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Tmt-WBearers-art - 8/10/15


How not to treat waterbearers.


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This file is a collection of various messages having a common theme that I have collected from my reading of the various computer networks. Some messages date back to 1989, some may be as recent as yesterday.


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From the fb "Society For Creative Anachronism" group:


Luke Swadling shared Lah Jurca's post.

August 8 at 7:14pm

Something to consider... It's getting a lot of (good) attention over on the SCA Heavy Combat page, but is definitely worth mentioning here... We want to encourage generosity and sharing, not boorish behaviour like this!


Lah Jurca‎

SCA Heavy Combat

Dear Fellow Heavy Fighters,

**Please note, I'm asking you to consider your interactions with waterbearers on the field, not trying to get apologies or sympathy. I do realize that most of us are not like the person described below**


Something for you to consider when fighting. As I was unable to fight this Pennsic due to an ill-fated attempt to use a mandolin slicer, I found myself waterbearing to help my unit. What a different experience! Our group has amazing water bearers, and each fighter contributes to purchase the pickles, honey sticks, jerky, water and Gatorade our unit needs. The wonderful waterbearers work their tails off each day to get these items up the hill to the field or into the woods, prepare the Gatorade and slice oranges, pickles, and jerky. I never realized how hard the waterbearers work until I found myself in their shoes.


During the woods battle, I was just behind the res point, watching for my fighters to come off and hydrate them. Though we purchased the supplies, we are happy to share them and do so often with other fighters in need. However, one fighter with Trimarian symbols snatched the Gatorade in my hand from me, took off the lid with the straws we use and began to attempt to pour the Gatorade through his helm into his mouth. In the attempt, he poured far more down his front than he got into his mouth. Knowing that we had only carried minimal supplies into the woods due to the difficult terrain, and wanting to ensure that MY fighters got the Gatorade that they needed (and chipped in to purchase) I politely asked if he would replace the cap and use the straw so as not to waste our Gatorade.


This fighter proceeded to tell me that he absolutely would not use the straw, stating that it was "fucking nasty" to share a straw with others and that he would continue to pour it on himself until satisfied. There were plenty of waterbearers around with strawless jugs and some with squeeze bottles that may have fit his preferences better.


When I politely insisted, he became even more belligerent and practically threw the Gatorade at me, dropping the lid and straw on the ground. Again, these were supplies purchased by our unit for our unit that we were kindly and hospitably sharing with others. I was appalled at his response, to be frank. A few much more polite fighters had previously expressed the desire to not use straws, so I found others with appropriate containers to provide them with what they needed. Had this fighter been as kind, I would have taken the same steps for him.


Please fighters, remember your waterbearers are there to help. If they are kind enough to allow you to use supplies purchased by their personal group- I see this often, not just with our group- please be kind enough to respect their wishes as to how those supplies are used. If you do not want to share a straw (or take pickles with your hands) please find a waterbearer using kingdom or event-supplied beverages/snacks in a system acceptable to you or bring your own supplies that are to your liking.


But please, consider where the supplies may be coming from, don't be rude to the waterbearers and don't waste the waterbearing supplies needlessly- especially if you didn't purchase them or pitch in yourself. You could be wasting hydration or nourishment another fighter needs.


Thanks from a fellow heavy fighter and sometime waterbearer.


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