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juniper-beries-msg – 3/3/13


Period use of juniper berries.


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Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:14:00 -0500

From: johnn holloway <johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu>

Subject: [Sca-cooks] Juniper was Mustard handout request (long)

To: Cooks within the SCA <sca-cooks at ansteorra.org>


Harris Mark.S-rsve60 wrote:

   So far no one has posted any documentably period recipes that use

juniper berries.

>> Stefan


Alright, I admit that I let the entire juniper discussion pass without

ever hauling a book off the shelf because I was busy getting ready for

the KW Costuming Symposium and I didn't have the time. But now that I

have some time, here are some things to ponder over and look for in full

in the sources cited. This search points out that one should be aware

that there are recipes and then there are recipes for things like the

plague. Gerald has quite a bit to say about what they cure. This

includes "all maner of wormes in the belly, it staieth the menses and

hemmorrhodes: it is commended also against spitting of blod; it dryeth

hollow ulcers, and filleth them with flesh, if it be cast thereon: being

mixed with oile of Roses, it healeth chops in the hands and feet. p.1373

of the 1633 edition.


Have fun---


Johnnae llyn Lewis



Juniper---in OED as fa as quotes go for the

A genus of coniferous evergreen shrubs and trees, the common European

species Juniperus communis, a hardy spreading shrub or low tree, having

awl-shaped prickly leaves and bluish-black or purple berries, with a pungent taste, yieldin a volatile oil (oil of juniper) used in medicine as a stimulant and diuretic, also in the manufacture of gin. The common N. American species is J. virginiana.


A. 1400 Pistel of Susan 71 (Vernon MS.) Þe Iunipere ientel, Ionyng



C. 1400 Maunde. (1839) xxviii. 289 That Tre hathe many Leues as the

Gynypre hathe.


C. 1420 Pallad. on Husb. i. 397 (E.E.T.S.) Bordis of cipresse Playn and

direct, vpsette hem in their kynde A foote atwyn, and hem to gedir

dresse Wit iunipur [v.r. ienyper], box, oliue,or cupresse, So worchyng

up thy wowis by and by.


1523 Ld. Berners Froiss. I. ccccxix. 734 A great large dyke full of

busshes of genepar, and other small busshes.


C. 1550 Lloyd Treas. Health (1585) S v, Give vnto the pacient..a litle

oyle of Ienoper.


158 Lyte Dodoens vi. lxxxii. 763 Iuniper or the beries thereof burned

driueth away..all infection and corruption of the ayre.


1582 Nottingham Rec. IV. 199 Paid for iyneper to swetten the Hall jd.


1594 Spenser Amoretti xxvi, Sweet is the Iunipere, but share his bough.



EEBO Full Text has these-- under juniper*


4. For Griping of the Guts.

• ...  4. For Griping of the Guts.: Take Anniseeds, Fennel, Bay-berries,

Juniper-berries, Tormentil, Bistort, Ba|laustius, Pomegranate-pills,

each one Ounce, Roe-leaves a h ...

from 1675 The Accomplish'd lady's delight in preserving


Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670.

Title: The compleat servant-maid; or, The young maidens tutor. of 1677

calls for them in--

or the Griping of he Guts.: Take Anniseeds, Fennlseeds, Bayberries,

Juniper berris, Tormentil, Bistort, Balau|stins, Pomgranate Pills, each

one o ...


She also calls for them in The gentlewomans companion in 1673.

An admirable Water against the Stone in the Kidneys.

• ... st the Stone in the Kidneys.: ake of the middle-rind of the Root

of Ash bruised two pound; Juniper-berries bruised, three pound;

Venice-Turpentine of the best, two pound and an half; put thes ...


The following 3--

Another approved Remedy for the Stone and Gravel.

• ... : TAke a spoonul of Virgin-Honey, the whitest you can get, and

mix it with a glass-full of Juniper-berry water; take this in the

morning fasting, and continue taking it for some time, and it  ...

Ladanum Opiatum.

• ... ich boil to an Electuary with one ounce of the juie of Licorice.

Then add to it of the Tincture of Juniper-berries, and Powder of Saffron

of each two ounces, Castor one dram; boil it again ...

An excellent Cordial Water.

• ...  An excellent Cordial Water.: TAke Angelica, Carduus Benedictus,

Pauls- Betony Juniper-berries, of each one handful, of Wormwood two

handfuls. Mix them, and put them into a wide m ...


These are from Digby, Kenelm, Sir, 1603-1665.

Title: Choice and experimented receipts in physick 1675


Precautions and Cure, Against the Plague cruely raging. > The


• ... ling Reed, &ounce; j.Rhodium Wood,Yellow Sanders,Juniper,Cedar, an

&dram; vj.Lavender flowers,  ...

