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"The Poet" by Geoffrey de Barde.


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This poem was first published in the February 2010 issue of the Stormscroll, the newsletter of the Barony of Stormhold in the Kingdom of Lochac.


The Poet

by Geoffrey de Barde


A poet of the royal court

A fancy Bard wast he

His tailor wast the best in town

For the Kings poet he be


The King liketh poetry flowing

He liketh it of the pun

If it contained a chuckle

He calleth it lots of fun


He also liketh them bawdy

A poem from the crude

He liketh to hear of wenches

Who wereth often rude


Mostly he loved stories

Of the battle field

Whence thy King was victor

Whence thy enemies yield


So the Poet was wealthy

He dined in fancy style

He kept with Lords and Ladies

He had plenty to make him smile


One day he wrote a poem

About the princess and his lust

The king was very angry

And ground the poet to dust


The moral of the story

Is writeth poems to the roof

But whenst it comes to lusting

Never tell the truth


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