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"Perfumes Bibliography" by Nora Siri Bock.


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Perfumes Bibliography

by Nora Siri Bock


AUTHOR Piesse, G. W. Septimus (George William Septimus), 1820-1882.

TITLE The art of perfumery, and the methods of obtaining odours of

plants; with instructions for the manufacture of ...

dentifrices, pomatums, cosmetiques, perfumed soap, etc. by G.W.

Septimus Piesse ...

IMPRINT London, Longmans, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1855.

CALL # VSH (Piesse, G. W. S. Art of perfumery)


AUTHOR Rimmel, Eugene.

TITLE The book of perfumes ...

IMPRINT London, Chapman & Hall, 1865.

CALL # Stuart 13401.


AUTHOR Burbidge, F. W. (Frederick William), 1847-1905.

TITLE The book of the scented garden ...

IMPRINT London, Lane, 1905.

CALL # VSH (Burbidge, F. W. T. Book of the scented garden. 1905)


AUTHOR Lillie, Charles.

TITLE The British perfumer: being a collection of choice receipts and

observations made during an extensive practice of thirty years,

by which any lady or gentleman may prepare their own articles

of the best quality, whether of perfumery, snuffs, or colors.

Now first edited by Colin Mackenzie. 2d ed.

IMPRINT London, J. Souter; New-York, W. Seaman, 1822.

CALL # Arents S 0968.


AUTHOR Lillie, Charles.

TITLE The British perfumer: being a collection of choice receipts and

observations made during an extensive practice of thirty years,

by which any lady or gentleman may prepare their own articles

of the best quality, whether of perfumery, snuffs, or colours.

By the late Charles Lillie ... Now first edited by Colin


IMPRINT London, J. Souter; New York, W. Seaman, 1822.

CALL # VSH (Lillie, C. British perfumer)


AUTHOR Steele, Edward Strieby, 1850-1942.

TITLE Can perfumery farming succeed in the U.S.

IMPRINT [n.p. n.d]

CALL # VSC p.v.1,no.10.


AUTHOR Pybus, David.

TITLE The chemistry of fragrances / compiled by David Pybus and Charles


IMPRINT Cambridge : Royal Society of Chemistry, c1999.

CALL # JSD 99-100.


AUTHOR Moncrieff, R. W.

TITLE The chemistry of perfumery materials / by R.W. Moncrieff.

IMPRINT London : United Trade Press, 1949.

CALL # VON (Moncrieff, R. W. Chemistry of perfumery materials)


AUTHOR Gattefoss{226}e, Ren{226}e Maurice, 1881-

TITLE Formulary of perfumery and of cosmetology / a translation by

A.R.I.C. of the original French edition of Formulaire de

Parf{226}umerie et de Cosm{226}etologie / by R.-M.


IMPRINT London,: L. Hill, 1952.

CALL # D-13 6139.


AUTHOR Gattefoss{226}e, Ren{226}e Maurice, 1881-

TITLE Formulary of perfumes and cosmetics. Translated from the French.

IMPRINT New York, Chemical Pub. Co., 1959.

CALL # D-11 9965.


TITLE Fragrance chemistry : the science of the sense of smell / edited

by Ernst T. Theimer.

IMPRINT New York : Academic Press, 1982.

CALL # JSE 88-3573.


TITLE Fragrance guide, feminine notes, masculine notes : fragrances on

the international market.

IMPRINT Hamburg : R. Gloess, c1991.

CALL # *R-SIBL TP983 .Z5 H25 1991.


AUTHOR Plummer, Beverly.

TITLE Fragrance : how to make natural soaps, scents, and sundries /

Beverly Plummer.1st ed.

IMPRINT New York : Atheneum, 1975.

CALL # JSD 76-27.


AUTHOR Taylor, Norman, 1883-

TITLE Fragrance in the garden.

IMPRINT New York, Van Nostrand [1953]

CALL # D-14 2352.


AUTHOR Dorrance, Anne.

TITLE Fragrance in the garden / by Anne Dorrance ; illustrated with

drawings by Natalie Harlan Davis.

IMPRINT New York, N.Y. : Doubleday, Doran, c1937.

CALL # VQE (Dorrance, A. Fragrance in the garden)


AUTHOR Secondini, Olindo.

TITLE Handbook of perfumes and flavors / by Olindo Secondini.

IMPRINT New York, NY : Chemical Pub. Co., 1990.

CALL # *R-Science TP983 .S436 1990.


AUTHOR Haskell, Gabriel, 1885-

TITLE International industrial chemistry (The international industrial

pharmacop{182}ia and chemists' handbook) with 250 recipes for the

perfumery industry ... by G. Haskell ...

