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"The Golliard Poets - A General Bibliography" by Victor of Schrewsbury.


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THE GOLIARD POETS - A General Bibliography

By Victor of Shrewsbury


Bruel, Karl  The Cambridge Songs

Published by AMS Press, 1973


Not for the faint-hearted! This volume provides -not translations -but facsimile pages of the original manuscript and a transliteration of the texts. His introductory notes are also valuable in providing details that might be of special interest to SCA scribes.


Symnods, John Addington   Carmina Burana

Published by Cooper Square Publishers, 1966


Part of the series entitled The Medieval Library; this is a reprint of a much earlier work (Symonds died in 1893) but it is charming in many ways (for example, he deems some of the Goliards' work to be unfit for translation due to modern sensibilities!); however, a number of his translations are actually superior to those of Whicher in style and accuracy.


Waddell, Helen      The Wandering Scholars

Published by Constable and Company, Ltd., London

First published in 1927, Seventh edition reprinted 1968


Filled with literary allusions, her prose often verges on the poetic; a good grasp of the literature, scholars and artists of the medieval period, as well as a more than passing knowledge of Latin, will enhance the value of this book for its readers.


Whicher, George F.  The Goliard Poets: Medieval Latin songs and satires with verse translation

Published by New Directions, 1949


A relatively recent work that demonstrates the advances in scholarship in this area when compared with some of the earlier works on this list.



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