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SCA-land-msg - 3/5/17


SCA owned land ideas. West and Trimaris Land Funds.


NOTE: See also the files: fundraising-msg, travel-funds-msg, crown-cost-msg.





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From: Dorothy J Heydt (6/10/94)

To: Mark Harris

RE>West land fund, etc.


Under West Kingdom Law, no branch can be compelled to comtribute

to the Kingdom.  This is actually an issue at the moment.  The

"non-member surcharge" is still a live issue.  If we implement at

all, we will raise site fees by $1 for everyone (most likely).

If more than $3 per non-member is collected (as is very likely

for local events in the West), there is no way for the excess

funds to help the Kingdom--though we can request it for the

Kingdom funds (Travel Fund, KHTI, etc.).


> > Do you have to have the money first before you can purchase the land? Or

> > was some type of mortgage not desired? How did you get around the politics?

> > Around here I could see a fight over what part of the kingdom this land

> would

> > be put in. The groups closest to it would get the greatest use out of it.


> One needs enough money up-front to be taken seriously by sellers

> and agents.  The plan is (as far as I know) to put about $100,000

> down and the seller will take back about an $80,000 interest-only

> mortgage with the prinipal due as a ballon payment after 7 years.


> Other money will be needed for site improvements like roads,

> water and the like.  Since there is no piped in water, there will

> need to be some form of holding tank, for instance.


> >>>>>>

> How long did it take to collect the current land fund? I do realize

> that once the site is being used you can collect site fees to pay off

> the loan and that you will be paying more than half the land price

> in cash.


The Land Fund has been build for about 20 years.  Over half of it

has been raised in the last 5 years, though.  Contact Eilis for

details on how *that* was accomplished.


As it is, the site in escrow is within 2 to 3 hours of at least

60% of the populace of the West.  (My estimate.)  As Flieg put it

once--the site is equally inconvenient to everyone.


The central pasrt of the West is really quite compact compared to

nearly every kingdom except Caid, or possibly Atlantia.


> How big is this site?


74 acres.  At least 40 acres of it are flat.  It is my estimate,

that by renting the fields of neighboring landowners for parking,

we could camp as many as 3,000 people on the site--and still have

the parking close enough to avoid running shuttles.  With a bit

more creative use, and depending on neighbors being willing to

rent us most of the surrounding flat areas, that might rise to

handling 5,000 people.


> I hope they put in a big enough water system. One of the problems

> with the site used for the Gulf War in Merides was the water supply.


I have been to any number of events where all the water had to be

trucked in, so working with minimal water supplies is something

the West can deal with.  The conditions in the West have more in

common with West Texas than with the eastern parts or Meridies.

San Francisco, for instance averages about 21 inches of rain a



> I have personally put in a number of work hours clearing sites of

> brush and rocks, making fire pits and cutting trails and then had

> the site pulled from SCA use or the rates raised so high as to

> force us to abandon use of the site. The idea of having our own

> permanent site is appealing.


Digging fire pits....  Oh, my....  It is an extraordinary Western

site that permits ground fires at all.  You may have heard

references to "protable fire pits."  They're a common sight here

and work very well.  When one is camping in 2-foot-tall dry grass

(a common problem here), one is *very* careful with fire.  You

probably saw my letter to the editor in _TI_ about candelaria.

That was a major concern of mine when the original article

appeared less than a week before June Crown last year.





From: djheydt at uclink.berkeley.edu (Dorothy J Heydt)

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: One Million Dollars

Date: 16 Nov 1994 03:12:20 GMT

Organization: University of California, Berkeley


In article <AikjArq00WB94fZ7kQ at andrew.cmu.edu>,

David Schroeder  <ds4p+ at andrew.cmu.edu> wrote:

> Let's try a thought experiment and consider what the

> effect of such a bequest be if the money were given to:

>    o The Corporation (as currently set up)

>    o The Reformed SCA (according to whatever model you choose)

>    o Your Kingdom

>    o Your Local Group


In the unlikely event that I have sufficient estate to leave

anything much to anybody, the likeliest places for it to go would

be KHTI (formerly the West Kingdom Land Fund) or the kingdom.