IMPRINT London, The author, 1926-

CALL # VON (Haskell, G. International industrial chemistry) Library has:



Record 18 of 64

AUTHOR Cunningham, Scott, 1959-

TITLE The magic of incense, oils and brews : a guide to their

preparation and use / by Scott Cunningham.

IMPRINT St. Paul, Minn. : Llewellyn Publications, 1987.

CALL # JSD 88-593.

CALL # *R-SIBL TP983 .C86.


AUTHOR Maple, Eric.

TITLE The magic of perfume : aromatics and their esoteric

significance / by Eric Maple.

IMPRINT Wellingborough : Aquarian Press, 1973.

CALL # JFC 91-19.


AUTHOR Georgi, Curt, Firm, Manufacturers of Oils and Essences, Leipzig.

TITLE Manual for the perfumer.

IMPRINT Leipzig, C. Georgi, 1936.

CALL # VPE p.v.486.


AUTHOR Sedgwick, Frank H.

TITLE Modern soap perfumes, by Frank H. Sedgwick; with an introduction

by W.H. Simmons ...

IMPRINT London, The Soap Trad and Perfumery Review [1932?]

CALL # VON (Sedgwick, F. H. Modern soap perfumes)


AUTHOR Thompson, C. J. S. (Charles John Samuel), 1862-1943.

TITLE The mystery and lure of perfume. By C. J. S. Thompson, with

twenty-six illustrations.

IMPRINT Philadelphia, Lippincott [1927]

CALL # VSH (Thompson, C. J. S. Mystery and lure of perfume)


AUTHOR Naves, Y. R.

TITLE Natural perfume materials; a study of concretes, resinoids,

floral oils and pomades, by Dr. Y. R. Naves and G. Mazuyer,

with a preface by Professor H. Gault. Translated from the first

French edition by Edward Sagarin.

IMPRINT New York, Reinhold, 1947.

CALL # VSH (Naves, Y. R. Natural perfume materials)


AUTHOR Groom, N. St. J.

TITLE The new perfume handbook / Nigel Groom.

IMPRINT London ; New York : Blackie Academic & Professional, 1997.

CALL # *R-SIBL TP983 .G75 McGraw Desk.


AUTHOR Bloch, Iwan, 1872-1922.

TITLE Odoratus sexualis / by Iwan Bloch.

IMPRINT N. Hollywood, Calif. : Brandon House, c1967.



AUTHOR Sawer, John Charles.

TITLE Odorographia, a natural history of raw materials and drugs used

in the perfume industry. Intended to serve growers,

manufacturers and consumers. By J. Ch. Sawer, F. L. S.

IMPRINT London, Gurney & Jackson; [etc., etc] 1892-94.

CALL # VON (Sawer, J. C. Odorographia)


AUTHOR Gaborit, Jean-Yves.

TITLE Parfums. English.

TITLE Perfumes : the essences and their bottles / Jean-Yves Gaborit ;

[English text adaptation by Clark Candy].

IMPRINT New York : Rizzoli, 1985.

CALL # 3-MPW 96-2662.


AUTHOR Parry, Ernest J. (Ernest John)

TITLE Parry's cyclop{181}dia of perfumery; a handbook on the raw


used by the perfumer ... by Ernest J. Parry ...

IMPRINT London, J. & A. Churchill, 1925.

CALL # E-12 8659.


AUTHOR Jessee, Jill Eva, 1906-

TITLE Perfume album.

IMPRINT New York, Perfume Productions Press [1951]

CALL # VSH (Jessee, J. Perfume album)


AUTHOR Arctander, Steffen.

TITLE Perfume and flavor materials of natural origin.

IMPRINT Elizabeth, N.J., 1960.

CALL # VON (Arctander, S. Perfume and flavor materials of natural



AUTHOR Farkas, Alexander.

TITLE Perfume thru the ages; a brief history of the civilizing

influence of fragrance ...

IMPRINT New York, Psychological Library, 1951.

CALL # VSH (Farkas, A. Perfume thru the ages)


AUTHOR Bedoukian, Paul Z.

TITLE Perfumery and flavoring materials : annual review articles, 1945-

1982 / Paul Z. Bedoukian.

IMPRINT Wheaton, IL : Allured Pub. Corp., c1982.

CALL # JSF 99-565.


AUTHOR Calkin, Robert R.

TITLE Perfumery : practice and principles / Robert R. Calkin, J.

Stephan Jellinek.

IMPRINT New York : John Wiley & Sons, c1994.

CALL # *R-Science TP983 .C33 1994.


AUTHOR Wells, F. V.

TITLE Perfumery technology : art, science, industry / F.V. Wells and

Marcel Billot.

IMPRINT Chichester : E. Horwood ; New York : Halsted Press [distributor],


CALL # JSE 81-1290.


