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Pennsic-lnks – 7/17/05


A set of web links to information on Pennsic by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon. Pennsic is the SCA biggest event and is held each August north of Pittsburg, PA.


NOTE: See also the files: BPThingie-art, New-2-Pennsic-msg, P-history-msg, Pennsic-101-art, Pennsic-Prep-art, P-stories-msg, P-Food-Safety-art, Pennsic-ideas-msg.





This file is a collection of various messages having a common theme that I have collected from my reading of the various computer networks. Some messages date back to 1989, some may be as recent as yesterday.


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From: aoife at scatoday.net

Subject: [Aoife-Links] Pennsic 34: Definitive Guide to the War

Date: July 13, 2005 10:18:08 PM CDT

To: aoife-links at scatoday.net


Greetings My Faithful Readers!


I couldn't think of a more fitting topic than Pennsic readiness, since we're all (for the most part) frantically sewing and armoring and packing ourselves into a frenzy...at least those of us who are leaving for Pennsic in 23 days (or less). YIPE! So, just to add a little inspiration, here's a list of Pennsic Links. Notice that I've included the Alexander the Lost's Party Schedule! You'd better get cracking on that garb for the Men without Pants Party. It'll be hard to top my friend Tim's "sign my kilt" ploy at a memorable version of the "without pants" party, but I'm sure you can do it.


Be safe, travel carefully, drink lots of water, and I'll see you all when I get home, to Pennsic.....




Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon

m/k/a Lisbeth Herr-Gelatt


Endless Hills




The Pennsic Glossary


(Site Excerpt) O'Dark-Thirty About a half-hour after sundown. This is the time many parties start. You'll see it on many posters and fliers. Pennsic Crack Otherwise known as the Cooper's chocolate milk. It's good. Very good. (Assuming you like sweet) You can pick it up at the Cooper's store.


SCA Songs (so you'll be armed at Bardic Circles at Pennsic)



Dragon Bear's Pennsic Links



Pennsic Yahoo Group



The Wars in Pennsylvania: A First-Timer's Guide to Pennsic Preparations



Cooking at Pennsic



My Old Man's A... (A Pennsic Song with sound files)

By "Uncle Justinian"


(Site Excerpt)

My old man's a Laurel. What do you think about that?

He wears a completely authenticated, fully documented tabard,

And a completely authenticated, fully documented hat,

And a completely authenticated, fully documented tunic,

And completely authenticated, fully documented shoes,

And every day at Pennsic, he refuses to read the Pennsic Daily Tidings

Because his persona would not have been able to understand English.

And some day, if I can,

I'm going to be a Laurel, and criticize my old man.


A Pennsic Packing Checklist



Pennsic War 34 Land Maps and overall site map



Alexander the Lost's Pennsic.net website


Way too much information about Pennsic. You an even translate it into Redneck, Cockney, or Swedish Chef, to name a few :)


Tips on Surviving the Pennsic War



Mystic Mail (check email at Pennsic!)



Pennsic Party Calendar


The "Men Without Pants" Party is on the 17th, and the Wolgemut Concert is on the 18th


Stefan's Florilegium


Click "Pennsic" on the left-hand menu, then click one of the many topics on the right-hand list. How About the Newcomer's Guide to Pennsic Prep! Or the file on Pennsic History.


Pennsic Independent! Your Home-away from Pennsic, and your source for Pennsic news Onsite!



Pennsic War Official Website


THE place for the most accurate information.

See especially this directory:



Maps of Pennsic



Pennsic Newcomer's Information



Children at Pennsic



Checking In at Pennsic



Arts and Sciences:

Pennsic University Class Schedule


See Also

Cultural Affairs



Non-Martial Schedule (Courts, Fetes, Balls, Receptions, etc)



Volunteering at Pennsic



A Map of the Pennsic Services Block (Chirurgeon, Security, Lost and Found, A&S Tents, etc.)




Martial Activities


Battlefield Schedule



Archery Guidelines and Schedule



Rapier Combat



Thrown Weapons



Youth Combat






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