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Beg-C-Pntng-art - 5/19/12


"Getting Started - A $25 Materials Guide For Beginning Charter Painters"

by Rose de la Rose.


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Getting Started -

A $25 Materials Guide For Beginning Charter Painters

by Rose de la Rose


This guide is intended for the novice scribe and is comprised of most basic items that you need to begin painting charters.


$10       Gouache Paints

Choose a set of paints, like the Reeves or Art Expressions packages that you can get from Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s. You can find them in the paint section of your local art store, usually by or with the other watercolors. Don't be discouraged if the clerk has no idea what you're after. Just keep looking, usually on the bottom or top shelf, away from easy view.


$5          Brushes

Choose a mixed set of round brushes with white or light bristles. Having multiple sizes to practice with will help you find your preference, and the white bristled brush sets are going to give you the most bang for your beginner buck.


$3          Technical Pen

You can usually find these in the scrap booking or art marker section of your local art store. A technical pen has permanent, acid-free ink and its tip is measured in microns. A single 01 micron pen will be all you need for now.


$3          Paint Cups

A strip of lidded paint cups makes both mixing and saving gouache easy. These can be found in the paint section of your local art store. You can also use a Styrofoam plate for your first few practice sheets or charters.


$2          Dropper

These can usually be found in the paint section of your local art store. You can also use the other end of your brush to gather and carefully drop water into your paint.


$1          Distilled Water

Tap water is not an option, because it can contain minerals that change the color and/or composition of the paint over time. Use distilled water only.


PRO-TIP: Be sure to check for coupons online. For instance, Hobby Lobby and Micheal’s both run a weekly coupon. At least once a month, they run a 40% Off Any One Item coupon, making the larger $16 set of paints into a $10 steal.


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