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Ode-to-1994-art - 1/11/17


"BoD Shuffled Their Books" by Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen.


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BoD Shuffled Their Books

by Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen


The Board of Directors of the SCA, known as the BoD, went through a time of megalomania in 1994, beginning with their threats to ban non-members from all SCA events, and culminating in their resignation and/or impeachment and a newer, friendlier, more accountable BoD taking their place, to everyone’s immense relief. This is to the tune of God Shuffled His Feet, by The Crash Test Dummies.




After thirty years,

they got quite scared,

so BoD said,

“Let us calm our fears,

make some new rules,

to cover our heads.”

They gathered up

some lawyers from outside,

created edicts

and sat back for the ride.


The people read their mail,

once it got there,

and asked them questions

like, “Can we get to read

all your records

of the problems?

And if my name

got taken off your roll,

would I be still allowed

to get in past the troll?”


BoD shuffled their books

and ran around

in fright.

The people reached for swords

and made their plans

to fight.


So BoD said,

“What if there’s a boy

who picks up

a feast knife?

“To him, it is a toy

till he falls down,

risking his life!

“We thought of how

his friends would come to sue.

Would we have enough

to see a lawsuit through?”


BoD shuffled their books

and ran around

in fright.

The people reached for swords

and made their plans

to fight.


The people stood staring

in every kingdom,

every shire.

But BoD kept screaming,

till someone asked them,

“Where’s the fire?

“Not quite sure,

the reason for the fuss.

Are we on LA Law

or aren’t you one of us?”


BoD shuffled their books

and ran around

in fright.

The people reached for swords

and made their plans

to fight.


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