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fgtr-biscuits-msg - 3/21/15


SCA recipes for "fighter biscuits".


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To:    CALONTIR at listserv.unl.edu

Date:    Tue, 17 Nov 2009 17:33:09 EST

From:    Fernando Vigil <Fvigil at AOL.COM>

Subject: Re: question about fighter biscuits


gaebbi at GMAIL.COM writes:

<<< I am planning on making some fighter biscuits and was not sure  1. what

is the best recipe and 2. can they be frozen<<<


Elasait's recipe is the general favorite.


And yes they can be frozen. I've transported frozen bags of them to  

various Pennsics for her.





To:    CALONTIR at listserv.unl.edu

Date:    Tue, 17 Nov 2009 17:03:38 -0600

From:    'wela Brown <hywela91 at GMAIL.COM>

Subject: Re: Fighter Biscuit Recipe


Elasait's recipe:


1 lb. sausage (I use Jimmy Dean Sage)  Note:  do not pre-cook the sausage!

1 lb. shredded cheddar cheese (I use sharp cheddar--do NOT use Velveeta!!!)

1 lb. Bisquick

3/4 cup milk


Mix together, roll into about 1-inch balls, and bake at 425 for about 12-15 minutes.  This makes 40-50 fighter biscuits.


De's recipe


3 cps. bisquick

1 lb sausage

3 cps. shredded cheddar or a cheese blend or a lg. block of Velveeta cheese diced.

1/2 cp milk


   Preheat oven 350 degrees

   Fry up the sausage so that it is loose like ground chuck for sloppy joe's, then drain off the grease. Mix all ingredients. Dough should be almost but not quite sticky.

   Roll into walnut size balls and place on a greased cookie sheet.

   Bake for about 20 minutes. Should have a golden look not a brown look. :) serves about 24 - 26.

If you find the dough sticking to your hands, you can moisten your hands with water or others say dusting your hands with bisquick helps but this can make the biscuits a bit dry.


Option: once out of the oven you can brush the biscuits with melted garlic butter (salted butter) though you may wish to test it on a biscuit as some sausages' flavors do not meld well with garlic butter. Also, I have heard someone use 1/4 cp of milk mixed with a 1/4 cup of picante sauce or 1/3 cp milk and enough salsa to bring the liquid measurement  to a little over a 1/2 cp. I have not tried either of these.


I keep these little gems in a special folder all their own. Enjoy!





To:    CALONTIR at listserv.unl.edu

Date:    Tue, 17 Nov 2009 19:36:58 -0600

From:    Lis Schraer <lis at WUBIOS.WUSTL.EDU>

Subject: Re: question about fighter biscuits


Stefanie Payne wrote:

<<< I am planning on making some fighter biscuits and was not sure 1. what is the best recipe and 2. can they be frozen


Can someone help me?


Gabby >>>


Here's mine:


1 lb. Bisquick (Or, if you happen to have access to Trader Joe's, use

their totally awesome and *cheaper* whole grain biscuit mix!)

1 lb. sausage (I use sage, when I can find it)  DO NOT PRE-COOK!!!

1 lb. shredded sharp cheddar cheese

3/4 c. milk (more like 7/8 c. with the TJ's mix)


Mix all together, form balls of about 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  Bake

following the temp instructions on the biscuit mix box, for about 15

minutes (may vary depending on oven).


Yes, they can be frozen!




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