My local group spends most of its time being a placeholder to

keep the adjacent groups from running into each other.


The kingdom is (financially) well administered--to the point that

in spite of very heavy travel expenses this year (we've gotten at

least some Royalty to *every* Board meeting this year plus we

held a coronation on the other side of the Pacific Ocean), so far

the kingdom has seen a *increase* in its assets.  (Not a large

increase--but an increase none-the-less.)


KHTI is in the business of finding, buying, and developing land

primarily for SCA use.  As such, it needs *large* sums of money

if we are to have KHTI-owned sites at all near by.  The deal that

failed earlier this year would have purchased 74 acres for

something over $180,000--and that was 2 hours from the main

population centers of the "central" West.


        --Hal Ravn

        (Hal Heydt)



From: Dorothy J Heydt (11/20/94)

To: Mark Harris


Mail*Link® SMTP               RE>One Million Dollars


> >KHTI is in the business of finding, buying, and developing land

> >primarily for SCA use.  As such, it needs *large* sums of money

> >if we are to have KHTI-owned sites at all near by.  The deal that

> >failed earlier this year would have purchased 74 acres for

> >something over $180,000--and that was 2 hours from the main

> >population centers of the "central" West.

> >

> Oh!! :-( What happened? You described the land and the mortgage

> arrangements and some of the development ideas to me in a message

> a while back. I guess I'd gotten the idea it was a done deal.


The neighbors turned out and opposed the use permit.  No use

permit no camping.  Rather than make a fight out of it, KHTI

decided that having neighbors that were unhappy was deceidedly

counterproductive (much to the relief of the planning commission

that really *liked* the idea in the first place).


So anyway....  The hunt for land is on again.





From: ansteorra at eden.com (7/13/95)

To: ansteorra at eden.com

RE>SCA owned land


In message 12 Jul 1995 17:43:56 -0500,

"Mark Harris" <mark_harris at quickmail.sps.mot.com>  writes:


> If anyone wants details on the West Land Fund and land, let me know

> and I'll send you the file.

> Stefan li Rous


If anyone has a question about the West Kingdom Land Fund and KHTI (Kingdom

Historical Trust Inc.), just ask.  I was a Land Fund Trustee and now I'm

Fundraising Coordinator for KHTI.


--- eilis o'boirne



From: Lee Forgue (7/27/95)

To: Mark Harris

RE>SCA owned land


In message 14 Jul 1995 16:20:45 -0500,

"Mark Harris" <mark_harris at quickmail.sps.mot.com>  writes:


> As you may have seen, I posted some of what I had on the West Kingdom Land

> Fund and the first site to the Ansteorra mail list. As all most of the

> information I have came from Hal Ravn, I'd love to have your viewpoints if

> you disagree or agree or just want to add details to what he said. If you

> don't see that message on the Ansteorra list I can send you a copy of my

> file if you wish.


What Hal said was pretty much accurate.  I get the Ansteorra list because

I'm Board Ombudsman for Ansteorra, and anything I can do to learn more about

the Kingdom and its concerns seems a good idea.


> What is the KHTI? I assume it is similar to the land fund, but I don't

> think I've ever heard of it.


KHTI (Kingdom Historical Trust, Inc.) is a separate 501(c)3 corporation that

was set up by the Trustees of the Land Fund.  The Land Fund was then

officially closed.  This was done primarily to protect the money in the case

of a suit against the SCA; it also serves, when we finally buy land, to

protect the SCA from suits caused by problem with the land..


> I still can't see how you can come up with land that most groups will be

> happy with. I would think that the groups farthest away would complain

> that it was too far from them. Who decides who uses the site (when you get

> it). First come, first served? Used only for kingdom events?