Precautions and Cure, Against the Plague cruelly raging. > The sweet

sented Pestilential Liquor.

• ...  Galangal, sweet eed,Zedoary,Wood of Rhodium,Juniper, an. &dram;

x.The leaves of dryed Scordium ...

Precautions and Cure, Against the Plague cruelly raging. > The moist

Fume for the Kings Bed-Chamber.

• ... d Bark of Cinnamon, &ounce; j.Sweet Garden-Reed, &ounce;

ij.Rhodim Wood, Juniper Wood, an. &ounce; j. ss.Yellow of Citron-Peel,

Benzoine, an.  ... plus at least another 5 or 6 cures for plague--


These are from Mayerne, Théodore Turquet de, Sir, 1573-1655.

Title: Medicinal councels, or advices 1677



Pharmacopœia Londinensis, or, The London dispensatory further adorned by

the studies and collections of the Fellows, now living of the said

colledg ... / by Nich. Culpeper, Gent. of 1653 has 37 matches for



A physicall directory, or, A transation of the London dispensatory made

by the Colledge of Physicians in London ... by Nich. Culpeper, Gent.

of 1649 has 17 matches.



Sadler, John, ca. 1615-1664.

Title: The sicke vvomans private looking-glasse of 1636 uses juniper in

these two ecipes--

THE Sick womans Private Looking-Glasse. Wherein Methodically are handled

all uterine affects or diseases arising from the wombe. > CHAP. II. Of

the retention of the months. > Cure.

• ... ointed. Make insessions of faengreeke, chammomill, melilote dill,

marjerom, pennyroyall, feverfew, juni|per berries, and calamynt. But if

the suppression comes by a defect of matter, then ought not t ...

THE Sick womans Private Looking-Glasse. Wherein Methodically are handled

all uterine affects or diseases arisig from the wombe. > CHAP. IIII. Of

the Weeping of the wombe. > Cure.

• ... ion of chammomill, betony, fever|few, mallowes, lineseed,

juniper—berries, cummin|seed, aniceseed, meliloe: adding thereto of dia


Searching under--

basic search for "iuniper", "iuiper-berries", "iuni", or

"iuniper-herb", unsorted in Early English Books Online resulted in 392

matching terms in 104 full texts.


among these many citations, one finds that Estienne's Maison rustique of

1616 mentions them frequently including--


flowers and Rosemarie flowers, &c. / Of Fruits:[Fruits.] Iuniper, Bay,

and Iui berries, Pine-kernels, Capers, Abrico  ...

• ...  .] and barkes of Woods: Rosemarie, Sauine bush, Iuniper, Ash,

Gi|cum, Elder, the loppings and slisfts ...

THE THIRD BOOKE OF THE COVNRIE FARME. > A briefe Discourse of the

distilling of Oyles and Quintessences. > CHAP. LXXXI.

• ...  h the whites of women. / Fruits,[Fruits.] as of Iuniper berries,

&c. by reason that they are somewhat more oylie than hearbes and seedes,

doe no ...


• ... eat hurt that shall drinke the same: but indeed it would doe

better, if they would put into it some Iuniper berries and Ireos roots.

/ If that your Wine do continue to hold and still retaineany i ...


• ... wo pints of vineger, put them together into a vessell, and vvith

them as much of pepper, mints, and iuniper berries, then vse it

afterward. / To make vineger of sea onions,  ..





Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 23:48:49 +1030

From: Hana <lady.hana at gmail.com>

Subject: Re: [Lochac] Juniper trees.

To: "The Shambles: the SCA Lochac mailing list"

      <lochac at lochac.sca.org>


<<< I am trying to track down some fresh juniper berries and branches for a brewing project. If any one knows whear I could get some could they please contact me off list.


Rurik >>>


um .. please make sure you get the right species of juniper (especially if

using the branches). Many *Juniperus* look like the edible ones but are

actually quite toxic.





Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 09:01:46 +1030

From: Craig Jones <drakey at internode.on.net>

Subject: Re: [Lochac] Juniper trees.

To: The Shambles: the SCA Lochac mailing list <lochac at lochac.sca.org>


I'll wade in here also.  The specific species that provides Juniper

berries has a very limited range of growing conditions that you wont

really outside of where it grows in Europe (mainly the pyranees and the

balkans).  Most commercial juniper berries sold are wild harvested.  The

berries are only lightly desciccated as when they're ready to harvest

they're rather dry anyway. They're heavy in oil and preserve well... And

a contraceptive apparently :P


If you insist on trying to track down fresh juniper, Juniper communis is

the one you want.

You want to avoid Juniperus occidentalis - it's often sold as Juniper

Berries but tastes different and is new world.


I got a decent sized bag from Gaganis Bros. for making jenever and was

very impressed with the quality of em... Happy to send you some.




<the end>

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