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N-furniture-lnks – 11/9/05


Links to info on Norse furniture by Mistress Gunnvor Hallakarva. (Also known as the Viking Answer Lady).


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From: "C. L. Ward" <gunnora at vikinganswerlady.com>

Date: Wed Dec 10, 2003  1:36:10 PM US/Central

To: ansteorra at ansteorra.org

Subject: [Ansteorra] RE: period can be cheap


Mahee said:

> periodish furniture can be made for the

> price of 1 sheet of plywood, and the only

> real tool needed is a jig-saw. I often sit

> around designing how to make documentable

> furniture out of plywood, thus periodish.


> Early period table

> http://geocities.com/maithgen/wood/table/earlytable.html


> 1400's and forward tressle table

> http://geocities.com/maithgen/wood/ttable.html



These are cool, Mahee.


There's also info available out there these days for Viking furniture items, and probably you can put most of this stuff together in a range of materials and for varying cost, though for many you'll want a couple other tools, I bet.


Markewitz, Darrell. Diagram and Plans for the Mastermyr Tool Chest. The Wareham Forge Website.



Markewitz, Darrell. Diagram and Plans for the Oseberg Sea Chest. The Wareham Forge Website. This chest appears as catalog item #161 in Roesdahl and Wilson's From Viking to Crusader.



Markewitz, Darrell. Diagram and Plans for a Simple Bed from Oseberg. The Wareham Forge Website. The Oseberg Find included a number of beds. In addition to the best-known examples with the elaborate, carved head-posts, there were simpler frame beds as well, and the simpler type bed is being shown in these plans.



Oakley, Charles. A 10th Century Norwegian Bed: Being Based upon an Actual Model Removed from the 10th Century Gokstad Ship. Furniture Plans by Master Charles Oakley: The "Spiffing up Your Campsite" Series Webpage. Includes discussion and diagrams for reconstructing the four-post style beds from the Gokstad Ship Find.



Master Findlaech mac Alasdair. "Making a Tusk Tenon for Knockdown Furniture". Not a project, but a necessary skill for making certain types of Viking furniture.



Lord Aelfric of Sarisberie. "A Viking Box Chair". Sacred Spaces: the Journal

of the Known World Architectural Guild No. 3 (October 1993). pp. 10-11. Based on the box chair in the Oseberg burial, includes plans.



Master Gerekr fjarsjandi Rognvaldsson. "Norse Beds". Ravensgard Household Website. Brief discussion with pictures of the evidence for Viking Age beds.



Master Gerekr fjarsjandi Rognvaldsson. "Reproduction Norse Beds". Ravensgard Household Website. Discussion of reproductions and adaptations of Viking beds made by Master Gerekr, with plans/diagrams.



Wyley, Stephen Francis. A Replica Viking Chest, based on the Mästermyr Find.



Wyley, Stephen Francis. How to Make a Replica of a Viking Table Based on the

Sala Hytta Find.



Wyley, Stephen Francis. The 'Lund' Viking Stool: A Method of Replication.



Wyley, Stephen Francis. The Voxtorp Church Chest: Plans and Pictures of a Replica.





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