AUTHOR Askinson, George William.

TITLE Perfumes and cosmetics, their preparation and manufacture; a

complete and practical treatise, containing complete directions

and formulas for making handkerchief perfumes, smelling salts,

sachets, fumigating pastils, cosmetics, hair dyes, and all

toilet preparations, including the use of synthetics, by George

William Askinson ... tr. from the German; rev. with additions

by W. L. Dudley, B. SC., and a corps of experts; illustrated by

thirty-two engravings.

IMPRINT New York, The Norman W. Henley Publishing Company, 1915.

CALL # VSH (Askinson, G. W. Perfumes and cosmetics)


AUTHOR Poucher, W. A. (William Arthur)

TITLE Perfumes and cosmetics, with especial reference to synthetics, by

William A. Poucher.

IMPRINT London, Chapman & Hall, ltd., 1923.

CALL # VSH (Poucher, W. A. Perfumes and cosmetics)


AUTHOR Verrill, A. Hyatt (Alpheus Hyatt), 1871-1954.

TITLE Perfumes and spices, including an account of soaps and cosmetics;

the story of the history, source, preparation, and use of the

spices, perfumes, soaps, and cosmetics which are in everyday

use. By A. Hyatt Verrill ... Illustrated from photographs and

drawings by the author.

IMPRINT Boston, L.C. Page & Company [c1940]

CALL # VSH (Verrill, A. H. Perfumes and spices)


AUTHOR Maurer, Edward S.

TITLE Perfumes and their production.

IMPRINT London, United Trade Press, 1958.

CALL # E-10 9182.


TITLE Perfumes : art, science, and technology / edited by P.M. Muller

and D. Lamparsky.

IMPRINT London ; New York : Elsevier Applied Science, c1991.

CALL # JSE 92-1684.


AUTHOR Martin, Geoffrey, b. 1881.

TITLE Perfumes, essential oils, & fruit essences used for soap and

other toilet articles. A concise and practical account,

including their chief constants, methods of analysis, and

numerous practical recipes, for the chief perfuming mixtures,

by Geoffrey Martin.

IMPRINT London, C. Lockwood and son, 1921.

CALL # VON (Martin, G. Perfumes, essential oils, & fruit essences)


AUTHOR Greig, Denise.

TITLE Potpourri & perfumery from Australian gardens / Denise Greig.

IMPRINT Kenthurst : Kangaroo Press, 1986 (1988 printing)

CALL # JFD 94-368.


AUTHOR H{226}eriteau, Jacqueline.

TITLE Potpourris and other fragrant delights / Jacqueline H{226}eriteau ;

decorations by Bill Goldsmith. Rev. ed.

IMPRINT Guildford [Eng.] : Lutterworth Press, 1975.

CALL # JSD 76-475.


AUTHOR H{226}eriteau, Jacqueline.

TITLE Potpourris and other fragrant delights. Decorations by Bill


IMPRINT New York, Simon and Schuster [1973]

CALL # JSD 74-617.


AUTHOR Begy, Joseph A.

TITLE Practical hand-book of toilet preparations and their uses

[microform] Also recipes for the household ... By Joseph A.


IMPRINT New York, W. L. Allison, c1889.

CALL # *Z-7155 no.3.

CALL # *ZZ-33918 PRINTING MASTER (of *Z-7155)



AUTHOR Deite, C. (Carl), 1838-1921.

TITLE A practical treatise on the manufacture of perfumery; comprising

directions for making all kinds of perfumes, sachet powders,

fumigating materials, dentrifices, cosmetics, etc., etc., with

a full account of the volatile oils, balsams, resins, and other

natural and artificial perfume-substances, including the

manufacture of fruit ethers, and tests of their purity. By Dr.

C. Deite, assisted by L. Borchert, F. Eichbaum, E. Kugler, H.

Toeffner, and other experts. From the German by William T.


IMPRINT Philadelphia, H.C. Baird, 1892.

CALL # VSH (Deite, C. Practical treatise on the manufacture of



AUTHOR Durvelle, J.-P.

TITLE The preparation of perfumes and cosmetics, by J.-P. Durvelle, tr.

from the fourth French ed. by Ernest J. Parry, with twelve


IMPRINT London, Scott, Greenwood & son, 1923.

CALL # VSH (Durvelle, J. P. Preparation of perfumes and cosmetics)


AUTHOR Poucher, W. A. (William Arthur)

TITLE The production, manufacture, and application of perfumes / W.A.


IMPRINT London ; New York : Chapman and Hall, 1993.

CALL # *R-Science TP983 .P723 v.2 1993.


AUTHOR Poucher, W. A. (William Arthur)

TITLE The raw materials of perfumery [by] W. A. Poucher. Rev. by George

M. Howard. 7th ed.

IMPRINT London, Chapman and Hall; New York, Wiley [1974]

CALL # JSE 75-1314.