Don't forget that we're talking about a much smaller area in the central

West than you are in Ansteorra.  Once you cut off Oertha (Alaska), Lochac

(Australia) and the Far West (Japan, Korea, etc.), you can drive from the

north to the south of the Kingdom in (max) 14 hours, and from east to west

in about 4 hours.  Yes, the further-out groups will complain -- they

complain now, but are realistic enough to see that they are on the edges of

the Kingdom.


The current plan is that the land will be used for 2 or 3 Kingdom events a

year (we have 3 Crowns, 3 Coronations, an A&S event, and several

interkingdom wars), a few Principality events, and any local events that

groups care to rent the land for.  It will also serve as a backup site, in

case another site falls through.  We may eventually rent to other

historical recreation non-profits, but the West Kingdom will be given

priority on reserving dates.


> Is there a prepared handout for either of these groups?


If you send me an address, I'll have the Secretary send you copies of the

handout we have.


--- eilis o'boirne



From: ansteorra at eden.com (7/13/95)

To: ansteorra at eden.com

RE>SCA owned land


On 12 Jul 95 at 17:43, Mark Harris wrote:


> FYI, the dream site is available up here for a mere million

> dollars... (or so the site owners tell us).


> >>>>>

> Can you give us more details about the site?


The Will Rogers Boy Scout camp is a wooded 363 acres 35 miles from

Tulsa in Cleveland OK.  It has a small lake and a river runs through

the back end of the property.  It has 13? camp sites with permanent

latrines and cold showers.  It has a dining hall that seats up to

200 and a fully stocked kitchen with large smoker, commercial

convection ovens and a walk-in coolers AND freezers.  (You can tell

where my interests lie.) In addition to the rangers house, there is

also an air conditioned health lodge, administration building, snack

building and cooks cabin.  There is a working swimming pool on site

(and at InterKingdom that included lifeguards for 10 hours a day.)


Due to budget problems, this site needs more money.  The SCA was the

first outside group to rent the site.  Both the ranger and the

Council Executive have mentioned (half-way serious) that we should

buy the site and lease/rent it back to them.  The ranger was the one

that suggested the number 1 million.  Personally, I think that the

number would be closer to 1.5 million for outright purchase of the

site. An interesting possiblity would purchase of the site with time

payments some in cash and some in site use (lease back).


Paul Shore                       | shore at pp.okstate.edu

Computing & Information Services | Voice (405) 744-5888

Physical Plant                   | Fax   (405) 744-6195 5888

Oklahoma State University        | http://www.pp.okstate.edu/



From: ansteorra at eden.com (10/26/95)

sca-lochac "Coeur Loyal"-  a land grant for _


Food for thought, forwarded from the Lochac list:



>Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 20:29:35 +1000

>From: alex_t at spirit.com.au (Alex Tewes)

>Subject: sca-lochac "Coeur Loyal"-  a land grant for  Politarchopolis

>Greetings All!

>A small announcement ...

>Over the past few weeks Baron and Baroness Politarchopolis and myself have

>been in negotiations with the ACT government about a grant of land to the

>SCA in Canberra.  We had a meeting last week and it appears that we are

>eligible. The size and location of the parcel of land will depend on our

>formal application.  Their words were "Tell us what you need and we'll find

>something suitable for you".  The land would be on lease for a period of

>between 20 and 50 years, and lease costs would be 5% of the unimproved value

>(the figure of $100 per year in lease costs was suggested by the government


>Like I said above, the size and location of any land parcel is up for

>discussion, but it was suggested the size could be about 10 hectares.  We

>presented a draft developmental plan to the meeting which entailed the

>siting of a tourney field with spectator stand, an archery range, and (later

>on) blacksmith's workshop, woodworker, pottery workshop, ablution block and

>... a proper Feast Hall (with kitchen).

