don't remember ever seeing him there, much

less conversing with him.


Two weeks went by and I wanted to go to Scarborough Faire. When I picked him up

my first thought was, "He cleans up very nicely and he does know what a razor if

for! He's pretty cute!" We went together and spent the whole day there. I spoke

to him of things I would never talk to another person about, much less a another

man. It was like we had known each other our entire lifetimes.


Well, 3 weeks later was Springfaire and I put on the list asking if I could camp

with anyone. He responded and said that I was more than welcome to spend the

weekend in his encampment. The kids were packed off to their dad's and I left

for the weekend. When I got there, a massive wind came through and I became a

human kite while trying to get my fly on my tent (but that's another

story)...Phelippe was on the list field trying to keep the Baronial pavilion

from sailing into Meridies. When he came to our shared encampment (looking

wind-blown and scrappy..again), he rescued me and my tent. He told me at that

time, "I remember you now...we went to Scarborough Faire together!" I was a bit

miffed. How can you spend an entire day with someone and not remember them?


Well, we spent that Saturday night under the stars walking hand in hand. On

Sunday, when it was time to go, it was very hard for us to depart from each

others company. It was instant love.


A proposal at Defender that year and nearly two years later, we are now very

happily married with a new baby girl. I now feel totally complete in my

life....A wonderful, thoughtful loving husband, 3 beautiful children and more

friends than I have ever had in my entire lifetime. Why? Because, Lady Elizabeth

wore her garb for Halloween!





From: nerak at aol.com (Nerak)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Date: 12 May 2004 02:48:59 GMT

Subject: Re: YKYITSCAW


> How about: when your Mundane girlfriend (or boyfriend) calls for you

> by your SCA name in the middle of a crowded fabric store?


      I met my husband in the SCA, courted at events, and told him I'd marry him

before I knew his last name or was really sure of his first name.  


      Twenty four years later our immediate social circle contains SEVEN

Michael/Mikes, so the use of SCA names is necessary, as referring to someone as

"Barbara's Mike" is inappropriate.  


AND Starhelm would shop for special fabric for his new cotehardie, Mike'd just

get whatever was on the rack in the way of clothes.



From: Naima <ladywolf89 at yahoo.com>

Date: July 15, 2005 10:20:34 AM CDT

To: ansteorra at ansteorra.org

Subject: [Ansteorra] Re: meeting your SO at an event


In the summer of 2002 I was attending my first "war"

event. New to the SCA my friends and I decided to go

to Uprising (held in Idaho) together.  None of us were

part of some household or gambit like that, and none

of us were interested in camping with our shire (which

to this day acts like a High School class, either

you're in the crowd or you're not).  So agreeing we

set up our own camp of "The Degenerates" out of fun

and proceeded to have a lot of it.


The camp next to ours was "Dragon House" and they

invited us to come and party, it then turned into a

week long invitation as they included our small camp

in their feasting by combining our stuffs together.

On the first night of the event I was standing next to

the fire of another camp party watching some dancers

(well swaying actually, too much of the good stuff that

tasted like koolaid but wasn't) when this gentle comes

up to me and asks "where's your friend" I look at him,

give him a wry grin and replied "which one I came with

5?" this made him shake his head and laugh "no the

blond one I was referring to. she said to meet her at

this fire"  I must have given him THE LOOK, at that

because he immediately apologized and said she had

referred him to the party is all.  So I told him that

I didn't know where she was but I would keep him

company until she arrived.  So, until the party

stopped, and we had to go back to camp, we sat around

our campfire til dawn TALKING about stuff then he left

back to his own camp.


About 10am that morning as I carefully roused myself

out of a 4 hour sleep, with a severe "you had too much

to drink and you have an archery competition you

idiot" headache I realized I had forgotten to ask

"Alf" (the nickname he uses because the first letters

of his name spell it, lol) where he was camped so I

could not ask him if he would like to come to the

Archery competition (kingdom championship actually but

alas I came in 4th place that year lol).  I made

myself ready and began to walk toward Dragon house for

coffee and there he was.


Well to make this already too long story short, we are

still together and engaged to be married, hopefully

this fall :)




Sayyida Naima bint Rashid al-Andalusiyya, CGP

Barony of Bjornsborg

Kingdom of Ansteorra



From: "Lori C." <countesskat at yahoo.com>

Date: July 14, 2010 3:22:38 PM CDT

To: " Inc.Kingdom of Ansteorra - SCA" <ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org>

Subject: Re: [Ansteorra] I have a question


On a side-note:


Miles wrote:

<<< During college back in 1982 in the East Kingdom, a group of us

attended an event. ...Someone shouted to a man to sing a song.  