AUTHOR Parry, Ernest J. (Ernest John)

TITLE The raw materials of perfumery, their nature, occurrence and

employment, by Ernest J. Parry.

IMPRINT London, New York [etc.] Sir I. Pitman & sons, ltd. [1921]

CALL # VSH (Parry, E. J. Raw materials of perfumery)


AUTHOR Le Gallienne, Richard, 1866-1947.

TITLE The romance of perfume, by Richard Le Gallienne; with drawings by

George Barbier.

IMPRINT New York, Paris, R. Hudnut, 1928.

CALL # VSH (Le Gallienne, R. Romance of perfume)


AUTHOR Trueman, John.

TITLE The romantic story of scent / John Trueman.

IMPRINT London : Aldus Books : distributed by Jupiter Books, 1975.

CALL # JSE 77-555.


AUTHOR Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair.

TITLE Rose recipes, by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde, decorated by Helen


IMPRINT [London] Routledge [1939]

CALL # VSH (Rohde, E. S. Rose recipes)


AUTHOR Redgrove, H. Stanley (Herbert Stanley), 1887-1943.

TITLE Scent and all about it; a popular account of the science and art

of perfumery, by H. Stanley Redgrove.

IMPRINT London, W. Heinemann 1928.

CALL # VSH (Redgrove, H. S. Scent and all about it)


AUTHOR Hampton, Frank Anthony, 1888-

TITLE The scent of flowers and leaves, its purpose and relation to man,

by F. A. Hampton.

IMPRINT London, Dulau and company, ltd., 1925.

CALL # QEG (Hampton, F. A. Scent of flowers and leaves)


AUTHOR Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair.

TITLE The scented garden, by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde.

IMPRINT London, The Medici Society [1931]

CALL # AD-10 1397.


AUTHOR Rohde, Eleanour Sinclair.

TITLE The scented garden, by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde.

IMPRINT London, The Medici Society [1948]

CALL # JFC 99-956.


AUTHOR Sagarin, Edward, 1913-

TITLE The science and art of perfumery [microform], by Edward Sagarin.

IMPRINT New York, McGraw-Hill, 1945.

CALL # *Z-7277 no.4 Original copy in VSH (Sagarin, E. Science and art of


CALL # *ZZ-33920 PRINTING MASTER (of *Z-7277)



AUTHOR Winter, Ruth, 1930-

TITLE The smell book : scents, sex, and society / Ruth Winter. 1st ed.

IMPRINT Philadelphia : Lippincott, c1976.

CALL # JFD 77-7397.


AUTHOR Isakovics, Alois von.

TITLE Synthetic perfumes and flavors. A lecture delivered at Columbia


IMPRINT [Monticello, N.Y., Synfleur scientific laboratories, 1908]

CALL # VSC p.v.1,no.12.


AUTHOR Zamarini, Guido.

TITLE Tested formulary for perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, liquors, wines

and syrups, by Guido Zamarini.

IMPRINT Mexico City, 1937.

CALL # VBA (Zamarini, G. Tested formulary for perfumes)


AUTHOR Cooley, Arnold James.

TITLE The toilet and cosmetic arts in ancient and modern times : with a

review of the different theories of beauty, and copious allied

information, social, hygienic, and medical : including

instructions and cautions respecting the selection and use of

perfumes, cosmetics, and other toilet articles, and a

comprehensive collection of formul{181} and directions for their

preparation / by Arnold J. Cooley.

IMPRINT Philadelphia : Lindsay and Blakiston, 1866.

CALL # VSH (Cooley, A. J. Toilet and cosmetic arts in ancient and modern



AUTHOR Cooley, Arnold James.

TITLE The toilet in ancient and modern times : with a review of the

different theories of beauty and copious allied information

social, hygienic, and medical / by Arnold J. Cooley.

IMPRINT Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott, 1873.

CALL # VSH (Cooley, A. J. Toilet in ancient and modern times. 1873)


AUTHOR Buc'hoz, Pierre-Joseph, 1731-1807.

TITLE The toilet of Flora or, A collection of the most simple and

approved methods of preparing baths, essences, pomatums,

powders, perfumes, and sweet-scented waters : with receipts for

cosmetics of every kind ... For the use of the ladies. London,

Printed for J. Murray ... and W. Nicoll, 1779.

IMPRINT Milford, CT : Herb Lovers Book Club, 1939.

CALL # VSH (Toilet of Flora. 1939)


AUTHOR Jellinek, Joseph Stephan.

TITLE The use of fragrance in consumer products / J. Stephan Jellinek.

IMPRINT New York : Wiley, [1975]

CALL # JSE 75-1758.


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