>The actual plan to be incorporated in the formal application will be a

>reflection of any input by the populace of Politarchopolis in particular,

>and Lochac in general.  This is because, although the site will be within

>Polit and owned by Polit,  it should be seen as a resource from which the

>whole of Lochac can benefit.  A place where eventually a Principality

>Library may reside for members to carry out research; a place where the

>history of Lochac may be displayed for future generations to marvel at the

>work and enthusiasm of those that saw Lochac take its first tentative steps;

>and a place that the SCA can call its very own.

>A final word;  the project is currently running under the tentative name of

>"Coeur Loyal" a french name meaning loyal heart.  Coeur Loyal  is, in my

>view, a statement of faith in the future of the SCA in Australia; it is

>saying that we firmly believe that in 50 years time the SCA will still be

>here and fluorishing.  It is giving the SCA roots into the very soil of our

>land and hoping to provide a "loyal heart" indeed to both Politarchopolis

>and Lochac.

>I commend this project to all who read this words, and hope that you will

>freely give of your enthusiasm, comments, and ideas in the hope that Coeur

>Loyal grows and bears fruit for all of us to share.

>In Service

>Martin de Mont Blanc

>Seneschal of the Barony of Politarchopolis

>Coeur Loyal!


>Martin de Mont Blanc           and              Romille de Mont Blanc

>BARONY of Politarchopolis

>Lochac, WEST   (That's Canberra, Australia)

>Alex Tewes        *Jacquie Tewes shares this account*

>alex_t at spirit.com.au          j_tewes at spirit.com.au

>ph:+61 6 257 8414



From: Dani Eder (9/11/95)

To: markh at sphinx


Thank you for writing, I know about the Architecture Guild.  The

'Castle Guild' is technically a partnership, with shares of ownership

proportional to the contributions of labor, raw materials, tools, and

money. Our purpose is to build a castle, with secondary goals of

using our property as an SCA site, and such money-making activities as

will help support the construction.  For example, operating a medieval

bed & breakfast hotel out of the building when enough of it is built,

and having tours of the castle for tourists.


We intend to build, in the long run, a full size castle (170x260')

but are starting with smaller projects and working up.  Last year we

bought a 35 acre property in north Alabama (4 miles east of Interstate

65 exit 318, about 1 hour north of Birmingham).  The property is

wooded (15 acres hardwoods, 20 acres pines), and we are cutting wood

into timbers for construction.  There is a limestone quarry 5 miles

from the property where we are getting our stone.  In fact, this

past weekend we bought our first load of stones.  Our projects are:


(1) A stone mailbox, 18" square and 5' above ground (due to start any

day now)

(2) A blacksmith's forge and chimney.  The forge bed is 4x4' and the

chimney is 2x4' and 20' high

(3) The workshop building to go around the forge - we will start

with a 20x20 building and add to it later.  The workshop is located

in the castle courtyard, with one side of the workshop being part

of the coutyard wall.

(4) A 30x30 section of the main building, including one tower

(5) Additional sections of the main building, courtyard, etc.


We are doing these projects to gain experience in stonework because

none of us right now is an experienced mason, and the forge and workshop

are needed parts of the job anyway.


As far as the design, we chose French chateau as the style of

construction - partly because it looks like what people expect

a castle to look like, and partly because it matches the type of

stone we have to work with.  We intend what is visible to look

as authentic as possible, but with modern improvements built in.

For example, the walls will be real stone, but with steel reinforcing

added in.  We have to use modern sanitation, refrigeration in the

kitchen, fire safety design, etc., both because it makes good sense,

and various government offices won't let you occupy it otherwise,

but we will try to make it un-obtrusive.





From: Will Ritchie <ritchie at freenet.tlh.fl.us>

To: markh at risc.sps.mot.com

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 00:50:06 -0500 (EST)

Subject: Trimaris Land Fund




The Trimarian Land fund has been going for a while now, though it will

have only recently become a seperate account in the bank as well as in the

books. The fund is administered by the Kingdom Exchequer; Duke Baldar is

our "LandCzar"; he has little to do with the money but is a sort of

project head.


