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"The Land Fund" by Sabrina de la Bere. An overview of the West Kingdom Land Fund.


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The Land Fund

by Sabrina de la Bere


Kingdom Historical Trust Incorporated (KHTI)



What is It?

KHTI is a non-profit corporation formed to facilitate the study of pre-17th C. western culture.  One main goal is to purchase and administer land which would be made available to historically inclined groups. In particular, the land would be made available to the Kingdom of the West and its subgroups, but not exclusively. It is also a purely volunteer organization with its officers and directors receiving no compensation for services.


A Brief History

Shortly after the SCA was formed in Berkeley in 1966, it was thought that it might be nice to have our own land for events.  Fund raising efforts to this end were begun.  Eventually, due to circumstances, it became clear that this needed to be a separate organization from the SCA itself. Thus, a separate organization was created and incorporated.


Fund Raising

In order to raise funds for its goals, various fund raisers have been held.  The one that has become the primary focus of its efforts is Ducal Prize.  This is an annual event cosponsored by KHTI and the Kingdom of the West with the majority of the proceeds going to KHTI. Since the original major supporters were the Dukes and Duchess of the Kingdom and each activity had a prize, it became known as Ducal Prize.


For several days activities are held. A person can sign up for each activity and pay an entrance fee themselves. If they win, they receive the prize assigned for that activity.  Or, they can enter and offer themselves for auction.  Then whomever wins the person in the auction, pays the auction amount as the entrance fee and if their person wins, they/the sponsor receives the prize.


The other major activities at Ducal include a Garage Sale of items donated and the marathon item and service auction during which hundreds of items and services are auctioned.


The Land Search

Please look to the website, http://www.khti.org, for details.  In short, KHTI is looking for:

        *60 acres or more --  of which there is a minimum of 10 very flat acres (eric and surrounding camping), 8-10 acres of flat suitable for parking, and another 5-10 acres suitable for additional camping.


        *located within a 3 hour drive of the central kingdom which is identified as the intersection of Hwys 24 and 680 (Walnut Creek) and is driveable by heavily loaded vehicles or those with trailers.


        *usable during the regular tourny season (ie. doesn't flood in the spring time)


        *available water


        *is zoned suitable for camping and minimal development.


        *1/2 hour drive time from services such as hospitals, gas stations and stores.


The major obstacles have been having the money, the zoning and the county politics.  Land in the San Francisco Bay Area and its surrounding areas is expensive.  Much of the areas which are open are zoned agricultural use only and are protected by Federal laws.  Some counties have preformed ideas about "groups like us" and are not willing to work with us to gain the necessary permits and access for the land.


Steps of Review - the process


(1) Submission - if you are aware of available land, the information can be submitted by mail or directly on the website, http://www.khti.org.


(2) The land is reviewed by a member of the Land Search Committee by checking against topographic maps and other resources to determine zoning.  If is it suitable it goes to the next step.


(3) The land is visited by one or more members of the Land Search Committee and the land is walked for suitability. Part of this step is also to determine if there are any other issues to be concerned with such as modern intrusions which would make it difficult to hold an enjoyable event. If is it suitable it goes to the next step.


(4) The land is visited by the Board of KHTI and officers of the West Kingdom (the primary potential user) are invited along. If is it suitable it goes to the next step.


(5) Initial negotiations and further fact finding is initiated.  This may include meeting with local planning officials, having professionals evaluate the land for any necessary work, reviewing funding sources, etc.  If is it suitable it goes to the next step.


(6) Final negotiation for purchase.  Since much of the land is above our price range, a loan would probably be part of this step. Hopefully, this is the final step and land would be purchased.


Further questions can be answered by the FAQ and other documents resident on the KHTI website.


In Service,


Sabrina de la Bere (former director KHTI)


NOTE: The KHTI website has the email address for the officers, directors and webmaster for the organization as well as more complete information than could be given here.



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