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Demos-as-Evts-art - 1/12/03


"Demos as Events" by Lady Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote.


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Demos as Events

By Lady Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote


Sometimes it is a good idea to organize and run a demo like an event.  What does this mean?


Be an autocrat:

Smaller demos can often run themselves, with a few people showing up, doing their thing, then leaving.  With larger demos, there needs to be someone in charge - a contact to act as a liaison between the SCA group(s) and the requesting party.  That person essentially acts as "autocrat" of the demo, and organizes the demo accordingly.


Draft your staff:

What will you need to make this demo a success?  Will you need someone to run fighting or fencing?  Then you need to find an available person to act as marshal.  Will there be dancing?  Then you need a dance master.  What about A&S?  Do you know who does what in your local group, or can you're A&S officer be of assistance?  Will you need a herald?



Is your demo going to be a large one that is open to the public, such as a part of a festival?  Then contact your kingdom's calendar secretary and have it put on the SCA calendar and in the kingdom newsletter. You may be able to get additional SCA participants to attend if it is on the calendar.  Be sure to include if there is anything that the participants will need to get on site for free.


Event-Like Activities:

SCA groups often use larger demos for fight practices, merchanting, or other event-like activities.  This usually appeals to a larger group of SCA members and you get a better turnout of participants.  You may want to provide children's activities for SCA children so that the parents are more interested in attending.  Feast might be cooked on site, as part of the demonstration.  If the demo is set over a number of days, you can schedule additional activities such as a bardic circle or torchlight tourney after the public is gone for the day.  All of these options make a demo more inviting. Just remember to clear these with the demo site.


There are lots of options for larger demos to make them more attractive to possible SCA participants.  With a little creativity, you might be able to turn your regular demo into something that more than just the die-hard demonstrators will enjoy, and additionally will be more interesting to the public at large!



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