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SCA-minorties-msg - 10/31/00


Experiences of various minorities in the SCA. Attitudes in the SCA towards members of racial minorities.


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Subject: Re: ANST - SCA and color

Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 22:48:02 -0500

From: jonwillowpel at juno.com

To: ansteorra at ansteorra.org


Greetings all this is Duchess Willow de Wisp


I am not sure who was asking the question about color and the SCA but I

can tell you that in my 32 years  of playing the SCA has been more

interested  in the person than the race. My household,the Clan Caldal,

has always had people of many races in it. Even when we started over 25

years ago in the deep South.  We, the people in the SCA , are only a

small minority and if we started excluding people because of their race

we would be even a smaller group. Similarities in thought and interest

have always been our first concern. If someone finds our game fun we want



Our main problem has been communicating to people of darker hue our real

interest in their participation in our club. Since we are studying

western Europe sometime people feel that they are limited to their racial

background in choosing  a persona in the SCA and sometimes this makes the

individual feel limited and so they do not join. If you look closely at

the persona makeup of people in the SCA you will find many blue eyed,

blond Japanese and Moors in the SCA. If I can believe in red haired

Japanese I can believe in a dark Norseman.


I sure hope that the person asking the question will join and if they

need any help please feel free to contact me.


Duchess Willow de WIsp



Subject: RE: ANST - SCA and color

Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 07:14:17 -0500

From: "Paul DeLisle" <ferret1 at cox-internet.com>

To: <ansteorra at ansteorra.org>


>     it is a delicate situation - what is the SCA's view and feelings on

>people of .....darker skin complexions, participating and/or joining the SCA

>and the events.  in other words, will there be a problem ???   i do not want

>any more problems in life, i have enough.....   i can always continue doing

>my own thing without an organization to share it with, but i think it would

>be nice to share !!!

>     thank you for your honesty and responses.

>always a lady....> Greetings all this is Duchess Willow de Wisp


> I am not sure who was asking the question about color and the SCA but I

> can tell you that in my 32 years  of playing the SCA has been more

> interested  in the person than the race.




Her Grace speaks (not surprisingly) well and truly. Although I have not

quite her breadth of experience (only 19 years here), I have found (for the

most part) that the SCA is a fairly "color-blind" group (especially the

Celts...the plaids they wear...*gaaa*!) We aren't generally prejudiced,

however, we *do* tend to get wrapped-up in ourselves. Very often, some of

our best friends live all the way across two states. The only time we get to

see them is at an occasional event, and we tend to make the most of that.

This can make us look (all together now) "stand-offish and stuffy." We

*really* aren't that way; get involved, offer to help, and keep asking

questions, and you'll make friends quickly!


I must admit that I *have* seen a *very* few instances of prejudice in my

time in the SCA; and unfortunately, we have lost some wonderful people due

to it. My advice (and plea!) is this: if you ever experience such treatment,

let someone else (whom you might know a bit better in that group, or who is

an officer in the group) know *immediately*, and the rest of us will be

happy to stomp said person into the ground!(...figuratively...well,



Welcome to the Current Middle Ages, milady. I hope I have an opportunity to

meet you at some point.


In Service, I remain

Alden Pharamond

Rosenfeld, Ansteorra



Subject: ANST - Re: ansteorra V2 #297

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 22:18:39 -0500

From: cpenny at swbell.net

To: ansteorra at ansteorra.org


specifically-Melinda(?) who asks how persons of color are treated within

the dream in general, and Ansteorra in particular.


This comment is much delayed; I am far in spirit from the dream these

days. But the age of wonders is far from ended--a great relay machine

can get a message to places >it< would not believe!


Once at an event, you will be surrounded by magic.  These are people

consciously being the best they can be. The failures are awesome.  The

successes are the stuff of legend.  If you believe--you belong. Your own

legends are waiting.


I would state only two cautions.  Ya gotta get to and from.  You have

heard from living legends, who can warp reality when they work at

it.(Your Grace! Sir Burke! I've seen you do it!) A Black Spot in funny

clothes, driving through a small southern town after dark >is<,

as your instincts tell you, in a strange part of the performance

envelope, one wrong decision from a whole lotta trouble.  How good do

you talk?  Get better. (Bards are always welcome!)  Travel with mundane

clothes. Mundane-low profile-mundanes.  See if you can ride with a

group. (That adds to the fun anyway.)


Second---Beware!  It feels so good in there!


If you expect your boss, or your significant other to treat you like a

knight would, you are cruising for a bruising on a short road.  The

dream is refuge and inspiration-but you must awaken sometime. Be ready.

Don't expect to bring it home with you.


But keep trying. I would so love to be proven wrong on that...


For the Steppes, and for Ansteorra--




<the end>

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