The fund currently has over $6500, and will be well over $10,000 by the

end of the year. Funds come in from a variety of sources:  non-member fees

at events, proceeds from our two (so far) "Vivat Trimaris!" albums

(professionally recorded anthologies of original songs by our best

performers), portions of our "cuts" from inter-kingdom wars, and other

sources extant and in progress.


All Trimarian kingdom events are full weekend, cabins-available events, as

are 75% of all local events scheduled in the kingdom calendar.  I don't

have the figures at hand, but we spend tens of thousands of dollars every

year on site rental, and stand to save much of that with even a single

site under our ownership.


This is a _long_term_project_; we have tens of thousands of dollars to

amass before we have to hash out the minutiae of a purchase.  An educated

estimate is that we won't even be shopping for land in this century.

Nothing is set in stone, but the purchase of an existing campground is our

main priority.  Pre-existing infrastructure that will allow us to hold

events there quickly with little or no construction will mean that we can

immediately start saving large amounts of money on rental, which can then

be put into camp improvements.  


In other words, we may start out with the usual cabins & fake totem poles

sort of camp that we currently use, and use the savings to build/remodel

the place into the _real_ camp.  Phase One would be something on the order

of "Make functional repairs/improvements and remove all totem poles,

plywood Woodsy Owl's, etc."  Phase Two would consist of ambiance

improvements to the existing camp (wattle-and-daub finishes, Lyst field

stands, and such.  Phase three would encompass the unique and lasting

structures, and would probably never cease.  Even when the camp is

purchased, we may have years before we have to decide between a Tudor or

Gothic-style main hall, and so on.


I hope this gives you at least an idea of where we stand; our Exchequer

reports upon the status of the fund from time to time, and you'll probably

be able to monitor it through Talewinds Online (on Yahoo).


Wm. Ritchie

Master Morric of Trimaris



Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 10:53:23 -0800

To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG

From: Lee Forgue <eilis at haas.berkeley.edu>

Subject: RE: ANST - Land funds...


At 09:52 AM 11/18/97 -0600, Dennis Grace wrote:

>Considering the number of land funds that various groups have established

>throughout the Knowne World over the past thirty-something years, does

>anyone know of any success stories?


It depends on what you mean by "success".  I've been active with the West

Kingdom Land Fund since before it separately incorporated as Kingdom

Historical Trust Inc.  (We wanted to be Kingdom Trust Inc., but the State

Banking Commission thought that sounded like a bank.  We had to add the

word "Historical" to make them happy.)


The amount of money we have raised currently stands at $230,000.  Even with

the high price of land in California, we have found several pieces of land

that were attractive, accessible, and affordable.  We were even within

three days of closing escrow on one of them.


Let me tell you something about Land Funds.  You learn more about zoning

than you ever want to know.  (We lost the piece we were in escrow on to a

zoning/use permit problem.  The neighbors didn't want a "campground" in the

same valley where the sheriff wasn't cracking down on the illegal

campground whose denizens rode around o noisy dirt bikes and shot up the

road signs.)  And sanitation requirements, and use permits, and endanger

species surveys, and the cost of gravelling roads.  In addition, there are

different things we want in a site we may use once a year and a site we're

going to go back to regularly.  And owning *is* different from renting.


However, I feel that the West Kingdom Land Fund *is* a success.  We don't

own land yet, but we are in a position where we can buy land when the right

parcel is available.  However, it took a lot of work on the parts of a lot

of people!  (additional information on request -- I really don't want to

regale the entire list with information of interest only to a few.)


--- eilis o'boirne

      Fundraising Coordinator, KHTI

      Western lurker on the Ansteorran list


PS: KHTI and the West jointly sponsor a fundraising event every Labor Day

weekend, with all profits going to KHTI (a 501(c)3 corporation).  This year

we netted between $16,500 and $17,000 -- the money people are still playing

with the numbers.



