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Pickg-a-Baron-art - 4/19/07


"What to look for in a Baronial candidate?" by Duchess Willow de Wisp, OP, OR, OL and Lion of Ansteorra.


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From: "willowdewisp at juno.com" <willowdewisp at juno.com>

Date: March 21, 2007 7:05:56 PM CDT

To: ansteorra at lists.ansteorra.org

Subject: [Ansteorra] picking a Baron/ess


Dear folks


I was looking for an even older article on what Barons do by Baron Theodoric of Carthe and I found this one I wrote many years of go. You history bluffs might want it for historical value. I hope others will add their wisdom and you might mention Good things you have seen territorial Baron/ess have done over the years.




What to look for in a Baronial candidate?

by Duchess Willow de Wisp, OP, OR, OL and Lion of Ansteorra


For most of us there comes a time when we are called upon to give our opinions on candidates on whether they would make a good Baron/ess. Even though the Crown will take into account our opinions, we are not voting and they may choose anyone for the position. For many of us our first major mistake is to choose someone because we like them. Another mistake is to choose someone because they won't make waves and the third most common mistake is to choose a compromise candidate.  We need to look at the job and choose people for their ability to fill the role.


First, can they put the Barony and its people first? Most of us have been told that the SCA is a game and you should put your mundane family and real world life first. The concept does not apply to Ruling nobles, officers and Peers. We need to put the SCA higher on our priorities. We do this so you the people don't have to. The Baronial position is especially hard because they need to do their duty all the time. They need to be at the demos and at the Wars and at Kingdom events. They need to show up at neighbor groups' big events and at all the canton events and even small shires nearby. Now if there are two of them they can share the work, but usually children and other family members suffer. Also the Baronial positions cost a lot. You need good costumes for your whole family, you need site fees, you need to buy largess and you need to pay for gas. Where we can cut back when times get bad the people in the Baronial positions can't.


Second, Do they have the energy? Unlike the King and Queen, Barons and Baroness are cheerleaders. People come to them with ideas and if they don't act excited or they tell them to write it down or go to another officer without showing excitement often the people take it as rejection and give up on the idea and sometimes the SCA. The Baronial role involves bringing the burnt out people, the old nobles and peers back into the group and getting them excited. I remember Baroness Aurelian of the Steppes. Even though we were living in North Ansteorra she would convince us that we needed to attend Steppes event and even talked us into helping members of her barony that they needed to get trained up faster. That is how Duke Jonathan ended up giving Duke Inman some of his first training. Duke Inman became King of Ansteorra after being in the SCA for a year and a day. Look at the individuals and see if they could inspire you to take part in your groups activities when you get old and burnt out. This part of the role of Baron/ess takes the ability to be upbeat no matter what.


Third, Are they able to create the show? The Baronial role involves creating a court where we can shine. The need to make the Dream come alive for all personas and people. They need to shine and be heard. Again they will need energy, but most of all they need showmanship. They often are both actors and directors of the pageantry and show. They will need to be organizers to make this happen.


Fourth, Are they able to take a back seat to others? Many people in the Baronial role get misled. They think because they are on the big seats it is about them. The truth is it is about the people. All the pageantry is to give the people in the Barony a chance to show off and advance. Often a good Baron and Baroness give up their chances for advancement. Baron/esses often fall prey to ego and seem resentful if anyone gets more attention than they. Being a good Baron or Baroness takes a heart that is truly joyful when people they know get things. It takes a person that is honestly willing to give up a lot.


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