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Things To Do At Pennsic” by Lady Katharine of Caithness.

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First published in the July 2007 issue of “The Apple Press”, the newsletter of the Shire of Sylvan Glen, AEthelmearc.

Things To Do At Pennsic

by Lady Katharine of Caithness

  1. Camp with friends. Life in camp is always nicer with your best friends about you.

  1. Take the bus all the way around it's route at least once, only then will you have an idea of how large an area Pennsic covers.

  1. Go to as many classes as you can. Not only will you learn more about your favorite subject you will meet lots of interesting people who share your interests.

  1. See at least one battle on the battle field. It is SCA warfare at its most impressive. You will get a real feel for what warfare was like in medieval times and best of all everyone who gets killed gets up at the end and with only their pride hurt with a few bruises.

  1. Take a trip or two to the food court. There you will find just about any kind of food you could want.

  1. Walk about and visit other groups camps you may not only get something to eat you may be invited to sample some of their home brewed/made beer and wine.

  1. Go for a walk about in the merchant area.  You will need to know the layout.

  1. Attend court. It is perhaps the only time when all the barons, baroness and royalty of the kingdom of AEthelmarc are together on one platform at the same time. [Or your kingdom's own court if you aren't in Aethelmarc - Stefan]

  1. Attend at least one party. There are plenty always going on.

  1. Take in a evening stage performance or two.  The singing groups are first rate and the comedy and acting is not too shabby either.

  1. Go and take in Midnight Madness (no this is not the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie being shown at midnight). This is shopping Scadian style. Even if you don't buy anything, the street performances, music and food are worth the walk.

12. Stop by the archery range.  Yes it is out of the way but it is very impressive seeing so many archers shooting, especially if you happen by when they are doing a clout shoot.

  1. Do remember where you are camped. There are no street lights at Pennsic so bring a flashlight to get around after dark.

  1. Go by the thrown weapons range. Why? Same reason as archery.

  1. Pick up a postcard when they become available from the Pennsic Post Office and send it to yourself.  They have a special post mark for each year. It is one of the cheapest memories you can buy, But years from now it will be priceless.

  1. Go to Coopers Camp store and get some of the locally produced chocolate milk. (unless you are lactose intolerant) it is some of the best tasting you will have.

  1. While at the Camp store go over to the ice cream freezer and try one those berry Popsicles Hrefna [1]  recommended. They not only taste yummy but are refreshing and cool.

  1. Stop by an see the street performers, along the various places on your way to coopers store.

19. Stop by and try the Mist tent. Best done when you are hot and sweating in your garb. Most refreshing

20. Go to Heralds Points and observe the heralds consulting with clients about names and devices. It is very interesting to see how they research a name and device.  While things can get a bit tense and they are testy with one another at times it is amazing what they are able to do.  And if per chance you are having trouble getting that name or device approved this is the place to go.

  1. Finally Have A Wonderful Time. No two Pennsic's are ever the same and you will not pass this way again so go out and as Auntie Mame said “ Live Live Live!”


[1] Hrefna is the editor of the newsletter in which this article was first published. - Stefan]


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