From: David Everett <everettd at ix.netcom.com>

Newsgroups: rec.org.sca

Subject: Re: fund raising

Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 19:38:02 -0800


Holly Cochran wrote:

> Greetings from Ms. Aidan--The Outlands list has recently begun a

> discussion about site fees, etc. The underlying issue seems to be

> funding and fund raising. What are some ideas and ways that groups out

> there in the big SCA world have used to raise funds for things like

> sites, newsletters, loaner armor, etc. without raising site fees?

> Thanks, and a list of ideas will be compiled and posted back to the

> Outlands list.

> Things I had thought of and already suggested-fighter auctions, demos

> with Bashaknight, archery, etc. , participation in RenFairs (no flames

> please, its just that its done...), selling scrolls or other A&S stuff,

> A&S auctions.

> Ms. Aidan Cocrinn

> Barony of al-Barran

> Kingdom of the Outlands


Auctions are very good, as are contests with entry fees, Lunchbox

auctions, Auction a fighter for a prize tourney, buyer gets the prize.

The list is VERY long,  in the kingdom

of the West on every Labor Day weekend, the Ducal Prize Tourney is held,

this event is a fundraiser for the Kingdom Historical Trust Inc.  a non

profit organization whose purpose is to acquire land for a permanent site

in the central west kingdom.  Over the four days of the event there a

myriad of contests, games and auctions. IIRC, last year approx. Nineteen

Thousand dollars was raised.


I think that the common theme is, at least here, is that we are happy to

give money for a good cause. But we want that choice, and being charged an

inflated price for an event so the local group can make money just sets a

lot of teeth on edge.  The Bod Site Fee surcharge was very controversial

out here.


Finally take a look at your Exchequer's Handbook,  It has a lot of

suggestions on fundraising in the back IIRC, (haven't been Exchequer in a

while =(8^D)


David Everett/Dimitri Sveestunov



Subject: ANST - Re: TMT - we NEED a new site!

Date: Tue, 28 Apr 98 18:13:16 MST

From: rebagoldenhaired at juno.com (Reba Hubbard)

To: trimaris at trimaris.com

CC: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG, trimaris at trimaris.com


On Tue, 28 Apr 1998 09:28:58 -0500 "Alan J. Boertjens" <a-boertjens1 at ti.com> writes:

>It has been many years since the Trimarian land fund was established.

>What is its current status.


Still collecting donations as of just before Christmas.  I added a small

amount to it at that time from some private fundraising as a merchant.


>What amounts are in the fund.


I recall several thousand dollars, around four or five thousand.  HL Cara

should know.


>What amounts are needed to purchase a site capable of holding

>Kingdom-sized events (with adequate parking).


Here I can help.  I too have spent many years researching these topics.

Suggested is a minimum of 25 acres, preferably 100.  Reality says we

should begin by using the sites we do use as a guide.  I do not know

about Wewa, but our more cramped sites I have been told when I asked are

from about 10 to 25 acres in size.  See commentary below for more on



>What can be done to expedite activities for it to reach its goals of

>having a permanent SCA site which is owned and operated by Trimaris.


This will require everyone to make the sacrifices in time, money, even

labor to acheive.  How many people not only participated, but really

tried to sell those raffle tickets that were the last big fund raiser for

the Land Fund?  (I made a small effort, and found myself in third place

in numbers sold.)  The responce was shameful.  Entire shires sent back

the raffle books untouched, with no attempt to sell them.  I kept in

touch with the project, and was saddened by the lack on intrest and

enthusiasim for this wonderful idea for so noble a cause.  Note that the

first place winner, sold most of the tickets he won with, at the last

minuite, at the event the raffle was held at.  I believe he had not been

told of the raffle, found out about it at the event, decided to try, and

sold the most tickets.