Sadly, I cannot remember his name right now >>>


"Catalan Vengeance" was written by Moses ben Eldad... I'm betting, since you were *in* the EK and it was the early 80s, that it was him who performed for you that night. I've heard it done by several people, but how cool it must have been to hear his original version. It is a truly unforgettable song.


And in the spirit of the topic:

I joined the SCA because my college roommate needed someone to go to meetings with. Turns out those costumed people in Mooneschadowe were really fun to hang out with. :)  An added bonus was getting to hit people with sticks.  


I met my future husband here too, during melees at fighter practice. I was the lone survivor of a team, fighting from my knees against 6 fighters. He was on the other team and quit the field because he felt 6 on 1 was extremely unchivalrous.  At the time I was preoccupied with trying not to be killed, so I had no idea, but I heard about it later because it really impressed my mom… :)


I don't see the SCA as a magical place where we find only the best of humanity. We have the best and worst here, pretty much like any other organization... However, I’ve also discovered the best and worst of myself here – and the opportunity to recognize (and perhaps try to change the things I didn't like) has not been an altogether bad thing.


~ Kat M.



Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 19:56:14 +1000

From: "Jo-Anna Apelt" <thistle_f_down at hotmail.com>

Subject: Re: [Lochac] Cloved lemons, was Re: you know...

To: "The Shambles: the SCA Lochac mailing list"

      <lochac at lochac.sca.org>


My husband and I shared our first kiss over a cloved orange.  We had met

briefly, earlier that day and were both impressed with the other.  The

cloved orange gave the perfect opportunity to re-introduce ourselves over

the feast.....and 12 years later (in September) we are still happily



for the Dream.

Johanna of Yorkshire

(Jo-Anna Apelt)



To: gleannabhann at yahoogroups.com

Subject: Re: Questions on chivalry...

Posted by: "Brad Moore" mamluk at yahoo.com

Date: Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:05 pm ((PDT))


One of my favorite chivalric experiences came from my second Gulf Wars (later to be known as "Gulf Wash").  I was watching the Pas d'Armes put on by a certain group.  The tenans had taken on the aspect of knights of the faerie realm, and had taken a noble lady from the Barony of Concordia of the Snows as their captive.  She was held in a bower, and the tenans invited all comers to fight for her honor, and the honor of their ladies in the gallery.  

The Pas was amazing, but it was the honor and gentility of this lady from the north that truly struck me.  She had small tokens and inspired words for each person who came forward to fight.  I was deeply moved by how intent and focused she was on assisting the tenans to elevate their game, and to fight for a higher ideal, for the inspiration of his own lady, and for this unknown gentlewoman in the bower.  

I had made a few bottles of rose cordial before the war, and decided to give one to her, to thank her for what she had done that night, in breathing life into that dream.  After we had spoken for a time, she asked that I have lunch with her the next day at her camp.  As we sat and talked the next day, she told several stories about Pas d'Armes and her experiences in the Society, but the one that was the most moving was how a Pas d'Armes had brought she and her husband together.  I only hope I can do it justice, it has been many years since I heard it.  

She was a heavy fighter, like her future husband, and found herself on the field at Pennsic War.  She witnessed a gentle fall to the ground, overcome by the heat. Knowing how dire the situation was, with chirurgeons being far away, she rushed to him, removed his helmet, and ripped the sleeve from her own tunic, wet it, and wrapped his head in it to keep him cool, waiting with him until a chirurgeon could come.  When she was sure he was in good hands, she left him to rejoin her own people.  

Several years later, she was sitting in the gallery of ladies at a Pas d'Armes when a knight entered the field; to her surprise, he was wearing the sleeve torn from her tunic on his belt.  He announced to the gallery that he had sworn on the field at Pennsic that day to wear her sleeve as a token until he found the lady who had come to his aid; a lady he remembered only as a brief vision in his fevered state.  She said that the sleeve was now tattered and worn from the years on his belt, but that it was his most precious token.  She stood, and told him that the sleeve was hers.  Deeply honored by his gesture, she gave him a ring of flowers so that he could fight for her in the Pas that day.  He fought well and bravely, having found the lady who had come to him in his hour of need.  Some time later, they were married.  

It brings me no shame to admit that I was moved to tears by this tale.  She worked so hard at making that Pas special because of what deep joy and love it had brought to her, and knew that it could inspire that for others as well.  It has been one of the stories that has always remained with me, and inspired me to strive for greater in pursuit of the dream.  




<the end>

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