I like the dollar surcharge for the land fund idea, or how about adding

the three dollar nonmember surcharge to the fund.  Fund raising for this

kind of project needs to become second nature, not just when its need is

brought to the forefront.  And everyone must support it, from the newest

beginner to the oldest member.


Well these are my thoughts thus far,

Yours in Service to the Society,

Lady Rebecca the Goldenhaired



From: Dianne Russell <cat_herder at comcast.net>

Date: January 26, 2010 1:53:35 AM CST

To: Trimaris <trimaris at yahoogroups.com>,  Trimaris-temp <trimaris-temp at yahoogroups.com>

Subject: [tri-temp] Trimaris Land Corporation web page update


Greetings unto the People of Trimaris, 

The latest business minute notes for the Trimaris Land Corporation has been posted on their web page: 


You may also find the link on the front page of the Kingdom of Trimaris web page. 

Contact: TLC at trimarianlandfund.org



From: "Stephen fitz Baldric" <ldstephen at cfl.rr.com>

Date: January 7, 2011 5:12:19 AM CST

To: <the-triskele-tavern at googlegroups.com>

Subject: RE: {TheTriskeleTavern} a question..


Here is a link to the Trimarian Land Fund Website:



Hope this helps,

Stephen fitz Baldic


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Lol. When I read Signy's  this was exactly what came to mind, also.


However, the cost of land has tended to rise faster than the amounts in the various land funds that I'm aware of. Of course the two that I'm most aware of, are also the places where land prices were overpriced and have fallen the most. (West and Trimaris),


With the current lawsuit hanging over the SCA, I'm even more convinced that the independant land funds are the way to go rather than SCA ownership of any land.


Here is what I do have on some of the land funds. If anyone does have some more uo-to-date information on the Trimaris land fund, I'd love to get it to add to this file.


In the Florilegium SCA-INC section:

SCA-land-msg (29K) 1/28/00 SCA owned land ideas. West and Trimaris Land







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Looking back over my emails, we didn't have a meeting in 2010.  I thought there was a meeting during the first quarter but don't see any notes on it.  Holding the meetings during the major events has become a problem because of the rest of the already over packed schedule.  The TLC will be meeting in February and as soon after the meeting is over the meeting minutes will be posted to our site. If anyone has questions about the TLC, please feel free to send them to the tlc at trimarianlandfund.org and we will be happy to answer what we can.




On Jan 11, 2011, at 2:37 PM, Stefan li Rous wrote:

The last minutes posted are from Nov. 2009.  Does anyone know if they are just late in getting new minutes posted, or did they not meet in 2010?  They met three times in 2009 for comparison.





On Jan 11, 2011, at 1:18 PM, Sasha wrote:

More information can be found at http://www.trimarianlandfund.org including minutes to the last three meetings.




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The Trimaris Land Fund does indeed exist as a separate 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. There are ten members on the Board of Directors, all of whom are peers in the Kingdom of Trimaris. The BoD recently hosted Kingdom Art/Sci as a way of showing our support of the Kingdom even though we are not "part" of the kingdom.

While the TLC what might appear to be a large amount of assets, it is no where near enough to begin contemplating actual purchase of property. We are actively looking at several strategies to enable us to do so, and welcome input from members of the populace. Our Board meetings are held at least once a year (often more), and recently we have been holding them in conjunction with Kingdom events. Our President will be retiring from her Kingdom office this weekend, and I expect that we will hold a meeting at TMT in May.


Mistress Roz

(MKA Caroline Ashwood, Director, Trimarian Land Corporation)


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<<< The land fund no longer exists as it has incorporated under its own non-profit corporation (Trimaris Land Corp). All assets that were held by the Kingdom were transferred to the Land Corp.


Due to the nature of things, the Kingdom is no longer involved in those affairs on a legal level... Although a number of members of the Kingdom create the board of the Land Corp.


Perhaps one of them who is on this list might be willing to speak on the matter as I would not want to speculate.


Baron Gavine Armestrang >>>


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